11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service ... - Capital Health


11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service ... - Capital Health

11th Annual Regional Nutrition

and Food Service Conference

Bernard Snell Hall, University of Alberta Hospital

Edmonton, Alberta

April 27-28, 2007

Message from the Conference Chair

Dear Colleagues:

Each year, our committee begins conference planning well in advance—looking for the most

fascinating topics and the best speakers. And each year, there is a time at which it comes together.

This year that time came when we identified the theme—The Basics are Back.

Suddenly, speakers on individual nutrients (sodium, trans fats, fibre and iron) were linked with

speakers on the importance of considering food beyond nutrients, how to retain your best staff,

combining convenience with food safety, providing exemplary service to patients

and customers in the hospital. Our catering staff took one look at “The Basics

are Back” and started thinking of basic foods from the past and new takes on

traditional foods. What had looked like a patchwork program now revealed its

wonderful pattern!

Mary Anne Yurkiw

Regional Manager,

Education & Development, Regional Nutrition and Food Service

Capital Health, Edmonton & area

Message from Sheila Weatherill

Dear Conference Delegate,

Welcome to Capital Health’s 11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service conference, The

Basics are Back! This year, as the title suggests, we are taking a new look at some of the old

building blocks – putting the food back into nutrition and putting nutrition back into the food.

The obesity crisis in North America is shining a spotlight on nutrition and healthy eating. Finding a

solution will require a collaborative effort between health care providers, the community, and

individuals. Capital Health’s Weight Wise Program, first introduced in 2004, is

an example of the work underway in this area.

Congratulations to the conference organizers and participants for all their work

to plan this year’s conference and to present on their research and experiences.

I hope the information provided as well as the many innovations featured at this

year’s conference will stimulate new ideas, help to improve patient care across

Canada, and advance the development of Nutrition and Food Service.

I hope you enjoy the conference and wish you all the best.

Sheila Weatherill

President and CEO,

Capital Health, Edmonton & Area


11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference


Conference Planning Committee

Lilian Button, BASc RD - Regional Education Coordinator

Anna Fiala, BASc RD - Regional Director, Patient Food Service

Pat Garland, BASc RD - Regional Coordinator, Patient Food Service (Suburban/Rural)

Leah Gravells, MHSA RD - Regional Director, Nutrition Service

Janice Hoover, MPM RD - Regional Manager, Planning & Evaluation

Christie Jones - Communications and Conference Associate

Khaleed Khan - Regional Director, Retail Food Service

Lynn Kirkland, RD - Staff Development & Organizational Change

Roger Martens, CFE - Regional Director, Food Service Centre

Susan McKay, MBA CHE - Senior Director, RNFS

Peggy Teixeira, RD - Manager, Nutrition & Food Services AHE

Mary Anne Yurkiw, MSc RD - Regional Manager, Education & Development

Retail Food Services Catering Planning Sub-Committee

Omid Foroud

Dwayne Radke

Chris Wood

Nutrition Services Conference Planning Sub-Committee

Leah Gravells, MHSA RD

Carlota Basualdo-Hammond, MSc MPH RD

Kim Brunet, RD

Sandra Christiansen, RD

Rhonda Karas Chartrand, MEd RD

Susan Klaver, RD

Diana Mager, PhD RD

Janet Stadnyk, RD

Mei Tom, RD

Shelley Warden, RD

Lyn Zuberbuhler, RD

10th Annual Conference: Exhibit Hall 10th Annual Conference: Zandra Bell 10th Annual Conference: Welcome Reception

11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference 3





Conference Supporters


11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference



CBORD: Regional User Meeting

This meeting is open to CBORD Project Administrators, Registered Users or Clients.

To register, go to www.cbord.com/rums.

Thursday, April 26th - PM

LOCATION: Computer lab CHC 12-107

Capital Health Centre (10030 - 107 Street, North Tower)

1-1:30 Registration / Introductions

1:30-2:30 Overview of FSS and NSS

New features and functionality

2:30-2:50 Nutrition Break

2:50 - 3:50 Item / Ingredient substitution

3:50 - 4:50 Tips & Tricks

Friday, April 27th - AM

LOCATION: Room CHC 4-400

Capital Health Centre (10030 - 107 Street, North Tower)

8:30 - 9:30 Registration and Introductions

9:00 - 10:00 Super user room service

10-11 HIMS and bar-coding

11- 11:15 Nutrition Break

11:15 - 12 NSS queries

12 - 12:15 Wrap-up & Evaluation

Alberta Society of Nutrition Management: Annual General Meeting

Friday, April 27th 7:00pm - 9:00pm Location: 1J2.47 Boardroom, University of Alberta Hospital

RSVP to Denise Russell @ (403) 943-4751 or e-mail to: denise.russell@calgaryhealthregion.ca

11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference 5


9am - 12pm

Looking at our workplace with different eyes... applying Lean

Since April 2006, Regional Nutrition & Food Services has been leading

Systems Thinking in your worksite and participate in a traditional versu


LUNCH Theme: “English Tea”

1:30 - 4:30pm

Sodium—What should we recommend to our clients and why?

(Willis, Campbell & Gowrishankar)

The session starts with a discussion of the role of sodium

consumption in hypertension, followed by the health and economic

impacts that could be achieved by reducing sodium consumption in

Canada. It will conclude with a presentation on the interrelationship

of sodium and blood pressure in children.

Spotlight on... Canada (Chu, Dello, Langlois, Khan, V

style, bedside menu entry technology and personalize

implemented Meal Train, a hotel style room service p

2006, allowing business partners to reach out to the co

food service segment called Upscale Coffee House is

ing on the old Café concept with a strong beverage pr

capital equipment budgets, learn how to save with Fle

4:30 - 5:00pm BREAK


Putting the food back into food and nutrition (Waisman, Rankin & Kasten)

Despite the critical connection between food and the profession of dietetics, dietitians don’t always poss

practitioners. The speakers are taking action to get the food back into our practice and by sharing their s

6:15 - 8pm WELCOME RECEPTION: The basics are back ... with a twist!



8:30 - 9:45am OPENING ADDRESS

Going beyond the smile: Enhancing our customer service (Fiala, Andersen, Chu, Riley)

Patient Food Service of Capital Health launched its Enhanced Customer Service Program at 5 hospitals in N

tools and a new, professional ‘hospitality style’ uniform have enabled the servers to confidently provide an

9:45 - 10:45am

Why fibre matters so much (Miller-Jones)

Includes a discussion of the role of cereal fibres and whole

grains in glycemic control, heart disease risk factors, satiety,

weight control and the controversy over fibre and colorectal

cancer prevention.

Alternatives in nutrition care delivery: The Patient Controll

Participants will understand the benefits of this alternative to

setting. There will be a discussion of issues to consider when i

diet program in various settings, including strategies to help s


10:45 - 11:15am BREAK

11:15am - 12:15pm

12:15 - 1:15pm LUNCH Theme: “Back Home”


1:45 - 2:45pm

The importance of iron to adolescents and adults: A Canadian perspective (Cooper)

Both poor dietary iron intake and iron deficiency exist in Canada, particularly in women of

reproductive age. This talk will outline the importance of iron in the diet, and summarize

Canadian dietary data from provincial nutrition surveys and studies measuring iron status.

Practical solutions will be provided for ensuring adequate iron intakes.

Trans fats (Holub)

27 years ago, University of Guelph professor Bruce Holub, among others, raised the alarm about trans

fats. Today, he still believes a total ban on industrial trans fats would be the best approach, but

enforcing the regulations could help. Attend this session and understand why Dr. Holub has come to

these conclusions.

Principles, pillars and passi

In the constantly changing he

ing priorities and managing t

low performers—helps us to

Managing ge

Learn about th

health care wo

effectively se


The NEW Canada’s Food Guide (Health Canada) In February 2007 a new Canada’s Food Guide was re

and how we access health information. This session will discuss the changes in the food guide and how H



11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference

Systems thinking in food service (Includes a Lean 101 workshop) SESSION #1 (McKay & Owen)

a Lean System Thinking revolution in our workplaces. Come learn about what it takes to implement Lean

s one-piece flow simulation. (Space limited, must indicate intention to attend on registration form)


eronovici & Teixeira) Capital Health’s Kidz Choice uses a room-to-room service

d customer service to our smallest patients. In July of 2006, Toronto’s HSC

rogram for in patient feeding. Mt. Sinai’s Lasting Impressions was introduced in

mmunity with their brand messaging and product in patient menus. An emerging

taking the US by storm. Hear how Capital Health’s retail food service is capitalizogram

and healthy food choices. In these times of shrinking kitchen space and

xi-kitchens and green designs.

Looking at our workplace with different eyes...

applying Lean Systems thinking in food service

(Includes a Lean 101 workshop) SESSION #2

(McKay & Owen)


(Space limited, must indicate intention to attend on

registration form)

ess the practical food-related knowledge and skills needed to be effective

tories they are encouraging other dietitians to do the same.

ovember 2006. This initiative has increased the amount of time servers spend with patients. Education, coaching, user friendly

enhanced service to patients. Come and hear how this was achieved and what was learned along the way!

ed Liberalized Diet Program (Jones)

standard nutrition delivery in an acute care

mplementing and adapting a liberalized

taff accept major changes in nutrition

Food safety in a convenience world (O’Laney)

With food coming from distant locations and the popularity of ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat

products, food safety is more important now than ever. CAPiFS (Canada Alberta Partners in

Food Safety) is leading the development of an Alberta Food Safety Strategy involving both

federal and provincial (including the health authorities) jurisdictions.

on (Nelson)

althcare world, simplifying helps us balance compete

needs of all employees—the high, medium, and

attain excellence.

Food prices, policy and public health (Cash)

The concerns around the social costs associated with poor diets and unhealthy food

choices have received much media and research attention. Will either “fat taxes” or

subsidies for healthy foods policies achieve the intended health effects?

erational differences—Effectively (Nelson)

e motivational drivers of different generations and the impact in the

rkplace. Hear about group-based relevance and gain knowledge to

t expectations - theirs and yours!

Healthy eating doesn’t sell itself (Chawrun)

With all the nutrition information available, how can we stand

out from the crowd? Learn from a communications expert how to

frame your messages to encourage healthy food choices.

leased. In the 15 years since the last version, there have been changes in our foods, our activities

ealth Canada is planning to market the new guide to both the public and health professionals.

11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference 7


11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference


Post-Graduate Course:

Kevin Willis, PhD - Ottawa ON

Director of Partnerships, Canadian Stroke Network

Manula Gowrishankar, MD FRCPC- Edmonton AB

Associate Professor, Divisional Director, Pediatric Nephrology, Capital

Health-Edmonton & Area

Norm Campbell, MD – Calgary AB

CIHR Canada Chair, Hypertension Prevention & Control

Plenary Sessions:

Gerry Kasten, RD - Vancouver BC

Sessional Instructor, University of British Columbia

Joanne Rankin, RD - Vancouver BC

Clinical Dietitian, Vancouver General Hospital;

Sessional Instructor, University of British Columbia

Mary Sue Waisman, MSc RD - Halifax NS

Owner, All About Food Nutrition Consulting

Anna Fiala, RD - Edmonton AB

Director, Patient Food Service, Capital Health-

Edmonton & area

Jaye Andersen - Edmonton AB

Coordinator, Patient Food Service, RAH & Glenrose

Rehab Hospital, Capital Health-Edmonton & area

Elaine Chu, RD - Edmonton AB

Coordinator, Patient Food Service, UAH/Stollery,

Capital Health-Edmonton & Area

Adrienne Riley - Edmonton AB

Coordinator, Food Service, Sturgeon Community

Hospital, Capital Health-Edmonton & area

TBA - Ottawa ON

Office of Nutrition Policy & Promotion,

Health Canada


Elaine Chu, RD - Edmonton AB

Coordinator, Patient Food Service, UAH/Stollery Hospitals, Capital

Health-Edmonton & Area

Susan Dello, RD – Toronto ON

Manager, Patient Food Services, The Hospital for Sick Children

Khaleed Khan - Edmonton AB

Director, Retail Food Services, Capital Health-Edmonton & area

Rob Veronovici, B Comm - Edmonton AB

Business Operations Coordinator, Retail Food Services, Capital Health -

Edmonton & area

Joy Langlois, RD – Toronto ON

Director, Nutrition & Food Services, Mt Sinai

Susan McKay, MBA CHE – Edmonton AB

Senior Director, Regional Nutrition & Food Service,

Capital Health - Edmonton & area

Rick Owen, CSTech - Edmonton AB

Process Improvement Specialist, Regional Nutrition & Food Service,

Capital Health - Edmonton & area

David Teixeira, B Comm – Mississauga ON

Principal, Marrack & Associates Inc

Concurrent Sessions:

Sean B. Cash, PhD - Edmonton AB

Assistant Professor, Department of Rural Economy, University of Alberta

Marcia Cooper, PhD, RD - Ottawa ON

Research Scientist, Nutrition Research, Bureau of Nutritional Sciences,

Health Canada

Bruce Holub, PhD – Guelph ON

Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph

10th Annual Conference: Janice Joneja, PhD RD

Julie Miller Jones, PhD LN CNS - St. Paul MN

Professor, Food and Nutrition, College of St Catherine

Sherri Jones, MS, RD, LDN - Tarentum PA

Clinical Nutrition Manager, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Greg Nelson - Pittsburgh PA

Senior Leader, Studer Group

Carol Chawrun - Edmonton AB

Director, Communications, Alberta International, Intergovernmental &

Aboriginal Relations

John M. O’Laney, BA, MES, CPHI(C) - Edmonton AB

CAPiFS Project Manager, Alberta Agriculture & Food

11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference 9


WestJet WestJet is the official is the official airline airline of the of 11th the Annual 11th Annual RNFS RNFS conference. conference. Through Through this arrangement, this arrangement, delegates delegates will receive will receive a 10% a 10%

discount discount off the off best the available best available fare at fare the at time the of time booking of booking (excluding (excluding seat sales seat & sales web & fares). web fares). To book, To book, please please call call

1-888-493-7853 and quote and quote QC#3187 QC#3187 to receive to receive the discounted the discounted rate available rate available on travel on travel from April from 24 April through 24 through May 1, May 2007. 1, 2007.

We have We reserved have reserved a block a block of rooms of rooms at the at following the following hotels hotels for the for conference: the conference:

The Varscona The Varscona Hotel Hotel 8208 - 8208 106 Street - 106 Street From $130/night From $130/night plus taxes. plus taxes. For reservations For reservations call 1-888-515-3355 call OR (780) OR 434-6111 (780) 434-6111

The Metterra The Metterra Hotel Hotel 10454 10454 - 82 Avenue - 82 Avenue From $150 From /night $150 /night plus taxes. plus taxes. For reservations For reservations call 1-866-465-8150 call OR (780) OR 465-8150 (780) 465-8150

Both hotels Both hotels are a twenty-minute are a twenty-minute walk to walk the to conference the conference site. If site. you If require you require more options more options for accommodation, for please please call us call at us at

(780) 735-0530 (780) 735-0530 and we’ll and be we’ll happy be happy to help. to help.


& A letter A of letter confirmation of confirmation (which (which includes includes the receipt the receipt of payment of payment at the at bottom the bottom of the of letter) the letter) will be will sent be via sent e-mail via e-mail to youto you

shortly shortly after we after receive we receive your completed your completed registration registration form and form full and payment. full payment. If no e-mail If no e-mail address address is provided, is provided, the information the information

will be will sent be by sent fax. by fax.


Cancellations Cancellations must be must received be received in writing in writing along along with the with original the original receipt receipt of payment of payment on or before on before April 7, April 2007, and 2007 will and bewill be

subject subject to a $65.00 to a $65.00 processing processing fee. No fee. refunds No refunds will be will considered be considered after this after date. this date. Capital Capital Health Health reserves reserves the right the to right cancel to cancel or or

postpone postpone a course a course due to due insufficient to insufficient registration, registration, or circumstances or circumstances beyond beyond our control. our control.


A notice A notice board board will be will provided be provided by the by registration the registration desk for desk any for relevant any relevant information information you or your or organization your organization would would like tolike to

post. Please post. Please ask at ask the registration the registration desk for desk details. for details.


Please Please notify notify conference conference organizers organizers of any of major any major dietary dietary allowances allowances you may you require may require in writing in writing by April by 7, April 2007, and 2007 we and will we will

do our do best our to best accommodate to accommodate you. E-Mail: you. E-Mail: RNFSEduc@cha.ab.ca

University of Alberta Hospital


P1 - The P1 Conference - The Conference Planning Planning Committee Committee recommends recommends parking parking at the at the

University University of Alberta of Alberta Hospital Hospital WEST WEST Public Public parkade parkade located located on 83 Avenue on 83 Avenue

and 112 and Street 112 Street (entrance (entrance off 83 off Avenue). 83 Avenue). Parking Parking rates rates this at parkade this parkade are are

as follows: as follows:

$1.25 $1.25 per half per hour half hour $10.00 $10.00 per day per (no day in/out (no in/out privileges) privileges)

Handicapped Handicapped parking parking is located is located on the on 3rd the level, 3rd level, adjacent adjacent to the to Pedestrian the Pedestrian

Pedway Pedway that leads that to leads the to University the University of Alberta of Alberta Hospital. Hospital.

P2 - Underground P2 - Underground Parkade Parkade is also is available also available at the at hospital the hospital at the at “O” the level. “O” level.

Entrance Entrance is off 114 is off Street. 114 Street. Parking Parking rates rates this at parkade this parkade are as are follows: as follows:

$1.25 $1.25 per half per hour half hour $16.00 $16.00 per day per (no day in/out (no in/out privileges) privileges)

Handicapped Handicapped parking parking is located is located adjacent adjacent to the elevator the elevator lobby. lobby.

Parking rates are currently under review and are subject to change.


11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference

Please send completed form with full payment to:

Regional Nutrition and Food Service, Education & Development

Suite 600, North Tower 10030 - 107 Street

Edmonton, AB T5J 3E4

Fax: (780) 735-0529 E-Mail: RNFSEduc@cha.ab.ca

DELEGATE DETAILS (please print clearly)

*These details will appear on your nametag. Please complete each field:



First Name*:________________________________________

Position Title*: _____________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

Province*: __________________________________________


If you do not wish to be included on the delegate’s list - please check this box: !

Last Name*: _______________________________________

Organization*: _____________________________________

City/Town*: _________________________________________

Postal Code: _______________________________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________

Telephone #: Fax #:


Registration Fees March 30, 2007 March 30, 2007

Capital Health Employee Fee ! $160.00

Non Capital Health Employee Fee ! $250.00 ! $300.00

Full-time Student (with valid ID) or Intern fee ! $ 80.00

Half-day fee (select one) ! $100.00

! $125.00

Friday, April 27: " Workshop Only " Evening only

Saturday, April 28th: " Morning Only " Afternoon only

One Day Fee (select one) ! $175.00 ! $200.00

" Friday, April 27th " Saturday, April 28th

TOTAL DUE: _____________________________________


! Cheque (Payable to “Capital Health”) ! VISA ! Mastercard ! AMEX

Card Number __________________________________________

Expiry date ________________________

Cardholder Name _____________________________________

Cardholder signature (required to process payment): _________________________________________________


(Please select your #1 and #2 choices for each time slot. Space is limited in some of the sessions).

FRIDAY, April 27th

9:00am ! LEAN Systems Thinking Workshop #1

1:30pm ! Post-Grad Course: Sodium ! Spotlight on Canada ! LEAN Systems Thinking Workshop #2

SATURDAY, April 28th

9:45 ! Fibre ! Patient Centered Service / Food Intake ! Food Safety

11:15 ! Iron ! Principles, Pillars & Passion ! Food Prices, Policy & Health

1:45 ! Trans Fats ! Managing Generational Differences ! Healthy Eating Doesn’t Sell itself

Note that your concurrent selections will be included in your confirmation letter.

Personal information on this form is being collected for registration. It will be used to confirm your attendance and payment, prepare a delegate’s list for

distribution to conference participants and to send you our information on similar future RNFS events. Capital Health collects, uses and protects your information

under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act sections 33(c), 39(1)(a) and 38. Please contact the Communications and

Conference Associate at Christie.Jones@Capitalhealth.ca or (780)735-0528 if you have any questions.

11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference 11

11th Annual Regional Nutrition and Food Service Conference:

The Basics are Back!

Bernard Snell Hall, University of Alberta Hospital

Edmonton, Alberta

April 27 & 28, 2007

Regional Nutrition & Food Service

Education & Development

Suite 600, North Tower

10030 - 107 Street

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E4 4657233

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