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Manufacturing Structure Viewer - Siemens PLM Software


Manufacturing Structure Viewer

Extending PDM data management to optimize manufacturing process planning

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The Manufacturing Structure Viewer (MSV) enables users to collaboratively create, validate and communicate an optimized manufacturing

process plan. Built on an open platform providing tools for management, collaboration and interoperability, Manufacturing Structure Viewer

establishes the critical link between a company’s product development, manufacturing engineering and supply chain processes. Leveraging the

Teamcenter ® infrastructure, MSV brings together and multiplies the value of applications for product design, process planning, factory layout,

material flow analysis, industrial ergonomics, NC programming, tool management, stamping and machine simulation. The Teamcenter open

architecture and integration tools allow additional third-party applications to be integrated into an overall digital manufacturing solution.


Product data management (PDM)

level management of manufacturing

data, enabling users to track the entire

lifecycle of manufacturing information

like product data, moving forward and

backwards in time and coordinating

changes that occur simultaneously

Direct access to managed product data

Common product and manufacturing

(process, resource, plant) data

management system

Integrated 3D viewer with markup/

analysis capabilities

Automatic report generation

Impact analysis tools

Easy-to-use, integrated

collaborative tools

Process templates

Application integration

(Factory CAD, NX CAM, eM-Power)

Automatic in-process assembly


Automatic process configuration

MSV’s business value

In today’s fast-paced, cost-conscious

environment, progressive manufacturers

understand that how they build

products is every bit as important as

what they build. While product development

addresses the question of

“what to build,” several critical

questions must also be answered

before a product reaches the market.

How should the product be produced?

With what resources? Can it be

produced fast enough? With pressures

to bring innovative lower-cost products to market faster, manufacturers are redoubling efforts to

implement concurrent engineering, manufacturing and production processes.Well before products are

completely designed, much of the production process is often laid out and designed. But concurrent

development can bring a host of different problems, from managing changes in design to ensuring that

the right people have access to the right data.

From product concept to end-customer support, the most efficient approach is to enter data once

and then re-use it for multiple engineering disciplines. This is an extremely complex challenge, however.

By industry estimates, there are up to one thousand pieces of information related to manufacturing

for each piece of information related to the product design.

The MSV advantage

Manufacturing Structure Viewer provides manufacturers with the solution they need to implement

concurrent development, manufacturing and production processes.With MSV, users have only one

place to find all of their data, which can be shared globally. All of the information defining the manufacturing

process, the plant or factory layout, the resources required to make the product and the

product itself is stored in a structured format in a single data vault. Users can access this information

much more quickly when they need it and with the knowledge they will find the correct data.

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Gain control of processes, plant

specifications and resource allocations

Accelerate new product introduction

Accelerate time to production


Increase line throughput

Reduce project and operation costs

Increase product quality

Capture best manufacturing practices

for re-use

Enter data only once

Improve accuracy of information

Identify manufacturing-related issues

earlier in the process

System requirements

Teamcenter and MSV applications

run on a wide variety of hardware

platforms and configurations including

Windows Intel (32-bit) XP SP1, 2000-

SP3, Hewlett Packard HP-UX 11.0,

HP-UX11.11, IBM AIX 5.1, AIX 5.2,

Sun Solaris 8, Solaris 9.

MSV is geared toward extending a product-focused PDM environment for manufacturing data.

In addition to managing the lifecycle of the product components and assemblies, users can manage

the processes of manufacturing product assemblies, machining individual components, laying out the

facility in which the process will be executed and deploying the resources used by the processes.

MSV is more than just a data vault with a common database.The data is configured with the right

product options, lifecycle status and the change effectivity. The work and engineering changes of many

teams come together in a coordinated fashion. MSV enables this by being the only solution in the

market to provide full PDM capabilities for manufacturing data.

MSV manages data in a Tecnomatix environment built on Teamcenter Manufacturing utilizing the

lifecycle data architecture (LDA). Manufacturers have been looking for a data architecture to consistently

manage all of the product life cycle data. UGS’ manufacturing data management solution provides:

• Multiple views of the product structure from one common structure (e.g. design view, system view,

purchasing view, manufacturing assembly view, etc.)

• Tight links between product and process structures, plant layout and resources information

throughout the enterprise

• A consistent way to deal with revisions, versions, configuration, change management and workflow, etc.

throughout the enterprise

Using MSV

At the heart of the manufacturing data management solution is a critical association between the key

data streams of product, plant, manufacturing process and resources. Integral Tecnomatix applications

for configuration, process planning and resource management operate directly with these data streams

and link them to a suite of best-in-class digital manufacturing and factory modeling tools. A common set

of integrated, lightweight visualization tools provides the basis for visual validation of product, resource

and plant definitions.



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