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IMAGE AWARD for CRAYLER transportable forklifts.

German trade journal chooses PALFINGER CRAYLER as best brand for transportable forklifts

Germany’s major buyers of products in the warehouse and

handling sector have chosen the best industrial truck brands.

Commissioned by Munich’s weekly magazine “Verkehrs-

Rundschau-Gala”, the TNS Emnid market research institute in

Bielefeld conducted a study entitled “Image Ranking Warehouse

+ Handling 2011” to investigate the reputation and level

of awareness enjoyed by the most important brands in the

industrial trucks sector. Senior executives from logistics services,

trade and industry were surveyed regarding their opinions on

the image and level of awareness of the most important forklift

truck suppliers.

The aim of “Image Ranking Warehouse + Handling 2011” was

to determine a representative opinion on the image and level

of awareness of the market leading suppliers in the categories

“Forklifts and Warehouse Trucks” and “Transportable Forklifts”.

In November and December 2010, a total of 203 randomly

selected buyers of industrial trucks, whose companies work

in commercial freight transport or trade and commerce with

transport operations, were interviewed by telephone in Germany

for this purpose.

On 24 February 2011, the best brands were presented with

the Image Award 2011 during the VerkehrsRundschau gala in

Munich. The Image Award in the transportable forklifts category

was presented to PALFINGER CRAYLER. The Salzburg-based

company came top of the ranking with 702 out of a possible

1000 image points. PALFINGER was followed in the ranking by

Moffett (653 image points) and Manitou (648 points).

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First-class performances at all levels

High labor productivity is a key factor for operators. When

purchasing tools, the contribution they make to the purchaser’s

productivity is becoming increasingly important. They must

make work easier for the user and increase efficiency. Low costs

over the product’s entire life cycle are also a deciding factor in

the purchase. PALFINGER products are designed to perfectly

meet the rational and economic requirements of our customers

and look good at the same time too! Loading, lifting and

handling systems by PALFINGER represent first-class performances

at all levels: in product performance, cost-effectiveness

and design.

Solutions from the PALFINGER company offer our customers

high speeds, huge load carrying capacity, precision working,

ease of operation and ease of maintenance. High quality standards

in purchasing, manufacture and assembly ensure maximum

reliability and product longevity. In addition, a close-knit

global service network with superbly-trained service staff and

the best spare parts supply prevent expensive downtimes. The

quality benefits and innovations of Palfinger systems bring the

potential for considerable cost savings and a large number of

potentially profitable uses for today’s successful operator. At the

same time, best performance, best quality and best service

also mean the best economic decision. When it comes to life

cycle costs, a PALFINGER product is an acquisition that more

than pays for itself.

PALFINGER’s customers provide first-class performances for

their own customers on a daily basis. We are very pleased that

PALFINGER products help them to do this with a first-class

performance of their own. ❚

Felix Strohbichler,

Managing Director PALFINGER

Europe / Middle East / Africa / Australia

■ High Performance loading cranes



With the presentation of the first “SH” crane models at Bauma and

IAA 2010 PALFINGER has managed once again to set a trendsetting

standard in truck-mounted crane technology. The new electronics

are truly the “SH” icing on this crane generation’s cake. With their

help, the operator can read off all crane-related data on the radio

console’s display for the first time and thus use the unit much more

efficiently. In addition to this, the new crane generation meets all

the specifications of the new crane standard EN12999:2011, such as

monitoring of the stabilizer situation and monitoring of the whole

working range (geometrically calculated) in the raised-jib position of

assembly cranes. Only an intelligent control system can achieve this.

In addition to the electronics, the hydraulics also form a significant

part of this control system. In this case, PALFINGER in conjunction

with Bosch/Rexroth has spent three years developing a hydraulic

slide valve that is second to none.

The integrated “soft stop” function is yet another highlight which

identifies in advance the vibrations to be expected when travelling

towards the limit stop and as a result throttles the speed proportionally.

Together with the patented AOS active oscillation suppression

system, in practical use the crane cycles, or load movements, can be

carried out even faster and more safely.

A total of 300 “SH” cranes have already been sold worldwide. The

feedback is more than positive. The PK 23002 SH crane with its

continuous slewing system which is unique in its 20 meter tonne

class came onto the market quite recently. ❚

The Highlights “SH”

“S-HPLS” for maximum power

PALFINGER High Performance cranes are true powerhouses due to their geometry and technology. Intelligent electronic systems for increasing

the lifting power prove themselves in situations where more power is needed in the short term. The new S-HPLS offers a 5% increase in lifting

capacity compared to the established E-HPLS. Unlike the E-HPLS, which is switched on manually, activation of the SH system is fully automated.

The lifting power is increased continuously as required.

Radio remote control with graphic display

PALFINGER High Performance cranes are operator-friendly and easy to control. In the SH models, the state-of-the-art radio

remote control with LCD graphic display provides the latest generation of crane operators with precise information about a

variety of operating conditions such as capacity usage, active systems, servicing intervals or movements currently

accessible. It is even possible to provide an accurate visual display of the position of the stabilizer supports.

Four softkey functions and four menu buttons make it easy to navigate the menu and switch to the actual

functions desired. The operator is guided clearly and safely in peripheral limit areas. The image

shown on the display directs the crane operator, helping him to keep a cool head in any situation

and to make the right decision.

Greater safety and comfort due to monitoring of the whole working range and “soft stop”

Sensors detect the angle of main boom and knuckle boom to increase operator-friendliness and safety. A signal is transmitted continuously to the

Paltronic 150, the “brain of the crane”, and the crane’s movements are monitored intelligently.

The “soft stop”, an electronic limit position damper function recently implemented by PALFINGER, brings about gentle braking of all the crane’s

movements before the mechanical end stop is reached. This means that jerky movements and collisions due to swinging loads can be prevented in

order to protect the driver, the load and the vehicle. ❚

News ■

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for CRAYLER transportable forklifts

Buyers appreciate product quality and customer orientation

The study on the reputation and level of awareness of intralogistics

brands was set up and conducted this year for the first

time and will be repeated every two years in future. The results

of the study prove how important a good reputation is to those

in charge of buying. According to the people surveyed, product

quality, price/performance ratio and customer orientation

are decisive factors for a good image. The topical subjects of

compliance and environmental compatibility came in fourth and

fifth place in order of importance. The quality of the supplier’s

communication is also considered to be significant. In addition

to fulfilling the points mentioned, PALFINGER CRAYLER’s

good reputation is substantiated among other things by the fact

that the Salzburg-based company not only features the classic

transportable forklift in its range but can also offer an alternative

and particularly innovative concept in the CRAYLER BM.

The comparatively high scores awarded for awareness of the PALFINGER brand are almost certainly due to its strong presence in the

market for lifting, loading and handling systems in transport logistics, but first and foremost due to its market leadership in the truckmounted

crane segment. As a leader in technology and after-sales service, the PALFINGER brand has always been seen as the epitome

of quality and reliability. As a premium supplier, PALFINGER is committed to top-class performances when it comes to innovation

and reliability. On the premise of making customers more successful in their business, the focus is clearly on benefit for the user when

any new product is developed and existing products are enhanced. ❚

Product News

PLATFORMS New PD Range Compact multi-talented all-rounders for local authorities and energy suppliers.

PALFINGER presented its new “PD” access

platform concept at the IFAT and IAA 2010

trade fairs. Mounting of the access platform

on a light commercial vehicle is characteristic

of this concept. The new access platforms

attracted much interest among visitors to the

trade shows since they can be mounted on any

chassis from 3.5 t up and can be driven with a

standard driving license.

The working height of the PD range extends from 11 to 18 meters

depending on the model. The interior fittings and workshop

equipment for the LCV are also offered from a single source

and can be individually adapted. By mounting on an LCV the

platform can also be used as a workshop van allowing repairs

and other work to be carried out where it is dry. The operator’s

cab is also fitted out as an office thus making it possible to deal

with correspondence and documentation comfortably while still

at the assignment location.

The access platforms of the PD range also set new standards

in respect of safety. The operator can climb directly from the

driver’s seat into the workman basket through the workshop van

without stepping onto the carriageway. This is a huge advantage

particularly where work is carried out on busy roads. The

operator can stabilize the access platform from the operator’s

cab and keep the stabilizer supports in view through the mirror.

The stabilizers do not extend beyond the profile of the vehicle

which means that the operator is spared the time and effort of

making the work location safe. It is also possible to work without

stabilizers. The PD 135 V, for example, with a maximum working

height of 13.5 meters can be operated without stabilizers up

to a height of 11 meters and a lateral outreach of 7.5 meters. It

can reach the majority of objects, e.g. many street lamps, without

a problem.

The compact design of the PD range makes for ease of handling

even in city centers where space is very limited. Operation is

simple with up to four movements executable simultaneously,

high motion speeds and automated retraction system as standard.

■ JOB REPORTS – Truck-mounted loading cranes

Heavy load experts for small spaces

Heavy load cranes such as the PK 85002 Performance

are not just for lifting heavy loads to great heights.

Their special characteristics combined with electronic

features and a special kinematic make them indispensable

accessories for a range of very diverse tasks.

Their exceptional lifting power with the boom horizontal

is absolutely essential for some assignments.

As a service and system supplier of electricity transmission

and distribution grid systems, SAG with its headquarters in

Langen provides support for all the well-known energy suppliers

from over 80 of its sites in Germany. In the field of switchgear

construction, the company plans and builds medium, high and

extra-high-voltage switchgear and manages projects or implements

protection technology concepts as well as the power

supply connection of distributed generator plants. Thus from the

Weinheim site the company serves, among others, EnBW AG

(Energie Baden-Württemberg AG), currently Germany’s thirdlargest

energy utility company.

According to project manager Thomas Hölge, the tasks undertaken

by SAG Weinheim include modernization and extension

or the construction of new regional EnBW high-voltage systems.

Generally present on site: A PK 85002 with Fly-Jib mounted on

a four-axle MAN truck. Thomas Hölge says with a smile, “Compared

to our other truck-mounted cranes – mostly mounted on

all-terrain Unimogs – the PK 85002 is a true giant”. Last year he

advocated acquisition of the crane for a number of good reasons,

“An SAG frame agreement with EnBW contains the clause

that when building new transformer substations or extending

existing transformer substations, the excavation for the foundations

of the high-voltage switches and other equipment is to be

prepared by a different subcontractor. For my team this means

that from the plant road we have to lift in concrete foundations

weighing approx. 3 to 5.4 t horizontally over a distance of 16 m.

We can no longer do this using an excavator as would normally

be the case because of the many excavation pits.”

If the vehicle could move freely within the plant there wouldn’t

be a problem! The fact is though that it is simply not possible to

shut down all the power lines or transformers in the transformer

substation so that construction measures can be carried out. In

practice this would bring whole towns to a standstill. The crane

must maintain a safety distance of 3 m to all current-carrying

elements – the transformer substation steps 110,000 V down to

20,000 V – to rule out any possibility of the voltage skipping over

with absolutely fatal consequences. “It’s not possible to carry out

such tasks with a mobile crane. It can’t swing upwards. What

we have to do is to carry out our work under and through the

busbars which are sometimes live and 7 to 8 m high.” Thomas

Hölge is delighted with his new acquisition on all counts, “The

PK 85002 has not shown any susceptibilities so far. We keep having

problems with radio remote controls within the high-voltage

fields – but not with the PALFINGER unit!” Even complex work

can be carried out without having to move the vehicle due to

the enormous outreach of 18 m, extending up to 30 m with the

jib. And last but not least due to the Fly-Jib with its dual power

system for increasing the lifting power and the continuous

slewing system.

Also important to Thomas Hölge is the active oscillation suppression

system AOS which enables the individual structural

components, such as heavy extra-high-voltage circuit breakers,

to be positioned without oscillation. Alternatively, this can be

handled by the cable pulley which is also fitted and saves having

to use a mobile crane with all its drawbacks. “When operating

the truck-mounted crane in transformer substations it is imperative

to avoid rapid swinging movements so as not to extend

beyond the cleared range within the 10 m wide work areas. The

proportional valve and remote control enable the PK 85002 to

be controlled with extraordinary sensitivity and accuracy.” However,

the heavy load crane is by no means stretched to capacity

by such special tasks. “Without the Fly-Jib mounted we have an

extra payload of 6 t available on the truck. Just right for transporting

the 6 m long assembly containers on the load surface.

It goes without saying that loading and unloading is carried out

using the new PALFINGER crane. ❚

East Frisia’s

longest crane for

building materials

The requirements for this crane project were the ability to work

at great heights with the largest outreach possible using radio

remote control, jib and cable winch plus the ability to convert

rapidly to stone grapple operation. The aim was to extend the logistics

service for building materials provided on site for roofing

and carpentry businesses. Tirre GbR as PALFINGER’s distribution

partner for the region and M. Janssen OHG as the vehicle

construction company implemented these user requirements

perfectly with a PALFINGER PK 40002 EH heavy load crane

with 7 hydraulic boom extensions and 3 hydraulic jib extensions.

Georg Schlachter, managing partner of the Siebel building materials

center, says, “Although the East Friesland region isn’t exactly

noted for its buildings, the use of a unit such as this still makes

sense for us. Even with single-family houses, whether new builds

or renovations, the roofers more and more frequently want the

roof tiles and other materials delivered directly to the point of

installation. This makes the whole construction process go faster.

We’ve been told that it’s possible to save one to two days of construction

time as a result. What’s more, there is much less or even

no breakage of materials which is often the case when materials

are passed upwards by hand. The accident risk for the roofers is

also significantly lower not to mention the risk of damage to the

building. And then of course there’s the problem of what to do

about temporary storage for the roof tiles when they’re delivered.

So it’s really best if the new tiles go straight up to the roof.” This

is Schlachter’s argument for crane logistics on the construction

site. Depending on the boom position, the new crane offers a hydraulic

outreach of over 31 meters as a result of the jib extension.

While the motor vehicle and trailer stand outside on the road,

the building material can be passed straight into the construction

site and unloaded.

The Fly-Jib can be quickly and easily attached or removed

thanks to the new comfort cable routing and multiple couplings

when there are peaks in orders using standard construction

material transport with the rock grapple. Fitted as standard

with a continuous slewing system and double slewing system,

maintenance-free extension boom system, functional operating

elements and Power Link Plus, the PK 40002 EH sets new standards

in this crane class. As the perfect crane for 3-axle chassis, it

covers a wide range of uses and is equally suited to installation

work, container transports, recovery assignments and other

heavy load tasks. ❚

JOB REPORTS – Truck-mounted loading cranes ■

Further development

of logistical advantage

In recent years the building materials trade has undergone a massive change. Where it was simple enough in the

past to offer the widest range of goods possible to those collecting them, these days it is taken for granted that

trade buyers will make use of the specialist retailer’s logistics. This key statement was made by Andreas Hartmann,

Head of Information Logistics at the Kraft Group.

The vehicle pool at Kraft Building Materials gained new additions

a few months ago: three new Volvo FH 420 vehicles fitted

with PALFINGER PK 18002 EH truck-mounted cranes of the

new High Performance generation. They are part of a powerful

truck fleet consisting of 11 warehouse trucks, a truck/trailer

combination and a vehicle for warehouse supplies. “We use them

to supply the whole urban district of Munich and a 50 km surrounding

area,” says Alexander Patzel. He is responsible for route

planning at Kraft and he supports the drivers using state-of-theart

technology. “The three new vehicles have GPS installed. This

means that we can pass the orders automatically to the navigation


The three trucks were constructed by Weinmann Nutzfahrzeuge

Vertriebs GmbH from Feldkirchen near Munich. The new

truck-mounted cranes of the High Performance range are impressive

in practical use by virtue of their perfectly coordinated

power/weight ratio and their state-of-the-art equipment. The

reverse linkage knuckle boom which can be angled upwards by

15 degrees (Power Link Plus) considerably extends the motion

geometry, primarily where space is at a premium or when working

inside buildings. Andreas Hartmann acknowledges just how

important such kinematics are, “In Munich’s city centre, the idea

of ‘Building within Existing Structures’ is becoming increasingly

popular. In many cases the material has to be delivered directly

to the upper storeys.” So all the cranes have a wallboard fork for

transporting gypsum boards vertically upright. In his opinion,

the crane is an indispensable accessory because usually erection

cranes – if they are actually present – cannot be used due to their

capacity and their involvement in site operations. Between 700

and 800 truck loads are handled every week from the location

in Drygalski-Allee in Munich. The total warehouse volume

last year amounted to approximately 22.5 million euros. Direct

trade transactions account for over 90%. Most of our customers

calculate very accurately and make use of our delivery logistics.

Requirements in respect of the unloading points are also

increasing all the time. On the other hand the delivery units are

becoming smaller – orders are increasingly being made just in

time due to the limited storage facilities available.

According to Andreas Hartmann, experience with the new

PALFINGER cranes, which also represent a system change at

Kraft, has been extremely positive so far. According to Andreas

Hartmann, “We are very pleased with the PALFINGER units. As

a supplier, the Weinmann company is cooperative and strongly

oriented towards solutions and service. For us it was particularly

important to be offered heavy lifting equipment that had a

proven track record in the market and that covers all necessities

even those it is often impossible to anticipate in advance. The

pressure on the operator is lifted considerably when the right

tools are available.” ❚

Crane truck and tractor unit all in one

Wintershall Holding GmbH, part of the BASF Group, has been active all over the world for more

than 75 years in the prospecting and extraction of crude oil and natural gas. A new crane truck

specially tailored to the customer’s specifications and equipped with a PALFINGER PK 50002 EH

High Performance was recently handed over at the Barnstorf site which supports Wintershall’s activities

throughout Germany. The Gellhaus company was responsible for assembing and mounting

the crane. The vehicle construction company situated in Vechta has been supplying its customer

Wintershall with special-purpose vehicles for more than two decades.

The new vehicle is also intended to double-up as a tractor unit for a low-loader. This is why the 6x4

ACTROS with its 550 HP engine has a short wheelbase. The 4 stabilizers and a removable ballast

weight behind the driver’s cab provide a stable base when working with the crane. A significant

weight reduction has been achieved thanks to the optimized subframe construction resulting in an

improvement of the overall payload.

At the customer’s request, the PALFINGER crane has 7 hydraulic boom extensions with a 21 m

outreach and a cable winch with a traction force of 3.5 tonnes. The PK 50002 EH is one of the

most recent developments and represents a milestone in crane development. With a significantly

increased lifting power it is over 200 kg lighter than its forerunner model. It is impressive by virtue

of its innovative and operator-friendly product design. With remote proportional control, double

slewing system, huge slewing torque and the patented active oscillation suppression system (AOS),

it is possible to execute extremely precise crane movements when transporting highly sensitive

equipment and to carry out safe installation work at the drill sites.

Stowage compartments for the load lifting gear and tools have also been installed so that everything

is in the right place. Safety regulation-compliant, easily accessible supports for the cable

winch accessories, ladders, roller with ground cable for grounding the vehicle when in use, fire

extinguisher, shovels, spades and brooms all have their precisely defined places. Hans-Joachim

Tirre of Tirre GbR, which as PALFINGER’s sales partner in the region implemented this project in

conjunction with Gellhaus, says, “This equipment is not just an end in itself. The guys as Wintershall

know their assignments and what they will need on site.” ❚



More Power for the Construction Industry

Tipping procedure when transporting gravel

PALFINGER’s POWER hookloader opens up a wealth of completely new opportunities for construction

site logistics. This hookloader by PALFINGER demonstrates its versatility in the transport of equipment,

building materials, scaffolding, formwork elements, gravel, debris and much more.

“We see that our POWER hookloaders are increasingly being

used as an alternative to the three-way tipper in the construction

industry. The flexibility that using a hookloader brings

with it is particularly appreciated,” confirms Manfred Vöst,

Sales Manager Hookloaders at PALFINGER. “Being able to set

down the container on the construction site means no more

annoying waiting times for the driver. Drivers simply set down

the empty container, pick up another full one and drive off

again. This makes loading much more flexible from a scheduling

point of view. What’s more, the POWER hookloader can

also take care of other construction sites in the meantime and

drop off or pick up containers there. This level of flexibility goes

over well with builders and contractors.”

Whether the POWER hookloader is used as a tipper truck

like the classic three-way tipper or for transporting building

materials and construction equipment, the hookloader copes

with every assignment due to the unique geometry of its arm.

This technology minimizes wear on the unit because the arm

only describes two consecutive circular movements. Thanks

to the geometry of its boom, the POWER hookloader can lift

the container with a very flat lift angle which means that the

load – be it gravel or debris, small excavator or wheel loader

or even portacabins – does not slip during lifting and can be

transported with ease.

There are virtually no limits for the user when it comes

to choosing containers. High-sided or low-sided containers,

classic construction containers for transporting gravel,

stanchion-sided containers for scaffolding and formwork elements,

portacabins or material containers or even platforms for

transporting machinery are all conceivable with the POWER as

well as a variety of different container lengths.

Even heavy loads can’t stop the POWER. Due to the superior

geometry of its arm, the unit has more power when lifting than

conventional hookloaders. As a result, the hookloader plays to

its strengths where space is tight and when lifting from below

ground level. Lifting of containers becomes simple with the

new universal hook arm.

“Virtually every builder or contractor can use the Power hookloader

due to its enormous versatility. Regardless of whether

the material is loaded using a PALFINGER truck-mounted

crane, an EPSILON recycling crane or a stationary crane, a

POWER hookloader is the perfect solution for the builder.”

Volkmar Junginger, Regional Sales Manager for the Southwest

is absolutely certain of this. “Time and again we are surprised

by the new applications and uses our customers come up with

for the POWER.” ❚

Extremely flat lift angle for transporting construction equipment

Lifting of a stanchion-sided flatrack container with formwork elements

Container handling on the construction site


Horst Bröcker, Palfinger Deutschland GmbH (on the right) hands over the new

WT 530 truck-mounted access platform to Holger Beiersdorf, mateco AG.



Top Equipment for a

Top Company

The pan-European mateco Group now has its own branch office

in Kirchheim near Munich since April last year and a presence

in the Greater Munich area and Bavaria since October 2010 due

to the acquisition of Top Lift Arbeitsbühnen GmbH. Recently

it also added another highlight to the already extensive vehicle

pool in the form of a PALFINGER WT 530 jumbo truckmounted

access platform. Horst Bröcker (Sales Manager Access

Platforms at Palfinger GmbH) officially handed over the unit

to mateco’s Regional Manager Holger Beiersdorf at the Munich

branch on 14 February 2011. Now this mateco customer has at

its disposal another state-of-the-art unit specifically designed for

working heights above 35 meters.

The top-class unit with a maximum working height of 53 meters

and an impressive maximum lateral outreach of 38.3 meters

grabs the attention due to a large number of advantages. For

example, the workman basket that can be rotated through 175

degrees and steplessly extended up to 3.88 meters wide with a

maximum carrying capacity of 600kg for people and materials.

Or the fully variable stabilizer support system for the most effective

use of space and an efficient control system that is extremely

easy and comfortable to operate. Thanks to the suspended basket

system, it is possible to travel accurately over obstacles and thus

carry out work even in somewhat hard-to-reach places without

a hitch. In addition, using the telescopic basket arm it is possible

to work up to 6 m below ground level and, due to the Powerlift

system, materials (such as neon signs, bulky loads, window

panes, etc.) can be transported conveniently on the outside of

the basket making for huge time savings.

The WT 530 has the power to impress by virtue of its absolute

safety, operator-friendliness and reliability when one needs to

get right to the top. It is extremely flexible and efficient in use,

covers the whole range of applications and forms a customized

solution when required, for instance, in the area of mobile telephones/communications,

wind power plants, facility management,

advertising systems, media/films/events or even structural


mateco AG offers a perfectly coordinated package of services at

the highest level in respect of consulting, safety, quality, maintenance,

repairs and training. In combination with the rapid

availability of its access platforms and state-of-the-art technology

throughout Germany, mateco is one of the foremost representatives

when it comes to single-source suppliers. ❚



As an independent company, Technische Betriebe Rheine is

responsible for waste disposal, drains, public parks and road

traffic. In the near future the section which maintains public

parks and urban green spaces will be using a new PALFINGER

access platform of the TKA 19 KS type.

Its main duties will be tree-cutting in parks and sports

facilities as well as in town centers. The decision in favor of

the TKA 19 KS was made because the access platform will

also have to be used in flowing traffic. Thanks to its patented

counter slewing system, it can turn within the width of the

vehicle so that it can be used even in very tight spaces. Due to

the sensitive electrohydraulic proportional control, the access

platform can be directed with extreme comfort from the workman

basket and be moved safely even in difficult situations.

Compact design and the resulting maneuverability are yet

another advantage of the TKA 19 KS. The TKA 19 KS achieves

a maximum lateral outreach of 13.5 meters and a working

height of 10.0 meters as a result of its perfect lightweight

construction and highest quality materials. This makes it easy

to get at otherwise hard-to-reach trees and bushes. ❚



optimistically to the future

When the Russian bear wakes from its hibernation ...

PALFINGER AG’s “Area CIS” with its headquarters in St. Petersburg has now been active for a good

year and is driving forward the development and market presence of the following PALFINGER

product areas: PALFINGER knuckle boom cranes, EPSILON timber loading and recycling cranes,

MBB tail lifts, PALIFT hookloaders and access platforms from PALFINGER Platforms. The number of

employees at the subsidiary office rose from three in December 2009 to nine at present.

The PALFINGER knuckle boom crane was and is already very

successfully established in the Russian market. Following a year

which focused on actively developing the market and building

up contacts and a network of dealerships, initial positive

results were recorded in other product areas. So, for example,

a tender at Coca Cola HBC Eurasia was won in conjunction

with PALFINGER’s partner Techpro (Obninsk, Kaluga region,

Central Russia). This order comprises 57 MBB tail lifts of the

1500 KL type which will be delivered in 2011 and mounted on

various chassis manufactured by IVECO, MAN and VOLVO.

Coca Cola will use the completed vehicles in the central, southern

and Urals regions. The delivery to Coca Cola is considered

to be extremely positive because we were able to win the order

in the face of stiff competition from our two biggest rivals in the

Russian market – BÄR and ZEPRO.

We achieved another huge success in the area of access platforms.

“Togliattiazot” (TOAZ), one of the biggest corporate

Groups in the Russian chemical industry, has ordered six access

platforms from PALFINGER since the end of 2010. This is the

largest single order so far in the short history of Area CIS. The

acceptances for a WT 450 and a TKA 35 KS have already been

carried out successfully and the units have been handed over to

the customer. The following additional access platforms have

also been ordered: two P 180, one WT 350 and another WT

450. The TOAZ representatives commented very favorably on

the technical features and equipment of the access platforms

selected and were very pleased with the service and support

provided by the employees of Area CIS.

It is very gratifying that the first major successes are now coming

just a year after the severe economic crisis. It shows that the

markets in Russia and also in the other CIS countries are on

the up again. We are looking optimistically to the future and

are happy to report that the “Russian bear” has woken completely

from its hibernation and is finding its way back to its old

strength. ❚


As a result of the serious economic crisis in Greece, there were

many rumors circulating that the local crane branch and with

it the Chrissafis company were in a sorry state. An Open Day

with Chrissafis and Palfinger was organized shortly before

Christmas to dispel all these rumors. All the dealers from

Greece, end users and journalists from various trade magazines

were invited. The official reason for the event was the launch of

the new PALFINGER EH and SH High Performance range of

truck-mounted cranes. The PK 12002 EH, PK 14002 EH,

PK 18002 EH, PK 22002 EH, PK 27002 SH and PK 33002 EH

were introduced. There was a very festive and informal atmosphere

at this get together due to the time of year. ❚

Optimism in spite of difficult times

Klaus Wieland (Sales PALFINGER), Hubert Palfinger jun.,

Roman Strobl (Sales MBB PALFINGER),

Kiki Chrissafis (CEO Chrissafis S.A.),

Dr. Bruno Freytag (Trade Commissioner WKO in Athens),

Wolfgang Pilz (CMO PALFINGER),

Balthasar Gwechenberger (Service PALFINGER)

(from left to right)


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