Partner- Store NEWS II/2004

Partner- Store NEWS II/2004


NEWS II/2004

An advertising expenses allowance

worth the price of a house

Secure cargo - and you`re

on to a winner


NEWS II/2004

Vehicles, trailer and much more...


Dear Readers,

The current issue of Partner-Store

News contains a whole host of fascinating

information all about transportation

for you. This issue has an

in-depth report on new VW and Mercedes-Benz

vehicles that are suitable

for transporting parcels and emptying

letterboxes. And so that you and your

cargo arrive safe and sound we have

put together a few tips on the right

way to load it.

Are you perhaps considering how best

to finance a new vehicle for your fleet?

Then Postbank Leasing, your reliable

partner, can provide the right type of

financing. We also introduce you to a

haulage contractor who was delighted

with his EUR 123,000 advertising

expenses allowance.

And if you’re keen to win an advertising

expenses allowance for yourself,

then simply take part in our survey

(see page 17). Of course, you

shouldn’t let the vehicle exchange in

our Partner-Store homepage escape

your notice either. Why not take a


Enjoy reading our newsletter!


Christoph Reinmuth



An advertising expenses allowance

worth the price of a house Page 04

Ask our hotline Page 05

Special-Offers Page 05

VW TradePort- Used Vehicles from

Volkswagen Page 06

ERHARDT Trailer Page 06

On the road to success with

broom-yellow photos Page 08

Vehicle stock exchange Page 09

LANIER - our new partner Page 09


The new generation of transporters Page 10


Postbank Leasing - your trusted partner Page 12


Secure cargo - and you`re on to a winner Page 14


We put the questions - You give the answers

and claim the price Page 17

Intelligent Fleet Management Page 18

Partners on the road to success Page 20

Application for an Advertising Expenses

Allowance / Credit of the Amount Page 21

The Partner-Store program Page 22

Partner-Store News | II/2004


An advertising expenses

allowance worth the

price of a house

A check to the value of EUR123,000

changed hands in Duisburg – and

there were smiles all around. Everyone

involved had reason to be very happy:

In May Partner-Store paid out a handsome

advertising expenses allowance

worth the price of a small detached

family home to the management of

Pape in Duisburg after the company

bought 41 Scania lorries.

Pape Logistics Deutschland GmbH

was founded in 1985 by Mr. and

Mrs. Pape in Duisburg. The haulage

contractor grew relatively quickly

and steadily and today has 25 branches

across whole of Germany. Head office,

where the management,


department and

human resources

is based, is still in


Pape has up to 600

lorries on the road

at any one time, depending on the

season and volume of shipments.

Around 100 of these vehicles are used

by DHL for transporting postal items.

The remaining 500

usually transport

fresh produce and

frozen goods for

well-known retailers,

mainly on

Germany’s roads.

But the broomyellow

lorries also

deliver to customers

in Belgium and England.

“Quality is our top priority. That

is why we’re so glad to have found

a strong partner in Deutsche Post’s

Partner-Store, for whom quality is

just as important as for us,” said Frank

Schulte, Manager of Pape Logistics

Deutschland GmbH.

4 Partner-Store News | II/2004


Ask our hotline

We want you always to be properly

informed. That’s why Martin Müller

and his team are available to answer

any questions you may have concerning

Partner-Store, for example on

the advertising expenses allowance,

the application system, order processing

at Partner-Store and much more.

You can call them on +49 18 05 / 76

78 77. The lines are open Monday to

Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Starting with this issue of Partner-

Store News we will be including a

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).

Today’s FAQ is:

What is the exact procedure for filling in the

application form?

After you have negotiated your individual terms and

conditions for a vehicle with your dealer and ordered

the vehicle in the colour broom-yellow, simply fill in our

form (you will find a copy in this issue of Partner-Store

News) to apply for your advertising expenses allowance.

Then you need to send us the form, including a copy of

your invoice or the leasing/hire contract, and a copy of

the vehicle data sheet. Please have the application signed

at your local DHL branch and send it to the address

quoted in the application. The advertising expenses allowance

will be paid to you within three to four weeks.


Take a look at our Special-Offers

webpage: You’ll find some offers that

are hard to resist, because things don’t

come much cheaper than this!

From 15th May 2004 we will be

offering you an advertising expenses

allowance of EUR 350 for a Krone

interchangeable trailer. That’s EUR

100 more than the normal offer


From the beginning of June we

will pay you a handsome advertising

expenses allowance of EUR 3,333

when you order a Mercedes-Benz

vehicle (3.51 t to 7.49 t total permissible

weight) together with an

ERHARDT fixed body. That’s EUR

583 more than the regular advertising

expenses allowance.

So it’s always worth having a look

at our Special-Offers page – it has

different, attractive and interesting

offers every two weeks.

Partner-Store News | II/2004



VW TradePort - Used Vehicles from Volkswagen

Mr Markus Veit (right) from

VW handing over a VW LT

to Mr Walter Hennrichs from


Our partner VW has launched a new

concept for the used commercial

vehicle market called TradePort. The

opening move has already been made

at the industrial park in Wildau, near

Berlin. That is where anyone who is

interested in the project can choose

from amongst 60 current commercial

vehicles. If needed, a further 5,000

vehicles are also available. TradePort

stands for quality and reliability: each

vehicle in the pool is reconditioned

and comes with a CarePort Value

Guarantee, a quality standard which

completely does justice to the VW

brand. Volkswagen Gebrauchtfahrzeughandels

und Service GmbH in

Wildau offers its customers hassle-free

trade-in deals. In addition,

vehicles can be leased or financed

through the Volkswagen Bank.

The plan is to expand the network of

TradePort centres in Europe up until

2008. So anyone who is interested in

acquiring a used VW commercial

vehicle will not have far to go.

For further information please contact

Mr Torsten Nitsch, tel.: ++49

3375/ 2141-0.


Saving up to EUR 1,000

Advertising expenses allowance on

all new ERHARDT trailers with fixed

bodies (9 - 18 t total permissible


Order code: chassis number

Hotline: ++49 (0) 3 51 / 82 47 - 323 / 0

Advertising expenses allowance for ERHARDT trailers with fixed bodies

Length Broom - yellow Other colours

> 7m EUR 1,000 EUR 500

< = 7m EUR 750 EUR 500

6 Partner-Store News | II/2004

Sparen Sie doch einfach doppelt –

Postbank Leasing im Partner-Store

Postbank Leasing GmbH ist Ihr Partner für das

Leasing Ihrer Fahrzeuge und Anlagegüter als

Transportunternehmer der Deutsche Post World

Net. Und im Partner-Store sparen Sie mit uns

gleich doppelt:

Durch schnelle und attrak tive Angebote zum

Leasing oder Mietkauf von Nutzfahrzeugen und

anderen Anlagegütern mit auf Ihr Unternehmen

zugeschnittenen Finanzierungs konzepten.

Und durch den Werbe kostenzuschuss, den Sie

im Partner-Store-Programm erhalten:

250 Euro bei Investition unter 50.000 Euro,

500 Euro bei höheren Inves titionen.

Ein An gebot, das sich insgesamt richtig für Sie

auszahlt. Sprechen Sie doch einfach mit uns, wie

Sie mit uns sparen können. Für Ihren Erfolg.

Beratungs-Hotline: 0 18 05-72 53 27

Telefax: 0 18 05-72 53 28 · eCoupon unter

On the road to success with broom-yellow photos

The winner photo

Exakt Transport Logistic GmbH in Ettlingen, Germany, had every reason to be happy back in April:

The company won the photo competition run in our last Newsletter and received an advertising

expenses allowance of EUR 250 for sending in a great photograph of its broom-yellow fleet.

“We just love the colour yellow,” said

Gerhard Becker, Commercial Director

and senior manager at Exakt

Transport Logistik GmbH. And that’s

true if you consider that 36 out of the

company’s 40-vehicle fleet in Ettlingen

are broom-yellow. The business

is currently going from strength to

strength, which is why it has to move

to a new and bigger site. In May this

year Exakt will have completed the

move, and then there’s no reason not

to expand the fleet too.

Any vehicles which join the fleet

after that will of course be painted

broom-yellow – naturally with the

help of Deutsche Post’s Partner-Store

advertising expenses allowance. “The

Partner-Store advertising expenses

allowance provides backing to hauliers,”

said Gerhard Becker. And he

added: “Deutsche Post has done a

good thing and I have no reservations

whatsoever in recommending the

scheme to my colleagues.”

Interested in winning a EUR 250

advertising expenses allowance? How

about placing your broom-yellow

vehicle on the internet so that your

customers can view it and your company

logo in our internet gallery?

Simply send your photo(s) to the following


By post:

Deutsche Post AG

“Photo Competition”


Dept. 227

D-53250 Bonn

(Please do not forget to include your


By email:

Re: Photo Competition

(Please do not forget to include your


8 Partner-Store News | II/2004


Vehicle stock exchange

Find your „new“ yellow

vehicle online!

At the beginning of April Partner-

Store launched its vehicle exchange

(“Fahrzeugbörse”) on its German

website. The aim is to offer “yellow”

used vehicles (although some NEW

ones will be available) to transport

partners of Deutsche Post World

Net. All the vehicles on the website

offered by Partner-Store used vehicle

partners are also available in “broomyellow”!

You can find the right vehicle for

you by entering various search criteria,

such as type of body, colour,

age and mileage. The “Postbank

Leasing Yellow Vehicle Exchange”

provides those who are interested

with detailed information on all the

chosen product’s features. In addition,

a photograph is available of each

vehicle on offer on the website. Anyone

wishing to put a vehicle on the

website first needs to register. Whether

you are interested in buying or

selling a

vehicle why

not take a

look at our

new website


For further information please

call ++49 180 5 / 76 78


LANIER - our new partner

Top-quality office equipment


We signed up LANIER as your Partner-Store

partner in September 2003.

This co-operation means that you will

always be able to find the tailor-made

document management solutions you

are looking for.

LANIER is the right choice for

hauliers who, along with their core

business, wish to lower their documentation

costs. And it’s not only the

Partner-Store advertising expenses

allowance which will help. LANIER

is a specialist in workplace analyses

and hardware optimisation. Also,

LANIER offers advice on controlling

and shifting output costs as well as

on optimising document handling

and processing procedures. The goal

of these analyses is to reduce copying

and printing costs by up to 25%.

LANIER’s wide-ranging product

portfolio also includes digital blackand-white

and colour copiers/printers,

multi-functional systems and

fax systems. Furthermore, LANIER

will make you an offer on selected

software utilities which will make

integrating these systems into your

organisational procedures a problemfree


Service takes top priority at LANIER.

It provides a comprehensive network

of specialists across the whole of Europe

who are always close at hand.

LANIER specialists will be happy to

advise you on cost-effective and productive

solutions. Simply give them

a call or send an email detailing your

system requirements. A

member of their sales

staff will contact you as

soon as possible.

We are convinced that

we have found the right

partner for your document

management solutions.

Why not find out

for yourself by putting

LANIER to the test.



Partner-Store News | II/2004


The new generation of transporters

Caddy T5 Vito





55 75

75 102



85 115

173 235



140 190

160 218


51 70

77 105

77 105

96 130

128 174

65 88

80 109

110 150

Length: 4,41 m 4,89 m 5,29 m 4,75 m to 5,22 m



750 kg 1200 kg 760 kg



2,3 m 3 3,2 m 3 5,8 m 3 9,3 m 3 6,49 m 3




6,4 l/100km

5,2 l/100km

12,2 l/100km

8,0 l/100km

9,6 l/100km

8,4 l/100km

Times have changed. And that’s exactly what car manufacturers also realised, so they have reacted

by launching a new generation of commercial vehicles. VW has introduced the new T5 and the new

Caddy along with a completely new concept. The two new transporters are a perfect combination

of ride comfort, safety and innovation all in a front-wheel drive.

The new generation of transporters

The new Mercedes Vito with rearwheel

drive is their equal in every way.

The new transporters, with the maximum

amount of reliability, safety and

fuel economy, are ideal vehicles for

parcel transportation or for emptying


Engines - the power within

VW has developed the T5, which is

available in a choice of two petrol and

three diesel engines. It is available with

an 85 kW/115 HP or 173 kW/235 HP

petrol engine or a 77 kW/105 HP,

96 kW/130 HP or 128 kW/174 HP

diesel engine.

Mercedes-Benz has the same selection

in engines on offer for its Vito – only

lower-powered. The Vito is available

with a 65 kW/88 HP, 80 kW/109 HP

or 110 kW/150 HP diesel engine, or

a 140 kW/190 HP or 160 kW/218 HP

petrol engine (the same choice as the


The VW Caddy comes with a choice

of four different engines: two petrol

and two diesel engines but different

horsepower. The petrol engine can

be delivered in 55 kW/75 HP and 75

kW/102 HP; the diesel engine in 51

kW/70 HP or 77 kW/105 HP.

10 Partner-Store News | II/2004


Made to measure

It doesn’t matter what you are loading,

there’s enough space for everything.

The different models come in different

lengths, heights and widths. For example,

the Caddy sets standards in its class in

terms of cargo space and payload. It is

4.41 m long, 1.80 m wide and 1.83 m in

height and thus has a load capacity of up

to 750 kg – meeting all the requirements

made of a compact, light-weight delivery

van about town.

If you need more space, you can pack

up to 1200 kg in the T5, which is 4.89

m long, 1.91 m wide and 1.96 in height.

Need even more space? The T5 is also

available in 5.29 m length, and up to 2.46

m in height.

The Vito also provides a made-to-measure

solution and is available in three different

lengths (from 4.75 m to 5.22 m) to

suit all needs. The two different wheelbases

of 3.20 m and 3.40 m as well as two

heights cover more and more specific

needs compared with their predecessor.

And a cargo weight of up to 760 kg is not

to be sniffed at.

Size – you don’t need to make

room to have more space

petrol engine 6.4 l/100 km. Depending

on the engine, fuel consumption in the

Vito is between 8.4 l/100 km and 9.6

l/100 km. The T5 consumes between 8.0

l/100 km and 12.2 l/100 km.

Standard fittings – what else

have they got to offer?

Some fittings that are standard in the Vito

are only optional extras in the Caddy and

the T5. The ESP system, for example, is

standard in the Vito and comprises ABS,

ASR, electronic brake force distribution,

hydraulic brake assistance and four disk


ABS is fitted as standard in the Caddy.

ESP is optionally available for the estate


In the T5 air conditioning, front e-windows,

central locking with radio remote

control as well as sun-blinds and sliding

windows are fitted as standard.

Three very appealing models. Now the

choice is yours. Which model will suit

you will depend on your individual

requirements and needs. For further

details on the new transporters please

go to or

The T5 has a load area of between 5.8 m 3

and 9.3 m 3 . The Vito with its maximum

area of 6.49 m 3 is considerably smaller,

despite being available in a 2.90 m length.

The Caddy has cargo space of 2.3 m 3 or

3.2 m 3 . So it’s just a matter of shape and

space which you’ll want to choose.

Fuel consumption –

lower than others

The low-consumption Caddy is one step

ahead, because the diesel has an average

fuel consumption of 5.2 l/100 km, the

Partner-Store News | II/2004


Postbank Leasing – your trusted partner

Nowadays, in order to stay

competitive on the haulier market

you have to offer your customers

the best possible quality – every

day. That is why investments are

essential for every business to stay


So the next obvious question is:

What type of financing is best for

my investment? Only you can decide

what the answer is. Postbank Leasing,

the property financier and transport

partner of Deutsche Post World Net,

will definitely be able to offer you a

cost-effective and fair alternative to

existing financial service providers

without putting a strain on your existing

credit limit with your principal

banker. Whether it’s leasing or hirepurchase

(as a substitute for loans)

you’re after, we have both on offer.

Postbank Leasing, a 100% subsidiary

of Postbank, can offer you financing

concepts for vehicles and other mobile

equipment, tailor-made to suit your

company. Individual contracts with

terms of between 24 and 54 months

give you the all-important flexibility

to keep the burden on your liquidity

as low as possible. Along with products

for “broom-yellow” vehicles in

Partner-Store, we also provide financing

for all commercial vehicles in

(nearly) any colour.

With the support of Postbank (favourable

refinancing) and Partner-Store

(advertising expenses allowance for

leasing and hire-purchase contracts),

Postbank Leasing has already provided

numerous companies with

attractive and cost-effective financing


The haulage industry in particular

has over the past few years suffered

badly. However, haulage contractors

are a key factor in Deutsche Post

12 Partner-Store News | II/2004


World Net becoming the world’s

leading logistics company. That is

why it is especially important for the

company to be working with strong

transport partners.

The transport tools







• Portivas








• Postbank Leasing




were created to provide economic

backup and real support based on


Use our experience and our offers to







Johannes Hüsgen,

managing director Postbank Leasing GmbH.

your advantage – we’ll provide advice

and you’ll be under no obligation.


Hire - purchase

Postbank Leasing GmbH

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 114-126

53113 Bonn




Right of notice:

24 – 54 months

• No normal right of notice

• May be dissolved:

• Possibly termination fee

• N. B.: may be detrimental for

tax reasons

• No normal right of notice

• May be dissolved:

• Possibly termination fee

Mileage restriction:

Only for mileage-based contracts,

otherwise no


Insurace /

maintenance /

other services:



Burden on liquidity: Negligible Medium to high

Flexibility: Medium Hardly any

Tax breaks:

Target of investment


Replacement and additional investment;

medium- to long-term planning

No, as capitalised with respect to


Replacement and additional investment;

medium- to long-term planning

- if the intention is clearly to

acquire the vehicle

Investment risk: Limited To be borne by the customer

Hidden reserves /


Passage of ownership

at end of term

Tends to be neutral

Following tender to deliver by lessor

Both possible

Following payment of last instalment

Partner-Store News | II/2004


Secure cargo - and you‘re on to a winner

Secure your cargo so that you and

your freight arrive safely. Again and

again accidents happen because of

instable cargo loads or cargo that is

inadequately secured. Weight pressure,

inertial force and friction all

have an effect on your cargo when

you drive around corners as well as

when driving off and braking. That is

how the cargo generates an uncontrollable

thrust and may turn into an

unpredictable projectile.

The backwards or sideways forces

can reach up to 50% of the cargo

weight; the force in the direction of

travel can even reach 80%. That is

why you should take precautions

and properly secure your cargo.

How can you secure your cargo?

The following minimum load capacity

applies pursuant to European

Standard DIN EN 12 642:

• Load capacity of firewall: 40% of

payload, max. 5 tonnes

• Load capacity of side wall: 30% of


What aids are suitable for

securing cargo?

Cargo can be secured by means of tiedown

straps, chains and wire cables.

In addition, cargo can be secured

extremely effectively by using packing

materials to fix the cargo, to fill empty

spaces or stop it from slipping.

Who is responsible for ensuring

the cargo is secured


In principle the sender is responsible

for ensuring the cargo is secured

ready for shipment, i.e. for stacking,

stowing, strapping, wedging, bracing

or securing the cargo. Furthermore,

the haulage contractor must guarantee

the cargo is correctly secured and

must make a suitable vehicle available

for this. More specifically this means

that the haulage contractor must be

able, by adhering to the required

measurements, weights and axle

load, to transport the goods safely by

normal means as per contract (even

under extreme conditions).

What role do the driver and

the loader play?

In the event that it can be proved that

the cargo was not adequately secured

or in the event that this leads to an

accident, the driver will be the first

point of contact. The driver is obligated

to ensure the cargo is properly

secured pursuant to Section 22 and 23

14 Partner-Store News | II/2004


of the German road traffic regulations.

Pursuant to court decisions the driver also has the

following obligations:

• The obligation to check that the cargo has been

secured and distributed correctly before commencing

the journey.

• The obligation to check whether the cargo is

secured during transportation, and if necessary

to make adjustments.

• The obligation to adapt his driver behaviour in

accordance with the cargo.

Even when another person loads the vehicle, the

driver is still obligated to ensure that the cargo is

loaded safely. He may, possibly, have to refuse to

transport the cargo.

Pursuant to Section 22 of the German road traffic

regulations the person loading the cargo is responsible

for ensuring it is stowed away correctly. He

is legally obligated to ensure the cargo is correctly

secured and may not assign this responsibility to

the driver. In ambiguous cases the loader’s superior

or even the management itself is liable.

7 ways to security

What should the registered keeper

bear in mind?

Pursuant to Sections 30 and 31 of the German

regulations authorising the use of vehicles for

road traffic, the registered keeper of a vehicle

is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is in

good condition, that it is equipped as is required

by the regulations and for ensuring that equipment

required for securing the load is made available.

Properly securing your cargo is not difficult and

can be done swiftly, but should on no account be

underestimated. So you’ll always be safe on the

roads whatever your load.

with round loop with edge essay with pallet

Partner-Store News | II/2004


We put the questions –

You give the answers and claim the price


We want to make Partner-Store even more

interesting for you and so your ideas and

opinions are important to us. Please take the

time (only around 3 minutes) to take part in

our survey. Your time will be well spent as we

guarantee that your ideas will be heard and

implemented, if at all possible, in the future.

All the replies we receive will be entered in

our draw for tickets to the 19th International

Truck Grand Prix on 9th–11th July 2004 at

the Nürburgring. We will also be giving away

tickets to the 60th International Motor Show

(IAA) Commercial Vehicles from 23th–30th

September 2004 in Hannover. So it’s well

worth taking part. Best of luck!

At Partner-Store you yourself negotiate

the terms and conditions (price, leasing

and hire rates) with your local dealer and

oil company. Deutsche Post will then pay

you an advertising expenses allowance on

top of the prices and terms and conditions

you have negotiated. All the products thus

become cheaper for you by the amount of

the advertising expenses allowance.

1. Were you already a ware of the Partner-Store procedure?



2. Have you already used Partner-Store?



Not previously made any investments

3. If you have already bought products through Partner-

Store: How satisfied were you with order processing at


Very satisfied



Reason for dissatisfaction:

4. Have you planned to make any investments in 2004?

Through Partner-Store Quantity

Vehicles Yes No

Semitrailer Yes No

Undercarriage Yes No

5. What products do you think Partner-Store should

include in future?

6. I would like more information on:

FleetBoard telematics

Hire vehicles

7. I am interested in a demonstration vehicle

< 2,5 t VW

2,5 - 3,5 t Mercedes-Benz VW

3,51 - 7,49 t Mercedes-Benz

7,5 - 11,99 t Mercedes-Benz

= > 12 t Mercedes-Benz Scania

8. Should I be among the lucky winners, I would like two

tickets to:

The Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring (9th-11th

July 2004) or

The International Motor Show Commercial Vehicles

in Hannover (IAA 23th-30th September 2004)



First name:

Last name:



Please send your replies by fax to: ++49 228 / 1 82 71 73

Partner-Store News | II/2004



Intelligent Fleet Management:

Arkona Endorses


FleetBoard Telematics

Haulier Arkona Schnell-Lieferdienst

GmbH from Malchow, Germany, has

been using DaimlerChrysler’s fleet

management system “FleetBoard”

since 2002 – and therefore always

knows exactly where all its vehicles

and shipments are, guaranteeing

absolute reliability and speed of delivery.

Today more than 30 vehicles in

the broom-yellow fleet in Malchow

have been fitted with the telematics


Order entry and route planning are

even simpler and easier for dispatchers

to handle as orders are imported

online from the DHL e-datagate

into the “FleetBoard Dispatching”


Dispatchers can maintain continual

contact with drivers via the internet

and text messaging and they know

the exact status of all their shipments.

The current location of vehicles is also

shown on a digital map.

Detailed information on Fleet-

Board is available on the internet at Your personal

point of contact is Mr Joachim Schild,

who will be happy to take your calls

on ++49 7 11 17 74 032. You can also

contact him by email: joachim.schild

18 Partner-Store News | II/2004

Illustration depicts optional equipment at extra cost.

Cargo capacity up to 9,3 m 3 .

Payload up to 1.4 tonnes.

TDI ® engines up to 128 kW (174 bhp) power.

*This model will be available at a later date.

With the new Transporter you will get any delivery moving. Four admissible

total weights from 2.6 to 3.2 t* and five cargo capacities from 5.8 to 9.3 m 3 .

Its TDI ® engines with their good fuel economy and powerful 63 kW (85 bhp)

to 128 kW (174 bhp) and a maximum torque of up to 400 Nm make for a

performance that is always superior. This allows you to even handle payloads

of up to approx. 1.4 t with ease.

The new Volkswagen Transporter. No more compromises.



Partners on the road to success

Buy yellow, advertise yellow and save

money at the same time. Not possible?

But it is! Partner-Store is Deutsche

Post‘s fair and reliable partner for

hauliers. Partner-Store supports you

in your investments by paying you an

advertising expenses allowance. Also,

we will pass on a lot of up-to-date

information on the transport industry

– for free. Because we want to head

towards a strong future together.

And how does it work? It’s simple: You

can order and purchase products listed

in Partner-Store directly from our

partners. After the vehicle has been

delivered, simply send your application

for an advertising

expenses allowance

to Partner-Store. The

advertising expenses

allowance will be paid

to you post-haste. We

believe it’s an offer

you’ll find hard to


Once you make the

decision to purchase a

vehicle or body all you

need to remember is to

order it in broom-yellow. No more

than that.

So that we can keep you really up

to date on the ever-growing range

of offers available through Partner-

Store you can download the Partner-

Store newsletter from our website

( or have

it mailed or emailed to you free of

charge three times a year.

For further information and to

register for the emailed News please

go to:

Delivery vehicle

Articulated lorry with trailer and



1,500 €

Mercedes-Benz Actros

3,000 €

Krone semi-trailer

500 €

Total saving 1,500 €

Total saving 3,500 €

20 Partner-Store News | II/2004

Application for an Advertising Expenses

Allowance / Credit of the Amount



Applicant’s details (carrier):

a) Address:

Street, number:

Postcode, town:



c) I am applying for an advertising expenses allowance for:

Vehicles Trailers Firm bodies

The following shall be enclosed with the advertising expenses allowance for

vehicles, trailers and firm bodies:

1. Copy of the invoice or of the leasing or rental agreement

2. Copy of the vehicle registration documents

e) I am applying for an advertising expenses allowance for:

Please enclose a copy of the invoice or of the leasing or rental agreement

Contracting partner

b) Bank details:

Bank name:

Account number:

Bank code:


d) I am applying for an advertising expenses allowance for:

the procurement of diesel fuel

Please state the following with the advertising expenses allowance for diesel fuel:

1. Net revenues in the previous calendar year with the purchasing office

(e.g. DHL branch):


2. Oil company and customer number:

Subcontracting carrier

Please forward application to

_____________________________________ , _____________________

(Place, Date)


(legally binding signature)

2 Purchasing office’s:

a) Address:

__________________________________________ , ___________________

(Place, Date)


(legally binding signature)

With my signature I recognise the “Conditions for Awarding the Advertising Expenses Allowance” in their most recent version, which are published on the Internet at For the turnover tax treatment of the advertising expenses allowance of Section A of the above-mentioned Conditions.

b) There exists a valid contractual agreement between us and

the contracting partner.

c) The enclosures required under our conditions are enclosed.

Street, number:

Postcode, city:

d) The advertising expenses allowance can be paid.

(Place, Date)

(Purchaser’s/Clerk’s signature)

Please forward

application to

3 Information from Section 227:

The advertising expenses allowance can be paid.

Deutsche Post AG



Section 227

53250 Bonn


Amount paid EUR




The Partner-Store program

New vehicles

VW Transporter

Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 1,000 / EUR 500

Order Code: Chassis number

Contact: Your contract dealer

2,5 t to 3,5 t

Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 1,500

Order Code: ZB9

Contact: Your contract dealer

2,5 t to 3,5 t

Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 1,500

Order Code: Chassis number

Contact: Your contract dealer

3,51 t to 7,49 t

Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 2,000

Order Code: ZB9

Contact: Your contract dealer

7,5 t to 11,99 t

Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 2,500

Order Code: ZB9

Contact: Your contract dealer

12 t upwards

Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 3,000

Order Code: ZB9

Contact: Your contract dealer

12 t upwards

Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 3,000

Order Code: Chassis number

Contact: Your contract dealer



Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 2,750 / 3,500 / 4,000

Order Code: 45100

Hotline: ++49 (0)7 31 / 94 54-361 / -0


Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 750 / 1,000 / 1,250 /

2,750 / 3,500 / 4,000

Order Code: Chassis number

Hotline: ++49 (0)3 51 / 82 47-323 / -0

22 Partner-Store News | II/2004




Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 1,000 / EUR 500

Order Code: Chassis number

Hotline: ++49 (0)59 51 / 20 92 13

Interchangeable trailers

Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 250

Order Code: Chassis number

Hotline: ++49 (0)59 51 / 20 92 13


Advertising expenses allowance

EUR 1,000 / EUR 500

Order Code: Chassis number

Contact: Your contract dealer



Advertising expenses allowance

Cent/L 1,00

Order Code: Aral-gasup-cardcustomer


Hotline: ++49 (0)180 / 1 11 62 63

Partner-Store News | II/2004





Deutsche Post AG


53250 Bonn


Contact address:

Deutsche Post AG

Abt. 227

53250 Bonn


Tel. +49 (0)18 05 / 76 78 77



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