solid edge machinery design brochure - Siemens PLM Software

solid edge machinery design brochure - Siemens PLM Software

Detail design

Quickly create a full digital mockup of the new

product, optimizing use of materials and

inventory for lower costs. Solid Edge resolves

fit and interference issues long before any parts

are manufactured. Unique systems design

capabilities develop functional models that

simulate real-world environments, enabling

better design decisions that ultimately lead to

clearly differentiated products at a lower cost.

Design reviews

Use Solid Edge’s built-in managed collaboration

capabilities to improve communication throughout

the entire design process. Engineers, designers,

external suppliers, customers and others can track

progress, view and mark up drawings and initiate

change orders that are seamlessly recorded,

managed and communicated, leading to fewer

downstream changes and lower costs through

earlier component definition.

Conceptual design

Use Solid Edge’s flexible 2D/3D capabilities to

arrange the machine layout, using a mix of

existing 2D drawings and 3D models and further

speeding time-to-completion by distributing

design tasks throughout the team. Assure

accurate fit of parts without having to model

every individual component. Leverage Solid

Edge’s proven strengths in massive assembly

design to develop machinery models containing

tens or even hundreds of thousands of parts.

Winning business

Quickly understand the impact of proposed

design modifications and present accurate

knowledge-rich proposals that shorten the

time to final purchase orders. Take advantage

of systems design capabilities to easily study

the impact of design variations and offer a

clearly differentiated solution at a price

that keeps your customers happy and your

business profitable.

Promoting capabilities

Use digital mockups created in Solid Edge for

previous projects to raise awareness and build

immediate customer confidence in your engineering

capabilities. Photo realistic renderings

remove the need for expensive photography,

while 3D animations bring your products to life

and can be published directly to your company

web pages.


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