ZuStand State of Being - Tomi Paasonen


ZuStand State of Being - Tomi Paasonen


Public Artistic Affairs

presents / präsentiert


- An HMI over-head projector, located front of house

- A steady small table for the over-head projector

- A luminous video projector for front projection (picture only, no sound), picture size ~ 4,5m x 3m on

the back drop (a larger one is also acceptable), located front of house above the audience or next

to the over-head projector

- A mechanical shutter (DMX or manually operated) in front of the video projector – black screen

function will not be enough

- A VHS video player, located next to the lighting console (S-video in)

- Video cables from the VHS player to the video projector


- No live fire

- No smoke effects

- A small kitchen ladder or a tall chair on side stage

- A table and some chairs for side stage dressing

- A possibility to hang dresses and props on side stage left

Building time

- Minimum of 22 hours building and rehearsing time before the beginning of the performance (includes

6 hours of resting time)

- Time for rehearsals: 4 hours minimum

- Time for building the stage, lights and sound: 12 hours minimum

- 2 hours after the last performance for packing

Performance duration

- Total 1 hour 45 minutes

- One intermission, 20 minutes long, 50 minutes after the start of the performance

Local staff

- During the building up: 2 persons responsible for stage, 2 persons responsible for light, 1 person

responsible for sound and projection

- During the rehearsals and performance: 1 person responsible for lights, 1 person responsible for

sound and projection

For technical matters considering stage, light, sound or projection, please contact

Tuukka Törneblom

e-mail: tuukka.torneblom@mbnet.fi

mobile phone: +358-40-531 9877

address: Merikasarminkatu 12 D 42, 00160 Helsinki, Finland

tomi paasonen - brunnenstraße 44 - 10115 berlin - +49 162 427 0048 - tomi@paasonen.com - www.paasonen.com - www.paa.to

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