Types of Bail Bonds in Tampa


From Citation Release to property bonds, there are several types of bail bonds in Tampa. Here is a list of five different types of bail bonds, including a brief description for each!

Types of Bail Bonds

Citation Release:

This type of bond is issued when an officer arrests a suspect but

releases immediately, asking him/her to appear before the judge on a

stated date. A best example for citation release is a traffic ticket!

Recognizance Release:

This release will be granted on one’s own recognizance with a pledge

signed to appear before the court on the scheduled date. Although, no

payment is required to secure this release, the court will charge a fee if

the defendant fails to show up on the specified date.

Cash Bail:

This type of bail is ordered for persons who are in the flight risk list.

Even before the defendant is released, he/she has to pay the amount

ordered by the court. The amount will be so high that most of them

cannot afford to pay.

Surety Bond:

This is one of the most common types of bail bonds. In this case, the

surety bond is secured by the third party through bail bondsman for

the defendant. The third party has to coordinate with the bondsman

about the loan terms and release demands.

Property Bond:

The name itself clearly defines about the bond. Yes! In property bond,

the property is used as collateral against the bail. Any type of property

can be used provided the defendant has full rights to use the property

for the bond.

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