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Issue No. 17




One Tough Duo

Comfort, Safety and Environmental Protection

Unconventional Operation Site


Marketing Director Wolfgang Pilz and CEO Herbert Ortner

Passion and a Sense of Responsibility


2 Editorial

Passion and a Sense of Responsibility


One Tough Duo

4 Report

Comfort, Safety and Environmental Protection







Swiss Thoroughness

Powerful Solution for Aeschbacher Transport AG

unconventional Operation Site

Mobile Airspace Monitoring

essential Assistants




Agriculture and Forestry


24 Congratulations

Thomas Geierspichler Wins in Peking 2008

Dealer Award 2008

Even in turbulent times such as these,

PALFINGER is following its course consistently

and purposefully. We are trying

more than ever to inspire our dealers and

customers with our “spirit” because there is

more than merely technology behind a


is the sum of passion, emotion, vision, people

and a globally stable company with a

sense of responsibility.

Passion has many faces. Passion for innovation,

engineering, aesthetics and perfection

- with the clearly defined claim to technology

leadership because being one of the

best is simply not enough. “To build the

best truck-mounted crane” - that is the

inner drive and for 50 years has been the

reason why we have risen in the meantime

to the High Performance level. The new

High Performance range, the models of

which we have been bringing onto the market

successively for just over a year now, has

significantly strengthened our leading position.

We more than confirmed our leadership

in technology by presenting the first

representative of the new large crane series

at the IAA 2008.

In addition to our passion for continuous

improvement of the functionality, efficiency

and safety of our products, we are also aware

of our responsibility in respect of humanity

and the environment. Sustainability, careful

management of resources and product ecology

are thus firmly anchored in our corporate

philosophy. The use of environmentally

compatible, recyclable and biologically

degradable substances and materials runs

through all our product fields and divisions.

Within the framework of our strategy of

“growth through internationalisation and

diversification” we are pleased to report on

two successful corporate acquisitions. With

the acquisition of the ELEVANT division of

the German company WUMAG GmbH we

have been able to add considerable strength

to our product area covering “truck-mounted

aerial work platforms” which, combined

with BISON, brings a second strong brand

under the PALFINGER roof. With the

acquisition of Omaha Standard Inc., one of

the top three suppliers of truck bodies and

pick-up tail lifts in the US, we hope to

secure long-term consolidation of our market

position in North America.

Strong partnerships with healthy, welldeveloped

structures will gain even greater

importance in the future. We will be able to

build on long-standing dealership and service

partnerships as well as experienced

employees - as guarantors for quality, reliability

and stability. You can depend on


Enjoy reading! ❚

NEWS // 03

One Tough


Two famous brands of access platforms under the same PALFINGER roof.

With the acquisition of the ELEVANT unit of

the German company WUMAG GmbH,

PALFINGER once again clearly demonstrates

its strategy of “growth through internationalisation

and diversification”. Another valuable

member has been reinforcing the PALFINGER

family since autumn 2008 and the product

area covering “truck-mounted aerial work

platforms” now has two attractive brands in

double harness.

Combined with BISON, customers will now

have at their disposal a complete product portfolio

from one and the same source. That

means working heights ranging between 11

and 103 metres and a Europe-wide sales and

service network of established WUMAG and

PALFINGER dealers.

While WUMAG is a symbol for the largest

truck-mounted access platforms worldwide,

BISON with its model ranges takes care of

maximum customer benefit and efficient

assignments at working heights ranging

from 14 to 61 metres. ❚

04 // REPORT

Comfort, Safety

and Environmental


In matters of automation, operating comfort,

ergonomics and intelligent control technologies,

the requirements made on hydraulic work

equipment and lifting systems are becoming

even more demanding. PALFINGER faces this

challenge with intelligent implementation in its


The new High Performance crane series is

impressive due to numerous comfort and safety

functions which make the user’s everyday work


With the help of sophisticated control technologies

it is possible to employ enormous forces

to achieve pinpoint accuracy using a fingertip

touch. A range of crane functions can be switched

on and off by means of PALFINGER’s

radio remote control system: The PALTRONIC

50, the active oscillation system (AOS) and the

electronic high power lifting system (E-HPLS)

plus other additional functions may be activated

via the radio remote control system. The

interaction of PALTRONIC 50 and

PALFINGER’s radio remote control system

allows the crane to be used to its best advantage

in respect of lifting power and outreach taking

all safety aspects into account.

PALFINGER is sending a clear message regarding

ease of maintenance and environmental

protection with the maintenance-free extension

boom system. The use of sliding elements

made from special synthetic material combined

with time-tested KTL cathotic dip painting

means that the operator no longer needs to service

the boom system.

PALFINGER products move tremendous

amounts of material and thus bear a huge responsibility

for the safety of all those involved.

With numerous features ensuring safety on the

crane, PALFINGER not only meets the prescribed

requirements of the statutory guidelines but

clearly goes above and beyond its competitors

with its safety equipment and its acceptance


PALFINGER cranes are equipped as standard

with bubble levels on the control panel for

horizontal alignment of the crane and vehicle,

optionally with a transport position monitor

for the boom system and for the crane’s stabiliser

support in addition to the patented manual

outrigger safety system referred to as the

Interlock system.

Other devices that contribute to operational

safety are an acoustic warning at an outreach of

12 metres, pivot angle-dependent limitation

of the lifting power specifically for frontmounted

cranes and limitation of the slewing

range during operations performed from the

standing platform.

PALFINGER offers its customers a complex

safety system combined with sophisticated

control technology: Efficient overload indication

is guaranteed with the help of PALFINGER

radio remote control. In addition to the standard

functions of a conventional radio remote

control system, PALFINGER also offers a

remote control console with a display to indicate

the level of the crane’s capacity utilisation

or overload. PALFINGER has not only mounted

the overload indicator directly on the console

but also an indicator displaying the relevant

utilisation level of the crane’s own capacity. An

overload situation of the fly jib or the cable

winch for example is also displayed. Regardless

of the distance from which the crane is controlled,

the display incorporated in the control

panel continuously provides the crane operator

with information regarding the load utilisation


The ISC integrated stability control provides the

crane operator with maximum stability during

crane operations even where space is restricted

and at full working speed.

REPORT // 05

Functional design for greater comfort and

safety. Covers of synthetic material and hydraulic

hoses located on the inside are not only

more pleasing visually but serve first and foremost

to protect both the operator and the crane

system. Covers of synthetic material protect

sensitive crane parts against dirt and damage.

As a result, they decrease the cost and effort of

servicing and maintenance and considerably

increase the truck-mounted crane’s service life.

It is possible to enhance the crane’s value enormously

by using premium-quality, highly-resistant

synthetic materials, which can be used in

the temperature range from -40 °C to +80 °C.

The control panels are light and easy to dismantle

for maintenance and servicing.

LEDs which backlight the control panel make it

easier to read off the machine functions and

provide the crane driver with a rapid overview

of the entire panel during the working process.

The integrated tilt display and the redesigned

load carrying plate on the crane, which is matched

individually to each crane model, provides

the operator with a perfect view directly from

the control panel. LED warning lights on the

supporting cylinders mean greater safety for

crane operator and passers-by. The established

spiral hose for protecting the hydraulic hoses has

now become standard for all PALFINGER cranes

from this point on. The larger stabilizer plates

of the supporting cylinders are movable and

enable better adaptation to the ground surface. ❚

06 // rePORT



as a Matter of Course

With the introduction of the new High Performance range, PALFINGER is

sending a very clear message indeed about environmental protection.

REPORt // 07

Maintenance-free Extension System

The sliding elements of the extension system

are moulded from special synthetic material

and have self-lubricating properties. No

further servicing work is required after the initial

lubrication which uses vegetable grease.

All other elements (slide rails, slide blocks,

etc.) run without grease. These have only a

secondary function as sliding elements and are

primarily adjustment and guiding elements.

They are also made from special synthetic

materials in order to preserve the paint and

thus protect it against corrosion. The operator

no longer needs to service the boom system.

This not only saves time and money but also

protects the environment.

Environmentally Compatible Coating


PALFINGER products are cathotic dip-painted.

Along with the quality-improving benefits

of KTL cathotic dip painting, the environmental

compatibility of the paints (two-pack topcoats

on a water-soluble base) and of the

method is also impressive.

Chromium VI-free Surfaces of Pipes,

Small Parts and Threaded Joints

Going well beyond the requirements of the

latest EU Directives, PALFINGER fits all its

cranes, that is the cranes of each performance

class, with parts free from chromium VI (hydraulic

pipes, threaded joins, small parts and


Load Sensing – Low Fuel Consumption

Fitting of the control unit with a proportional

control valve prepares PALFINGER cranes for

efficient and economical variable displacement

pump operation. By comparison with the fixed

displacement pump, which always supplies the

crane with the same amount of oil, the variable

displacement or load-sensing pump only delivers

the amount needed for the crane function

in each case. It is possible due to the pump’s

variable displacement volume to adapt the

volume flow rate to the demands of all consumers

connected. Delivery is constantly adapted

to actual consumption thus optimising power

consumption. The advantages are clear: Lower

fuel consumption (fuel savings of up to 20%!),

enhanced capacity for precision and multiple

function control in addition to less stress on

the entire hydraulic system as the oil remains


Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

On request, PALFINGER offers its customers a

fully synthetic, environmentally sound hydraulic

oil with rapid biodegradability for environmental

crane operation. This oil guarantees

smooth, trouble-free operation year-round

even under extreme conditions and such as

huge fluctuations in temperature. ❚

Deciding on the purchase of a PALFINGER product is a business

decision geared towards values and sustainability.




Passionate PALFINGER Customer in New Zealand’s South Island

Extensive range of assignments. No problem for the PK 72002 Performance.

Service professionals get together. Standing from left to right:

Mark Purdue (Purdue Bros.), Frank Rettenegger and Balthasar Gwechenberger (PALFINGER

SERVICE Department); front: Justin Cox and Grant Capper (PALFINGER New Zealand)

One of our most faithful and passionate customers in Southland - at the

southernmost tip of New Zealand’s South Island - is perfect proof that

the enthusiasm for PALFINGER cranes does not decrease as geographical

distance increases.

The established transport company of Purdue Bros. from Invercargill

has been en route with the red cranes from far-away Europe since the

end of the 1970s. And during that time the business relationship has

also developed into a friendship. Mark Purdue, in charge of the crane

fleet, is especially proud of the nine PALFINGERs in his fleet. He not

only ensures that the assignments undertaken by his “charges” run

smoothly but also takes care of servicing and maintaining them. The

fact that over the years Mark Purdue has become a “service expert”

where truck-mounted cranes are concerned is because of the geographical

remoteness and the huge distance to the next service workshop he

has made a virtue out of necessity.

The diversity of the locations where the cranes are used is also matched

by the diversity of the customers’ requirements and specifications. Purdue

Bros. with its transport and loading services looks after Bluff Har-

bour, the urban area of Invercargill and the rural area of Southland.

Over the years Purdue has gained a reputation for being able to provide

the ideal transport solution at all times even for assignments under difficult

and challenging conditions. The key to this success: continuous

investment in an innovative fleet of vehicles.

“We need flexible vehicles, because we are confronted with a variety of

challenges. Truck-mounted cranes extend the vehicles’ range of use and

in PALFINGER we have a competent and reliable partner,” says Mark

with conviction.

Dairy farming is booming in the province. Our services are in demand

for all measures relating to infrastructure. Whether we are transporting

and installing silos or electricity pylons and telephone masts, tasks out

in the country require a huge amount of skill and flexibility. At the same

time, we also provide an incredibly wide variety of transport and loading

services in the port of Bluff and the city of Invercargill. All of

which would be unthinkable without PALFINGER!” ❚


Swiss Thoroughness


In 1974 Arthur Voneschen, founder of the transport company of the

same name in Graubünden, decided to invest in a PALFINGER

PK 6000 crane. With this decision he was ahead of his times as one of

the very few providers of crane services in the region. Over the years he

was able to establish himself in his branch of business with a great deal

of hard work and commitment.He expanded his fleet by three cranes

which were equipped with a range of additional equipment such as

cable winches, grabs and timber grabs to maximise the full potential of

his cranes.

Exactly 34 years after the initial purchase, Urs Voneschen Arthur’s son

and now Managing Director took delivery in 2008 of the fifth crane.

Installation of the latest PALFINGER PK 6002 Performance on the

3-axle MAN TGS 28.480 6x4-4 with 4-wheel drive and steered trailing

axle can almost be termed “exotic”. Exotic because a crane with a lifting

moment such as this is usually employed on 4-axle vehicles. However, it

is precisely this unusual combination that the Voneschen company intends

to benefit from. The family-owned company actually carries out a

large proportion of its jobs in the mountains - assignments which for

the most part can only be performed with the help of particularly

manoeuvrable vehicles.

Having arrived at the location, the 60 metre-tonne crane can be used

for hook operation but also for work involving the grab or cable winch.

Even the most difficult loading or unloading locations are easily accessible

by making the most of the synergies between the 6 hydraulic

extensions on the crane and the hydraulic 4 extensions on the PJ 125 C

fly jib. Additional hydraulic stabiliser supports on the back and a central

support on the front of the vehicle ensure the stability required. “We are

happy to go out on a limb for our customers, not to do something crazy

but to achieve the seemingly impossible,” says Urs Voneschen talking

about crane work in demanding terrain.

The quick-change system (SWS) by Walser Schweiz AG adds even more

options to the already wide range of use. The loading bridge and the

entire rig with auxiliary frame, heavy load crane and stabiliser supports

can be dismantled in a matter of a few minutes. The MAN vehicle can

then be used purely as a semi-trailer tractor. ❚


Powerful Solution for


Transport AG

The Aeschbacher company based in Appenzell was

founded in 1931 and is already being managed by the

third generation. From skip service to crane work and

heavy transport, the up-to-date vehicle pool can meet

virtually every customer requirement.

The PALFINGER PK 100002 Performance, with 7 hydraulic extensions is

impressive due to its enormous lifting power with low dead weight. The

PJ 170 E fly jib combined with the mechanical boom elongation extends

the outreach to 32 m horizontally and 36 m vertically where it is still

possible to lift loads of up to a tonne.

The 5-axle Scania R 500 provides the ideal base for installation of the

heavy load crane. The vehicle chassis was reinforced at the front and the

front central support was installed to ensure 100% stability. As a result it

is possible to work without restriction within a 360° radius.

The extremely low loading bridge is another highlight of this individually

tailored customer solution. It has a heavy load pull-out for bridge elongation

and is only 1.20 metres high. The hydraulically hinged cable winch

on the main boom enables a low overall height when the crane is in the

transport position with the fly jib on the loading bridge.

This special vehicle was designed and constructed by Walser GmbH in

Rankweil. The crane was additionally converted to an extremely efficient

2-circuit hydraulic system at Walser Schweiz AG in Tagelswangen. This

special option allows for a significantly higher working speed when

simultaneously controlling several functions. ❚



Operation Site

Maintenance Crane in Entrance Building

of St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel

Anyone who thinks a truck-mounted crane can only

be mounted on a truck has got it wrong! Stationary

installations are not out of the ordinary. However,

bringing a crane into a building is definitely no everyday

occurrence and at the same time poses a substantial

challenge. A challenge that the PALFINGER service

and sales partner Meyer Fahrzeug-Technik u. Service

GmbH tackled with a great deal of commitment.

The task was to install a 16 metre-tonne crane underneath the dome on

the top level of the entrance building of the St. Pauli Elbe tunnel. The

crane is permanently installed there in the centre directly adjacent to

the maintenance shaft. Equipped with cable winch, radio remote control

and workman basket, the PK 16502 Performance is used during maintenance

work inside the building and can reach up to 17 m downwards

into the maintenance shaft itself.

The only way of getting the crane in, however, was through a round

opening in the domed roof with a diameter of approx. 120 cm. It was

therefore decided to lower the crane into the building in two sections.

First of all came the relatively compact crane pedestal. This was followed

by the considerably larger and bulkier combination of main column,

knuckle boom, extension pieces and the cable winch. “We had tried everything

out beforehand at the depot such as how and where the load

attachments for the crane sections would have to go,” recalls owner and

managing director Jörg Meyer.

The hydraulic unit with electric drive, control pump and oil tank is installed

one floor down on the machinery level where the cable drums

and drive motors for the vehicle and passenger lifts of the Elbe tunnel

are located. This is where the standby generating set supplied by battery

power is also located so that the team in the workman basket can be

brought safely back out of the shaft again in the event of a power failure

during operation.

Meyer Fahrzeug-Technik u. Service GmbH was established in 1998, has

built up a workforce of 48 in the meantime and serves customers in the

city of Hamburg. Many of the skilled employees come from the crane or

vehicle construction industries. The company’s range of services include

the servicing, repair, maintenance and general care of all types of vehicles.

Installation of the PK 16502 Performance in the entrance building to

the St. Pauli Elbe tunnel set a special benchmark in the performance of

the Meyer team. ❚


The Slovenian Army’s unconventional crane

deployment illustrates that the kinematics of a

truck-mounted crane are not only useful for

classic crane work and that it is not necessarily

inevitable that a crane tip will be used to suspend

a hook or grab.

PALFINGER’s Slovenian partner Bijol designed

a special crane system for radar vehicles and

fitted each of five Iveco 4x4 trucks with a

PK 4100 compact crane. The vehicles are

destined for a NATO commission for flight

monitoring (with a range of up to 60 km).


Airspace Monitoring

The advantages of the crane combination are

clear: the units are ready for deployment within

ten minutes and the radar screens can be

extended effortlessly up to a height of 9 m. The

crane’s compact installation dimensions and

low dead weight work in favour of the vehicle’s

payload, energy consumption and low temperature.

Due to optimised stability, the radar

screen deviates by no more than 1° at a wind

speed of 100 km/h. ❚

Essential Assistants

Rottenburg Highways Department Takes Stock

Rottenburg Highways Department is responsible

for approximately two thirds of

Tübingen’s administrative district. In practical

terms this means round the clock service

depending on the weather conditions or

damage reported. Employees have at their disposal

a comprehensive pool of equipment and

vehicles that can be used almost anywhere -

one of these is a new Mercedes Actors 1832

AK, equipped with a truck-mounted

PALFINGER PK 8501 Performance crane.

The truck-mounted crane plays an important

role in the most varied range of maintenance

assignments. “The new crane is an important

resource particularly in the area of road maintenance.

Just think about positioning manhole

covers or drain covers. Road workers are no

longer exposed to extreme physical loads not

to mention the risk of injury. The PK 8501

Performance is also very well suited to the

installation of large traffic signs due to its outreach

capabilities. Construction measures such

as the setting of curbstones or laying of concrete

pipes are examples of other assignments,”

explained Stefan Dettenrieder, head of the

highways department.

However, this would not keep the PK 8501

Performance busy by a long shot. In addition to

a variety of work such as transporting waste

paper containers or scrap, Alexander Blumenschein,

the driver and crane operator, responsible

also carries out ditching work using two

40 and 60 cm dual purpose grabs. For maintenance

of trees and shrubs, where the emphasis

is on collecting the cut material quickly and

without high staff costs, the highway department

uses a grab from PALFINGER’s range of

accessories. All add-on equipment can be

replaced in a matter of a few minutes due to

the functional quick-change system.

The excellent quality, state of the art technology

High Power Lifting System (HPLS) which

optimises the lifting power along with the

time-tested and safe radio remote control were

crucial advantages for PALFINGER.

Not to mention, of course, the long service life

as a result of KTL cathotic dip painting. ❚



Simply Impressive. Skiploaders by PALIFT.

Alongside its extensive range of hookloaders, PALIFT also supplies the

international market with the M12 and M14, two particularly versatile

and cost-efficient skiploader models.

The tender advertised by Fife council, the local authority for the Scottish

town of Fife, for the procurement of six new skiploaders was as good as

awarded. Thanks to a very successful demonstration of a PALIFT unit

on site, it was possible to win the contract quite literally at the last

minute against two very well-known competitors.

The units in question are latest generation M12T_03 skiploaders with an

extremely low dead weight, exceptionally large outreach (due to telescopic

lifting arms) and precise control. In addition to numerous safety

aspects, the responsible officials from Fife Council were particularly

impressed by the sub ground level outreach (pick-up of the container

below the level of the vehicle). In direct comparison to the “predecessor

fleet”, our units scored in all areas thus securing the contract.

PALFINGER’s Scottish partner Outreach upgraded the six skiploaders

with an on-board weighing system, a rear view camera and an automatic

covering system which renders them “fully loaded” for state of the

art waste disposal in the municipal sector.

The council employees in Fife are extremely satisfied with their new

purchase! ❚


High-level political representatives of the Belgian

government visited the trade fair site on

the opening day of the 74th Libramont Trade

Fair. Prime Minister Yves LETERME, his deputies

Joëlle MILQUET and Didier REYNDERS,

Sabine LARUELLE, Minister for Small and

Medium-sized Enterprises and Benoit

LUTGEN, Minister of Agriculture of the

Walloon Community, accompanied by Natacha

PERAT and Alexandre DEWOLF principal

organisers of the trade fair and a swarm of journalists

honoured DEOM PALFINGER’s stand

during their tour.

Jean-Guy Deom seized the opportunity and introduced

the VIPs to the company which was

founded by his father André at the beginning of

the 60s and which currently dominates the

market with the most extensive product range

of lifting and loading system available. In order

to get the best possible view of the entire


cranes, PALIFT container systems, EPSILON

forestry and recycling cranes, CRAYLER

transportable forklifts and aerial work platforms

from BISON PALFINGER) which was exhibited

on an area covering 1,000 m², Jean-Guy

suggested taking his guests on a trip to lofty


Together with Samuel Deom, the distinguished

passengers were treated to an impressive view of

the entire trade fair site from a height of 30 m

on board the BISON TKA 35 aerial work platform.

Apart from the bird’s-eye view, the party

was enthusiastic about the lightness and efficiency

of the BISON aerial work platform. ❚

BISONof the

High-level Visit

in the Truest Sense




WT 1000

Superlative Aerial Work Platform for Leading European Hire Company

Truck-mounted aerial work platforms by WUMAG and BISON

PALFINGER are attractive service providers for hire companies.

While WUMAG is a symbol for the largest truck-mounted access

platforms worldwide, BISON with its TA, TKA and TKA-KS model

ranges takes care of maximum customer benefit and efficient assignments

at working heights ranging from 14 to 61 metres.

RIWAL, one of Europe’s largest hire companies for aerial work platforms,

headquartered south of Rotterdam in the Dutch town of

Dordrecht, is well acquainted with the efficiency and occupational

safety of the two famous brands of aerial work platforms and now has

access to several models from the BISON (TA 25 B, TKA 28 KS and

TKA 35 KS) and WUMAG (WTB 220 and WT 700) product portfolio.

With its most recent purchase of a WUMAG PALFINGER WT 1000,

the access platform with a working height of 102.5 metres, RIWAL has

just extended it range by what is currently the tallest aerial work platform

in the world.

Since January 2008, RIWAL has been hiring aerial work platforms

exclusively to the Corus steelworks in Velsen on the North Sea coast

close to Amsterdam. Now the WUMAG PALFINGER WT 1000 also

provides an access platform which makes it possible to reach and maintain

systems, buildings and blast furnaces, which in part are over 70

metres high, with effortless ease.

During a demonstration of the WT 1000 at the Corus site, those in

charge were able to see the amazing possibilities and advantages of the

access platform for themselves. This enormous enthusiasm means

RIWAL can surely look forward to doing successful business on the

hiring front.

The WUMAG PALFINGER WT 1000 was developed due to the

customer’s desire for the largest possible working height, e.g. for installation

and maintenance assignments in wind energy plants, chemical

plants, transmitter masts, high-rise buildings and church towers. Constructed

on a carrier vehicle with unlimited traction and manoeuvrability,

even assignments on difficult terrain pose no problem. The permissible

overall weight of under 60 t enables it to obtain a road licence throughout

Europe. While it is only possible to implement these requirements

by making major conversions to truck manufacturers’ serial chassis,

they have been achieved in an ideal manner in the TADANO FAUN

ATF 110 G-5 AT crane chassis. This all-wheel undercarriage has, among

other things, 10 x 8 traction, 5-axle configuration (4 of which are steerable),

in addition to what is commonly known as crab steering for

moving the vehicle sideways and with its 390 kW/530 HP Mercedes-

Benz diesel engine achieves a road speed of 85 km/h.

The WT 1000 is designed as a telescopic articulated access platform

with 5 lower telescopic booms, three upper telescopic booms and a basket

jib boom rotatable through 115°. Its heavy-duty workman basket

can carry nominal loads of up to 600 kg, the hydraulically extendible

telescopic workman basket can carry 530 kg offering the largest possible

area without reduction of the nominal load in the mobile section. This

telescopic workman basket is prepared for the PowerLift system which

enables comfortable and safe handling of heavy and bulky loads. ❚




The skilful project team (from left to right): Dr. Franz Gramiller, Martin Reiter

(Mercedes Benz Salzburg), Andreas Wuppinger (Karosseriebau Wuppinger),

Roman Strobl (MBB PALFINGER) and Gerhard Pockenauer-Gramiller



New Vehicle with MBB PALFINGER 2500 K

Tail Lift for Gramiller Distribution Company

Thanks to tail lifts from MBB PALFINGER food and drinks arrive

promptly at the supermarket, technical equipment reaches the retailer,

aid supplies reach their intended place of use, medical equipment finds

its way to hospitals and numerous other goods arrive safely at their


Solutions provided by MBB PALFINGER are as varied and flexible as

the diverse logistical applications of their different customers. For the

requirement profile of Franz Gramiller & Sohn, a distribution company

from Salzburg, the choice when creating specifications for the

company’s new truck, a Mercedes Benz Atego 1224, was to go with for

an MBB PALFINGER 2500 K tail lift.

“As a distributor for food processing and packaging systems we supply

producing companies throughout Austria with our machines. Due to its

performance data and technology, the MBB 2500 K is exactly the right

solution for the weighty but simultaneously sensitive special transports.

Many of our customers very frequently have no access ramps, hence this

powerful tail lift is the ideal manipulation aid,” says Gerhard Pockenauer-Gramiller

satisfaction over the new logistics purchase.

Stability and design were at the forefront when designing this tail lift for

the heavy load range up to 2500 kg. An extremely rugged lifting unit

and a solid platform construction ensure that the load can be managed

safely. The new sensor-controlled MBB electronics also make it possible

to integrate hydraulic stabiliser supports without a problem. A powerful,

low-noise hydraulic aggregate in the square support tube reduces

noise to a minimum during loading and unloading procedures. The tail

lift for Gramiller is fitted with an aluminium platform.

Referring later to successful project handling, Roman Strobl from MBB

Sales said, “We work with strong, professional partners - in this case

Mercedes Benz and Wuppinger the body-making company - so that we

can offer the customer a coherent overall package which starts with professional

advice and ends with perfect service.” ❚



"Easy Access"

Convenient, Safe Cassette Lifts from RATCLIFF PALFINGER

Innovative, accommodating boarding aids for people with restricted

mobility are gaining increasing importance in both road and rail traffic.

Boarding systems from RATCLIFF PALFINGER are individually

adapted to different customer requirements and are designed to cope

with the very rigorous demands of daily use. Next to step lifts - fully

automated twin pillar lifts for installation inside the vehicle - cassette

lifts, which are passenger lifts that are installed in a protected cassette

under the rear of the vehicle, are among the most operator-friendly

boarding aids.

Last year designers at RATCLIFF PALFINGER were engaged in further

development of the RUL35A cassette lift series. This concerned four different

models each with a 350 kg capacity. Two of them are available

with a wide platform. The perfect unit is available for practically every

standard minibus and all popular van conversions.

The new models feature detailed improvements designed to

enhance passenger and operating safety, comfort, convenience

and longevity.

A lightweight aluminium platform minimises the dead weight. Redesigned

sturdy, extended steel handrails guarantee maximum safety for passenger

and escort. Aluminium guard plates ensure a product service

life. The manual control is conveniently attached to the handrails. An

automatic ramp stop with yellow non-slip strips and the bridge plate

with black and yellow non-slip strips offer the best possible visibility

and thus maximum safety. The units are easy to operate using a twopoint

control with spiral cable with automatic deploying and stowing.

They are perfectly integrated into the vehicle in a weatherproof,

protected enclosure which also provides

for an elegant appearance. ❚


CRAYLER In Continuous Use

CRAYLER in Operation between Six and Seven Hours a Day

Remondis AG & Co KG as one of the largest service providers of water

and life cycle management provides collection and recycling services

throughout the world for over 20 million citizens. Remonstrated operates

its own network with over 500 plants and has branch offices and interests

in 21 European countries in addition to China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

With more than 6,000 commercial vehicles Remondis collects and

recycles over 25 million tons of material every year.

The company has divided Germany into several regions. The southwest

region, for example, takes care of Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, North

Baden and the Saarland and has several sites. In the Wüschheim branch

office alone there are 47 employees who service customers with 22 units.

Several PALFINGER CRAYLER transportable forklifts are employed in

the process. They are used for between 6 and 7 hours every day. They

have proven that CRAYLERs are reliable with one unit in particular. One

forklift which has been in use since 2000 already has more than 12,000

operating hours “under its belt”!

Excellent experience with PALFINGER and low maintenance expenditure

have persuaded the vehicle pool experts at Remondis to purchase

another CRAYLER for the service “long-distance transport of special

waste”. Special waste transport is carried out using an innovative semitrailer

and tractor unit by Mercedes Benz. The tractor-trailer collects

special waste and package freight on trips lasting several days. The semitrailer

travels with a CRAYLER F3 201 PRO mounted on the back. The

forklift has a load capacity of 2 tons and a maximum lifting height of 3.10

metres. It is thus possible to load or unload the tractor-trailer independently

with heavy pallets and the most diverse collection systems. The

forklift’s 180° steering angle enables fast, safe operation even where space

is tight. The high-quality, powerful drive guarantees efficient use and a

long service life. ❚



Innovative Technology for the HSL-Zuid High-speed Line

The new HSL-Zuid high-speed line in the

Netherlands will be maintained using maintenance

vehicles owned by Windhoff Bahn- und

Anlagentechnik GmbH. For this purpose the

operator consortium Infraspeed Maintenance

b.v. has ordered two vehicles with a speed of

120 km/h which are based on Windhoff ’s

time-tested multi-purpose vehicle concept

(MPV). Both vehicles have been in operation

since September 2008.

The basic construction of this type of vehicle

as a unit with two cabs allows it to be used in

a variety of ways. This is where solutions by

PALFINGER RAILWAY play a crucial role.

Arranged on the approximately 21 m long

frame are the main cab and a hydraulic PKR

290 work crane, combined with a further

co-pivoting driver’s control cab. The space

between on the vehicle deck is available for

any number of exchangeable modules,

among others an aerial work platform of the

PA 1002 type.

The PKR 290 is of course equipped specifically

for the railway sector (earthing, jib rotation

limiter, height limiter, “vehicle working

travel” can all be controlled using the crane’s

radio remote control). It is possible to carry

out all maintenance and repair work quickly

and carefully with the assistance of the pivotable

workman basket and a special manipulator

for picking up fans in tunnels. The driver’s

control cab of the vehicle also functions as the

crane cab.

The PA 1002 was specially developed for fast,

precise and cost-effective laying and processing

of catenary systems. There is maximum

access to both the catenary wire and contact

wire at the same time due to the divided workman

basket. The huge lateral outreach also

makes it easy to reach anchor points and automatic

tensioners on the masts. Ready-mounted

on a container base, the platform module

can simply be lifted off using a forklift or overhead

crane and replaced, for example, with a

crew cabin.

PALFINGER is the system supplier in the railway

sector with its finely tuned and efficient

interaction of several units on one vehicle for

coping with a complex set of tasks. People

involved at a practical level throughout the

world value the highly modular construction

of the product range which is standardised

right through to its software.

The same applies to our system partner

Windhoff and its clients. ❚

22 // Agriculture and Forestry


Crane Geometry


Compact Construction and

Intelligent Extension Boom System

Every industry has its customs and requirements. EPSILON provides

the appropriate solutions for every case in terms of boom system, equipment

and control variations.

As a result, the EPSILON E 165 Z 88 in Triple Z version including

standing platform with radio remote control is practically made for

the demanding grab work of the Boonzaaier company in Renswoude,


Mounted on a tipper truck for transporting asphalt, soil and residual

waste, the EPSILON crane leaves nothing to be desired both during

active grab deployment and also in the transport position due to its

technology and kinematics.

The designation „TRIPLE Z“ arises from the fact that the crane in question

is a Z-shape with a total of 3 extensions (1 main boom and 2

knuckle booms). In detail, the crane is equipped with a completely new

telescopic main boom in addition to the standard double telescope with

protected hoses and toggle joints located on the inside. This telescopic

main boom can be extended by 1,000 mm and controlled by way of an

additional hydraulic function on the control valve. The advantages are

clear: in the retracted state, the crane has a very short, compact parking

length. Nevertheless, excellent outreaches are achieved when extended.

For this special assignment in the Netherlands, the cargo area has to be

covered hydraulically during travel by means of the tailgate cover - so

that the asphalt does not cool down on one hand and so that no rubbish

leaves the cargo area on the other. Thus with conventional grab cranes,

it would be necessary to dismantle the grab during transport otherwise

it would not be possible to set down the crane on the tailgate. The

“TRIPLE Z” makes this is a thing of the past with EPSILON cranes.

Thanks to the extremely slim design of the main boom, the crane including

400 l clamshell grab can be folded up within the permitted maximum

vehicle width of 2.55 m!

The revamped and optimised EPSCOPE boom system and the

EPSLINK load sling, as a sealed system with hose guidance completely

inside the unit from extension, via boom tip and load sling to rotator,

combine maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance.

The hose guidance enclosing all hydraulic hoses inside the unit provides

the best possible protection against dirt and damage. If, however, it is

necessary at some time or another to replace a hose on site, this becomes

child’s play thanks to easy dismantling of the guard plate. ❚

Agriculture and Forestry // 23

New Generation of Forestry Trailers

The STEPA forestry programme has recently been boosted by a new

type of trailer. The new forestry trailers FH 12 AKV and FH 14 AKV

were presented to the public for the first time at Austria’s biggest agricultural

fair in Wels. These are timber trailers for professional use with a

permissible overall weight of 12 and 14 t respectively.

New features on these forestry trailers are the hydraulically adjustable

axle and the likewise hydraulically adjustable extendable section. This

allows for long timber loads in optimal displacement of the load’s centre

of gravity towards the back end without exceeding the maximum permissible

coupling loads on the tractor units. Adjustment of the frame

and axle may be performed either from the crane control or a radio

remote control.

The pivoting drawbar with all-round protection is one highlight of the

new trailer generation. Here the hydraulic pump for self-supply is installed

in the drawbar itself - protected completely against external

damage. Another advantage of the drawbar, for which patent protection

has been applied, is that the rear tyres of the tractor units can no longer

“hang” or become damaged on turning in.

The huge variety of cranes and trailers, which can be effortlessly combined

with each other due to a modular system, and an extensive range of

auxiliary equipment make STEPA forestry crane systems second to none

for all agricultural and forestry work. STEPA is successfully extending its

product range in the trailer segment with these two new professional

units - thus ensuring safe and speedy work in the forestry industry. ❚

24 // Congratulations 2008


Thomas Geierspichler Wins Gold and

Bronze in Peking.

On 17 September at the Paralympic Games in Peking PALFINGER athlete

Thomas Geierspichler won a gold medal for the marathon - achieving

it in a new world record time of 1:40.07! Two days previously Thomas

had already secured a bronze medal in the 800 m race.

“I really enjoy sport. And success motivates me to achieve all-time

highs. It is simply a profound attitude towards life that drives me to

overcome my disabilities even under the most difficult conditions and

to achieve the goals I have set myself.” Thomas Geierspichler has been

wheelchair-bound since being involved in a serious car accident. He is

living proof that outstanding performances can be achieved in any situation

in life. PALFINGER AG and the Palfinger family have supported

the young man from Salzburg as a main sponsor since 2007 and are

consequently very proud of their athlete. ❚

and the winner is ...

The most innovative dealers were awarded prizes in four categories at the

PALFINGER Dealer Awards 2008 ceremony:

Bertil Hinz, the founder of HINZ Försäljnings AB in

Sweden was personally presented with a Lifetime

Achievement Award by Hubert Palfinger sen. and

the former managing director Herbert Ziegelböck.

“Best Service Idea” category:

PALFINGER Deutschland GmbH

received the award for a newly

conceived training programme

designed for candidates seeking

a crane operator’s licence.

“Best Marketing Idea” category:

PALFINGER Australia Pty. Ltd. landed the coveted

trophy with a CD-ROM which, under the motto

“Our service is your success”, presents the excellent

service network available for end customers

throughout the Australian continent.


“Best Product Idea” category:

MBB Liftsystems AG from Germany

impressed the jury with its idea of

integrating calibrated scales directly

into the tail lift.

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