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Make sense of the world we live in today with the Oxford Journals Social Sciences Collection.

This Collection features distinguished journals across a variety of fields from economics, business

history, and global development to religion and social politics. Many of the titles included are

published in collaboration with learned societies and other international organisations.

This collection now includes 41 titles with the American Journal of Agricultural Economics,

Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, Journal of Church and State, and Sociology of Religion

being added for 2010.


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41 titles are included in the 2010 Oxford Journals Social Sciences Collection:

• African Affairs

• American Journal of Agricultural Economics – NEW

to the collection in 2010

• Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy* – NEW

to the collection in 2010

• British Journal of Criminology, The

• British Journal of Social Work, The

• Cambridge Journal of Economics

• Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society

• CESifo Economic Studies

• Chinese Journal of International Politics, The

• Community Development Journal

• Contributions to Political Economy

• Enterprise & Society: The International Journal of

Business History

• European Review of Agricultural Economics

• European Sociological Review

• Industrial and Corporate Change

• International Journal of Public Opinion Research

• International Journal of Transitional Justice

• International Relations of the Asia-Pacific

• Journal of African Economies

• Journal of Church and State – NEW to the collection in 2010

• Journal of Economic Geography

• Journal of Financial Econometrics

• Journal of Human Rights Practice

• Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

• Journal of Refugee Studies

Oxford Economic Papers

Oxford Review of Economic Policy

• Parliamentary Affairs

• Political Analysis

• Public Opinion Quarterly

• Publius: The Journal of Federalism

• Refugee Survey Quarterly

• Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

• Review of Finance

• Review of Financial Studies, The

• Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society

• Social Science Japan Journal

• Socio-Economic Review

• Sociology of Religion – NEW to the collection in 2010

• World Bank Economic Review, The

• World Bank Research Observer, The

* Formerly the Review of Agricultural Economics

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Effects of Regional Trade Agreements on Trade in Agri-Food Products:

Evidence from Gravity Modeling Using Disaggregated Data

Sampath Jayasinghe Rakhal Sarker

Subsidized Options in a Thin Market:

A Case Study of The Dairy Options Pilot Program

David Buschena and Kevin McNew

Effects of North American BSE Events on U.S. Cattle Prices

John M. Marsh, Gary W. Brester and Vincent H. Smith

Are Younger Cohorts Demanding Less Fresh Vegetables?

Hayden Stewart and Noel Blisard

Decoupled Farm Payments and Expectations for Base Updating

Keith Coble, J. Corey Miller, and Darren Hudson


WHO Dietary Norms: A Quantitative Evaluation of Potential Consumption

Impacts in the US, UK and France

Bhavani Shankar, C.S. Srinivasan and Xavier Irz

Measuring the Costs and Trade Effects of Phytosanitary Protocols:

A U.S.-Japanese Apple Example

Linda Calvin, Barry Krissoff and William Foster

U.S. Sugar Policy Options and Their Consequences Under NAFTA and Doha

David Abler, John C. Beghin, David Blandford and Amani Elobeid

Factors Affecting Sales at Farmers' Markets: An Iowa Study

Daniel Otto and Theresa Varner

Volume 30 Number 2 Winter 2009

The Effect of Wal-Mart Supercenters on Grocery Prices in New England

Richard J. Volpe III and Nathalie Lavoie

issn (print):


issn (online):


ISSN 0045 3102 (Print)

ISSN 1468-263X (Online)

207 Russian perceptions and policies in a multipolar East Asia under Yeltsin

and Putin

Paradorn Rangsimaporn

245 Historical beliefs and the perception of threat in Northeast Asia:

colonialism, the tributary system, and China–Japan–Korea relations in

the twenty-first century

Peter Hays Gries, Qingmin Zhang, Yasuki Masui, and Yong Wook Lee

267 Ocean frontier expansion and the Kalayaan Islands Group claim:

Philippines’ postwar pragmatism in the South China Sea

Ulises Granados

295 News coverage and Japanese foreign disaster aid: a comparative

example of bureaucratic responsiveness to the news media

David M. Potter and Douglas Van Belle

317 Investigating Japanese government’s perceptions of the postwar world

as revealed in prime ministers’ Diet addresses: focussing on East-West

and North-South issues

Takafumi Suzuki

339 Contemporary conservative thoughts in Japan: conservative views on

morality, history, and social issues

Hiroshi Kaihara

365 Book Reviews

J.M. Dawson Institute

Highlights from the

2010 Oxford Journals

Social Sciences Collection

Applied Economic


and Policy

Formerly the Review of Agricultural Economics

Editors: Tom Vukina, John Beghin,

and Ian Sheldon

Publishing since 1979, 4 issues per year




The Review of Agricultural Economics is being relaunched in 2010

under a new title, Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy (AEPP).

The journal aims to inform future economic research and broader

audiences by presenting high-quality consumer, agricultural, and

natural resource economic research in a way that is generally

accessible and policy relevant. In addition to adopting a wider

subject scope, AEPP will solicit perspective articles that synthesize,

integrate, and analyse selected themes of interest. These will be

published alongside submitted articles.

American Journal

of Agricultural


Editors: Jeffrey H. Dorfman, Erik Lichtenberg,

Paul V. Preckel, and Walter N. Thurman

Publishing since 1919, 5 issues per year

The American Journal of Agricultural Economics

provides a forum for creative and scholarly

work in agricultural economics. It covers the relationship

between the economics of agriculture and natural resources,

the environment, and rural / community development.

THE British Journal

of Social Work

Included in the 2008 ISI Journals Citation

Index with an Impact Factor of 0.816.

Editors: Dr Eric Blyth and Dr Helen Masson

Publishing since 1971, 8 issues per year

Published for the British Association of Social Workers

The British Journal of Social Work is the leading

journal of social work in the UK, and one of the highest ranked

social work journals in the world. It covers every aspect of social

work, with papers reporting research, discussing practice, and

examining principles and theories. It is read by social work

educators, researchers, practitioners, and managers who wish

to keep up to date with theoretical and empirical developments

in the field.

Published on behalf of the British Association of Social Workers.


Relations of the


Editors-in-Chief: Yoshihide Soeya

and G. John Ikenberry

Publishing since 2001, 3 issues per year

The British Journal of


VOLUME 39 ● NUMBER 5 ● JULY 2009

An International Social Work Journal

‘International Relations of the Asia-Pacific has

already published important contributions to our

understanding of the dynamics of international politics in Asia and has

presented important work on the wider debates in international relations

theory from Asian perspectives.... It offers important original contributions

by leading scholars, has high editorial standards and has the potential

to become one of the leading journals in the field.’

Phil Deans, Head, Contemporary China Institute, School

of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Journal of Church

and State

Editor: Dr Christopher Marsh

Publishing since 1959, 4 issues per year

The Journal of Church and State publishes

constitutional, historical, philosophical,

theological, and sociological studies on religion

and the body politic in various countries and

cultures of the world, including the United States.


Volume 9 Number 2 2009


Relations of the


A Journal of the Japan Association

of International Relations

Published on behalf of the J. M. Dawson Institute of Church-State

Studies at Baylor University.

Volume 51

Number 1

Winter 2009

Journal of

Print ISSN 0021-969X

Online ISSN 2040-4867

Political Analysis

Included in the 2008 ISI Journals Citation

Index with an Impact Factor of 4.780.

Editor: Christopher Zorn

Publishing since 1989, 4 issues per year

The goal of Political Analysis is to advance the

field of political methodology, broadly defined,

and features articles covering the entire range of interests and

problems centering on how political inquiry can be conducted.

Published on behalf of the Society for Political Methodology

and the Political Methodology Section of the American Political

Science Association.

Public Opinion


Included in the 2008 ISI Journals Citation

Index with an Impact Factor of 1.972.

Editors-in-Chief: James N. Druckman

and Nancy A. Mathiowetz

Publishing since 1937, 4 issues per year

Public Opinion Quarterly is an invaluable and

trusted resource for theoretical and empirical research

in the areas of survey methodology, communication,

political sciences, and public opinion.

Published on behalf of the American Association for Public

Opinion Research.

Review of



and Policy

Editor: Robert Stavins

Publishing since 2007, 2 issues per year

Review of Environmental Economics and Policy aims

to fill the gap between traditional academic

journals and the general interest press by providing a widely

accessible yet scholarly source for the latest thinking on

environmental economics and related policy. The Review

publishes a range of material including symposia, articles,

and regular features.

Published on behalf of the Association of Environmental

and Resource Economists.

Review of Finance

Editors: Josef Zechner and Marco Pagano

Publishing since 1997, 4 issues per year

The Review of Finance aims at a wide circulation

and visibility in the finance profession. The

journal publishes high-quality papers in all

areas of financial economics, both established

and newly developing fields, including asset

pricing, corporate finance, banking and market microstructure,

law and finance, behavioral finance, and experimental finance.

Published on behalf of the European Finance Association.


of Religion

Editor: Professor David Yamane

Publishing since 1977, 4 issues per year

Sociology of Religion is published quarterly for

the purpose of advancing scholarship in the

sociological study of religion. The journal

publishes original work of exceptional quality

and interest without regard to substantive focus, theoretical

orientation, or methodological approach. Although theoretically

ambitious, empirically grounded articles are the core of what

is published, the journal also welcomes agenda-setting essays,

comments on previously published works, critical reflections on the

research act, and interventions into substantive areas or theoretical

debates intended to push the field ahead.

Published on behalf of the Association for the Sociology of Religion.

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Excerpts from the Social Sciences Archive

A message from Winston Churchill in the first issue of

Parliamentary Affairs, the journal of the Hansard Society (1947)

“…after more than forty years of service in Parliament I gladly commend

to all citizens the work of the Hansard Society in its non-party task

of spreading knowledge at home and abroad about all aspects of

Parliament. As I look back over the past five years, I am more than ever

conscious of the unique and decisive contribution made by Parliament

to the British war effort. In the difficult years ahead of us, it is essential

that Parliament should retain and increase the respect in which it is held

by our people and our Allies.”

British Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, Harold Nicolson,

Public Opinion Quarterly (1937)

“All nice Englishmen believe in the “sound political instincts of the British

people.” From our very cradles we have been taught the art of self-controlled

mediocrity; at school we endured a process, known as “the formation of

character,” under which we learned that all expressions of extreme opinion

were unworthy of a scholar or a gentleman; and at the university we

imbibed Whig history, and acquired the conviction that British democracy

was the finest and most enduring in the world. …. It seldom occurred

to us to inquire upon what this famous democratic instinct was based. And

now that the whole principle of democracy is being challenged… upon the

Continent we are apt to fly to the other extreme and to contend that the whole

theory of our democratic instinct is a Whig fantasy, and that, in fact, our

electorate are as selfish, as emotional, and as unreflecting as any other.”

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