Issue 2 - Pasadena Independent School District

Issue 2 - Pasadena Independent School District

When we last left our superheroes within the Pasadena ISD Team “R” Effect,

they faced a meteor shower of rigorous state testing standards, academic

challenges and extracurricular competition. But with their powers combined,

the team prevailed over the challenges.


back at the

Excellence Empire,

the group watch

the screens

in the video

conference room

as threatening

creatures form

from the ashes of

the meteors …

Rising first out of the ashes is a technology being...TechPhlem!!

The creature threatens change in education driven by new technology and is

infected with viruses. Team “R” Effect realizes it must stop TechPhlem from

destroying the empire by continuously meeting the demand and the need

for technology in the 21st century.

TechPhlem, sick with viruses, sneezes

violently. Knowing the Internet dangers

that await the students, Prime Example

thinks fast. Using his X-Ray vision,

he looks into TechPhlem’s head to

see what makes him tick.




OH NO! This

monster is FULL

of viruses!! We

MUST protect our


Prime Example sighs in relief knowing the students are safe

from Internet dangers. But the threat and promise of changing

technology still lurks...Suddenly…TechPhlem shocks the empire

with an electric charge full of technological changes…

We have to keep our

students safe as long

as they have access to

the Internet!

This plan

educates parents

and their students

about relevant

Internet issues!


Knowledge! Watch

out for those boring

classroom lessons!

They don’t help us


Prime Example seizes the Pasadena ISD

Internet safety plan to protect the

students as they use the Internet at school

and home and hurls it at TechPhlem.

A bolt nearly zaps General Knowledge, but Mighty Smart, in all his

speed, flies over her with a Promethean board to reflect the electric

current. Regaining her strength, General Knowledge uses her powers to

levitate hundreds of Promethean boards above the empire, protecting

it with the latest in instructional technology.

Technology is always

changing! We must

prepare our students to

think critically so they

can use technology now

and in the future!

That’s right, TechPhlem!

We refuse to let the

continuous change in technology

slow us down! Instructional

technology allows us to

provide innovative

instruction that

engages and motivates

our students!

Take your virus


Facing the new technology’s

interactive lessons, TechPhlem’s

electric shocks bounce off the

high-tech Promethean boards and

send him to his own demise..

That was close!

TechPhlem almost got

us, but our use of

technology in the

classroom saved us!


Every day, Pasadena ISD works to prepare students for the 21st century by integrating

state-of-the-art technology into classroom curriculum.

Promethean Boards

More than 350 Promethean boards districtwide provide a classroom without walls, taking students on

educational journeys across the world.

Internet Safety Plan

Pasadena ISD’s Internet Safety Plan educates parents on how to monitor their child’s Internet use and how to identify

online predators. It also educates children on cyber bullying, e-mail and social networking, maintaining privacy and

how to take precautionary measures when using the Internet.


Videoconferencing allows students and teachers to develop presentation and communication skills, attend training

sessions, conduct interviews, take courses, participate in multi-school projects, view surgeries, take electronic

field trips, learn how to use technology effectively, have live interactive experiences and learn from other students,

teachers and experts from around the world without having to leave the classroom. More than 10 schools and the

administration building have videoconferencing capabilities.

Virtual School

Pasadena Virtual School allows busy students to take quality high school classes online, on their own time, wherever

there is access to the Internet and a computer. Online learning helps students master course content, as well as

develop communication, collaboration and creative problem-solving skills.

As sparks continue to fly out of the sizzling TechPhlem, General Knowledge realizes she can’t

move! General Knowledge looks down frantically at her immobile feet and sees… what is that…

goo?!?! Suddenly… a shadow creeps over her and the rest of the team. Looking up,

General Knowledge recognizes Sludge… a monster oozing thick globs of stagnant teaching

methods all over the empire!


what is


Oh noooo… Sludge!

He will ruin the empire if we

don’t carry out our mission

of continued professional

growth! Mighty Smart …

get me the ETP! Move fast

before he covers the entire

empire with his goo!

Struggling, General Knowledge levitates herself out of the goo that was preventing her from moving. Mighty

Smart grasps the bottle of Effective Teaching Practices and zips it over to General Knowledge. She quickly

begins to clean up Sludge’s globs of goo threatening educators with boring and unoriginal instruction …

It’s getting

worse... we must...

destroy... Sludge!

Master Skills...

help! Do something...


As General Knowledge continues to mop up

Sludge’s growing mounds of goo, Master

Skills uses her brain power to freeze Sludge

...Sludge keeps jiggling with life, about to

break free from Master Skills’ hold...

It’s our duty as teachers

to ensure the best education for our

students by increasing our effectiveness

and skills! With professional growth

opportunities offered by Pasadena ISD,

stagnant teaching methods will never make

it into our classrooms!

We can do this!

Max Talents uses his powers to grow in size. He looms over Sludge and crushes him with the district’s

Alternative Certification Teaching Program, bursting Sludge into a million pieces.

This is for

you Sludge!!

With its award-winning professional

development program, Pasadena ISD continues

to provide training and resources to staff so they

prepare students to be life-long learners.

Alternative Teacher Certification Program

This year alone, the district’s ATCP provided training in Bilingual

Education, Special Education, mathematics, English/Language

Arts and Reading, Social Studies, Life Science, Science,

Physical Science and other content areas to 180 individuals

from different professions who offer students a unique

perspective and belong in the classroom.

Effective Teaching Practices

More than 1,100 first-year teachers and teachers new to the

district attended the district’s ETP workshop in 2007 providing

them with an in-depth look at Pasadena Plus, TEKS and other

good teaching strategies to help teachers start their new year.

Online Resources and learning

Teachers districtwide have the opportunity to receive online

training and resources from programs including SAILOn, Atomic

Learning, PDAS, NetTrekker, United Streaming, BrainPop,

Blackboard and more.

Statewide professional development

Teachers and administrators gain statewide professional

development through leadership and involvement in more than

10 state organizations.

Our teachers are always

bringing innovative teaching

strategies into the classroom to meet

the needs of every learner!

We’re closing the door on you,


Districtwide staff development

More than 1,700 staff development courses were

presented last school year and summer with teachers

and administrators completing 70,408 hours of staff


The team cheers in victory, but the chilling sound of metal

abruptly slices through the group’s triumphant shouts.

Team “R” Effect glances up in time to see a giant pair of

scissors slash through the sky landing above the empire.

It’s Budget Slasher, and he has come to cut budgets

districtwide! If he succeeds … he will surely destroy

the district’s focus on student achievement …

Watch out!

It’s the Budget Slasher!

We have to continue our quest

for academic excellence even

though funding is scarce!


find a way

to make it


Mighty Smart tries to distract Budget

Slasher, zipping and flying around quickly.

But the Budget Slasher is moving fast,

creating a tornado of shredded budgets!

Don’t worry,

Mighty Smart! We are always

applying for and receiving grants

for innovative programs. I’ll get

you the GRANTS screwdriver!!

Hold on!

HELP! I can’t get to

him! He’s moving...too...

fast...and he’s cutting

so much! We need....


General Knowledge levitates the GRANTS screwdriver up to

Mighty Smart as the shredded budgets swirl faster and faster

around them. Realizing Mighty Smart and General Knowledge

can’t stop the beast alone, Max Talents immediately enlarges

and grabs Budget Slasher holding him in place.


Mighty Smart!

I’ve got him!

You can do this!

Mighty Smart takes off soaring in circles, turning the GRANTS

screwdriver. Budget Slasher’s screw holding his sharp blades

together begins to loosen …Finally …the screw falls out and

Budget Slasher splits in half, falling to the earth!



We did it!

I knew we could do it!

Our teachers use

innovative programs

that are sure to receive

funding help from our

education foundation,

local businesses and

community! Way to go!

Facing budget cuts districtwide, Pasadena ISD is maintaining its commitment to the education

of its students by taking advantage of available grant opportunities.

Since 2004, Pasadena ISD has received $18,464,493 in grants to help provide innovative instruction

and continued staff development training for teachers.

More than $115,000 in educational grants were distributed districtwide to teachers for innovative educational

programs last school year by the Pasadena ISD Education Foundation.

Last year, the district received a $1.2 million grant for GEAR UP, a six-year grant designed to encourage students to

attend a college or university after their high school graduation and to prepare them for college success.

The program is in place at eight of the district’s 10 intermediate schools.

The McDonald’s Texas Invitational Basketball Tournament has brought in $160,000 for the Pasadena ISD Education

Foundation over the past four years.

The Texas Education Agency awarded a $692,000 Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring Grant to

Pasadena ISD last year. The grant will allow Pasadena ISD to support 237 experienced teachers in mentoring

the same number of alternative certification and newly certified teachers at 15 schools.

Team “R” Effect cheers joyfully, thankful for the opportunities provided by the district and

community for state-of-the-art instructional technology, professional development and funding

for innovative educational programs - all of which help the district maintain its mission of

continuous student achievement through vigor, relevance and relationships.

But what will happen next? Are the challenges Team “R” Effect faces over?

Are there more villains waiting in the shadows? Stay tuned for more …

Board of Trustees

Marshall Kendrick, President

Vickie Morgan, Vice President

Jerry Speer, Secretary

Frank Braden, Assistant Secretary

Fred Roberts, Member

Carmen Orozco, Member

Nelda Sullivan, Member

Pasadena ISD Administrative Staff

Kirk Lewis, Superintendent of Schools

Vicki Thomas, Deputy Superintendent,

Campus Development and Planning

Candace Ahlfinger, Associate Superintendent,

Communications and Community Relations

Joyce Eversole, Associate Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction

Dee Ann Powell, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development

Steve Laymon, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development

Gloria Gallegos, Associate Superintendent, Special Programs

Jerry Dennis, Associate Superintendent, Human Resources

John Piscacek, Associate Superintendent, Finance

Julian Garcia, Associate Superintendent, Facilities and Construction

Barbara Fuqua, Associate Superintendent, Administrative Services

Pasadena Independent School District |

1515 Cherrybrook Lane, Pasadena, Texas 77502

This publication designed and produced by the Pasadena ISD Communications/Printing department

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