The World Of sauna - Paramount Pools

The World Of sauna - Paramount Pools

the world of sauna

welcome to the world of sauna

Paramount Pool Products are delighted to introduce you to the world

of the Domo sauna and its variations with the guarantee of exceptional

build quality and with realistic pricing.

Saunas have been used for generations to create a ‘wellness factor’ for you

and your body. Such is the growing demand for sauna therapy throughout

Europe, there are now a number of different sauna applications to suit

your own personal requirements. From a conventional sauna to a steam

combination sauna to an Infrared or, a custom made sauna the choice is

y o u r s !

This brochure has been designed to fully explain the differences

between various sauna methods. For further information please contact

your dealer.

Something missing or custom made!

If you still have not found what you are looking for then please give your dealer a call and explain

your exact requirements. Such is the vastness of the Domo sauna range it is not possible to include

all their makes and models. This brochure has been compiled to enable you to get a feel for the

type of saunas that are available. If you are looking for more luxury or a different specification or

require a custom made sauna, then look no further than Domo. Commercial applications can also

be catered for.



Infrared / Sauna comparison chart 3

Infrared Sauna - how it works 4

Infrared Saunas 6

Lighting 9

Sauna - how it works 10

Sauna - conventional & steam 11

Accessories 14

Paramount Pools Ltd and its affiliates do

not provide medical advice, education or

treatment. The enclosed information is for

general information purposes only and

does not address individual circumstances

or medical conditions. As with all products,

it may not be suitable for you and should

not be relied upon in making decisions

about your health. Always consult your

doctor for medical advice.


Infrared or Sauna?

By reading pages 4 & 10 you will be able to find what sauna method is suitable for you. Here is a quick comparison chart.




Infra-red cabins harness the natural energy of life.

The body is heated through infra-red radiation, as

is the case with the sun or a tile oven.

In a sauna the body is heated by the hot air (i.e.





80% of the radiation penetrates the skin and the

body. This stimulates blood flow while the

purification process removes toxins from the body

and the ideal oxygen balance boosts our store of

energy. Other beneficial effects include the easing

of muscular strains and joint problems.

The air temperature in the infrared cabin only

increases slightly. The relaxing atmosphere (38 –

43 o C) strengthens the immune system and

dispels stress and fatigue.

Sweating cleans the skin and eliminates toxins.

Taking a regular sauna strengthens the body’s

natural defences. Switching between hot and cold

provides a workout for the heart and the

circulation. It takes several cycles to achieve the

maximum effect from a sauna.

In a conventional sauna the temperature is usually

around 70 o -100 o C. The air is heated by the sauna





Who can



Power supply

A 30 minute infrared sauna session is sufficient on

account of the greater amount of sweating and

the deeper penetration of heat.

Thanks to the more comfortable temperature,

infra-red cabins are also suitable for more

sensitive users such as children and older people.

230 Volts. A 13 amp mains plug socket connection

required to operate a infrared cabin.

Shower first (don’t forget to dry off!), then start the

first sauna cycle (10 - 15 mins.). Next, outside in

the fresh air (2 mins.) and then a cold water

treatment (shower) followed by a warm foot bath.

You should rest for 15 - 30 mins before starting the

second sauna cycle. Up to 3 cycles are


Children as young as six can take a sauna.

However, as the temperature is very high, this can

be physically demanding. Consult a doctor if you

have a medical condition.

A qualified electrican is required to connect sauna




Approx. 1.5 kW/hour

Approx. 7.5 kW/hour



What is infrared heat?

Infrared is the natural radiation produced by all warm objects – from the sun or a tiled stove

to our own bodies. It was pure chance that led the English astronomer Sir William Herschel

in 1800 to discover that the heat given off by the sun’s radiation increases at the red end of

the visible spectrum. We cannot see infra-red radiation, but we can feel it, and there is no

doubting its effects.

How does infrared heat work?

Radiation emitted by an infra-red source heats the skin and the underlying tissue layers very

efficiently. This heat is then transmitted to the whole body through the circulatory system.

Infra-red is a safe form of long-wave radiation and an excellent way to relax and increase

your general sense of well-being without side effects.

How does infrared heat benefit my health?

Research shows that far infrared rays

with a wavelength of between 5.6um

and 15um are the most beneficial to

the human body.

Detoxify and lose weight

Scientific studies have shown that a thirty minute session in an infrared sauna can result in the loss of toxins and

stored fats in the body by up to six times the level a traditional sauna or exercise alone can achieve. Infrared is the

only heat that pentrates deep enough into the tissues of the body to melt away cellulite and fats and the unique

light wavelengths act to break down dangerous toxins and acids in the body.

Compared to a session in a traditional sauna, you can perspire up to three times more, resulting in these

fragmented impurities being safely eliminated by the body through perspiration.

An added health benefit of using an infrared sauna is weight loss. Your body will use up to 600 calories in just 30

comfortable minutes.

Enjoy youthful, radiant younger looking skin

Infrared heat helps to promote the body's capillary system which will increase blood circulation to the surface of

the skin. As a result, you will see a noticeable improvement in your skins firmness, texture, complexion and tone.

You may also find that wounds heal with significantly reduced scarring due to the super cleansing effects of the

penetrative rays.

Find relief from pain

Because of the deep penetrating heat from infrared, health professionals have used infrared lamps for many years

to treat muscle and joint problems. Infrared technology ensures an increased flow of oxygen rich blood to painful

areas which helps to ease aches and pains, stiffness or soreness from arthritic conditions, tired, overworked

muscles or even poor posture.

Keep your Heart Healthy

As you perspire more, your heart works harder to pump blood through your body. A thirty minute session in a

Domo infrared sauna is equivalent to walking or jogging for 10 to 15 kilometres. All this without leaving the

relaxing warmth of your sauna and without any dangerous impact on your joints.

Reduce unsightly cellulite

In order to reduce cellulite, European beauty specialists regularly incorporate sauna sessions into beauty

programmes. Because the radiant infrared heat penetrates three times as deeply as conventional saunas, it is

therefore significantly more effective at breaking down hard to move cellulite resulting in a more youthful, beautiful


Boost your immune system

Combat the effects of daily stress and wake up your immune system. Deep radiant infrared heat results in a

raising of your body's temperature which actually induces an artificial fever. This, in turn, activates and stimulates

your body's immune system. Combined with the elimination of toxins and wastes from your body, your overall

health and resistance to disease is noticeably improved so you feel and look better.

Infrared Technology...

There are three different heating systems in the Domo range of infra-red cabins, each using a different method to radiate heat:

- Ceramic emitters the starter model introducing the modern world of Wellness

- Heating foil the standard model for individualistswith a feeling for natural vitality

- Heating panels the superior cabin for those looking for a more distinctive Wellness experience

The heating process in an infrared cabin is based on the same principle as heating from the sun (radiation). In a traditional sauna, heat is

generated through hot air (convection).



IR Ceramic Emitter The starter model, introducing the modern world of Wellness. Infrared

radiation is released at specific points in the area of the ceramic emitters. The emission temperature is quite high

and must be constantly regulated. This produces fluctuations in temperature and radiation and produces additional

heat through convection (= sauna effect).



The ceramic emitters produce

heat in wave form with fluctuations

in temperature and radiation.

Room temperature in wave form

with fluctuations in temperature.

The heat from ceramic emitters is given out in the form of specific

point radiation. This means:

• infrared radiation is released at specific points in the area of the


• no radiation to the side of the emitter.

• high emission temperature in the rest area; the heat is given out in

wave form with fluctuations in temperature and radiation.

• higher emission temperature in the lower area.

• Surface temperature of the ceramic emitter after 15 minutes heating

time is over 300ºC.

• Minimum distance (6 cm) to radiation source is required.

• After 5 minutes heating up time at 20ºC outside temperature approx.

45% of the maximum radiation intensity is reached. A higher effect on

convection heat.

IR Foil Heating

The standard model for individualists with a feeling for natural vitality. Infrared radiation is released at a

constant rate throughout the cabin, so the temperature remains stable. The heating foil is located behind a

wooden panel through which the waves are dispersed. The heating foil system produces very little additional heat

through convection.



The foil produces heat in wave

form with some fluctuation in


Actual room temperature

(temperature remains constant)

With the foil heating system, the heat is given out in the whole cabin

area. This means:

• a pleasant emission temperature in the rest area and no minimum

distance required.

• constant infrared radiation at an even temperature: the heat penetrates

the surface of the skin evenly.

• a lower radiation intensity than with heating panels; the heating is

located behind the wooden facing so the waves are dispersed.

• Surface temperature of foil after 15 minutes heating time is around 50ºC.

• After 5 minutes heating-up time at 20ºC outside temperature approx.

45% of the maximum radiation intensity is reached. A greater effect on

convection heat.

IR Heating Panels For those seeking a more distinctive wellness experience. This superior system allows the heat to be

released evenly using heating panels placed around the cabin. The infra-red radiation is constant and the

temperature thus also remains constant. The heat can penetrate the skin more evenly. The panel heating system

produces very little heat through convection.



This system produces a constant

heat with the panels at a constant


Actual room temperature

(temperature remains constant)

The panel heaters located around the sauna interior ensure the heat

is distributed evenly inside the cabin. This means:

• the panels are positioned to ensure that the whole body benefits from

the IR radiation.

• constant infra-red radiation at an even temperature: the heat

penetrates the surface of the skin evenly.

• the path taken by the waves is straight, so there is no unnecessary

radiation in the head area.

• less radiation in the lower area (beneficial for varicose veins and other

circulatory problems related to the veins).

• pleasant emission temperature in the rest area and no minimum

distance required.

• Surface temperature of the panels after 15 minutes heating time is

around 80ºC.

• After 5 minutes heating-up time at 20ºC outside temperature approx

63% of the maximum radiation intensity is reached. Very little effect

on convection.



142 cm


Type 110

1-2 Person Sauna

code N-9001

110 cm

Type 145

2-3 Person Sauna

code N-9002

Wood: Spruce.

IR Ceramic emitter 1620 W (Type 110)

IR Ceramic emitter 2520 W (Type 145)

12.5mm tongue and groove prefabricated module.

Soft wood interior.

Control System.

Full clear glass door (pre-assembled).

Easy indoor installation (within 30mins).

Minimal space required, ideal for garage,

spare room etc.


Low maintenance.

Only a 13 amp plug socket connection required.

142 cm

Low running cost.

All external walls can be painted or stained treated.

12 month Guarantee.

CE and TUV tested.

Stock Item.

Delivered direct to your door.

Luna - inspiration from the far east Luna

Klein 1-2 Person Sauna code N-9003 (Natural Bamboo)

code N-9004 (Caramel Bamboo)

For a more spiritual experience, the new Luna bamboo style evokes a very

special atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired by the meditative power of this

high-quality infrared cabin with heating panels. There are two colours to

choose from – caramel bamboo (waxed, main picture) as seen below and

Natural bamboo (waxed). It fits perfectly into the available space, so that you

can integrate the whole surroundings and create your own Wellness oasis.



95 cm

Gerade 2-3 Person Sauna

code N-9005 (Natural Bamboo)

code N-9006 (Caramel Bamboo)

IR Heating panels 1900 W (Klein) 3000 W (Gerade)

Prefabricated wall elements, Aluminium profile frame.

Design as seen from outside inwards: MDF board

with decorative caramel or natural bamboo veneer

and Spruce frame.

Heater plates including backrest.

Panels are mounted in an aluminium profile frame:

1 controller

1 roof panel

1 floor panel

1 seating bench

Furnishings made from special, knot-free softwood

Interior digital control: Two-line LCD display,

temperature and timer settings with LCD display, clock display, 24hr

pre-select function, heating time limitation.

Clear glass door, 180 x 55 cm, 6 mm toughened safety glass,

magnetic lock, doorknob, mountable right or left.

Manually operated coloured light slide with wooden frame and 5

coloured elements (red, blue, yellow, green and white)

Full clear glass door (pre-assembled).

Only a 13 amp plug socket connection required.

Low running cost.

114 cm

187 cm

12 month Guarantee.

CE and TUV tested.

3-4 Week delivery time.

112 cm



112 cm






aroma of


Moon - all the freshness of nature

Cedarwood gives off a pleasant aroma that can also have a therapeutic effect, as shown by thousands of

years of tradition. When used for burning, cedarwood strengthens and harmonises, while the essential oil

has a calming and soothing effect on nervous stress. The Indians used cedarwood for all respiratory

problems as well as for arthritis, rashes and menstrual pain.

The Moon is a perfect combination of

functionality and design. The individual

wall sections are pre-fabricated. The infrared radiant

heating (total output from 2,200 to 2,680 Watt) is

located between the hardboard outer walls in red beech

effect and the interior tongue and groove planking in cedar.

The interior is made of high-quality soft wood. The Moon comes

pre-fabricated in three sizes and versions.

149 cm


Moon infrared saunas come with all-round radiant

heating, a digital control unit with LCD display and timer

pre-select, roof unit, floor unit panel and bench. The

clear glass door has a magnet lock and can be mounted

so as to open either to the right or left.


IR Foil Heating: Klein 2415 W

Eck 2200 W

Gerade 2680 W

Only a 13 amp plug socket connection required.

Low running cost.

12 month Guarantee.

CE and TUV tested.

3-4 Week delivery time.

Prefabricated wall panels in a aluminium profile frame.

Interior walls made of cedar tongue and groove boards.

Exterior walls finished in a decorative red beech pattern.

1 controller element

1 roof element

1 floor element

2 benches + backrest

Aluminium profile

Furnishings made from special, knot-free softwood.

Interior digital control: Two-line LCD display, temperature and

timer settings with LCD display, clock display, 24hr pre-select

function, heating time limitation.

Clear glass door, 180 x 55 cm, 6 mm toughened safety glass,

magnetic lock, doorknob, mountable right or left.

Manually operated coloured light slide with wooden frame

and 5 coloured elements (red, blue, yellow, green and white)

149 cm

Moon - Eck

code N-90011

Moon - Klein

code N-90010

112 cm

186 cm

112 cm

112 cm

Moon - Eck


No.1 Seller!

Moon - Gerade

code N-90012



Mexico - all the freshness of nature

Beautifully finished in a Canadian cedar framework, the Mexico is the ultimate in superior quality for the most

demanding Wellness enthusiasts. The Mexico is a three person cabin, equipped with five high-quality heating

panels on top of a finished Cedar wood tongue and groove panelling. Thus, giving you the ultimate benefit of heat

penetration and cedar wellness. The base emitter (leg area) on this model can be independently switched off.

The exterior is finished in wood effect with a Canadian cedar frame.


2-3 Person Sauna

code N-90013

145 cm

IR Heating panels 1950 W

12.5 mm tongue and groove panelling.

Interior made of prefabricated Western

Red cedar elements.

Fino cedar veneer panels on exterior

front and sides.

1 door panel

2 rear wall panels

2 side panels

1 roof panel

1 floor panel

1 PVC floor mat

2 loungers (at angles)

2 faceplate panels underneath


Floor element, exterior rear wall surface and roof made

of plywood.

Interior furnishings made of soft wood.

5 interior heating plates; (2 rear elements, 2 side

elements, 1 foot element. Foot element can be switched

on/off via timer or temperature adjuster).

Interior digital control: Adjustable temperature and timer

control, On/Off switch controlled by temperature or


Clear glass door, 167 x 55 cm. Right-hand lock,

bronzed 6 mm toughened safety glass, magnetic lock,


Manually operated coloured light slide with wooden

frame and 5 coloured elements (red, blue, yellow, green

and white).


Only a 13 amp plug socket connection required.

Low running cost.

12 month Guarantee.

CE and TUV tested.

3-4 Week delivery time.

145 cm


Colours are vitamins for the soul

In itself Colour can have a profound effect on us at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and

spiritual. We are in a world where colour dominates our lives, from reading signs on the road to

seeing if fruit is ripe to eat. It affects our moods - blue is calming - red can make us tense. We

use and experience colour everyday in our lives without even appreciating it.

The human body reacts to everything we see, hear or think.

Colour is simply light of different wavelengths and frequencies and light is just one form of

energy made up from photons. We are all surrounded by electromagnetic waves of energy of

which colour is just a small part. The visible spectrum as we see it consists of the rainbow. Our

retinas though have three types of colour receptors in the form of cones. We can only detect three of these colours -

red - blue and green.

These colours are called additive primaries. It is these three colours that are mixed to create all of the other colours

we see. The wavelength and frequency of light we see, influences the colour we see. The seven colours of the

spectrum all have varying wavelengths and frequencies. Red is at the lower end of the spectrum and has a higher

wavelength but lower frequency to that of Violet at the top end of the spectrum which has a lower wavelength and

higher frequency.

The healing effects of colour

Green is calming, stabilising and

relaxing. It promotes regeneration of the

nervous system and general relaxation

of the whole organism.

Red is an active, dynamic and healing colour

that radiates a warming, revitalising and

stimulating energy.

Yellow promotes cheerfulness and a

zest for life, driving away melancholy

thoughts, listlessness and symptoms of


Blue has a harmonic effect on the body

promoting vitality and relieving strain on the

heart. Inflammation and swelling can also be

greatly reduced.

Adding colour to your sauna

The following Infrared saunas already incude a manual colour light

system:Luna, Moon & Mexico. If you have chosen a conventional sauna (with

or without bio steam stove) you may purchase separately the lighting systems.

See page 15 for details.



How a sauna works

The heat produced in a sauna stimulates perspiration. Sweating cleans the skin, rinses away

toxins (purification) and inhibits skin ageing. Taking a regular sauna strengthens the body’s

natural defences and provides a beneficial stimulus to a whole range of bodily functions.

Successive heating and cooling phases train the heart and the circulation to meet the

demands we place on them. Almost everyone finds that taking a sauna is great to relax

both body and mind. Of course, there are individual differences which help you choose

the type of sauna that suits you best.


In a conventional sauna the temperature is generally around 70 – 100ºC depending on

what you find comfortable. The heat from the sauna oven is used to warm the air.

Perfectly safe

Taking a sauna is perfectly safe for everyone as long as you follow the precautions that come

with every home sauna. Pregnant women, small

children and older people should consult their doctor prior to taking a sauna. Taking a regular sauna is a

very good way of preventing colds.


During the sauna cycle, you can pour a little water mixed with a few drops of essential oils if preferred onto the hot stones of the sauna oven.

This increases the humidity and once again provides a great boost to perspiration.

Finnish Sauna

The traditional sauna is actually Finnish.

However, the term “Finnish sauna” is often used to describe a particular method of taking a sauna whereby you enter the cabin at quite an early

stage in the (slow) heating-up process. That way you can stay in the sauna for longer.

How long?

The length of time you should spend in a sauna depends on how comfortable you feel. Depending on the temperature, 8 - 12 minutes is usually

recommended. If you experience palpitations, dizziness or other unpleasant sensations, that should be a signal to finish your sauna. Many

people may need some time to get used to the effects of a sauna. This is perfectly normal.

The correct way to use a Sauna!

Take a shower to clean the body and towel dry. Start the first sauna cycle (10 - 15 mins.). Next, outside in the fresh air (2 mins.) and then a

cold water treatment (shower or plunge pool) followed by a warm foot bath. You should rest for 15 - 30 mins before starting the second sauna

cycle. Up to 3 cycles are recommended.

Water loss

Amazingly, when

you take a sauna,

you lose up to 1.5

litres of water. The

body balances this

by taking water from

the tissues(=

purification). It is important

not to interrupt this process by taking in

fluids during the sauna!

Sauna for


Children as young as

six can benefit

from the pure wellness of a


Let your body and mind truly relax.

What’s more, a medical condition does not

necessarily prevent you from using a sauna. The

important thing is that you feel comfortable. If you

feel there may be risk, you should first check with

your doctor.


Your own


of health

By taking a

regular sauna,

you can strengthen

your body’s natural

defences and provide your heart and circulation

with a good workout.

Sweating cleans the skin and helps to purify it

by removing dead cells. That tightens the skin

and makes it much more elastic!



- relaxing and luxurious interior

The Element range of saunas represent great value for money without any compromise on the build quality. The three standard sizes come

with different bench designs. The slats are positioned lengthways and the lower bench can be pushed back when cleaning the sauna floor. The

cabin interior is panelled with soft-line profile board in Nordic spruce.

With an attractive glass panel, this beautiful and spacious sauna creates a

totally relaxing atmosphere.

Complete with a 7.5kw Stove and control unit, the Standard features

include a 40 mm layer of mineral wool for energy-saving insulation in the

wall and ceiling sections and a vapour barrier.

Element Sauna

7.5 kW Stove & Control system.

12.5 mm Nordic spruce tongue and groove panelling on all sides with

top quality soft-line profile.

Soft wood interior Loungers 50 cm deep, see floor plan.


2 headrests

1 oven safety grille, 2-part (Straight) or 3-part (Corner)

1 sliding air grille

Clear glass door, 6 mm, 84.7 x 189.5 cm (without frame), mountable

left or right. Door seal, hinge plates, doorknob including lock.

Loungers with facing between benches.

Back supports.

Clear glass doors and glass panel.

208 cm

208 cm

208 cm

Decorative edging.

Oven safety grille, foot board and head rests.

Lamp shade with lamp.

1 silicon cable.

158 cm

208 cm

208 cm

Height 204 cm with decorative edging.

Assembly material and instructions.

CE and TUV tested.

3-4 Week delivery time.

Element - Klein

2-3 Person

code N-90024

Element - Gerade

4 - Person

code N-90022

Element - Eck

4 - Person

code N-90020

34.A wall mounted

6 kW Stove

why not uprade to a

‘Bio-Steam Steam


see page 14 for details!




The Scala range of saunas have been designed to meet the needs of modern living. Small and compact , the Scala

can be installed into most homes enabling everyone to benefit from the world of saunas!

Scala Eck

- beautiful quality and amazingly compact

This exclusive corner model is ideal for two people to share the pleasure of a sauna. Often, it is limited space that predetermines

the size of sauna that are able to buy. If size is at a premium but you want the ultimate in quality and design -

then consider the Scala Eck. Beautifully manufactured, the Scala has a unique seating bench design. The bench can be

used either for sitting (with space for two) or as a comfortable lounger for one.

For the ultimate wellness version why not transform the Scala ‘Exclusive’ or

‘Gerrade’ into a complete wellness sauna. Both Scala saunas can be supplied as

standard units with a Bi- Steam Stove and Infrared heating panels. Any

combination can be achieved - the choice is yours!

All Scala saunas can be equipped with superior heating panels that are specially designed for

use in damp conditions. That way, you can use the cabin both as a sauna (including steam) and

as an infrared cabin.

Optional Infrared or Steam available


Why not try all three!



Scala Gerade

- beautiful quality and amazingly compact

Scala Gerade sauna with IR Heating Wellness Panel Set

140 cm

165 cm

145 x 145 cm mit Kranzabschluss

Scala - Eck

1-2 Person

code N-90030

140 cm

Scala - Gerade

2-3 Person

code N-90034

111 cm

Scala Sauna - Eck & Gerade

3 kW Stove with internal control system.

12.5 mm Nordic spruce tongue and groove panelling on all

sides with top quality soft-line profile.

Wall thickness: 65 mm

12.5 mm Nordic spruce tongue and groove panelling /

aluminium foil / 40 mm insulation / 12.5 mm tongue and

groove panelling)

Scala Corner: all panels are prefabricated elements made

from Norway spruce with softline profile.

Scala Straight: prefabricated elements made from Norway

spruce with softline profile, 2 rear sides and exterior roof


Clear glass door, 6 mm, 84.7 x 168.5 cm (without frame),

mountable left or right.

Door seal, hinge plates

Doorknob including lock

Soft wood interior

Loungers: see floor plan

1 or 2 backrests

1 sliding air grille

Loungers with facing between benches (Scala Corner model


1 crest top set

Assembly material and instructions



Infrared Heating Panels

Fitting an infrared system to a new or existing sauna

Is it a sauna or an infrared cabin? With our special infra-red conversion set for saunas

you can choose between the two whenever you like. This multi-function system is ideal for

real enthusiasts who want to adapt their wellness routine according to how they feel. P.O.A.

Sauna Stoves

Bio-steam Combining the best of both!

A standard heating stove with an additional steam generator.

Prepare your sauna for steam operation! Not everyone is comfortable with the

heat produced in a sauna.

However, they don’t want to miss out on the benefits of taking a relaxing

sauna. An additional steam generator that can also be fitted to an

existing sauna provides all the benefits of steam and aromatic herbs.

The circulation and blood flow are stimulated more

gently than in the hot air of the sauna.

Taking a herbal steam bath relaxes body and

mind, cares for the skin and clears the breathing

passages. The steam draws out the essential

oils from medicinal herbs such as camomile,

thyme, sage and rosemary producing a

beneficial effect on the mucous membranes and

the skin. The relative humidity can be selected

and adjusted precisely up to 60ºC using

hydrostatic controls. Operation is extremely

simple. You can switch very easily from sauna to

herbal steam bath using the selector.

Bio-steam Stove

Combi-wall oven with side-mounted steam tray

for up to 5ltrs, including 15 kg sauna stones.

Connection 230 V. Sizes available 6 - 9 kW.

Code N-90060

Type 2010 Control system for

sauna with steam operation.

Fully adjustable temperature

control between 30 O C and 110 O C.

Temperature pre-selector, humidity

pre-selector, heating function for

use after steam and fault warning


Heating time limiter set at 6 hrs,

can be extended to 12 hrs. Output

9 kW,up to 36 kW in connection

with transformer.

Steam output up to 3 kW.

Code N-90070

Type 2005

Control system.

Fully adjustable electronic

temperature control between

70 O C and 110 O C.

Heating time limiter 6 hours.

Electronic safety limiter.

Code N- 90071


34.A Stove

Wall-mounted design.

Rear connector box.

Base plate functions as drip tray,

incl. 15 kg sauna stones.

Connection 230 V, 4.5 - 9 kW.

Code N-90061

M3/230 Bio- Mini Steam Stove

(available as standard 3kW Stove)

Especially designed for the

smaller sauna. Neat and

compact with triple casing, all

stainless steel, incl. 8 kg sauna

stones. Connection 230 V, 3 kW

Code N-90062


Control device for sauna and steam use up to 9 kW.

Code 90075


Control device for sauna, infrared and steam

operation up to 9 kW

Code N-90076.


Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems

Manual colour lighting selector -Infrared Sauna

Glass screen with 5 segments, light, wooden frame; colours: blue, yellow, green, red and white

Dimensions: interior mounted wooden box 100 x 22 x 3 cm.

Ceiling mounted spot in wooden box 46 x 28 x 4 c. Manual operation.

LED Colour lighting - Sauna

Colour lighting device with automatic lighting sequence of 15 minutes or manual operation.

Choice of colours: white, red, orange, yellow, blue, light blue, violet, green.

Easy to mount inside the sauna (incl. fitting to existing sauna).

Simple push-button operation.

Mains connection 230 V

Dimensions (W/D/H): 12 x 10 x 55.5 cm

Tested: CE

FL- TRONIK LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM - recommended for 2m x 2m saunas and larger.

Control device for lighting equipment. The operating unit is mounted

inside the sauna. Turn the knob to select a whole range of lighting

options. The colours blue, turquoise, green, lime green, yellow, orange,

red, magenta and sky blue can be selected at any time along with all

the intermediate positions. The connector cable can be plugged straight

into the mains socket. CE-tested.

Warning! When installing a colour lighting system, the clearance

between the ceiling of the room and the sauna must be at least 20 cm.

Dimensions: 145 x 155 x 30 mm (L x W x H).

Infrared Standard Radio &

CD-Player Radio with CD-

Player and alarm function, incl.

AC/DC adapter. Wall mounted,

heatproof up to 70 O C. For infrared

cabins only. L 230 x W 176

x ø50 mm.

Code N-90050

Infrared Deluxe Radio & CD-


Including amplifier.30 position

memory, stereo receiver, 4 x 40 W

output, multicolour LCD display,

remote control, antenna cable

with jack. Ceiling mounted with

wooden casing.

Radios are heatproof up to 70ºC.

For infra-red cabins only.

Code 90052

Infrared Accessory Set

5-piece, carrying box, comprising 1

thermometer, 1 sand timer,1

massage brush,1 massage glove.

Code N-90053

Sauna Accessory Set

climate gauge, pouring bucket,

foamed PU, ladle, sand timer.

Code N-90054

Sauna Climate Station

Thermometer and Hygrometer,

100 mm

Precision instruments. With

metal casing.

Code N-90056

Infrared Thermometer

Metal casing mounted in

sand-blasted glass plate with

wooden edges.

Size: Gauge Dia 100 mm.

Wooden frame 180 x 130 mm.

Code N-90055

Wellness Oils - Infrared or Sauna

Highly effective, made with naturally pure

essential oils,eucalyptus, peppermint,

balm, juniper, orange, lime,mountain pine.

Place in Sauna water or Aroma Lamp.

Individual: Contents 100 ml.

SET comprises 8 x 50 ml.

Code N-90057

Aroma lamp- Infrared or Sauna

The dish is heated by the lamp,

natural ventilation. ø10 cm,

includes storage container for

essential oils.

Code N-90058

Quality has a name:

Domo Wellness World

We all feel the need to relax – to let go, take a deep breath and

escape from the demands of our daily routine.

Wellness is simply the desire to keep the body in good

condition and allow ourselves to unwind. Nor is it a question of

luxury; Wellness is a basic human need.

Thanks to domo’s range of Wellness products, you can take

time out every day in the comfort of your home.

Whether you choose a sauna or an infrared cabin, you only

need a small space in which to create a balance between home

and family life and the world of work. Treat yourself and your

loved ones to a domo product which will leave you full of vitality

and looking great. After all, looking good is all about feeling

good, and what a fantastic way to recharge those batteries.


Gerald Koller

Managing Director, Domo Wellness World

Made in Austria

Expertly manufactured in a

country that has had decades

of Sauna experience, Domo is

one of the leading

manufacturers in Europe today. With a

manufacturing development in excess of

75,000 sqm Domo are able to offer

exceptional high quality workmanship, with

expedient service.


Established in 1978 Domo offer a

complete package. No other company can

offer you the range of different sauna

systems. From conventional to

combination steam/sauna, various

infrared models to custom made

installations that can all be delivered

direct to your door.

If you believe in quality then believe


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