Contact the Centre of Expertise Partners The concept - Partners voor ...

Contact the Centre of Expertise Partners The concept - Partners voor ...


eThekwini Water & Sanitation

eThekwini Water & Sanitation (EWS) is the local water

utility responsible for the distribution of drinking water

and the collection and treatment of wastewater in the

greater Durban area, which is the third largest municipality

in South-Africa. EWS is a dedicated unit within the local

municipal government that services a population of

approximately 3.5 million people.

Transition Facility

The Transition Facility is a co-operation between the

Dutch ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs,

Agriculture and Innovation. In this co-operation existing

budget is used to transform traditional aid relationships

into mutual beneficial trade relationships. The Transition

Facility focuses its efforts on water and sanitation, energy,

agriculture, trade and transport.

Vitens-Evides International

Vitens-Evides International is a Dutch company that

deploys its experts from Vitens NV and Evides Water

Company to assist local water companies in primarily

developing countries. Through tailor-made partnerships

with local water utilities, Vitens-Evides International works

on the development of the water company to ensure

sustainable growth. Vitens-Evides International is powered

by the two largest water companies of the Netherlands,

Vitens and Evides Water Company. Together they serve

almost half of the Dutch population.

World Waternet

Waternet is the public water utility in Amsterdam and

surroundings with the responsibility over drinking water

supply, sewerage, groundwater control, surface water

quality, wastewater treatment and water quantity control.

This makes Waternet the first public water utility in the

Netherlands working on the total, integrated water cycle.

World Waternet establishes long lasting Water Operators’

Partnerships with local water utilities around the world to

improve their performance.


Wateropleidingen is a Dutch training institute for

water management. Wateropleidingen promotes and

organizes ‘on the job’ training and courses for water

professionals. The courses are unique and well known

for their quality, technical knowledge and up to date

knowledge, combined with practical experience.

Wateropleidingen works according to the unique World

Water Academy concept: training for professionals by


Your Man on Site

Your Man on Site (YMoS) offers business development on

location in Europe and Southern Africa. YMoS develops

and manages concepts and projects. YMoS operates as

a pro-active partner and supports entrepreneurship,

from start up to implementation, for client’s concepts

and projects, with the highest integrity and objectivity.

YMoS operates as your representation on site.

Contact the Centre of Expertise

Centre of Expertise

P.O. Box 1038 , Durban 4000 , South Africa

Remember to visit our website at

The Centre of Expertise wants to improve the

South-African water supply and sanitation sector by

introducing Dutch knowledge and technology.

The concept

The Centre of Expertise is hosted in Durban by eThekwini

Water & Sanitation (EWS) and will introduce innovations

and best practices in the South-African water and

sanitation sector. The Centre of Expertise is funded by the

Dutch government through the Transition Facility. The

Dutch are internationally renowned for their knowledge

and expertise in the areas of, amongst others, water

technology, water treatment and the installation and

management of water and sanitation infrastructure.

The Centre of Expertise is an initiative by EWS and

various Dutch partners. Under the general framework a

series of pilot projects will be executed to showcase the

implementation of new technologies and knowledge at

EWS. For these individual pilot projects contribution and

support from various partners will be combined.

The Centre of Expertise is an umbrella, under which

numerous projects will be carried out. EWS and the

Dutch partners are aiming to establish a long-lasting

co-operation. The partnership program proposes a 4

year program that will act as a general framework for

the individual activities, projects and pilots within the

Centre of Expertise. Four pilot projects above have been

identified and executed, but many more ideas are waiting

to be transformed into pilot projects in the near future.

Our objectives

The Centre of Expertise aims to match the South African

water knowledge and technology needs with the Dutch

water knowledge and innovations. Targets for the Centre

of Expertise are to improve the performance of Southern

African peer utilities and assist them in implementing

these innovations, best practices and technologies. A yearby-year

list of selected projects and pilots will be used to

maintain focus and allow for varying partnerships and


The initial focus is on:

reduction of non-revenue water (NRW),

increasing the value of investments by asset

management principles,

improving sanitation and exploring the possibilities of


reducing energy consumption and implementing

renewable energy projects.

Our showcases

The Centre of Expertise works on a case-by-case basis with

individual pilot projects. It started with four showcases in


Trenchless Pilot Program

The ‘Trenchless Pilot Program’, funded by the Embassy

of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, was successfully

carried out within EWS under guidance of Your Man on

Site (YMoS), over the last two years. With the assistance

of program partners and BAM Nelis Infra, the program

has tested different trenchless technologies under local

circumstances, addressing cost effectiveness, knowledge

transfer, capacity building and feasibility. The program was

tailored to the needs of EWS within the asbestos cement

(AC) water mains replacement program and focused on

‘Close Fit’ rehabilitation technologies.

Carbon footprint

A carbon footprint assessment enables a company to

determine its status quo and implement a successful

carbon reduction program. A regular calculation of the

carbon footprint allows for monitoring of the effects of the

program. It is the intent of EWS to adopt best practices in

carbon footprint assessments and reduction programs

within the Southern African context. The methodologies

and experiences developed by Vitens-Evides International

in conjunction EWS can be used by peer utilities for their

own benefit.

The comparative study for the use of PVC and HDPE

water mains

Water distribution pipe networks should last for many

decades and thus it is essential to base any replacement

strategy on a life cycle basis, rather than possible shortterm

benefits, such as the pipe’s initial cost. EWS therefore

commissioned a comparative investigation into the

advantages and disadvantages of using different pipe

materials as part of the quest to reach the optimum life

cycle cost. SSI Engineers are currently drafting the final

report for EWS.

Course waste water treatment

EWS needs well trained staff (both knowledge and

skills) to improve the operating and maintenance

of the treatments plants. In this showcase a module

‘basics of waste water treatment’ for operators grade

10/12 will be designed, developed and delivered

according to the ISO 9001 certified procedures of

‘Wateropleidingen’. Water professionals from EWS

and Waternet will take part in the customizing of

the module. Professionals of EWS will be trained to

become trainers for this module and in the future the

module will be delivered to the operators of EWS by

the trainers/professionals of EWS.

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