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Operation Iraqi Freedom:

One Surgeon’s Experience

LTC James Obney, MD

874 th Forward Surgical Team

US Army Medical Corps

FOB Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq

Echelons of Care on the


I - field medic/battalion aid station

II - forward surgical team (FST)

III - mobile field hospital

IV - combat support hospital (CSH)

V - medical center (CONUS)

Mission of the FST

• To provide emergent life-saving surgery

and procedures to wounded d soldiers on the

forward edge of the battle field and to

facilitate the safe and expedient transport of

wounded soldiers to a higher echelon of

medical care.

4 physicians

Components of the FST

3 general/trauma surgeons

1 orthopedic surgeon

3 registered nurses

triage – ER Nurse

OR – Circulating Nurse

PACU – Recovery Room/Critical Care Nurse

2 Nurse Anesthetists

3 OR scrub techs

6 LPNs – “med techs” (91B or 91D)

2 Admin officers

Map of Iraq

874 th Leaves Fort Jackson

Columbia, SC

Fort Drumm, New York

Waiting for the plane

Prague, Czech Republic

Refueling in Prague

Camp Virginia, Kuwait

Arrival 03:30

Our Home in the Kuwait Desert

Time for some rest!

Convoy into Iraq

Only 5 days to Kirkuk!

874 th Forward Surgical Team

Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Car bomb b in Baghdad


Mountainous region of northern Iraq

FOB Warrior / Krab Air Base:

FOB Warrior / Krab Air Base:

US Army and Air Force colocated in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Home of the 225 th FSB and the 874 th FST.

The Layout

874 th FST “Hospital”

Building the OR

Testing the ventilator

1LT Steve Dzyban tests the gas

9-line medevac : casualties en


Triage getting ready to

receive patients.

Casualties arrive

US Army scrub tech “prepared” for surgery

“The OR”

Casualties of War

Shrapnel evisceration

Look what I found!

Open tibial fracture:

Post reduction x-rays

Insurgent shot in the chest

67 th Combat Support Hospital

67 th Combat Support Hospital

Mosul, Iraq

Anesthesia cart

Why we wear body armor

Attack on a Stryker

• Young american soldier, passenger in a

Stryker armored vehicle which h came under

attack in Mosul.

• Grenade exploded in soldiers lap.

• Brought to 67 th CSH for treatment.

GSW to Abdomen

Iraqi news reporter attacked by insurgents.

• Brought to 67 th CSH for treatment.

RPG to the Abdomen

Carbomb victim

GSW to calf with placement of external

fixator, fasciotomy and wound washout

Burned and fractured forearm

Images of War

Humvee hit by IED

08:00 – another hot day!

Blackhawk helicopter

The expense of war

$1.5 billion / week

Stryker armored personnel carrier: $500,000

F-16c fully loaded: $37,000,000

Catching this bastard: PRICELESS!!!

Blackhawk at sunset

Remembering why

God Bless America!


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