Jefferson City new-car dealerships now serving ... - Parts & People

Jefferson City new-car dealerships now serving ... - Parts & People

Jefferson City new-car dealerships now serving ... - Parts & People


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Wholesale Distribution

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Parts & Service Retailing

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Serving Missouri, Illinois, S. Indiana & W. Kentucky Volume 10 Number 7 July 2012

Jefferson City new-car dealerships

now serving expanded territory

by Jay Sicht

Jefferson City, Mo.—Ever

since Jefferson City dealerships

banded together to form Mid

Missouri Parts Connection nearly

three years ago, local and Lake

of the Ozark repair shops have

been enjoying same-day — and

often twice-a-day — parts


Prior to its formation, other

large new-car dealership groups

or cooperatives had been serving

that market, members said, but

not with same-day service on

many parts, as the Mid Missouri

Parts Connection is able to offer.

All Jefferson City dealerships

currently participate in the

Connection, which includes Capitol

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Corwin Honda,

Corwin Hyundai and Nissan, Joe Machens

Capital City Ford Lincoln, Riley Chevrolet

Buick GMC Cadillac, and Riley Toyota


It was serendipitous that the idea to

pursue business outside of town was

common among several of the new-car

dealerships, albeit without the others’




U.S. Postage


Columbia, MO

Permit No. 353

From l., Parts Counterman Brian McBeth, Parts Manager

Victor Clark, and Parts Countermen Vernon Schmitz and

Scott Northway field calls for wholesale parts orders at

Joe Machens Capital City Ford Lincoln.

“I was talking to Parts Manager Doug

Williams at Riley Chevrolet about what he

thought about going to the Lake and

getting a route started,” said Victor Clark,

parts manager at Joe Machens Capital City

Ford Lincoln. “And then when I talked to

Chrysler, they told me, ‘We already have a

truck bought, and we were going to come

to you.’”

Clark said he’d already talked with a

contractor who would supply a vehicle and

Electronic Service Requested

Automotive Counseling & Publishing Co. Inc.

899 Logan St., Suite 311

Denver, CO 80203

a driver for a flat rate per month, so he

was unsure at first about sharing the

cost of an employee and the variable

repair expenses of a vehicle.

“But the timing was perfect. It’s

worked out well,” Clark said, adding

that the delivery service has turned a

profit since its second month in


Having an employee benefits the

organization because if he is sick or

otherwise unable to make the run, the

dealership can have a counterperson

make the run or use a backup vehicle

if the van is broken down,

contingencies not so easily handled

with a contractor, he said.

Both Clark and Willard Yardley,

parts manager of Capitol Chrysler

Dodge Jeep Ram, noted that closures of

dealerships in the Lake of the Ozarks area

left a void they were looking to fill.

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Lowe Automotive Group focuses on

OE product lines and training . . . . . . . 3

The Lowe Automotive

Group has grown by

focusing on four key

areas: availability,

service, quality, and


Magneti Marelli launches aftermarket

wholesale program in US . . . . . . . . . . 3

Diagnostics by telematics is opportunity

to supply aftermarket components . . . 5

GAAS addresses issues pertinent for all

sectors of the aftermarket . . . . . . . . . 7

Auto Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

EXCEL 2012 promises top-notch

education tracks and trade show . . 11

The event will feature training for mechanical

and collision professionals, as well as its trade

show, “Equipment Extravaganza.”


Pages 15-22 C1-C4

Collision industry supports ‘standards’ of

repair, but views vary on next steps . 15

Collision Repair Training Notes . . . 16

State Farm rolls out mandatory use of

PartsTrader program in select areas . C-2

EXCEL conference offers expanded

collision repair training . . . . . . . . . . 17

Six I-CAR technical classes and

two collision repair managementspecific

classes by collision

repair expert Mike Anderson will

be at the Sept. 7-9 event.

Sales growth spurs DuPont distributor

to move to expanded location . . . . 19

After years of

continuous sales

increases, Advantage

PBE Supplies expands

into a new location.

O’Reilly team pulls together after fire

to quickly relocate to new store . . 21

After fire devastated its hub

store in Columbia, O’Reilly Auto

Parts rallies its troops to service

customers and renovate a new



More photos and

articles at


Relationships fuel mechanical

and collision Westwood Auto . . . . . . 13



continues to thrive

after almost 50

years in business,

in part, because of

its vendor


Federated Auto Parts group keys in on

business technology for its members .23

SAE J2534 version 05 discussed at

ETI ToolTech 2012 in Palm Springs . 26

Mechanical Repair Training Notes . . 26

APSA restructures, adds chairmen,

committee members at state level . 27

Cooper’s Keys to Auto Repair Profits .29

People & Places . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

The right choice in lubricants


Page 2 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Wholesale Distribution / Parts & Service Retailing Focus Issue

Lowe Automotive Group focuses on OE product lines and training

by Jay Sicht

Crestwood, Mo.—With more than 44

years serving the automotive repair

industry, the Lowe Automotive Group

continues to grow by focusing on four key

areas: availability, service, quality, and

training, Sales Manager Dan Preuss said.

“Having the right part at the right time is

the first step in making the sale,” he said.

Lowe Automotive, which is affiliated

with Parts Plus, now has 11 locations

including its newest one in Springfield, Mo.

Due to various mergers and acquisitions,

many of the locations still maintain their

original identity rather than adopting a

uniform name, mainly for the sake of its

customer base, Preuss said. Four locations

in the St. Louis market area are traditional

auto parts stores, while the remaining

locations are wholesale only, he added.

In addition to the headquarters and main

warehouse in Crestwood, the other five St.

Louis locations include Eagle West in

Ballwin, South Town Auto Parts, Jefferson

County Auto Parts, Pevely Plaza Auto

Parts, and South County Auto Parts. The

remaining locations include Semo

Automotive in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Lowe

by Rob Merwin

Detroit—Mopar recently

launched a wholesale

distribution program of

Detroit-Italian automotive

aftermarket manufacturer

and distributor Magneti

Marelli (MM) parts.

The announcement is the

latest step MM has taken to

broaden its distribution one

year after the company

partnered with Mopar to

provide Chrysler Group

and Fiat Studio dealerships

with opportunities to

service and repair all

makes/all brands, said

Dino Maggioni, CEO

Global Aftermarket

Magneti Marelli and CEO

Magneti Marelli South

America. The “Magneti

Marelli Offered by Mopar”

branded aftermarket

products target 85 percent of the U.S.

market and are available through the

dealerships participating in the wholesale

program, he said.

“We offer only high-quality parts that

are very competitive,” said Maggioni,

adding that all U.S.-sold products are

Automotive in Springfield, Mo., and the

MAP/Eagle warehouses in Bloomington,

Ill., Chicago, and Milwaukee.

Greg Risenhoover, buyer for Lowe

Automotive, discussed the challenges in

providing the right inventory at the right

time. Changing vehicle populations and the

ever-increasing average age of cars and

trucks on the road today are all part of the

mix when it comes to inventory control, he

made in America. “And

it’s equally important to us

that we focus on locally

made parts.”

In April 2011, MM and

Mopar formed a strategic

alliance that gave the

Mopar dealership network

comprehensive servicing

of GM, Ford, Toyota,

Honda, Nissan, Hyundai,

and Kia vehicles at

Chrysler Group

dealerships. Pietro Gorlier,

president and CEO of

Mopar, said the agreement

created “one-stop service

shops” at Chrysler Group

dealerships to fully service

all-make vehicles.

“Now that we have a

full line of products

available and on the

shelves, the dealerships

can become the ‘one-stop

shop’ for any parts their wholesale

customers might need — not just

Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge applications,”

he said.

“Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar”

has almost 30 product lines and nearly

3,000 part numbers, including fast-turning

said. As average vehicle age

continues to advance along with

the miles being driven before a

vehicle needs to be scrapped, it’s

created the extra demand for

economy or second-line product

offerings. The pressure falls on the

warehouse distributors to add or

select the secondary lines they

need to supply in their markets,

Risenhoover said.

“There is always something

cheaper,” he said. “But we really

try to make sure our economy line

is not the cheapest and that it still

provides a level of quality. For

some vehicles, though, and for

some customers, they can’t buck

up for the OEM part.”

“We do have a good mix of OEM and

aftermarket lines,” Preuss said, “but we

really don’t focus on the economy lines,”

noting that the company stresses its history

with supplying well-known and widely

accepted parts lines from original

equipment suppliers such as ACDelco,

Aisin, Denso, Federal-Mogul, KYB, and

Motorcraft, while continuing to look at

maintenance products such as filters and

brake components, which are among the

company’s top sellers. Recent additions

include hub and wheel bearings, starters

and alternators, water pumps, window

motors and assemblies, catalytic

convertors, and timing belts.

“Magneti Marelli will continue to

gather market

insights from key

customers to

ensure we provide

the products and


needed,” Maggioni

said. “We really

don’t see an end to

new product


Some of that feedback has led to

product innovations such as MM’s

complete brake pad kit, which includes all

necessary hardware made from stainless


“The market recognizes more and more

what studies have already shown — all of

the hardware has to be replaced with

every brake job to ensure no noise and

black dust on the wheels,” said Annette

Wolford, sales and business development

director for MM.

Other innovations include window

adding other quality brands.

Preuss said the company’s target

customer is one who in most cases will be

able to sell a higher quality repair because

of the quality of the OEM part or a

replacement from the OEM supplier.

“That’s where the training comes in, and

if there’s a benefit to the customer from

having an OE part, hopefully the shop is

able to sell them on that.”

Product training for the Lowe’s

employees and customers is being

emphasized more and more, Preuss said.

He also noted that the company offers

many monthly seminars, but Lowe

Automotive usually likes to avoid the

summer months because of vacation

schedules and the long, hot days many

technicians put in during the day.

“They are on a lot of different topics that

hit on everything, including brakes,

electrical and electronics, HVAC, engine

performance, and advanced drivability

diagnostics,” he said.

Preuss said the vast majority of the

seminars are provided to the customers at no

charge and are hosted by trainers from

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Mopar and Magneti Marelli launch aftermarket wholesale program in US

“Magneti Marelli Offered by

Mopar” has more than 26

product lines and nearly

2,000 part numbers,

including fast-turning

maintenance products such

as filters and brake

components, which are

among the company’s top

sellers, says Dino Maggioni,

CEO Global Aftermarket

Magneti Marelli and CEO

Magneti Marelli South


Sales Manager Dan Preuss (l.) and Buyer Greg

Risenhoover say Lowe Automotive Group focuses

on training its employees and customers on the

benefits of using higher-quality parts.

“ … Dealerships can

become the ‘one-stop shop’

for any parts their wholesale

customers might need —

not just Chrysler, Jeep, and

Dodge applications.”

motors with circuit breakers to prevent

overheating and damage, and complete

corner assemblies that are a “problem

solver for the installer.”

“Our product provides many benefits

from the parts manager ordering to the

technician and end customer,” said

Maggioni, adding that there is no criteria

for a dealership to

participate in the

wholesale program,

which is free. “Magneti

Marelli has launched a

full line of products in

an incredibly short

amount of time. The

response is


enthusiastic to the quality, solutions, and


In order to increase brand awareness,

Maggioni said MM, active in racing

worldwide, recently partnered with Mopar

in the 2012 NHRA Funny Car series,

sponsoring driver Matt Hagan. In

addition, MM will be sponsoring the SRT

Viper American Le Mans Series Race Car.

Also in May, MM launched a promotional

program, “Race with Magneti Marelli,”

for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram

dealerships and Fiat Studio managers and

directors. n

Parts & People July 2012 Page 3

Parts & People

The Monthly Regional Publication

for River Valley

Automotive Specialists

Volume 10 / Number 7, July 2012

Publisher: Lance Buchner

Associate Publisher: Michael Anderson

Managing Editor: Rob Merwin

River Valley Regional Manager:

David Gerchen


Jerold B. Smith, John Yoswick,

Dick DeLoach, Jay Sicht,

Matthew Sevart

Graphic Arts Director: Mario Waller

Printer: Tribune Publishing Co. Inc.

Parts & People is published monthly by

Automotive Counseling & Publishing

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any means is prohibited without specific written permission

of the publisher.

Copyright 2012, Automotive Counseling & Publishing

Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

Publisher’s Statement

Parts distribution — real value

Before there were value-added services, there was — and

still is — real value in the American parts distribution channel.

Shop customers continue to benefit immensely from the

efficiencies and effectiveness, not to mention the investment,

inherent in the timely delivery of quality parts.

Delivering on demand, the U.S. vehicle parts distribution

channel continues to provide the parts needed for repair and

replacement to the service industry. The channel withstood

economic downturn and emerged with the system intact.

Despite commercial credit constriction, continued parts

proliferation, volatile energy prices, and the always challenging

global supply chain, the distribution of parts through the

channel, two- or three-step, continues intact.

Unappreciated or perhaps taken for granted, the lean-driven

efficiency of new technology coupled with modern

management improvements have enabled the parts distribution

channel to perform admirably. Manufacturers at one end, and

shops at the other, can now meet their own challenges with a

confidence that the distribution channel will perform as needed.

After decades in this industry, we still consider the

distribution channel to be the backbone of the industry.

Working from, arguably, a low-gross profit in a challenging

economy, distribution companies and affiliates maintained and

even increased vital, value-added services to shop customers

while providing competitively priced availability of parts.

Although mature, the channel remains dynamic and now

digital. It shares virtual inventory data with manufacturers,

offers e-commerce solutions, has upgraded inventory

management, standardized part information, interfaced with

shops, and so much more. Experienced wholesale

counterpersons continue to combine parts expertise with

modern technology to service shop customers.

Business is good

The auto parts business is good across most of the U.S., and

vehicle age has helped. The over-10-year-old vehicle group

helps drive a continuing DIY market. The current 6-10-year

vehicle group is expected to increase over the next five years

unless unwarranted intrusion from “green” policy and

regulations targets the segment for reduction. An increased

percentage of imports will drive the growth.

Of course, future challenges and concerns remain. The

vehicle age mix could change rapidly. Fuel prices, driving

habits, and miles driven are always subject to change.

Parts proliferation, however, continues to be an opportunity

for some but a challenge for almost all. In 2010, it’s reported

that 80,000 new part numbers were added to the inventory.

Coupled with new, “green” technology and boutique makes and

models, parts proliferation will require tough decisions and

could spawn new, niche distribution opportunities.

Individual self-respect, collective self-confidence

Two key attributes to successfully owning and operating a

small business within this industry are individual self-respect

and collective self-confidence. Industry small business owners

have more self-esteem for their accomplishments, performance,

and potential than ever before. The entire parts and service

industry deservedly senses a collective self-confidence, more so

than most, after holding form during the economic downturn.

Those same characteristics are also identified as building

blocks of American democracy. It’s not surprising, because

American small businesses, small towns, communities, and our

democracy and culture are woven together.

Happy Independence Day! n



To learn more about the NAPA AutoCare Program contact the Wholesale Manager

at the distribution center nearest you.

Michael Bennett • Mobile: 618-972-2457




• Engine Rebuilding and Repair –

automotive, medium duty diesel,

gas/diesel tractor, most inboard


• State-of-the-Art Equipment

• Full Service Parts Department

• Welding Service and

Welding Gases

Quality Service • Affordable Price

Fast Turnaround

612 San Diego Road, Carbondale, IL

Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-noon





Page 4 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Diagnostics by telematics is opportunity to supply aftermarket components

by Dick DeLoach

Palm Springs, Calif.—Equipment &

Tool Institute (ETI) members may have a

“strong opportunity” to supply aftermarket

components in the burgeoning telematics

arena, said Robert Vogt

IV, CEO and chief

engineer at IOSiX,

during his presentation,

“Telematics Update,” at

the recent ETI ToolTech

2012 at the Riviera

Resort & Spa in Palm


Vogt began his session

with a brief definition of

telematics as it relates to

vehicle diagnostics.

“Telematics is any

integrated use of

telecommunications and

informatics, also known

as information and

Robert Vogt IV,

CEO and chief

engineer at

IOSiX, says

there are strong

opportunities for

ETI members to

supply future





communications technology (ICT), be it

wired or wireless,” he said.

Vehicle telematics is technology that helps

improve the driving or passenger

experience, Vogt said. “This can include

such things as automatic airbag deployment

notification, vehicle tracking, personalized

driving features, real-time traffic data,

emergency aid, satellite radio or video, highspeed

Internet, and a variety of other vehicle

monitoring systems and location-based


Vogt said as far back as 2003, OEMs were

discussing the future of vehicle telematics

for diagnostics when BMW announced that

it intended to move into remote vehicle

diagnostics (RVD) by telematics, enabling

cars to talk wirelessly to the dealership.

However, diagnostics via telematics

requires connectivity standardization and

adapting telematics to existing systems, Vogt

said. “This would require a universal

telematics gateway (UTG).”

Vogt said such a UTG would be

inexpensive to create. “Depending on

vehicle bus configuration, a high-volume

solution could be reached in the sub-$20


Requirements of the interface would

include the ability to connect multiple

devices simultaneously with security access

levels, basic read-only data, and full bus

access. “A dealership could hook a vehicle

to a diagnostics system easily via a WiFi

dongle,” he said.

Vogt said benefits to ETI members

include consistent access to vehicle systems,

the opportunity to supply vehicle gateways

to OEMs, an era of better software-only

scan tools, bill of materials (BOM)

reduction for both low- and high-end

devices, and relaxed device packaging

constraints, as expansion ports could be

located in remote vehicle areas such as the


“There will also be a need for existing

vehicles to be retrofitted with a small vehicle

network gateway (VNG) to work with

newer equipment,” Vogt said.

This could be a one-size-fits-all part or a

different part by the vehicle manufacturer

and legacy data bus, Vogt said.

“No matter what, there would be a strong

opportunity for ETI members to supply

these aftermarket components.”

Charlie Gorman, executive manager and

COO of ETI and current board member of

the National Automotive Service Task

Force (NASTF), prefaced the “Telematics

Update” session with a brief statement

about how it relates to the current “right to

repair” debate.

“One of the interesting aspects of the

Massachusetts Right to Repair (R2R)

referendum, set to be balloted this

November, is that it contains a

requirement for automakers to provide

diagnostic and repair information

wirelessly,” Gorman said.

Specifically, “Each [automaker] shall

make available for purchase by owners and

independent repair facilities all diagnostic

repair tools incorporating the same

diagnostic, repair, and wireless capabilities

that the manufacturer makes available to its

dealers and authorized motor vehicle repair

facilities,” he said. “These tools shall

incorporate the same functional repair

capabilities that the manufacturer makes

available to dealers and authorized repair

facilities.” n

Parts & People July 2012 Page 5

On-demand differential parts,

repair and remanufacturing

Our huge inventory of drive

line and differential parts

allows us to serve you better.

We have the parts and the

know-how to do the repairs

your customers need—usually


• Pick-Up and Delivery

• Pick-Up within 24 Hours

• Fast Turnaround

• Factory Trained Technicians

• Extensive Parts Inventory

• Factory Warranty Work

• Loaner Units Available

with a one-day turn around.

Or, if you do the repair

yourself, call us to supply your

parts faster. Axleboy helps you

enjoy greater profitability and

make your customers happier.

Axleboy Enterprises

(877) AXLEBOY(295-3269)

Email: reman@axleboy.com

Automotive Technology is an



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about loaner availability

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back making money ASAP!

Automotive Technology, Inc.

544 Mae Court, Fenton, MO 63026

636-343-8101 •Fax: 636-343-5597

Toll Free: 800-875-8101


Email: service@automotivetechnology.com

Lowe Automotive Group focuses

on OE product lines and training

Continued from page 3

companies such as ACDelco,

Motorcraft, and Federal-Mogul.

Training has been so popular at the

new Springfield location that nearly

100 technicians and employees have

attended some of the events on a

single night, he said.

Although parts manufacturers

provide a list of faster-moving part

numbers, or what they consider “A”

movers, “B” movers, or specialorder-only,

Risenhoover said their

data doesn’t necessarily correlate

with what will sell well in a local or

regional market because of a varied

vehicle population. He also likes to buy

vehicles-in-operation lists to glean more

information on what he thinks will sell.

“You’d be hard-pressed in St. Louis to

find many Land Rovers, but in Chicago and

Milwaukee there are a lot of exotic imports,”

Risenhoover said.

Import nameplates are growing in

popularity in St. Louis, too, Risenhoover

said. He points to closures of the Ford

assembly plant in Hazelwood and the

Chrysler assembly plant in Fenton as part of

the reason.

Mitsubishi vehicle population remains

strong in Bloomington because of the car

assembly plant there, Risenhoover said, and

so he stocks more of those parts for that

particular market.

In May 2010, Lowe Automotive Group

joined the Automotive Distribution Network

as a Parts Plus member, Preuss said. Lowe

Automotive uses many of Parts Plus’

marketing programs, including its Car Care

Center program, which offers a number of

benefits including professional

identification, marketing, discounts on

uniforms, and credit card processing.

Previously, one of Lowe’s customers was

a nationwide grand-prize winner in a Parts

Plus sweepstakes that included a trip to

Hawaii, Preuss said. The company also

plans to take a large group of customers to

the NHRA drag races at Gateway

Motorsports Park in September as part of a

current sales promotion.

Tool-and-equipment fliers from Parts Plus

also help sell a lot of products in that

category, Preuss said.

“You’d be surprised at how many lifts

shops need. And now because of the season,

we’re selling a lot of air conditioning

recyclers,” he said.

Preuss also talked about the company’s

290 employees staffing the 11 locations and

the 170 delivery vehicles required to keep

hotshot and route deliveries humming.

“To provide the service our customers are

accustomed to, we have to have it to them

quickly so they don’t tie up their bays,”

Preuss said. n

Timken takes predicting

demand for parts to the next level

Canton, Ohio—The Timken Co.

announced enhanced features for its

automotive aftermarket category

management service, reflecting growing

capabilities and additional value to

Timken distributors. The award-winning

service, which has been branded Demand

Insight, now features even greater

accuracy in predicting demand for parts.

Additional replacement factors are now

analyzed, including product and product

sub-categories, the position of parts on

vehicles, and geographical factors.

“Continuous improvement is at the heart

of everything we do for the aftermarket,

and we take pride in bringing great

insight, products, and services to our

partners,” said Tom Tecklenburg, director

Dan Preuss (r.), sales manager of Lowe

Automotive Group, says the company has grown

through four key areas: quality, service,

availability, and training. Shown with Preuss at

the South County Auto Parts store are, from l.,

Countermen Stew Simon and Brandon Harris,

Assistant Manager Jim Modglin, and Driver

Jeffery Lowe, son of Owner Jeff Lowe.

of the automotive aftermarket for Timken.

“The continued enhancements to this

product will make it even more useful to

our partners and its new name, Demand

Insight, is particularly reflective of the

benefits it brings to the marketplace.”

First introduced in 2010, Timken

Demand Insight offers distributors

replacement parts data to help optimize

sales opportunities. By using a

combination of purchased and proprietary

data, the service generates product

lifecycle and custom market demand

analysis to provide granular information at

a localized level for pertinent light-vehicle

purchases in the customer’s target market

via a searchable online database. n

Page 6 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

GAAS addresses issues pertinent

for all sectors of the aftermarket

by Jerold B. Smith

Chicago—The 2012 Global Automotive

Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) at the

Hyatt Regency O’Hare in mid-May drew

more than 1,000 automotive professionals

and industry leaders from across the globe.

With the theme, “One Industry — Endless

Opportunities,” GAAS provided attendees

of the two-day symposium with

presentations on matters facing the industry

today and in the near future.

With an array of financial, business, and

industry experts, GAAS presentations

covered issues from the global economy to

market share and education within the

aftermarket. The need for collaboration

among all partners in the industry was

stressed by a number of presenters.

After a welcome and opening remarks by

GAAS Chairman Dennis Welvaert, retired

president of Dayco’s North American

aftermarket division and longtime industry

activist, Pete Kornafel, vice chairman of

CARQUEST and GAAS Scholarship

Committee chair, provided an overview of

the scholarship program.

Kornafel said the committee, with 32

volunteer reviewers, had just under 500

applications in play. More than $140,000 in

scholarships will be awarded to about 100

U.S. and Canadian students, he said, adding

that Stant Corp. made a donation of $5,000

to assist the scholarship program.

William Strauss, senior economist and

economic advisor of the Federal Reserve

Bank of Chicago, once again was the leadoff

presenter at GAAS. His data and views

focused on the global and North American

economies, both near and long term. Strauss

said the domestic economy has little risk,

but a slowing economy in China and issues

within the European Union may affect the

overall financial arena.

In the automotive industry, Strauss said,

thousands of jobs have been added, and

new vehicle sales and the aftermarket parts

business appear to have a bright future. The

U.S. economy is growing at 2.3 percent for

the year and inflation should not be an issue

through 2013, he said.

Jeff Henning, Global Automotive

Markets Leader for Ernst & Young LLP,

provided a “Megatrends Presentation” that

focused on how business models, product

trends, government regulations, telematics,

social media, and other issues will drive the

industry in the future.

Collaboration among aftermarket

shareholders is paramount in creating a

positive business climate and adapting to

the trends of the market and what customers

want in the realm of vehicle customization

and personalization, Henning said.

In the University of the Aftermarket

Foundation presentation, Larry Pavey,

president of Federated Auto Parts, updated

GAAS attendees on foundation activities

and the importance of giving back to the



William Strauss, senior economist and

economic advisor of the Federal Reserve

Bank of Chicago, provided extensive

financial data about the general economy

and the automotive industry.

Pavey said the foundation, established in

1986, has the sole mission of supporting

education through grants and scholarships

to “foster future leaders in the industry.” To

date, more than $5.4 million in

endowments have been provided to those

who advance their education through

Leadership 2.0 and other programs offered

by the University of the Aftermarket for

industry professionals.

A panel discussion “Who Will Win the

Battle for the Vehicle Owners’ Business?”

was moderated by former GAAS Chairman

Dave Caracci. Panelists included Dennis

DesRosiers, founder and president of a

Canadian automotive consulting firm; Tom

Langer, president of TLG Research in

Milwaukee; and Bill Thompson, CEO of

IMR Inc., an automotive research company

based in Illinois.

Langer said that automotive franchises

have strong business models and have

gained market share, but there is a larger

turnover in that segment. “Independent

repair shops will survive, but only if they

keep up with technology and business

issues,” he said. Thompson noted that

while the number of dealership bays

declined in 2009, there is a bounce-back in

play, “but at the end of the day, independent

shops are not losing business.”

Facility design and appearance are

important issues, DesRosiers said, and all

panel members agreed that if proper

technician training is provided and

customer relationships are built by shops,

more motorists will be driven to patronize

independent repair facilities.

Continued on page 8









Exhibitors Space

Filling Rapidly





Nancy Friedman

The Telephone Doctor will share

“Seven Keys to Success”


• Variable Valve Train – taught by Louie Nelson; sponsored by

CARQUEST Technical Institute

• Intro to J2534 – taught by Jim Wilson, Auto Dynamics

• UREA, DEF, SCR CAT DPF Filters – taught by Luis Ruiz, Mechanics

Education Association (MEA)

• Control Area Networks (CAN) Systems – taught by Dave Scaler,

Mechanics Education Association (MEA)

• Effective Toyota Drivability Diagnosis – taught by Mike Hecht,

sponsored by Lou Fusz Automotive Network

• Lab Scope and Signals – taught by Jim Wilson, Auto Dynamics

• Advanced Electronics: Automotive Solid State Electronics –

taught by Dave Scaler, Mechanics Education Association (MEA)

• Import Charging Systems – taught by Louie Nelson; sponsored by

CARQUEST Technical Institute

• Computerized Body Electronics: BCM/PSDM/WCM Diagnosis –

taught by Luis Ruiz, Mechanics Education Association (MEA)

• Oxygen Sensor Training – sponsored by Al’s Automotive

• Addressing Steering Angle Sensor Resets & Electronic

Stability Control – Sponsored by Hunter Engineering


• How to be an Island of Excellence in an Ocean of

Mediocrity – taught by Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor

• Social Marketing – taught by Danny Sanchez, Autoshop Solutions, Inc.

• The Accountability Factor – taught by Rick White, 180 Business



Request your registration form today at AASPExcel@aol.com

or by calling the AASP-MO office at

636-949-5990 or 800-288-3863

This year the MTIA will be joining us with

their Annual Convention in conjunction with

the EXCEL Trade Show & Training Conference.

Parts & People July 2012 Page 7

GAAS addresses issues pertinent for all sectors of the aftermarket

Continued from page 7

In a presentation, “The Technology

Trifecta: Increased Sales, Lower Inventory,

and Reduced Operating Costs,” Dayco

President Ed Rammel said a commonsense

approach is to create efficiency and

reduce costs. He said that while some are

uncomfortable with technology, it is the

best bet to improve business. “We need

good data, data standards, and

collaboration to share the data with our

customers,” he said.

John Waraniak, vice president of vehicle

technology for SEMA, offered a

presentation, “Disruptive Growth: Driving

OEM and Aftermarket Collaboration.” He

stressed that the future of customization

must rely on greater collaboration, with the

aftermarket supplying parts to OEMs and

OEMs working with the aftermarket to

expand the personalization of vehicles.

Awards were presented to various

entities during the opening day sessions,

including the Mort Schwartz Excellence in


Brian Cruickshank (r.), AAP, receives the Mort Schwartz

Excellence in Education Award at GAAS from Scott

Luckett of AAIA.

Education Award that was presented to

Brian Cruickshank, AAP, director of

Northwood University’s University of the

Aftermarket. He was cited for his ongoing

efforts in promoting education resources to

aftermarket professionals through

Leadership 2.0 and other programs the

university provides.

In their eighth year

honoring outstanding efforts

in the control and distribution

of parts, the Polk Inventory

Efficiency Awards were

presented to the Timken Co.

in the manufacturer category

and to the Aftermarket Auto

Parts Alliance in the

retail/distribution category.

Both entities were hailed for

their process improvements

in the supply chain and

inventory efficiencies.

Awards were presented by

Mark Seng, Polk vice

president of aftermarket and

commercial vehicles, and CEO Stephen


Rounding out the first day of GAAS was

a panel discussion, “What’s Driving the

Supply Chain?” Industry experts reviewed

the need for inventory optimization, the

issues of parts supply and field support,

electronic ordering, the need to grow social

media, and the recruitment of top talent for

jobbers and installers.

The second day of GAAS began with a

presentation on the Aftermarket Foundation

by Terry O’Reilly, president and CEO of

Pricedex Software Inc. He said the

foundation is more than 50 years old and

geared to helping those in the aftermarket

when disasters, injuries, or personal

catastrophes occur. Details are available at


Final sessions included “The Aftermarket

on Wall Street,” a presentation by Bret

Jordan, managing director for BB&T

Capital Markets, who said there is pent-up

demand for tires, brakes, and other parts for

miles driven. He said there is an emerging

Internet exposure by aftermarket firms

marketing auto parts.

Derek Kaufman, president of C3

Network, made a presentation on the use of

apps in the industry, and “Market Science,”

which reviewed how managing products as

a strategic business unit drives profits and

adds value. The issues of collaboration with

suppliers and parts proliferation were also


Completing GAAS was a session,

“What’s in the Box? OEM vs. Aftermarket

Parts.” Moderated by Lucia Moretti, vice

president of Delphi, a panel of parts and

service professionals reviewed the quality

and appearance of parts, pricing issues, and

how parts are chosen at the installer level.

GAAS will convene again in Chicago

next May, and is sponsored by 12 trade

associations, the University of the

Aftermarket, financial groups, and

numerous trade publications including

Parts & People, and the corporate sponsor

is Polk. Proceeds from GAAS go to

scholarships that benefit students preparing

for careers in the automotive industry. n

Top US students are seeking

automotive aftermarket careers

Research Triangle Park, N.C.—The 99

U.S. students who received awards from the

Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium

(GAAS) scholarships, sponsors and donors,

are top students academically, according to a

recent analysis of the students’ applications

and transcripts.

“One of the primary goals of the GAAS

scholarship fund is to bring new talent into

the automotive aftermarket,” said Pete

Kornafel, chairman of the GAAS

scholarship committee. “Looking at our U.S.

scholarship winners for 2012-2013, we are

attracting the best and brightest to our


Not all schools list cumulative grade point

average (GPA) or class rank on student

transcripts, but among the recipients whose

transcripts showed this data, the data is as


• 82 percent of the recipients whose high

school transcripts listed GPA had a 3.0 or


• 52 percent of the recipients had a high

school GPA of 3.5 or better.

• 41 percent of the recipients whose high

school transcript listed class rank were in

the top one-fourth of their graduating


• 83 percent of the recipients listing class

rank were in the top half of their class.

Thirty-six of the 99 scholarship recipients

are already pursing their education in a postsecondary

program and submitted a

transcript with their post-secondary GPA.

Among those award winners, 69 percent

have a post-secondary GPA of 3.5 or better,

and 92 percent had a GPA of 3.0 or better.

“The need for more skilled repair

professionals is well-documented, so we are

especially pleased that 78 of the 99 U.S.

scholarship recipients are either already

enrolled in, or will enter, post-secondary

programs to become technicians in

mechanical, collision, or heavy duty/diesel

programs,” Kornafel said.

Additional scholarship funding comes

from industry contributions from

individuals, companies, and foundations.

Contributions can be made to the GAAS

Scholarship Fund, c/o Susan Medick at

AAIA, at susan.medick@aftermarket.org. n

Page 8 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

2 0 1 2







New Business




Sands Expo Center,

e Las Vegas, Nevada




Parts & People July 2012 Page 9

Auto Notes

Green tires? With the world’s rubber

supply in peril, tire producers are looking

for alternative manufacturing solutions.

Tom Sharkey, chair of the Michigan State

University biochemistry and molecular




isoprene, a gas

given off by

many trees,

ferns, and

mosses, could

be an ecofriendly


Tom Sharkey

Some plants use

it as a

mechanism to

tolerate heat stress, as opposed to most

crops, which stay cool through


Sharkey’s research team has measured

rates of isoprene emission from plants that

are used by the Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA) to predict loweratmosphere


levels. Using

models, the team

said the amounts of

isoprene made by

plants may be a

viable way to

produce a synthetic

version for the

rubber industry.

The majority of

tires are made from

latex-bearing trees,

but harvesting

rubber from these

trees to meet global

demands for vehicle

tires is not

sustainable. “Once it

was clear how much isoprene trees and

plants produce, and how biologically

produced isoprene could be a key

ingredient in making tires, it was a natural

wonder if we could produce isoprene on a

commercial scale,” Sharkey said. To that

NASCAR Champ Matt Kenseth (l.) and Ford’s Louisville

Assembly Plant Manager John Savona pose next to the new

2013 Ford Escape at the production facility.

end, the team has developed a way to

produce bio-isoprene using an enzyme

they have cloned.

“Rubber prices are rising, and the

competition for developing synthetic

rubber is heating up,” Sharkey said. “This

should help lead to effective ways to

engineer bio-isoprene and, ultimately, keep

costs low using this renewable alternative

source for rubber production.”

Ford pace car. The all-new 2013 Ford

Escape was the pace car at all three

NASCAR races at Kentucky Speedway in

June. The new Escape pace car was

unveiled at the totally renovated Ford

assembly plant in Louisville by two-time

Daytona 500 Champion Matt Kenseth.

Since its debut more than a decade ago,

the Escape has consistently been one of

the best-selling vehicles in the Ford lineup.

The 2013 version will

offer two EcoBoost

engine choices (1.6-L

and 2.0-L) and can

deliver up to 33 MPG

on the highway. The

small SUV also has

more cargo volume, a

trailer towing rate of

3,500 pounds, a

hands-free lift gate, an

active shutter grille

system for improved

aerodynamics, and an

Intelligent fourwheel-drive


that improves off-road

driving and utilizes

sensor inputs to turn

the vehicle in the direction the driver

wants it to go.

To prepare for the new Escape

production, the 3.1 million-square-foot

Louisville plant underwent a $600 million

upgrade, including vastly expanded

compiled by Jerold B. Smith

technology and automation processes. The

workforce at the plant has increased from

about 1,100 workers to more than 4,200.

Diesel celebration. As the U.S.

marked the 50th anniversary of National

Transportation Week recently, it was noted

by industry officials that clean diesel

powers the vast majority of America’s

trucks from coast to coast, and that clean

diesel is becoming increasingly more

important for personal transportation as


“As we celebrate the 50th anniversary,

it’s interesting to note that diesel power

continues to be America’s No. 1 freight

transportation energy source, just as it has

been for the past five decades,” said Allen

Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel

Technology Forum, a non-profit group that

promotes the use of clean diesel

technology. “It now has zero emissions,

and the new clean diesel technology is the

most efficient and cost-effective of all

transportation modes.”

Hot new Audi. Audi has debuted its

2013 S6 sedan that is powered by the

company’s new twin-turbocharged, directinjected

4.0-L V-8 engine that produces

420 HP. It also produces 406 lb.-ft. of

torque at just 1,400 RPM.

The all-new lightweight aluminum S6

has a seven-speed S-tronic transmission

coupled with Audi’s quattro permanent allwheel-drive

system. A sporty air

suspension system with variable damping

allows for improved handling, and the S6

can be equipped with either 19- or 20-inch


The 2013 Audi S6 offers new engine technology for improved

efficiency and emissions and can reach 0-60 MPH in just 4.8


On the interior, the S6 offers a sporty

elegance that includes a leather-wrapped

steering wheel, leather seating, aluminum

shift paddles, a Bose Surround-Sound

audio system, an Audi Drive Information

System, navigation system, and more. n

Page 10 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

EXCEL 2012 promises top-notch education tracks and trade show

by David Gerchen

St. Charles, Mo.—Come one, come all.

The Alliance of Automotive Service

Providers of Missouri (AASP-MO) will

host its 31st annual EXCEL Trade Show &

Training Conference, Sept. 7-9, at the St.

Charles Convention Center.

“The conference is open to the entire

industry, not just AASP-MO members,”

said Ron Reiling, executive director of


The event will

feature training

for mechanical

and collision

professionals, as

well as its annual

trade show,



Ron Reiling,

executive director of

AASP-MO, helps

bring together

mechanical and


professionals to learn

and network at the

EXCEL Trade Show &

Training Conference.


Friedman, a



speaker and

trainer also known

as “The


Doctor,” will

provide the

keynote address, “Seven Keys to Success,”

on Saturday, Reiling said.

Friedman will unveil the seven traits of

being successful and provide solid

information attendees can use in their

businesses immediately, he said. She will

also conduct a management session later in

the day, “How to be an Island of Success in

an Ocean of Mediocrity.”

There are three education tracks for

attendees: management, mechanical, and

collision, Reiling said.

In addition to Friedman’s Saturday

morning class, Danny Sanchez of

Autoshop Solutions Inc. will provide a

class on Social Marketing in the afternoon,

and Rick White of 180° Business Solutions

will teach a Sunday morning session, “The

Accountability Factor.

Reiling said collision professionals will

get to experience the popular and

informative Mike Anderson of Collision

Advice, who will teach two collision

management courses, “Leadership Best

Practices – How to Inspire, Delegate, and

Coach Your Team” and “Managing by

Process, Not by Luck.”

“Mechanical shops are learning how to

operate more leanly and efficiently from

their fellow member body shops,” Reiling

said. “Now mechanical shops are asking,

‘What can I do to become more lean, more

efficient?’ Well-trained technicians are

essential to making sure a shop is running

as best it can. People have asked, ‘What if

I train someone and they leave?’ My

answer is, ‘What if you don’t train them

and they stay?’”

I-CAR sanctioned training classes will

also be available, Reiling said.

Among the many mechanical classes

offered are “Effective Toyota Drivability

Diagnosis” by Mike Hecht, sponsored by

Lou Fusz Automotive Network; “Controller

Area Networks (CAN) Systems” by Dave

Scaler of Mechanics Education Association;

“UREA, DEF, SCR, CAT, DPF Filters” by

Luis Ruiz also of Mechanics Education

Contact your

local Kia dealer for

assistance and

delivery of your parts.

Suntrup Kia

3900 Lemay Ferry Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63125


Fax: 314-894-0391

Lou Fusz Kia

10964 Page Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63132



Auffenberg Kia

of Cape Girardeau

611 S. Kingshighway St.

Cape Girardeau, MO 63701



Zeiser Kia

Wood River

1911 E. Edwardsville Rd.

Wood River, IL 62095


Fax: 618-216-8032

Zeiser Kia

4955 Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy.

St. Peters, MO 63376



Mike Smith Kia

2101 Irvin Cobb Dr.

Paducah, KY 42003



Paul Cerame Kia

11655 New Halls Ferry

Florissant, MO 63033


Fax: 314-972-8890

Suntrup Kia West

14116 Manchester Rd.

Manchester, MO 63111



Fax: 636-591-2914

Association; and “Oxygen Sensor Training”

presented by sponsored by Al’s


Trade show attendees can look forward to

seeing more tools and equipment, Reiling

said. “People at the show say they like the

Equipment Extravaganza, so that’s what

they’ll see,” he said. A partial list of

exhibitors includes Autotech, O’Reilly Auto

Parts, NAPA, Automotive Technology Inc.,

Hunter Engineering, Community

Wholesale Tire, Ranken Technical Institute,

Stone Wheel, S&S, and BG Services.

Kia Genuine Parts.

MTIA to be held with EXCEL

For the first time, the event will be held

in conjunction with the Missouri Tire

Industry Association’s (MTIA) annual


Attendees of both will share meals,

breaks, and exhibit hall access, but hold

separate classes. “Here are two

organizations deciding to hold their

meetings at the same time and everyone

benefits,” Reiling said. “There will be more

people walking through the trade show to

Continued on page 12

For genuinely satisfied owners.

Record-breaking vehicle sales in 2011 made Kia one of the fastest

growing car companies in the United States. Specifying Kia

Genuine repair parts assures you of the original fit, finish, and

quality it takes to do the repairs right the first time, every time.

Keep your Kia customers satisfied by maintaining original Kia

standards with Kia Genuine repair parts: The only parts with the

Kia name and the Kia warranty.

©2012 KIA Motors America Inc.

Parts & People July 2012 Page 11

More than five decades pioneer engineering in the balancing industry








EXCEL 2012 promises top-notch

education tracks and trade show

Continued from page 11

see vendors, and the exhibitors get to see

more people without paying for two shows.

MTIA had been holding its event in August

at the Lake of the Ozarks each year, but

they decided they

wanted to try something

different this year.”

Joe Inchiostro of St.

Louis Wholesale Tire

will be inducted into the

MTIA Hall of Fame at

its award ceremony and

dinner Sept. 8, he said.


Outstanding Member of

the Year award will also be given during

the show at a Saturday morning breakfast


“I don’t know where you could go to

meet with so many like-minded

People have asked,

‘What if I train someone

and they leave?’

My answer is, ‘What if

you don’t train them

and they stay?’ ”

professionals, get three I-CAR points for

collision professionals, a trade show,

three breaks, two meals and an excellent

networking opportunity, all in a day and a

half,” Reiling said.

Early bird pricing to attend the Excel

Trade Show &

Training Conference

is $295 for

management classes,

$260 for mechanical

classes and $295 for I-

CAR classes. The

prices above include

three classes, one

breakfast, one lunch

and three breaks.

Registration forms can be requested at

AASPExcel@aol.com or by calling the

AASP-MO office at 636-949-5990 or

800-288-3863. Admission to the trade

show is free. n

CEMB USA / BL-Systems, Inc.

2873 Ramsey Rd.

Gainesville, GA 30501



Phone: 678-717-1050

Fax: 678-717-1056

Toll Free: 877-259-4335

Jasper Innovative Solutions receives

2011 USPS Supplier Excellence Award

Postal professionals presented JIS with the 2011 USPS Supplier Excellence Award

based on customer service rating, fill rate, and innovative ideas.

Leavenworth, Ind.—Jasper Innovative

Solutions (JIS) was selected as a winner

in the Supplier Excellence Award

Category of the 2011 USPS Supplier

Performance Award Program.

Postal professionals presented JIS with

the award based on customer service

rating, fill rate, and innovative ideas.

“Jasper Innovative Solutions is honored

to receive this award for service

excellence,” said Luke Bawel, JIS general

manager. “Being a 100-percent

associated-owned company, this award is

especially important to us. This shows

that our dedication to service excellence

is recognized. It has been our pleasure to

work with such a great team in the USPS.

As a supplier of vehicle parts, we are

dedicated to keeping the Postal Service’s

fleet moving forward. We greatly look

forward to our future, expanding our

relationship with USPS.”

Scott Figiel, JIS Sales and marketing

manager, said, “I am extremely honored

to receive this award with my fellow

associates. Through hard work and

dedication, we have set ourselves apart

from the competition … and our largest

customer has taken notice.

“The staff of Jasper Innovative

Solutions thanks all of the fleet managers,

supervisors, and storekeeper personnel.

Their continued support has made Jasper

Innovative Solutions what it is today.” n

Page 12 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Vendor relationships fuel second-generation Westwood Automotive

by David Gerchen

Kirkwood, Mo.—It could be said

that the quality of one’s relationships

defines a person or an organization.

If that’s true, Westwood Automotive,

an AAA Approved Auto Repair

Center, continues to thrive after

almost 50 years in business, in part,

because of its vendor relationships.

Both JoAnna Foree and Hugh

Bundy, one-half of the four siblings

who run Westwood Automotive, say

that vendor relationships have

helped them better serve their

customers. “We built the business

on relationships,” Foree said. “You

call people and they know your

voice — that’s just the kind of people we

deal with. I don’t jump around between

vendors just to save some money. I know

I’m going to get better service and delivery

by buying from the vendors who have

served me well.”

Westwood Automotive is distinctive for

another reason: it operates both a

mechanical repair and a body shop in the

same facility. The 15,000-square-foot

facility is divided equally between

mechanical and collision, and is the third

building in the history of the business,

Westwood Automotive’s co-owners, Hugh Bundy and JoAnna

Foree, each oversee their own mechanical and collision

divisions, respectively.

Foree said. “We’ve been in this location

since 1992, which was built for the

mechanical business

first. We kept doing

collision work at the

old location until we

finished this building

and moved the

collision work here.

We had been doing

mechanical work during the day and body

work at night at the old facility.”

“We built the business on

relationships … I don’t jump

around between vendors just

to save some money.”

Foree, Bundy, and their

two sisters operate the

business started by their

mother and stepfather, Joe

and Marge Mueller. Today,

Foree is president of

Westwood Automotive and

supervises the collision side

of the business and Bundy is

in charge of the mechanical

work. Their sister, Cindy

Poertner, is the bookkeeper

while sister Judy Bujnak is

the office manager.

Bundy lists Eagle/Lowe,

Stone Wheel, Stone Gate

Auto Parts, Al’s Automotive,

The Lou Fusz Network, Weber Chevrolet,

Royal Gate Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, Sunset

Ford, St. Louis

Honda, The


Automotive Group,

and Dean Team as

valued vendors.

“Royal Gate

delivers in 30-45

minutes. Who else does that? It’s gotten

me out of some jams,” Bundy said.

While Bundy keeps basic parts in

inventory, the speed and reliability of his

suppliers allows him to rely on them to

deliver what he needs rather than tie up his

money keeping parts on the shelves. He

has a parts room, but said, “We don’t stock

belts and hoses anymore because I can get

them from down the road at Stone Gate in

a half-hour or less.”

For the collision business, Foree said

Westwood uses many of the same

suppliers, such as The Lou Fusz Network,

Weber Chevrolet, Royal Gate

Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, Bommarito Nissan,

St. Louis Honda and Sunset Ford.

Recycled parts are bought from LKQ, JC

Auto & Truck Parts, St. James Auto &

Truck Parts, Liberty Auto Parts & Salvage

and Al’s Auto Salvage, she said. Enterprise

also plays an important role.

“Our relationship with Enterprise

Leasing goes back 20 plus years,” Bundy

said. “The ability to provide one-stop

service for rentals for our customers is


As they look at their business today,

Foree and Bundy said the collision shop is

somewhat busier than the mechanical side.

Bundy said he believes body work is less

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TPMS Sensors







Bartec Wheelrite

Tech300 Plus


Tech400 Plus


reset tool

30+ models


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(314) 427-4620


Parts & People July 2012 Page 13

Vendor relationships fuel secondgeneration

Westwood Automotive

Continued from page 13

likely to be impacted by the economy.

“Wrecks aren’t discriminatory,” he said.

Both sides of the business benefit from

one another. “Someone can

schedule an appointment

for mechanical work and

they’ll say, ‘The bumper is

damaged — can I get an

estimate while I’m here?’

It’s the best of both worlds,

actually,” Foree said.

There are 15 employees

at Westwood Automotive,

many of which have been

there for years and receive

health care and 401(k)

benefits, they said. Body

Shop Manager Mark Carter

has been with the shop

since 1996 and oversees

five employees who use a Garmat

paintbooth, Miller welders, and Car-O-

Liner frame equipment. Carter said the

shop sprays Sikkens “because the color

match and duarability are great.” Foree

added that Paint Representatives John

Copeland and Scott Almeyer also provide

excellent service.

Bundy’s team includes Service Writer

John Bruening and four technicians, who

now work with a recently purchased Hunter

alignment machine. “It cost a lot, but it’s

worth it for the fast alignment times,”

Bundy said.

Westwood mechanical and collision

technicians participate in regular training.

“We send our collision techs to EXCEL for

I-CAR training,” she said. Mechanical

techs receive training from ACDelco

Representative Tereva Corely, ASE

seminars and online training, Bundy added.

Foree said she has been involved with

the Alliance of Automotive Service

Westwood Automotive Body Shop Manager Mark

Carter (l.), and collision repair Technician Chad Walker

review the progress on a recent job.

Providers of Missouri (AASP-MO) for

several years since Westwood’s collision

division began and currently serves as

treasurer of the Gateway chapter and the

state chapter “You have to want to get

Mechanical Technician Robby Chandler is one of the

shop’s top employees, Co-Owner Hugh Bundy says.

involved,” she said. “I believe owners and

managers should come to the meetings

because there’s always valuable

information, even for people who don’t

want to get actively involved.”

The mechanical shop uses Mitchell

1/Shopkey and AllData software, while

Audatex and CCC One are used for the

body shop, they said, adding that the

systems meet their needs.

Keeping business flowing, especially for

the mechanical business, has been more

challenging in recent years, so Bundy said

he sends monthly service reminders with

coupons. “We used to do a newsletter but I

think it got stale. People were used to

seeing something from Westwood so they

started paying less attention. So I started

mailing the coupons and we’ve seen the

same kind of response that we used to get

from the newsletter each month. I am

thinking about going back to the newsletter,

though,” Bundy said. He mails to a list of

customers that are active within

the last 12-months for both

mechanical and collision, and

he is in the process of building

two new websites for the two

divisions, he said.

Community involvement

remains important to Westwood

Automotive, too. “We work

with Circle of Concern, a food

bank in nearby Valley Park,”

Foree said. “Also, customers

bring in books to distribute, we

collect turkeys and support

different local schools and

churches.” AASP-MO collects

for Toys For Tots each

November plus a coat drive, she

added. n

Page 14 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Collision Repair

Collision industry supports ‘standards’

of repair, but views vary on next steps

by John Yoswick

Representatives of a number of repairer

trade associations, I-CAR, and many of the

top automakers met this spring to discuss

increasing the amount and availability of

published OEM repair procedures.

The meeting was the result of a joint

statement by the trade

associations last November

stating that published

automaker repair procedures

should be the “official

industry-recognized repair

standards for collision repair.”

The associations also asked I-

CAR to create an industry

council “to identify gaps in

existing OEM procedures and

develop processes to close

[those] gaps.”

Although I-CAR has not yet

formally responded to the

association’s request, Aaron

Schulenburg of the Society of

Collision Repair Specialists

(SCRS) said that was among

the topics of discussion at the

meeting. In explaining the need for the

overall effort, Schulenburg cited an example

of a sectioning procedure in one of the

estimating systems that the system provider

defended by saying it wasn’t a procedure

that was expressly prohibited by the


“The OEM had a procedure,”

Schulenburg said. “The OEM said, ‘Put [the

sectioning] here.’ Should they also have to

say, ‘Don’t put it here, here, here or here?’”

Schulenburg pointed out that I-CAR no

longer recognizes some more generalized

sectioning procedures that previously were

considered industry-accepted because

vehicle makes and models have become so

different and specific in terms of what the

automakers recommend.

“That’s why we need to define that the

OEM-recommended procedure is our

standard of repair, and we need to work

collectively with the OEMs to fill in those

gaps (where procedures have not been

published),” Schulenburg said.

The meeting was among the latest in a

variety of ongoing efforts — sometimes

overlapping and sometimes conflicting —

related to the creation of formalized

“standards” in the collision repair industry.

Overseas model

a mixed bag

While the trade associations are focused

on OEM-based standards for the actual

vehicle repair work itself, a committee that

is an offshoot of the Collision Industry

Conference (CIC) has been working for a

year to develop a broader program of


Rather than just creating formalized

standards for the method of repair, the

committee envisions

industry standards for four

Ms: method, man,

machine, and materials. In

other words, not only

would the standards

establish repair

“methods,” but they

would also set a bar for

the types of technician

training and certifications

that are required (the

“man”), for the tools and

equipment a shop must

have (the “machine”), and

for the quality level of

paint, parts, and other

products that are used (the


Over a number of years,

the committee worked to pull together what

currently exists within the industry in terms

of standards. When it felt it was nearing

completion on what it could create in terms

of a document outlining industry standards,

it began to consider alternatives for

formalizing and implementing a standards


A model it has considered is one used in

the U.K. There, more than 840 shops (out of

an estimated 1,400 that participate in insurer

direct repair programs) have earned

certification under a four-year-old set of

repair standards. Although the standards

were developed by an inter-industry effort,

the implementation of those standards and

certification of the shops is overseen by

Thatcham, an insurer-funded research


“It’s basically a get-of-jail-free card for

insurers,” Chris Mann, publisher of

Bodyshop Magazine in the U.K., said of the

standards program. “If something goes

wrong and they are asked, ‘Why did you

choose this body shop?’ just saying, ‘It’s

cheap and it’s there’ is not a very good

answer to a court. But ‘I chose this body

shop because it is independently audited

through this standards program,’ means

you’ve taken the due care that a reasonable

organization should. I think that’s a big, big

plus for insurers.”

But Mann also points out that without

Lesley Upham of Thatcham

said the standards program

her organization oversees

in the United Kingdom

works because all

segments of the industry

had input and because it

has a “robust” auditing


Continued on page 16

Parts & People July 2012 Page 15

Collision industry supports ‘standards’ of repair, but views vary on next steps

Continued from page 15

such standards “against which their

suppliers can be measured ... the only

criteria insurers can use is price.”

Lesley Upham, director of commercial

development for Thatcham, said the U.K.

certification program works because it is

based on publicly available technical

standards developed with the collaboration

of all segments of the industry, and because

it includes a “robust independent audit


Certified shops also have the benefit of

using the “Kitemark” logo, somewhat

equivalent to the “Good Housekeeping” seal

of approval in this country in that it is

widely recognized by U.K. consumers as a

designation of some level of performance

among the companies and products that

have earned its use.

Study looks at US view

Still, implementing a U.K. model here

presents some challenges, including the

larger size (both geographically and in terms



High quality


car finishes


of number of shops) of the U.S. market. The

standards program in the U.K.

also comes at a cost to the

industry. Paul Gange, the

president and COO of Fix

Auto USA, said he’s observed

the U.K. market through a

similar Fix Auto organization

there, which includes about 70

shop franchises. Gange said

shops in the U.K. feel they

bear the burden of the costs of

the standards program, which

include $30,000 to $80,000 in

terms of an initial

implementation fee, along

with the equivalent of just

under $8,000 a year in annual


The committee working on

a possible standards program

in the U.S. recently released the findings

of a study it commissioned to gauge the

appetite among shops, insurers, and

vendors for formalized standards, and for

the possible creation of an official



If your paint cost is reducing

your bottom line, let us show

you how the high-quality,

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Russ Thrall, who cochairs

a committee

working to develop

collision industry

standards in the U.S.,

acknowledges there is

skepticism within the

industry over whether

such a program will be

implemented within the

next five years.

organization to finalize the development

and oversee implementation

of a standards program.

The study was designed

more like a focus group: Hourlong

conversational interviews

with more than 40 industry

representatives to develop

some sense of the industry’s

opinions regarding repair


The study found that all 18

shop representatives

interviewed said they would

support the standards effort;

generally less than 65 percent

of those in the other segments

(which included six shop

associations or networks)

concurred. Shop association

representatives, for example,

questioned what such a program is going to

do for shops, and said insurers should not be

Collision Repair Training Notes

I-CAR Training

For more information on registration

and class times, call 800-422-7872 or

visit www.i-car.com.

Nichols Career Center-

Jefferson City, Mo.

• July 10-Electrical Circuits and DVOM


• July 17-Aluminum Panels and

Structures Damage Analysis

• July 24-Cosmetic Straightening Steel

• July 31-Waterborne Products, Systems,

and Application

Holiday Inn-Springfield, Mo.

• July 11-Lighting, Starting, and

Charging Systems

• July 11-Surface Preparation and Masking

• July 12-Corrosion Protection

• July 12-Detailing

• Aug. 15-Frontal Impact Analysis

• Aug. 15-Restraints, Interior, Glass,

Side and Rear Impact Analysis

West Kentucky Collision Center-

Hopkinsville, Ky.

• July 10-Automotive Foams

• July 17-Steel Unitized Structures

Technologies and Repair

• July 24-Adhesive Bonding

• July 31-Lighting, Starting, and

Charging Systems

• Aug. 7-Movable Glass

• Aug. 14-Bolted-On Part Replacement

Hubler Express Collision-

Greenwood/Indianapolis, Ind.

• July 10-Electrical Circuits and

DVOM Usage

in a position to influence how vehicles are

repaired. Two of the six insurers interviewed

also said that insurers shouldn’t be involved

and that shops should drive the effort.

The complete 62-page report can be

downloaded at: http://tinyurl.com/8yy7nu8

The lack of consensus within the industry

on a number of aspects of industry standards

was perhaps most evident by one of the final

questions asked of respondents in the study.

Participants were asked what they see as the

likelihood that the repair standards initiative

would be implemented within the next five

years. Russ Thrall, who co-chairs the

standard committee, said that using a scale

of 1 (no chance) to 4 (definitely), most

respondents were somewhere in the middle.

“It leans toward ‘likely’ (a 3 on the

survey’s scale), but it’s more ‘perhaps’ (a

2 on the scale),” Thrall said. “So people

definitely aren’t sure it will be possible to

implement this within the next five

years.” n

• Aug. 7-Automotive Foams

Downtown Body & Glass Training

Center-Evansville, Ind.

• July 10-Automotive Foams

• July 24-Damage Analysis of Advanced

Automotive Systems

• July 17-Mechanical Systems Analysis

• Aug. 2-Wind Noise and Water Leaks

• Aug. 14-Adhesive Bonding

Church Brothers Collision-


• July 19-Plastic and Composite Repair

• July 31-Surface Preparation and Masking

• Aug. 16-Detailing

Chief University Training

For more information, call 800-445-9262

or visit www.chiefautomotive.com.

Training for the Technician-

Ranken Vocational College,

Automotive Center-St. Louis

• July 10-11-Computerized Measuring


• July 10-11-Full Frame Analysis &

Repair Planning

Training for the Estimator and

Appraiser-Ranken Vocational

College, Automotive Center-

St. Louis

• July 10-11-Structural Damage Analysis

• July 10-11-Advanced Frame Analysis

• July 10-11-Advanced Steering &

Suspension Analysis

• July 10-11-Design Based Repair n

Page 16 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com


With Envirobase ®

High Performance.

We’ve all had a crush on something. Maybe it was your first

car, or that cute girl back in third grade. Nowadays, painters

at collision centers across the nation are going wild over PPG’s

advanced waterborne basecoat—Envirobase High Performance.

The ability to precisely match factory waterborne finishes is

extraordinary. Blending? Amazingly easy.

Add the convenience of anti-settle toners that require no

mechanical agitation, plus the benefits of a cleaner,

healthier paint system—and you might just develop

a crush too.

©2012 PPG Industries All rights reserved. www.ppgrefinish.com

Parts & People July 2012 Page C-1

State Farm roles out mandatory use of PartsTrader program in select areas

Editor’s note: Parts & People will

provide additional perspective and

coverage of this initiative, including

interviews with shops currently using

PartsTrader, in next month’s issue.

by John Yoswick

As shops, dealerships, and trade

associations voice their opinions about

the impact of State Farm’s “testing,” or

roll-out, of its PartsTrader parts ordering

system, Parts & People compiled this

summary of how the system works.

As of mid-June, State Farm had rolled

out mandatory use of the PartsTrader

system for its Select Service shops in four

markets: Tucson, Ariz., Grand Rapids,

Mich., Charlotte, N.C., and Birmingham,


Select Service shops in those markets

prepare a preliminary estimate, and the

parts list for that estimate is pulled into

the PartsTrader system.

The shop designates how long vendors

(of both new and used parts) have to

respond with a price bid for any of the

parts listed. The default bid time in the

system is two hours, but it can be

changed by the shop (the minimum bid

time is one hour).

Once the deadline for bids has passed,

the shop selects the parts to be used and

updates the estimate with part types and

pricing before uploading the final

estimate to State Farm.

State Farm says the program doesn’t

have to disrupt a shop’s established

relationships with vendors. PartsTrader

works to engage, as participants, the

State Farm has touted the PartsTrader

parts ordering system as an effort to

improve efficiency. George Avery, Auto

Claim consultant with State Farm,

acknowledges that it currently requires

some re-keying of data and other

inefficiencies, but says those will be

resolved over time.

vendors that Select Service shops in a

market say they prefer to work with.

Shops can choose which participating

vendors have the opportunity to bid on

the parts they need, including having the

option to choose an “exclusive dealer.” If

a vendor that a shop wants to work with

doesn’t participate, the shop can request

that PartsTrader fax the parts order to that


The bidding for new OEM parts allows

the dealer to bid the manufacturers’

standard retail price that most dealers

currently use, or to offer a discount on

that price.

The dealer can also adjust the margin

offered to the shop. All of this

information is presented within

PartsTrader for each of the parts bid.

State Farm said that shops ultimately

decide which parts and vendors they use,

and are not obligated to choose the

lowest-priced parts. Shops have to

remember, however, that their overall

repair costs are being compared to other

Select Service shops.

“We have our [Select Service] scorecard

in place, and if others around you are more

competitive, it could have an impact,” said

George Avery, Auto Claim consultant with

State Farm

Though State Farm has touted the

system as an effort to improve efficiency,

Avery has acknowledged that it currently

requires some re-keying of data and other

inefficiencies, but said he believes those

will be resolved over time, much as

today’s estimating systems are more

efficient than they were when first

introduced. n

Page C-2 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Chip talks a little trash

Great design is about style, details, form and function. Whether it’s a one-off roadster or

an everyday object, my standards are the same—it has to work hard and look great. BASF

shares my passion for the best. I trust them for beautiful, world-class finishes and fast,

spot-on color matches. Having BASF in my shop was a slam-dunk decision.

To learn more, visit basfrefinish.com.

© 2011 BASF Corporation

Parts & People July 2012 Page C-3



All DEPO replacement lamps are developed and manufactured with over 32 years of engineering and

production expertise. That means a seamless fit during installation, no wasted time tweaking and adjusting,

requiring less effort to help keep your operation lean. We apply that tradition to all of our product lines,

including; Cooling Fan Assemblies, Door Handles, Window Regulators & Performance Lamps. Additionally,

DEPO’s CAPA certified lamps comply with the industry’s highest standards and insurers’ requirements.

For more information, please visit

www.maxzone.com or contact your nearest DEPO product distributor

OEM Lamps • OE Replacement Lamps • Performance Lamps • Door Handles • Window Regulators • Cooling Fan Assemblies

Page C-4 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Expanded collision repair training

offered at EXCEL conference

by Jay Sicht

St. Charles, Mo.—Collision repair shop

employees looking to get caught up on I-

CAR points can choose from six I-CAR

collision classes or from two collision

repair-specific management classes at the

EXCEL Trade Show & Training

Conference, held Sept. 7-9 at the St.

Charles Convention Center.

The Alliance of Automotive Service

Collision repair consultant Mike Anderson will

present two management seminars at the

EXCEL Trade Show & Training Conference,

Sept. 7-9, in St. Charles, Mo.

Providers of Missouri (AASP-MO) hosts

the annual event, and is offering an

expanded lineup of collision repair-specific

classes, Executive Director Ron Reiling


The trade show, which is free and open

to the public, will run Friday, Sept. 7, from

5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

on Saturday, Sept. 8.

Although AASP-MO members selected

the management and I-CAR classes to be

presented, Reiling stressed that one does

not need to be an AASP-MO member to

attend any of the training or classes,

although there is a fee for the classes for

both members and non-members.

Last year was the first time EXCEL

offered a collision repair-specific

management class, and the class, presented

by well-known collision repair consultant

Mike Anderson, was so well received that

he was brought back this year, Reiling


“He’s returning by popular demand,” he

said. “His information is pertinent and

he’s right on.”

Reiling said Anderson’s longtime

ownership of a collision repair facility until

recently means he has the real-world

experience to build trust with his audience.

“When you get the instructor who’s

‘been there, done that,’ it goes a long way,”

he said.

Anderson’s classes this year are

“Leadership Best Practices — How to

Inspire, Delegate, and Coach Your Team to

Success” and “Managing by Process, Not

by Luck.”

The first seminar is newly offered by

Anderson, Reiling said, and focuses on

taking information that is learned by a

manager from a book or seminar and

applying it in the real world. The second

seminar focuses on “lean” production and

its use of Standard Operating

Procedures (SOPs), and “reducing the

stress and chaos found in so many

shops today.”

I-CAR training classes offered this

year include “Waterborne Products,

Systems, and Application,” “Electric

and Electric Hybrid Vehicles,” “Best

Practices for High-Strength Steel

Repairs,” “Inspecting Repairs for

Quality Control,” “Restraint Systems

Damage Analysis,” and “Steel

Structures Damage Analysis.” Each

class is worth one point through


The classes were selected for what

knowledge is needed in today’s repair,

as well as having classes available for

every “role” in the shop designated by

I-CAR, such as Refinish Technician,

Estimator, Steel Structural Technician,

Structural Technician, Non-Structural

Technician, Electrical/Mechanical

Technician, and Auto Physical Damage

Appraiser, Reiling said.

In addition to the collision repairspecific

classes, there will be 11 technical

classes covering mechanical and electrical

systems including Controller Area

Network (CAN) systems and

computerized body electronics diagnosis.

Three generalized management classes

will be “How to be an Island of Excellence

in an Ocean of Mediocrity,” “Social

Marketing,” and “The Accountability


This is the fourth year EXCEL has been

at the St. Charles Convention Center after

being hosted many years at the Lake of the

Ozarks. Vendors and most show goers

appreciate the closer convenience, Reiling


“The majority of people can go home if

they want to and not pay for a hotel,” he


Class registration will be open until the

opening day of the convention, Reiling

said, and there is still booth space available

on the trade show floor.

To register or obtain a more detailed

schedule of events, call Reiling at 800-

288-3683, e-mail aaspmo@aol.com, or

visit www.aasp-mo.org. n

Autohaus BMW

3015 S. Hanley Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63143



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Hours: M-F 8am to 5:30pm

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When you’re performing collision repair on BMWs, you can’t afford to be concerned with

appearance alone. That’s why the best in the business always insist on Original BMW

Parts. Identical to those used in Series production, original BMW Parts deliver precise

fitment and incomparable quality, from the inside out. These parts are backed by a 24-

month/unlimited-mile warranty, plus technical support from your servicing BMW center.

In other words: With Original BMW Parts, what you see is exactly what you get.

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Genuine Parts

Suntrup Hyundai South County

5926 South Lindbergh Blvd

Toll Free: 800-727-8496 (until 5pm)

Local: 314-892-7790

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Parts & People July 2012 Page 17

ASA examines State Farm’s online parts ordering pilot and potential effects

Colleyville, Texas— The Automotive

Service Association (ASA) is gathering

information regarding State Farm’s plan to

implement use of the PartsTrader parts

ordering tool in collision repair facilities

participating in the State Farm Select

Service direct repair program.

“State Farm’s pilot program has a

potential to have a tremendous impact on

the collision repair industry and the

motoring public,” said Denise Caspersen,

ASA Collision Division manager. “It is vital

for ASA to approach this situation

methodically with an emphasis on facts to

ensure that the results of the pilot are in the

best interest of the collision repairer. ASA

has an obligation to provide our

membership, and the industry, as much

factual information as possible – just as

State Farm has an obligation to answer the

community’s concerns. ASA also has a

responsibility to address issues directly with

the parties involved to provide

recommendations and solutions benefitting

repairers, consumers, and the industry.”

An ASA Collision Division team

consisting of operations committee

members and staff recently interviewed

George Avery, State Farm’s claims

consultant, regarding the pilot program.

ASA has since posed some follow-up



Is Riding

On Used


#1 in




P.O. Box 565 Effingham, IL 62401-0565 email: autoparts@y-yard.com

Local: 217-536-6116 Fax: 217-536-5551 www.y-yard.com

questions and will issue further statements

as conversations continue. Several

additional interviews are being set up with

other industry parties involved in the

program. As each exchange is fact-checked

for clarity, updates will be shared with ASA

members and the industry at large.

Several of ASA’s volunteer leaders

representing the collision repair membership

also spoke with Rob Cooper, CEO of

PartsTrader. ASA’s questions focused on

implementation plans, supplier

qualifications, data extraction, and quality

checks on recommended parts. ASA is also

following up with Cooper for additional

questions and comments.

As ASA continues these industry

discussions, it is also seeking additional

comments from ASA members. ASA invites

members to continue to share their concerns,

comments, and experiences by contacting

Denise Caspersen at


“This pilot program, which reaches

beyond the insurer/repairer relationship, is at

a pivotal point to potentially allow

adjustments to the program as a result of

industry input and analysis. If this tool is to

go forward and benefit the entire industry, it

requires transparency, mutual

understanding, and collaboration. ASA is





M-F 7:30am - 5pm

Y Not

Ride On

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T V W X Y 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

Over 45 Acres of Quality, Recycled Parts for Domestic


96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15

and Import Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUV’s.

















committed to a collaborative process that

produces the best possible outcome for the

collision repairer,” Caspersen said.

Key questions are the financial impact of

this tool on collision repair facilities and

how this tool would be a part of providing

LKQ and Diamond Standard

to produce plated parts

Memphis, Tenn., and Chicago—

Keystone Automotive, an LKQ Co., and

Diamond Standard Parts have formed a

strategic alliance on U.S.-made front steel

bumper stampings. The combination of

bumper stamping in Ohio with plating in

Minnesota and Oklahoma provides a pivotal

supply chain solution to meet the expanded

North American market demand for CAPAcertified

and Diamond Standard front steel


The products carry the Keystone

Platinum Plus limited lifetime warranty (for

as long as the customer owns the vehicle),

which exceeds many of the standard OEM

warranties, and are available through

Keystone’s Assured Quality Replacement

Parts (AQRP) program.

Packaging of the Diamond Standard

bumpers, plated by Keystone Automotive,

will combine the brands of both companies

in an easily identifiable package displaying

“Platinum Plus” and “Diamond Standard”

logos for easy identification.

Diamond Standard’s commitment to the

the best possible repair to the motoring

public. n

Editor’s note: For more on this subject

visit www.partsandpeople.com.

industry continues as its certified SKU

count marches onward. To date, a total of 97

applications have been certified on chrome

and E-coat styles.

“The cooperative manufacturing effort

being done solely in America means more

U.S. jobs at a time when they are badly

needed,” said Michael O’Neal, president of

Diamond Standard. “Insurers and collision

centers alike expect and demand verifiable

quality and correct part delivery on all parts

and specifically structural parts. As a

certified manufacturer, we are confident our

structural parts are safe and reliable, as

proven by their CAPA certification.”

Terry Fortner, LKQ’s vice president of

Industry Relations and Market

Development, said, “LKQ Corp., the first

certified participant in the NSF Distributor

Certification Program, is pleased to

announce this strategic alliance. As a

forward step in our quality assurance

evolution, this adds another level of

confidence in our quality products that we

distribute.” n

PPG teams with BrandMuscle to provide

marketing, advertising materials

Strongsville, Ohio—PPG announced it

has partnered with BrandMuscle, a

provider of Web-based local marketing

automation software, to introduce PPG

Marketing on Demand, a suite of online

tools and services to help distributors and

collision repair facilities produce

customized marketing and advertising


PPG Marketing on Demand is available

to all PPG distributors and collision repair

centers in North America.

The new system provides a resource

distributors and body shops can access to

easily develop a variety of promotional

pieces to support their local businesses. At

the PPG Marketing on Demand website,

registered users can create professionalquality,

online business pages and display

ads, websites, e-mail campaigns, print ads,

brochures, door and mirror hangers, and


“We are passionate about helping our

distributors and collision repair centers

grow their businesses,” said Cristina

Fronzaglia, manager of marketing

communications for automotive refinish.

“Our goal is to help our customers gain a

competitive edge with their online and

offline marketing programs. By teaming

up with BrandMuscle, we’re able to assist

our customers in executing the types of

marketing programs that are often only

available to larger organizations.”

PPG is also providing distributors and

collision centers with direct access to

marketing professionals and media

specialists who can assist with tasks as

complicated as creating a marketing plan

or as simple as negotiating the best rate for

a local display ad. The time-saving service

allows business owners to focus on their

business operations.

In addition, PPG has secured discounted

rates to offer low-cost, professionalquality

production of printed materials.

Materials created using PPG Marketing on

Demand can be seamlessly routed to a

print vendor for production, with a two- or

three-day turnaround on most orders. n

Page 18 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Sales growth spurs DuPont distributor to move to new location

by Jay Sicht

O’Fallon, Mo.—After years of

continuous sales growth since

forming in 2008, Advantage PBE

Supplies moved into an expanded

storefront at 819 W. Terra Lane in

O’Fallon, Mo., in June.

The new location — 2,700

square feet — is nearly twice the

size of the previous one in St.

Charles, which was 1,500 square

feet, and allows extra space for

additional storage of DuPont

paint, body, and equipment

products and increased

efficiencies of how those products

are handled and delivered to

customers, Owner Greg Gibbs


“We are making the operations

more efficient,” he said. “Service

is everything, and time is


In addition to customers in O’Fallon and

nearby St. Charles and Wentzville,

Advantage serves customers in Hermann,

Mo., and in Southern Illinois, Gibbs said.

His staff, which he calls his “Team

Advantage,” is charged with taking care of

customers, whether it is taking a phone

order or making a shop delivery. Each

employee has a financial incentive to

reinforce the team concept, he said.

“The customer is the focus,” Gibbs said,

“and every one of us who is in front of the

customer is in sales…every one of us."

The former location did not have a

freight door, let alone a loading dock; both

are features provided by the new facility,

which occupies the corner of a strip mall.

Previously, product deliveries to

Advantage from manufacturers and

warehouse distributors would have been

dropped in the store’s front parking lot all

times of the day, rain or shine. With the

loading dock and room for a freightreceiving

area, employees can concentrate

on servicing customers in the store or on

the phone and get the freight checked in as

their schedule allows, Gibbs said.

Team Advantage worked about seven

weeks starting at 6 a.m. to get the new

space set up, including partition walls for

the showroom, mixing room, office,

warehouse space, and receiving area, he

said, adding that he credits General

Manager Randy Horst for his construction

expertise and help in getting construction


“It’s good to have a right-hand man like

that who is so committed,” Gibbs said.

The welcoming showroom, with

laminate wood flooring and modern

fixtures, showcases all of Advantage’s

Greg Gibbs (c.), owner of Advantage PBE Supplies, recently

moved into a larger store in O’Fallon, Mo., with a modern

showroom. From l., General Manager Randy Horst, Co-owner

Ginger Gibbs, Driver Larry Korte, and Sales Associate Jeremy

Bowen are part of Team Advantage. Not pictured are

Bookkeeper Nancy Peters, and Driver Josh Needham.

paint and supplies, including products

from each DuPont Performance Coatings

paint brand carried by the store: Spies

Hecker, DuPont and its ChromaBase line,

and Nason.

“We even had customers

help me move. That’s when

you know you’re doing

something right.”

“We cover the whole market,” Gibbs

said, “including the walk-in customer and

used-car lots. Every product has its

purpose. When we walk into a collision

center, we think about what product best

One Call

Does It All

Automotive Group

fits their environment, their

customer, and what is best

for their budget.”

Of all of the products

currently sold, he said, about

60 percent of his sales are in

the premium Spies Hecker

brand, 30 percent in the

standard DuPont

ChromaBase line, and 10

percent in the value-driven

Nason line.

“Our European line, Spies

Hecker, is geared for

productivity,” Gibbs said.

“It’s a simple system, with

only one hardener needed for

the entire system. Out of all

the products we carry, it’s the

one I prefer to shoot for its

coverage and productivity.”

New to Advantage is

DuPont’s Imron 3.5 line of

light-industrial coatings, he said, noting

that the polyurethane paint can be used

direct-to-metal and mixed in one of two

different ratios depending on if it will be

used indoors or outdoors. Other product

lines he has recently taken on and

increasing in popularity are DuPont’s

Cromax Pro and Spies Hecker’s Hi-Tec

waterborne lines, he added. Contrasting

with competitive waterborne offerings,

those two do not need to flash between

coats, he said.

“It’s an ‘all-in-one’ coat-and-a-half

application,” Gibbs said. I believe our

waterborne systems’ productivity, in either

Cromax Pro or Spies Hecker Hi-Tec, beats

that of our competitors.”

Behind the new counter are two

AcquireRx color spectrophotometers and

Collision Parts Wholesale Hotline

314-892-7790 • 800-727-8496

Das Auto.

variant decks of sprayed-out colors. Those

color tools are in addition to DuPont’s

VINdicator system, which uses data from

vehicles rolling off a manufacturer’s

assembly line to help determine the variant

most often used for the vehicle built in the

time period corresponding to the VIN,

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Parts Int’l Co.



We specialize in:

Auto Body Parts

• Bumpers/Covers/Reinforcements

• Hoods/Fenders/Inner Fenders

• Grilles/Header Panels/Lamps

Cooling System Parts

• Cooling Fan Assemblies

• Radiators/Radiator Supports

• A/C Condensers

Capa Certified Parts Available

“Our business is to

help you do yours.”

607 Lambert Pointe Dr.

Hazelwood, MO 63042


Toll Free: 888-288-5889

Fax: 314-731-5556


Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm

Fax: 314-892-4256 • Email: parts@suntrup.com

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Sales growth spurs DuPont distributor to move to new location

Continued from page 19

Gibbs said. Combined, the tools help

ensure Advantage can assist a collision

repair shop in achieving the best color

match possible, he said.

"DuPont has the best color tools in the

industry," Gibbs said.




There is also room at

the new facility to hold

training seminars for

about a dozen people, he

said, which is not an

option he had before.

DuPont has a training

center in nearby

Maryland Heights for

product training

involving application of

product in a spray booth,

he added.

“If a customer needs

training locally, we’ve

got it,” he said.

High vacancies in the

current commercial real

estate market mean that

Advantage PBE Supplies General Manager Randy Horst

retrieves a color formula using one of four computers at the

new store in O’Fallon, Mo.

rent is lower and the cost to expand was

less than it would have been a few years

ago, Gibbs said.

Besides Horst, Gibbs credits his wife,

Emily, and mother, Ginger Gibbs, who is

co-owner and his mentor, and DuPont

Representatives Scott Denny and Tim

Wilder (whose “services are incredibly

important”) with aiding the transition to

the new space. Bookkeeper Nancy

Peters also helped, he added.

“This was a big effort to do this,”

Gibbs said. “We even had customers

help me move. That’s when you know

you’re doing something right. They

want to succeed, but they want to see me

succeed, too. I enjoy this business; I

want to be here 20 years from now. I am

going to be successful.” n

Since 1932, a leader

in the automotive

recycling industry!

• 10 acres of inventory!

• Focus on late-model salvage,

domestic & foreign!

• Free delivery in St. Louis

region and parts of IL!

3628 Cass Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63113




Toyota Motor Sales donates $32,000 through CREF

Hoffman Estates, Ill.—Toyota Motor

Sales U.S.A. donated $32,000 in collision

repair training support for secondary and

post-secondary collision instructors

through the Collision Repair Education

Foundation (CREF). Toyota donated 25

vouchers for their collision repair and

refinish training classes held at three

training center locations around the

country, valued at $400 each, and 10

Toyota Techstream Lite devices that

include two-year Toyota TIS subscription

certificates. These in-kind product

donations will be offered to those

instructors that have applied for the

Education Foundation’s Ultimate

Collision Education Makeover school

grant in the past and will assist in

providing up-to-date technical repair


John Saia, Technical & Body Training

Development manager at Toyota, said,

“This donation will go a long way in

support of collision repair and refinish

training for schools, collision instructors,

and students. We can bring instructors up

to date with our Collision Repair &

Refinish training program, and provide

repair details and tools that equip

collision instructors and students with

state of the art diagnostic tools, repair

procedures, and information. In the end,

this direct support helps the entire

collision repair industry and our


Robb Cowell, Auto Collision Repair &

Refinishing Instructor at Colonial High

School (Orlando, Fla.) said, “Much can

be gained by instructors attending these

training sessions. I always tell my

students about the Lexus refinishing

process and how highly regarded the

finish of their vehicles is held in the


Robert Winfrey, Auto Body

Technologies Instructor at South

Piedmont Community College (Polkton,

N.C.) said, “It is not often that school

instructors are able to attend this type of

training and bring that technical

knowledge back to the classroom for the

benefit of the students.”

Industry members and companies

interested in supporting secondary and

post-secondary school’s collision

programs should contact Associate

Director of Development Brandon

Eckenrode at Brandon.Eckenrode@edfoundation.org.


Genuine Parts

Call any of these dealerships for genuine Subaru parts.

Page 20 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

O’Reilly team pulls together after fire to quickly relocate to new store

by Jay Sicht

Columbia, Mo.—The phone

rang in the wee hours of Sunday

morning, April 1, rudely jerking

O’Reilly Auto Parts District

Manager Chris Meade from his

slumber. It was Territory Sales

Manager Joel Swartz calling. A

customer driving by the store at

106A Business Loop 70 West had

called Swartz to tell him he saw

smoke or fire coming from the


“As I’m putting my shoes on,

my wife says, ‘You know, today is

April Fool’s Day,’” Meade

recalled with a smile.

But it was no joke. As he

briefly reflected on whether

Swartz would have the audacity to

pull such a prank, Meade said, he got

another call — this time from Store

Manager Kevin Schnepf — saying that the

alarm company had called to tell him

multiple alarms were ringing at the store.

As he neared the store, Meade’s fears

were confirmed when he saw fire trucks

already on the scene. By 5:10 a.m. or so, he

said, fire had already penetrated the roof.

“I got on the phone immediately to

Springfield headquarters,” Meade said. “I

knew this had to be bad. I called Ken Cope,

divisional vice president. I said, ‘Ken, the

Business Loop store is on fire, and I can’t

imagine it being anything but a total loss.’”

Meade said over the course of the next

hour, he talked to Cope probably seven

times as they started the ball rolling to get

replacement inventory on the way, get the

construction crew to start on and complete a

planned move and renovation to another

location, and strategize how to keep

O’Reilly Auto Parts District Manager Chris Meade,

(second from l.), and Store 4087 Manager Kevin

Schnepf (third from l.) say teamwork got their

business back up and running in their new

expanded space after fire consumed the former


employed the 39 employees who normally

work at store 4087.

The loss of the nearly 10,000-square-foot

Business Loop store, which had expanded

several times since opening in 1985, was

significant because of its role beyond being

a retail business and supplier to wholesale

customers. It regularly served as a hub for

distribution to 17 stores in a 30-mile radius,

and at times serviced 28 stores as far as 70

miles away.

Fortunately, Meade said, O’Reilly had

already purchased a replacement building, a

recently vacated 14,800-square-foot Aldi

grocery store, in September and had

planned to move into it in late May. The

plan was to move wholesale, hub, and

O’Reilly Autocolor (paint, body, and

equipment sales and support) operations to

the new store at 711 Business Loop 70 East

and keep the old one as a retail storefront,

he said.

Getting things back to normal required

the teamwork of a number of team

members, a term O’Reilly uses to describe

its employees.

The first priority was re-establishing

wholesale operations for Columbia,

including sales of paint and related supplies,

Meade said. The second was to ramp up

the schedule of construction, moving, and

inventory delivery to the new store.

By 10:00 a.m., as the fire raged on more

than five hours after the Columbia Fire

Department was alerted, Cope and Regional

Manager Todd Kemper were on their way

from Springfield, Meade said. By 2:00

p.m., he said, Cope, Kemper, and Meade

had already met with store managers of the

Business Loop store, the other three stores

in Columbia, and the store in Jefferson City,

Mo., along with key team members.

“We put together a plan for 39 team

members showing up for work Monday

morning at store 4087,” Meade said. “We

gave everybody their assignments and

dispersed team members throughout.”

Hub operations were temporarily moved

Personal Service

Technical Representation

Greg Gibbs, Owner

to the Jefferson City store, as it had the

second-largest inventory and the largest

space, Meade said. For the next two weeks,

the Kansas City distribution center, which

services the area, made twice-daily hotshot

deliveries in addition to its normal

overnight deliveries.

The store off Nifong Boulevard in

Columbia gave up its training room to

house shelved inventory of paint, body and

equipment (PB&E), as the Business Loop

store was the store in town servicing large

collision-repair shops.

“We couldn’t mix paint, but we at least

had sealed containers,” Meade said. “We

sent the Autocolor team to Jeff City and

mixed paint there.”

Three new delivery trucks were

immediately purchased to provide hotshot

deliveries from Jefferson City to Columbia,

Meade said.

Sales crews consisting of territory sales

managers and regional field managers

“blitzed” the Columbia market and handed

out stickers with new phone numbers, he

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A new standard in

ease of use,

production time

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O’FALLON, MO 63366



Weir Parts Center is all about service excellence. We have a knowledgeable and personable staff

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employees, and 56 delivery trucks on the road, we strive to be the best Parts Department in

the region, by offering quality original equipment parts, outstanding service, and daily delivery to

give you the ultimate customer experience.


PHONE: 800.334.1379 www.weirparts.com FAX: 866.678.4894 Red Bud, IL

Parts & People July 2012 Page 21

O’Reilly team quickly relocates to new store after fire


St. Peters, MO



Mon. - Fri. 7:30 am - 7 pm

Sat. 8 am - 5 pm

Serving Greater St. Louis

and West to Columbia

SEPTEMBER 7-9 • 2012



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“We explained it would be business as

usual, that we have nine in-town trucks

from this store and added a couple more to

ensure delivery service would be topnotch,”

Meade said.

Construction crews worked around the

clock from Tuesday, April 3, through Easter

Sunday, April 8, to remodel the space and

install new electrical wiring and a fire

suppression system, Meade said. Crews

added shelving and stocked the store from

11 semi-truck loads of parts. Because

manufacturers usually will stock a new

store, it was extra work for the distribution

centers in Kansas City, Mo., and Springfield

to get inventory together and ship it, he


“By Friday, April 13, we had all of the

product up and the doors open for business

on the retail side. By Monday, we had the

commercial side open,” he said.

The new paint mixing room, which holds

mixing machines for five DuPont

Performance Coatings paint lines and two

X-Pert semi-automated paint mixing

systems, is the largest in the company, at 14

feet by 28 feet, Meade said.

“It’s quite often that we’re mixing more

than one mix at a time,” said Jay Summers,



Meet Mike Anderson!

Mike Anderson of Collision Advice brings his informative and entertaining

style to the AASP-MO EXCEL Trade Show and Training Conference. Mike

will teach two collision management courses: How to Inspire, Delegate

and Coach Your Team and Managing by Process, NOT by Luck.


Choose from 6 different I-CAR classes that will be

taught over two days. Earn up to three I-CAR points in

areas ranging from High Strength Steel to Electric and

Hybrid Vehicles.



Request your registration form today at AASPExcel@aol.com

or by calling the AASP-MO office at

636-949-5990 or 800-288-3863

PB&E Specialist Jay Summers uses an X-

Pert paint mixing system to pour a custom

mix. Toners have to be manually loaded

into the X-Pert but are poured using

computerized control and a hydraulic

actuator, a process that eliminates

overpours as long as the lid is clean.

one of four PB&E specialists at the store.

“It takes out the human error of overpours.

It’s actually faster because it’s easier to use.

You do have to clean the mixing lid after

every pour, but that’s not very tedious.”

Less than two months after the fire,

Meade said, things are starting to become

routine at the new location, which is fully

staffed with a store manager, one day and

one night assistant manager, three installer

specialists dispatching 17 drivers, five route

trucks and nine in-town trucks, 16 parts

specialists; and two merchandiser/stockers

who put away freight after checking it in at

4 a.m., he said.

Inventory is now deeper and wider for all

products at the new store, , Meade said.

Meade said his understanding is the fire

marshal ruled that the fire began at ceiling

level or higher, which suggested that it may

have started in an electrical junction box.

The remodeled store meets current code,

which requires a sophisticated firesuppression

system, multiple sprinklers, and

alarms that sound if water pressure drops

(to indicate an active sprinkler head), along

with heat detectors.

Delivery trucks were not damaged in the

blaze, although their keys were stored in the

building. As it turned out, firefighters

routinely remove desks from burning

buildings when they can to help preserve

valuables, and truck keys were among

useful items recovered, Meade said. n

‘PBES Connect’ helps PBE

distributors keep competitive edge

Bethesda, Md.—As part of its ongoing

“PBES Connect” learning series, the Paint,

Body & Equipment Specialists (PBES)

segment of the Automotive Aftermarket

Industry Association (AAIA) recently gave

PBE distributors the opportunity to obtain a

competitive advantage with its latest session,

“How Will Your Customers Thrive?”

Continuing its success, PBES scheduled the

next Connect event for July 17-18, at the

Hyatt Regency San Antonio, in conjunction

with I-CAR meetings.

PBES Connect is an ongoing

informational series tailored specifically to

the needs of PBE distributors and supply

chain members, and demonstrates the

segment’s commitment to providing quality

educational and networking opportunities

that help create professional insight.

Typically held in conjunction with the

Collision Industry Conference (CIC), the

programs provide in-depth exploration of the

industry’s most critical and complex issues,

including those affecting the collision repair

customers supported by PBE professionals.

The April meeting featured a presentation

by George Avery, auto estimatics consultant,

State Farm Insurance, on the insurer’s

electronic parts ordering initiative and a

counterpoint by Aaron Schulenburg,

executive director, Society Collision Repair

Specialists (SCRS). The result was a

thorough examination of a multi-faceted,

high-impact issue handled with an

uncommon depth and balance.

“This was a great opportunity to hear

both sides of the new State Farm parts

policy,” said Joe Mattos, chairman, Pro

Finishes Plus. “They presented the

reasoning behind their respective positions

and the downstream effects they perceived

the program would have on the industry.

The audience then got the chance to ask

about their role in supporting their body

shop customers’ response to this new

dynamic. It was a rare opportunity;

everyone in attendance got something

positive out of it.”

Guy Bargnes, PBES committee chair,

said, “We’re bringing forward the kind of

material that makes our PBE distributor

audience more rounded on the issues of the

day. This makes them more of an asset when

they go back to their local markets to consult

with their collision repair customers. Jobbers

and repairers gain a true competitive

advantage as a result.”

For more information or to register,

contact Paul Fiore at

paul.fiore@aftermarket.org. n

Page 22 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Federated Auto Parts group keys in

on business technology for members

by Jerold B. Smith

Phoenix—In addition to marketing,

advertising, racing programs, new product

lines, and the Co-Man warehouse expansion,

information technology was a major focus of

discussion at the recent Federated Auto Parts

national meeting.

An opening afternoon

session provided members

with extensive updates on

electronic ordering, e-

commerce, the Enchanced

Supply Chain, and other

solutions that allow

Federated members more

efficient auto parts

processing from either the

main warehouse in

Virginia or direct orders to

parts manufacturers.

Moderated by Herb

Godschalk, co-president

of Fisher Auto Parts and

the Federated Auto Parts

IT Committee chairman, the session allowed

electronic solution providers to present

updates on systems in play at Federated and

what will be available in the future.

Godschalk said that Federated has hired

Al Joyner for the newly created position of

director of data management to handle the

expanding electronic solutions being offered

by Federated to its members. Joyner, a 25-

year automotive industry veteran, was the

director of data management for Uni-Select,

where he was responsible for data content, e-

business solutions, e-commerce, and data

warehouse functions. He also spent several

years at Parts Depot, where he served as vice

president of operations support, overseeing

functions that included inventory

management, web development, store

operations support, and marketing.

Systems relating to the Internet Data

Exchange (IDE) from GCommerce enable

Federated members and customers to

exchange documents electronically,

regardless of the business systems or

document format. GCommerce

representatives said the system eliminates

the manual processing of phone and fax

orders, with no expensive hardware or

software to purchase or install.

“We take advantage of almost all of the

aspects of the GCommerce system because

it supplies us real-time data, such as what

specific parts of our orders will be shipped

by Federated,” said Tim Trudnowski,

president of Automotive Jobbers Supply in

Spokane, Wash., one of Federated’s oldest


The GCommerce system also has a VIC

(Virtual Inventory Control) system for

special orders that has all Federated vendors

Fisher Auto Parts Co-president

and the Federated Auto Parts IT

Committee Chairman Herb

Godschalk moderated the IT

and technology meeting during

the recent Federated Auto Parts

national meeting in Phoenix.

on one site and provides one automated

method for all ordering. Godschalk said 44

members are currently participating in the

VIC system process.

The OptiCat electronic catalog data

system is another burgeoning program with

Federated and its

members. An enhanced

electronic catalog data

process, OptiCat was

designed to accelerate and

broaden product

information used in parts

distributors’ catalog



representatives said.

OptiCat provides realtime

data for more than

130 brands of auto parts

and makes information

more accurate at the

point-of-sale time, they

said. Detailed images and

product attributes are available on the


The Enhanced Supply Chain that

Federated adopted allows for the sharing of

inventory information in a secure manner,

Trudnowski said. “As an example, if we

have a request for an oddball part, instead of

contacting our supplier in, say, Tennessee or

elsewhere, we can check inventories at other

Federated warehouses closer to us. If they

have the part, we may be able to get it

quicker and make the sale,” he said.

Tom Hager of WHI, an e-commerce

solutions firm recently purchased by eBay,

outlined the B2B and B2C aspects of selling

parts on the Internet and systems that allow

Federated members to increase sales with

expanded cataloging features.

Federated’s Autoi system allows parts

outlets or service installers to look up

vehicle parts using an electronic parts

catalog and easily order needed parts with

no software required, just a log-in, Hager

said. The Autoi Professional system offers a

software program that is downloaded and

installed on computers, and includes a POS

system in addition to the electronic parts


Godschalk described the systems

available to Federated members as an

aggressive process to enhance data, improve

ordering, and create more efficiencies in the

flow and control of parts inventories on all

levels. He said with the advancements of

systems available to Federated members and

their customers, as well as the hiring of

Joyner to run the IT division, Federated

members have the opportunity to increase

sales and have better control of parts

systems. n

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© 2012, Chrysler Group LLC. All rights reserved. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Mopar are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC. Printed in U.S.A.

Parts & People July 2012 Page 23

Jefferson City new-car dealerships now serving expanded territory

Continued from page 1

“Dennis, my assistant, had been working

on getting business from around the Lake,”

Yardley said. “With dealerships closing

down in that area, it gave us an opportunity

to sell more parts there. We had meetings

with the other citywide dealers in October

2009 with the intent to begin offering this

service, something unique for this area.”

Clark said he had previously worked at a

Camdenton dealership for eight years, so he

knew well the repair shops and other

dealerships in the Lake of the Ozarks area.

With the larger domestic dealerships on

board, the group approached other dealers

in Jefferson City, they said.

Although not everyone was at first

enthused about the cost and logistics of

going after additional wholesale business,

Yardley said, they were won over by the

easy buy-in of the program. He said he

keeps records of parts delivered and

expenses of vehicle operation that month.

At the end of the month, each dealer is

invoiced a percentage according to how

many tickets that dealer generated for the


Delivery Driver Nathan Schulte has been

the route salesman and driver since the

beginning of the program, he said, and in

Capitol Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Parts

Manager Willard Yardley (l.) and Delivery

Driver Nathan Schulte offer customers in

central Missouri deliveries as often as twice

a day through the Mid Missouri Parts


the beginning was making many “cold”

sales calls. But today, he said, he’s kept

busy making so many deliveries (27 on the

morning Parts & People spoke with him)

that he doesn’t often have time for sales

calls. He travels to each dealership in the

morning to pick up any parts going out that

day. For the afternoon run, for which he

leaves between noon and 12:30 p.m.,

parts are brought to Riley Chevrolet —

the southernmost dealership in town — to

reduce delays caused by driving in dense

lunchtime traffic.

Most customers in larger towns receive

deliveries twice a day, Schulte said, with

those a little more off the beaten path

being serviced only in the morning. The

current route, a 2-1/2-hour loop primarily

on Highways 54 and 5, extends from

Jefferson City to Macks Creek to the

south and Versailles to the west, he said.

With competitors

from nearly all

directions selling to

Lake customers, Clark

said, the dealers

needed a marketing


“And how we could

do that was with

service,” Clark said,

noting that Schulte has a

good rapport with

customers and has to be

efficient to get both runs completed in a

timely manner.

“It takes the right person to run that

truck,” he said. “He deserves a lot of


Joe Machens Ford Lincoln in Columbia,

Mo., about 30 miles to the north, had been

delivering to the Lake area for many years,

and continues to do so. Although one

dealership doesn’t actively pursue the

other’s customer, each is free to sell to

whomever it wishes, Clark said.

“It makes for a better working

relationship with Bob (Tighe, parts manager

at Joe Machens Ford Lincoln in

Columbia),” he said. “We’ve got a couple

of customers who deal with both stores,

even, whether it’s because we don’t have it

or the times of our delivery that work for


The Columbia store sells to more

collision-repair shops than the Jefferson

City store, Clark noted, which specializes in

mechanical repair parts.

The group has been sending a separate

truck north to Columbia once a day since

the first of the year, Clark said, and that

route still offers much promise.

All parts managers said there are

manufacturer programs that allow them to

offer pricing competitive

with, and often cheaper

than, aftermarket

offerings from program

distribution parts stores

or big-name powertrain


Riley Chevrolet Buick

GMC Cadillac Parts

Manager Doug Williams

said GM’s

“overPOWER the

Competition” program

allows price-matching against aftermarket

parts for engines, transmissions, cylinder

heads, manifolds, turbochargers, transfer

case-actuators, and harmonic balancers.

GM’s “Bump the Competition” program

allows him to compete with aftermarket

crash parts through a price-matching

program on parts such as bumper fasciae,

headlights, grilles, hoods, and fenders — all

common, fast-moving inventory, he said.

“I’ve put in stock a lot of what normally

would take me two days to get, so we have

same-day coverage for a lot of body shops,”

he said. “Shops can check with us to see if

the part is covered on the program, and a lot

of times we can sell them the OE part at the

aftermarket price.” n

Chilton partners with WHI Solutions

Clifton Park, N.Y.—Chilton has

announced an agreement with WHI

Solutions to provide updates to Chilton’s

ChiltonPRO and ChiltonEstimating

products. Through this new agreement, all

ChiltonPRO and ChiltonEstimating users

with WHI/Nexpart credentials will now

have the ability to create estimates using

real-time parts prices and have access to

distributor’s inventory.

Nexpart from WHI Solutions has

accelerated Internet parts ordering and

allows service dealers, car dealerships,

fleets, national accounts, government

agencies, and distributors to order parts

quickly and easily over the Internet from

their parts suppliers. The service, now

incorporated into ChiltonPRO and

ChiltonEstimating, allows customers to

“Shops can check

with us to see if the

part is covered on the

program, and a lot of

times we can sell them

the OE part at the

aftermarket price.”

obtain immediate parts pricing and

inventory to include in customer estimates.

Chilton customers add their WHI/Nexpart

credentials (provided by distributors) into

the administration page of ChiltonPRO or

ChiltonEstimating to access the new


“We are excited to incorporate the

proven technology of WHI Solutions with

two of our best-selling products,” said Greg

Clayton, vice president of Cengage

Learning. “We work hard to continually

add content and increase the functionality

of our products – in this case, ChiltonPRO

and ChiltonEstimating. Users will find that

it is now easier than ever to diagnose,

repair, and create accurate estimates for

their customers, with the new features from

WHI Solutions.” n

Page 24 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

You Can’t Lose with Federated Car Care

… one of the nation’s s most comprehensive support programs for


professional service technicians.

One lucky Car Care e Center member will win an all-expense paid trip to to Las Vegas for the 2012 AAPEX

show and leave Las Vegas with a cool Chevy SSR as s the grand prize winner of the exclusive Federated Car

Care “Let it Ride” sweepstakes. Hundreds of other prizes will also be awarded.

To o learn more about about the the Federated Federated Car Car Care Care Center Center er program program and and the the “Let “Let it Ride” it Ride”



visit www.FederatedAutoParts.com.


All Federated Car Care members enrolled by August 31, 2012 are eligible to win. For more information, contact your local Federated ted

Auto Parts distributor.


Parts & People July 2012 Page 25

New J2534 technology will impact automakers and device manufacturers

by Dick DeLoach

Palm Springs, Calif.—At

ToolTech 2012, presented by

the Equipment & Tool Institute

(ETI) at the Riviera Resort &

Spa in Palm Springs, Greg

Potter, director of automotive

sales at DG Technologies, said

studies indicate that seven out

of 10 vehicles on the road

today require a calibration

update of some kind, during

his session, “The New J2534

… What Will Version 05 Mean

To You?”

Potter, who is also a past

president of ETI and an I-CAR

board member, added,

“Technicians exploring J2534

will find that it’s a technology that is not

only growing, but is becoming essential for

fixing driveability, fuel efficiency, power

loss, and fault code issues.”

J2534, the document number of the SAE

standard for “recommended practice for

pass-thru vehicle programming” for

communications between a computer and a

vehicle, has gone through many changes

since its creation by government mandate.

Potter said the SAE J2534 specification is

at the core of much of the “right to repair”


30 Acres

of Inventory!

debate. “Proposed state

and national ‘Right to

Repair’ bills aim to require

that dealerships provide

the same service and

repair information to

independent shops as they

do their own dealership

service departments.


regulations require all

automakers provide a

J2534 service to everyone

in the U.S. for re-flashing


controllers,” he said. “If

you own a SAE J2534

Pass-Thru device, you can

re-flash and, in some

cases, diagnose vehicles with factory


This specification has been going through

an overhaul, which Potter said has taken

several years to accomplish. “The OEMs

store their information in different tool

architectures,” Potter said, “and it is very

challenging – and expensive – to put the

data into a standard that is flexible enough

to hold any kind of OEM data for any kind

of ECU.”

J2534 version 05 is about ready to be

Greg Potter, director of

automotive sales at DG

Technologies, says J2534-

05 will be easier to write

conformance test cases

for because most of the

ambiguities have been


Auto & Truck Parts

Quality Since 1960 All Things Automotive!

New & Used Auto & Truck Parts

Quality Used Engines

Aftermarket Parts

published, he said, and there are differences

that will impact both automakers and

device manufacturers.

SAE J2534-1 defined an application

program interface (API) that can be used by

vehicle manufacturers for reprogramming

emission-related modules, Potter said.

“This interface also includes some

capabilities that may not be required for

reprogramming,” he said, “but allows the

interface to be used for other purposes

without placing a significant burden on the

interface manufacturers.”

Many OEMs also wanted a standard for

reprogramming other modules not

“emission related,” Potter said. Those

instructions were added into version 2.

“Conformance test cases are planned for

J2534-2 features also,” he said. “All the

changes being made to the J2534-1

framework will be reflected in the J2534-2


Potter said SAE J2534-3 defined a set of

conformance test cases, which can be used

to check an interface’s compliance with

SAE J2534-1.

Changes to J2534-4 include some nonbackward

compatible changes required for

unambiguous conformance test

specifications, he said. “Changes and

Mechanical Repair Training Notes

Automotive Research

and Design

For more information and to register,

visit www.go2hev.com, e-mail

training@go2hev.com. All times are EDT.


• July 9-Automotive Electrical Basics

applied to Hybrid Vehicle Systems:

Looking back before moving forward.

7-8 p.m.

Federal Mogul Training

For more information, call 888-771-6005

or visit www.federal-mogul.com/training.

clarifications related to error handling, the

ability to discover available devices, and

minor editorial changes were made.”

As for J2534-5, Potter said there is a

higher likelihood that the J2534-1 API

implemented by various vendors will be

similar with less room for interpretation. “It

will be easier to write conformance test

cases as most of the ambiguities have been


The changes will result in the vendors and

OEMs having to redevelop or modify their

existing API implementations and

applications respectively, Potter said.

Potter said some features like

“Simultaneous CAN” will become

redundant due to the introduction of the

logical channel concept and hence will be


There is a proposal from the National

Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)

for the specification to be split into several

individually “ballotable” documents, he


“During this restructuring, all the

sections are being thoroughly reviewed

and clarifications are being added,”

Potter said. “This will be presented at the

next electrical/electronic diagnostics

meeting.” n

• Aug. 1-Misfire Enhanced Diagnostics

CARQUEST Technical


To register, contact your local CARQUEST

store or visit http://carquest.com/carquest/


Location TBD-Moline, Ill.

• July 16-17-Supplement Restraint System

Diagnosis & Repair

Location TBD-Bloomington, Ill.

• Aug. 1-2-Vehicle Valvetrains: Operation

and Diagnosis


To the greater St. Louis area, Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Missouri, Springfield

and West Central Illinois, Northeast Missouri, Southeast Iowa and all points in between.

JC uses major truck lines and UPS for daily, nationwide

shipping, assuring you of on-time delivery, every time!

www.jcautoparts.com Call Toll-Free 800-678-4900


Federal Mogul Technical Education

Center—St. Louis

• July 9-10-Advanced Steering &

Suspension Diagnostics

• July 11-12-ABS/Stability and Traction

Control Diagnostics

• July 23-24-Automotive Electronics


• July 25-27-Engine Performance and

Driveability I

NAPA AutoTech Training

For more information or to register,

visit www.napaautotech.com.

AAA Auto Club of Missouri-

St. Louis

• July 11-Scan Tool Dynamics Diesel


Location TBD-Richmond, Ind.

• July 25-26-Developing a Diagnostic

Game Plan

Location TBD-Columbia, Mo.

• July 30-31-Body Control System

Diagnosis: Lighting Systems

Location TBD-St. Joseph, Mo.

• Aug. 1-2-Gasoline Direct Injection


ACDelco Training

For more information, visit


St Louis Training Center-St Louis

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Page 26 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

APSA restructures, adds chairmen and committee members at state level

by Matthew Sevart

Austin, Texas—Wholesale distributors

and other Automotive Parts & Service

Association (APSA) members will have

more autonomy in state chapters while

operating under the APSA umbrella. The

changes are a result of a restructuring

process that’s in its final stages, APSA

President Jim Quinten said.

The regional association, made up

predominantly of


distributors, which

is represented by

state chapters in

Arkansas, Colorado,

Iowa, Kansas,

Missouri, Nebraska,

New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and

Wyoming, will have a representative

chairman from each state who will work

with a committee of three to five members,

organizing state meetings, promoting

member benefits, recruiting new members,

and tracking legislative issues, Quinten


“When we took on all the other states,

they already had individual state

associations,” Quinten said. “With the

merger, they felt like they lost their identity,

and that is not what we wanted. That is

their state association, and we want to have

chairmen and committees set up so they

can work together on the overall chapter


In addition to chairman and committee

representation, each state chapter will have

a new title reflecting the state it represents,

such as APSA-Missouri.

Each state will also have a member

newsletter with information pertinent to the

state association and nationally, much of

which will include updates on legislative


Currently there are no major legislative

issues on the table, though Quinten said an

Oklahoma bill was recently brought forth

by Sen. Rob Johnson to mandate customer

approval before using certain aftermarket

parts. With the assistance of AAIA,

“Everything we do, any

program we have, is designed

to help our members with

their bottom line.”

NAPA, CARQUEST, Autozone, and

Advance Auto Parts, as well as e-mail and

social media blasts to APSA-Oklahoma

members, enough awareness was created

and the bill was pulled by the senator who

filed it.

“We had a better response in that

situation than any other,” he said. “It pays

testament to what can happen when the

people in the industry come together.”

Last year, Quinten

said he picked up

some pointers on

social media during

the Global




(GAAS), and has since implemented

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts

for APSA.

Facebook and Twitter took on a

prominent role in spreading the message to

APSA members in Oklahoma, Quinten


“We are largely communicating through

e-mail and social media now, even with our

newsletter,” he said. “We are so much

further along than we were a couple years

ago. We now have about 70 percent of our

members on e-mail, which makes it easy to

communicate, especially on legislative


“We get a lot of feedback from our

members through social media,” he said.

“Taking advantage of new technologies

and embracing change is something we’re

trying to promote across all of the


Most recently, Quinten said, APSA has

changed the availability structure of the

401(k) programs, which are now accessible

to all APSA members through a partnership

with Pinnacle/Lincoln Financial.

“We can now bring all members under

the ASPA 401(k) umbrella,” he said. “They

don’t have to have an individual program,

which eliminates a lot of cost. There is also

no limit as far as the number of employees

wanting to be involved — even just one

could sign up, and there are less reporting


“Everything we do, any program we

have, is designed to help our members with

their bottom line,” he said.

For more information about APSA,

contact Jim Quinten at

jim.quinten@apsassociation.com n



When it comes to wholesale Mopar parts,

Crown Motors has the competition beat.

Wholesale mechanical parts & powertrain


800-996-2566 • 573-431-8973

*Orders must be placed before 5 p.m. Delivery is not to exceed 100 miles of dealership.

Free UPS


970 E. Woodlawn Dr. • Farmington, MO • fax: 573-431-8561

When you contact

our advertisers

tell them you saw it in

Parts & People.

They will appreciate it

and so will we.

Parts & People July 2012 Page 27

AASP designates Mitchell 1 as association’s preferred supplier for SocialCRM

Poway, Calif.—Mitchell 1 has

announced that the Alliance of

Automotive Service Providers (AASP)

has designated the company’s

SocialCRM customer retention and new

customer acquisition service as the

association’s preferred choice for loyalty

marketing programs. AASP is a national

association representing the automotive

service industry in the U.S. with affiliate

members that represent more than 8,500

automotive aftermarket businesses in 22


“We would like to thank the Alliance of

Automotive Service Providers for giving

us this great support for our SocialCRM

service with its affiliates across the

country,” said Brad Fockler, national

accounts manager for Mitchell 1.

“SocialCRM will benefit their

membership by providing the best and

most comprehensive way of reaching an

entire customer database with a unique

marketing message, while attracting new

customers through authentic reviews and

increased Internet visibility. One of the

best aspects about it is we do all of the

work so members can concentrate on

running their businesses.”

Benefits of using Mitchell 1’s


The Customer Review System allows a

shop’s customers to create reviews of the

service, which are automatically verified

as authentic customer reviews. These

reviews, with keywords added to

optimize performance, create search

engine-friendly links, driving the shops

search visibility upwards where new

customers can find them.

Stay connected to

current customers

Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM integrates

seamlessly with the shop’s management

system, calculating mileage history and

combining that with specific maintenance

schedules to determine next

recommended services. It includes free e-

mail matching with the shop’s customer

database, target market promotions, a

library of e-mail and postcard art and

customizable large-format postcards,

artwork and logos.

Social media working

for members

The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM support

agent sets up a Facebook page for

maximum word-of-mouth marketing.

Compelling content, AutoNetTV videos

and customer reviews are automatically

pushed to the shop’s Facebook page on a

regular basis to keep the shop visible and

customers engaged. Facebook links are

included in the “thank-you” e-mails and

on the consumer’s personalized vehicle

maintenance website,


Reputation boost

Customer reviews are posted to the

Internet, complete with overall

Mechanical Repair Training Notes

Continued from page 26

• July 17-Computer Controls and Ignition

System Diagnostics

• July 19-Electrical Power Management

Automotive Training


For more information or to register,

call 888-471-5800 or visit


Location TBD-Peoria, Ill.

• July 22-Think Like a CEO

Location TBD-Springfield, Ill.

• July 28-Think Like a CEO

satisfaction star ratings and review

comments. The Customer Review System

can also verify which reviews are from

actual customers, which studies prove are

typically higher than unverified reviews.

With ReScore, shops can ask for a

follow-up review once they’ve had the

opportunity to resolve a customer

concern. This service also includes

automatic low-score alerts, actual

customer verification, links to the shop’s

website and the ability to respond to

customer reviews. n

Location TBD-St. Louis

• July 29-Think Like a CEO

Hunter Engineering


For more information or to register,

call 800-448-6848 ext. 1 or visit


Bridgeton Training Center-

Bridgeton, Mo.

• July 30-Aug. 1-Alignment Fundamentals

Level I

• July 30-Aug. 3-Combination Fundamentals

Intermediate Level II

• Aug. 2-3-Intermediate Alignment Level II n

Since 1936



Your Full-Service Castrol Partner

From Bulk To Drums To Cases

Discover the Difference

Hartog Oil has partnered with

customers for over 75 years providing

more than product and profit.

We offer customer retention

programs and advertising

reimbursement second to none

in the industry.

. . .

One-to-One assistance & programs

to improve your premium product

sales opportunities.

For more information contact:

Dave Hartog


(314) 522-1616

(800) 535-3835

888-680-6025 Ask about our computerized “keep fill” programs

to maximize inventory turns.

Page 28 July 2012 Parts & People www.partsandpeople.com

Cooper’s Keys to Auto Repair Profits

Hire the superstars and build

your business at the same time

One of the most common questions our

Elite coaches are asked is, “How do I find

the superstar technicians and service

advisors?” Interestingly, what most shop

owners will do is wait until they need a

tech or advisor before they start their

search. Unfortunately, when they use this

technique they inevitably end

up hiring the best of whoever

happens to be available at the

time, rather than the best of

the best. So if you are looking

to hire the stars, my first

recommendation is that you

always need to be recruiting,

and the best way of doing so is

by ensuring that the superstar

there’s a good probability that they will

start to feel more comfortable with your

brand, because as I mentioned earlier,

people do business with people, not with

businesses. Additionally, imagine how

powerful the influence will be over the

readers who actually recognize your

employee as a family member,

friend or acquaintance.

Now here’s where the

benefits of this approach

become even more obvious. Not

only will putting your

employees in print be a really

nice way to let them know just

how proud of them you are, but

just think about the message

techs and advisors in your

community are aware of your

Bob Cooper you are sending and the buzz

that’s going to be created in

business, and that they understand that

your shop is a really great place to work.

As I am sure you will agree, with rare

exception the superstars are currently

employed, and they are more than likely

pleased with their jobs. So what you need

to do in order to ultimately hire any of

these stars is put first things first. You

need to connect with them, because people

go to work for people, not for businesses.

So the million-dollar question is: How do

you connect with the stars? Well, it’s

actually a lot easier than you might think.

You need to do what your competitors

would never dream of doing, and reach

the stars through their family members,

their friends and their industry associates.

Here is how you can achieve this objective

through the use of print media.

Run display ads in your community

newspapers with a theme communicating

that your shop is the right place for people

to have their cars serviced, because you

employ truly remarkable people. Then in

each one of these ads you should feature a

different employee. Before you jump to a

conclusion that this won’t work for you, I

ask that you keep an open mind.

If your ad carries a nice close-up or

portrait shot of one of your employees,

along with their name, their position and a

few kind words about who they are, then I

will make you a number of promises. First

of all, far more people will look at your

ad, because people are always attracted to

images of people. Secondly, the curiosity

of your readers will inevitably kick in, and

they will start to wonder if the person in

the photo is someone they know,

your community. You are communicating

that you have truly talented people

working for you and that you are the type

of shop that will run an ad just to give

your employees the acknowledgement

they deserve. The uniqueness of this

message will have the tool truck drivers,

the part suppliers, and the loved ones of

the superstar advisors and techs talking

about your ad, and you guessed it —

they’re going to be talking about your

shop as well.

So if you want to hire the superstars, I

am going to hope you never forget a

couple of cardinal rules. Number one, you

always need to be recruiting. Otherwise,

you’re doomed to hire the best of whoever

happens to be available at the time.

Secondly, if you want to reach the stars,

then I am going to hope you never forget

that the easiest way to do it is through

their family, friends and acquaintances. If

you agree with me, then I have every

reason to believe you will also agree that

running print ads showcasing your

employees will not only help you build

your brand, but it will show the superstar

techs and advisors in your community that

you truly care about the people who work

with you, and will get them thinking about

your shop.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Since 1990 Bob Cooper has been the

president of Elite Worldwide Inc., an

ethics-based company that offers shop

owners sales, marketing, and management

solutions in the form of downloadable

audio training courses, seminars, and

webinars, coaching services, and service

especially if your shop is in a smaller advisor training. You can contact Cooper

community. Now that you have your at contact@eliteworldwidestore.com, or at

readers’attention, as well as their curiosity,

800-204-3548. n

Your Parts Source For All Things Ford!

Over 25 Years Combined VW

parts experience

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Hot Shot Deliveries

Substantial VW Parts Inventory

Use Only Original

Nissan Parts

Refined To


Genuine Honda parts.

Free Local Delivery

Same Day Shipping

Courteous & Professional


Toll Free 800-731-8270

Fax 314-731-0974

675 Dunn Road • Hazelwood, MO

Over 99 years collective

Nissan parts experience

Hot Shot Deliveries

Sizeable Parts Inventory

661 Dunn Road • Hazelwood, MO


fax: 314.731.4062


Over 58 years combined

Honda parts experience

Hot Shot Deliveries

Extensive Inventory

4 Delivery Trucks

toll free: 800.731.8270

fax: 314.595.7277


330 Brookes Dr. • Hazelwood, MO 63042

Why VW

With strength, solidity, and premium materials,

Volkswagen quality is easy to recognize.




of Hazelwood


400 Brookes Dr. • Hazelwood, MO

800-731-8270 • FAX: 314-595-7434

Parts & People July 2012 Page 29

People & Places

compiled by David Gerchen


White Auto Body in Florissant,

recently recognized Mike Opich for 20

years of service. Opich, an body repair

technician, is ASEcertified

as a Master

Collision Repair &

Refinish Technician

and is ASE’s highest

scoring Master

Collision Technician.

Mike Opich

was recently

recognized for 20

years of service

with White Auto

Body, in


Opich has achieved

I-CAR Platinum status

and is a graduate of

Ranken Technical


AMS Automotive

LLC appointed Don

Keeling as director of Business

Development. Keeling joins AMS with

more than 19 years of sales and sales

management experience in the automotive

aftermarket. Keeling will be responsible

with identifying new business and product

opportunities to continue the expansion of

AMS Automotive. In addition, Keeling will

work directly with program distribution

groups, along with key accounts and


St. Louis Community College at

Forest Park announced the retirement of

Mitchell Walker, M.Ed. Walker was the

department chair of the Automotive &

Diesel Technology program for 20 years

and taught at St. Louis Community College

for 30 years.


Mitchell Walker retires as Automotive &

Diesel Technology Department Chair at St.

Louis Community College at Forest Park.

A golf tournament benefiting the Metro

Vocational & Technical Assistance

Program was held June 13 at the

Meramac Lakes Golf Course in St. Clair.

About 100 St. Louis area automotive

vendors, shop owners and managers and

technicians participated to raise scholarship

money for Ranken Technical College.

Other area vocational schools North

County Technical High School, South

County Technical High School, and Lewis

& Clark Career Center also benefited.

Some money collected was directed to pay

high school students’ dues to belong to

The Dents Express team of, from l., David

Whitney, Ed Brinkmann, Andy Meyer and

Dan Hohenstein won the Metro Vocational

& Technical Assistance Program Golf

Tournament in St. Clair, Mo., with a team

score of 53.

SkillsUSA, a $50 cash prize for the best

mailbox art at the Ranken Technical

College Car Show, award money to firstplace

winners for district SkillsUSA

competition and state winners, and repairs

on equipment.

The winner of the scramble was a team

from Dents Express, which scored a 53.


PartsChannel Inc. announced it

acquired Alliance Collision Parts

LLC., a company based in Indianapolis

that distributes automobile collision

replacement parts. Terms of the transaction

were not disclosed. Fred Koppold,

Alliance Collision’s general manager in

Indianapolis, will continue to serve in the

same capacity with PartsChannel.


The Automotive Parts and Service

Association of Illinois (APSA-IL)

awarded scholarships for the 2012-2013

academic year. Two students received $500

awards: Jesse Brian of Olney, Southern

Illinois University, Carbondale, and Ryan

Hoelscher of Effingham, Southern

Illinois University, Carbondale. Applicants

for APSA-IL 2012-2013 scholarships were

taken through the automotive scholarship




Global Temperature Control

(GTC) announced that it has acquired

Santech Industries. GTC also owns

Global Parts Distributors (GPD).

GPD and Santech will operate

independently as related companies as

automotive aftermarket suppliers of air

conditioning compressors and components.

The combined company has operations in

the Southeast and the Southwest as well as

regional warehouses stretching from

Philadelphia to California. The

management teams of both companies will

remain in their current positions.

LKQ Corp. invites car enthusiasts to

show off their best and brightest car

projects by submitting an entry to LKQ’s

2013 Car Calendar Contest. Thirteen

winners will have their classic, custom, or

project car or truck featured in the 2013

edition of the LKQ Car Calendar. The

Grand Prize winner will have his or her

vehicle emblazoned on the cover of the

2013 Car Calendar, and will be going on an

expense-paid trip to the 2012 SEMA Show

in Las Vegas. The 12 runners-up will each

receive a $100 gift certificate for

Goodmark products. Everyone who enters

the contest will receive a complimentary

2013 Car Calendar and a special contest T-

shirt, while supplies last. To enter, submit a

high-resolution photo of your car or truck

no later than Aug. 15. For complete entry

details, visit www.LKQCarCalendar.com.

The Tire Industry Association

(TIA) announced that it has made a

contribution of $50,000 to advance the TIA

Foundation’s educational efforts. The

2012 TIA Foundation fundraising drive has

enjoyed enthusiastic support, with seven

tire and retread manufacturers having

pledged support so far this year. The

companies are Bridgestone Americas,

Cooper Tire and Rubber Co., Goodyear

Tire & Rubber Co., Kumho Tire, Michelin

North America, Yokohama Tire Corp., and

Marangoni Tread North America.

Chief Automotive Technologies

again sponsored the Collision Repair

Technology Championship at the

SkillsUSA 48th annual National

Leadership and Skills Conference

in Kansas City, June 23-27. This was the

26th straight year that Chief has sponsored

the event, in which state winners compete

to be named national champions. More

than 15,000 students, teachers, and

business partners participated in this year’s

SkillsUSA Conference. The event ran all

week, with the SkillsUSA Championships

taking place June 26, in H. Roe Bartle Hall

and Municipal Auditorium. More than

5,600 outstanding career and technical

education students competed hands-on in

Students competing in the annual

Collision Repair Technology

Championship at the SkillsUSA National

Leadership and Skills Conference 2011

are briefed on the next day’s contest.

Chief Automotive Technologies sponsored

the Collision Repair Technology

Championship for the 26th year.

94 different trade, technical, and leadership

fields. Students work against the clock and

one another to prove their expertise.

Northwood University has

developed a scholarship program for the

sons and daughters of aftermarket

professionals. The $3,000 scholarships are

awarded to any qualified student whose

parent or parents work in the automotive or

heavy-duty aftermarket. Northwood

University has the only fully accredited

bachelor’s degree program in management

and aftermarket studies in the U.S. The

scholarship is in addition to other merit

scholarships for qualifying students from

the University. A campaign is under way to

raise additional matching dollars from

individuals and companies within the

industry. The long-term goal is to fund 50

full-tuition scholarships for the

undergraduate aftermarket program at

Northwood University. The $3,000

scholarship is in effect for freshmen

beginning their aftermarket studies in the

fall of 2012 on the Michigan, Florida, or

Texas campuses of Northwood University.

I-CAR has announced its lineup of

panelists for the general session at the

2012 I-CAR Industry Event, whose

theme is “Driving Excellence.” Panelists

will center their discussion on industry

excellence, how to achieve industry-wide

and business-specific excellence in repair

methods, and business performance and

professionalism. The panel discussion will

be moderated by Vincent Romans,

founding partner of the Romans Group

LLC, and will include the following seven

panelists, representing various segments of

the collision industry: Tim O’Day,

president and COO, Gerber Collision &

Glass; Will Johnston, COO and coowner,

AutoBody America; Geralynn

Kottschade, owner, Jerry’s Body Shop;

James Roach, senior vice president,

Parts & Service Division, American Honda

Motor Co. Inc.; Darren Huggins,

national collision director, Van Tuyl Auto

Group; Susanna Gotsch, director and

industry analyst, CCC Information

Services; and George Avery, auto claim

consultant, P & C Claims, State Farm.

This year’s event will be at the Hyatt

Regency San Antonio, July 18–20, and will

coincide with several other industry

meetings during the same week. The

general session will wrap up with I-CAR’s

response to the repair procedures request

that was submitted to I-CAR at a previous

CIC meeting, and will include participation

by members of the I-CAR Board.

R. L. Polk & Co. honored The Timken

Co. and Aftermarket Auto Parts

Alliance Inc. with the 2012 Polk

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At the presentation of the

Retailer/Distributor 2012 Polk Inventory

Efficiency Award to the Aftermarket Auto

Parts Alliance are, from l., Mark Seng, vice

president, aftermarket and commercial

vehicle and Polk’s global aftermarket

practice leader; John Washbish, president

and CEO of the Alliance; Jerry Carnline,

data services director of the Alliance; Dale

Hopkins, CIO of the Alliance; and Stephen

Polk, chairman, president, and CEO of

R. L. Polk & Co.

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Inventory Efficiency Award during a

ceremony at the Global Automotive

Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) at the

Hyatt Regency O’Hare near Chicago in

May. The Polk Inventory Efficiency Award

program recognizes and rewards

outstanding aftermarket companies for

process improvements in supply chain and

inventory efficiency. This year’s awards

were presented by Mark Seng, vice

president, aftermarket and commercial

vehicle and Polk’s global aftermarket

practice leader, and Stephen Polk,

chairman, president, and CEO of R. L.

Polk & Co.


At the presentation of the Manufacturer

2012 Polk Inventory Efficiency Award to

The Timken Co. are, from l., Mark Seng,

vice president, aftermarket and

commercial vehicle and Polk’s global

aftermarket practice leader; Michael

Peace, national sales manager at Timken;

Tom Tecklenberg, director, global

aftermarket, at Timken; Kim Rudy, global

replenishment manager at Timken; and

Stephen Polk, chairman, president, and

CEO, R. L. Polk & Co.

KYB Americas Corp. was honored

by Federated Auto Parts as the 2011

Co-Man Vendor of the Year during the

group’s national meeting in Phoenix, Ariz.

The award is presented each year to a

vendor who has shown outstanding

dedication and support to the Federated

Co-Man operation and programs.

Federated members have Internet access to

the Co-Man warehouse to check inventory,

place orders, download descriptions,

images, attributes, and bar code

information, as well as receive monthly

updates with new part numbers and price

changes. The Co-Man program is owned

completely by the Federated membership,

with management decisions and direction

made by a council of 12 members who

CARQUEST US leadership changes

with veteran staff in new roles

Raleigh, N.C.—General Parts

International Inc. President and CEO O.

Temple Sloan III announced that

CARQUEST U.S. President Mike Broderick

has decided to leave the company. In the

interim, Sloan will assume responsibility for

the CARQUEST U.S. business, and David

McCartney, EVP CIO for GPI Technologies,

will lead Information Technology and

Supply Chain operations.

“McCartney’s management experience

and knowledge of the industry makes him

the right person for this position,” Sloan

said. “With more than 20 years in leadership

of distribution operations, including

warehousing, transportation, and customer

service functions, he will have an immediate

impact on supply chain operations.”

Ken Bush has been promoted to senior

vice president of Merchandising and

Marketing, and Braxton O’Neal has been

promoted to senior vice president of Global

Product Supply, both reporting directly to


Bush will lead Merchandising and

Marketing. He joined CARQUEST in July

2006 as vice president of National Account

Sales and transitioned to division vice

president of Store Operations and Sales

and, most recently, vice president of

Merchandising. Bush has more than 24

years in the industry in various positions

including Merchandising, Store Operations,

and Commercial Sales and Operations.

In his new role, O’Neal will lead

Purchasing, Inventory Management,

Pricing, Classification, Product

Information, and Global Sourcing. With

more than 34 years’ experience in the

automotive aftermarket, O’Neal has been

with CARQUEST for the past 25 years.

During that time, he held leadership roles in

merchandising, global sourcing, pricing

and margin management, inventory

management, purchasing, atore point of

sale systems, business sponsorship, and

development of auto parts systems and

applications. n

At the presentation of the Co-Man Vendor

of the Year award to KYB Americas Corp.

are, from l., Mike Fiorito, vice president of

KYB; Kim Tingley, program group

manager for KYB; Rusty Bishop, CEO of

Federated Auto Parts; and Paul Kratzer,

director of USA sales for KYB.

serve on a rotating basis. The Co-Man

council is currently led by David

Wesselman, president of KOI Warehouse.

The Automotive Aftermarket

Industry Association (AAIA) elected

Tim Lee of Lang Distributing as chairman

of the AAIA Board of Directors for 2012-

13 at Spring Leadership Days on May 4 in

Scottsdale, Ariz. Lee replaces chairman

Bob Egan of Federal-Mogul.

Industry veteran Bill Long has accepted

the position of executive vice president of

the Automotive Aftermarket

Suppliers Association (AASA). Long

will report directly to Steve Handschuh,

Advertisers’ Index

AAPEX ...............................................................9

AASP-MO....................................................7, 22

Advantage PBE Supply ..................................21

Autohaus BMW...............................................17

Automotive Technology, Inc. ............................6

Axleboy Enterprises..........................................6

Bommarito Ford..............................................29

Bommarito Honda ..........................................29

Bommarito Nissan ..........................................29

Bommarito Volkswagen of Hazelwood..........29

CEMB USA......................................................12

Community Wholesale Tire ............................12

Crown Motors .................................................27

Dean Team of Kirkwood .................................23

Elite Worldwide ...............................................24

Exedy Globalparts Corp. ..................................5

F & C Truck Sales & Service...........................27

Federated Warehouse ....................................25

Frank Leta Acura.............................................28

Frank Leta Honda ...........................................28

Hartog Oil Co. .................................................28

president and COO of AASA, and assist in

the general oversight of the association’s

organizational management. He will work

with AASA members on critical business

issues and help provide a stronger, unified

voice for aftermarket suppliers.

Federated has named Al Joyner to

the newly created

position of director of

data management.

Joyner, who has more

than 25 years of

experience in the

aftermarket executing

and operating data


programs, is

responsible for


Federated’s new

Enhanced Supply

Al Joyner has

been named

director of data

management at


Chain (ESC) data warehouse on behalf of

the Federated membership. n

To report local announcements,

new hires, training events, or any

appropriate news, e-mail


Jasper Engines & Transmissions......................8

JC Auto & Truck Parts ....................................26

Kia Motors America ........................................11

Liberty Auto Parts & Salvage..........................20

LKQ Corp. .......................................................15

Lou Fusz Automotive......................................32

Lou Fusz Chrysler Jeep Dodge......................23

Mac-Weld, Inc. ..................................................4

Mid-Nite Auto Supply .....................................22

NAPA Auto Parts...............................................4

Parts International...........................................19

Performance Auto Color.................................16

St. Louis Community College.........................10

Stone Wheel, Inc.............................................13

Subaru of America dealerships ......................20

Suntrup Nissan Volkswagen Kia ....................19

Suntrup Hyundai.............................................17

Total Lubricants USA, Inc. ................................2

Weir Ford .........................................................14

Weir Wholesale Parts......................................21

Y-Yard Auto & Truck Salvage..........................18

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