Teamcenter Express Version 2 - Siemens PLM Software

Teamcenter Express Version 2 - Siemens PLM Software

Velocity Series

Teamcenter Express Version 2

Focused on the management of everyday tasks and processes for design through manufacturing

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Siemens PLM Software


Teamcenter ® Express Version 2 software delivers a preconfigured collaborative product data management (cPDM) environment that

addresses the needs of mid-size manufacturing companies. Delivering many significant enhancements,Teamcenter Express Version 2 builds

on its design data management focus by adding an integrated design review capability, new functionality for the management of

manufacturing data and processes and additional ERP integration capabilities.


Faster and more accurate design

review processes

Expands preconfigured cPDM

environment to include

manufacturing data and processes

Automated creation of PDF and

raster documents on design release

More accurate handover of data to


Comprehensive administrator

tools provide flexibility to meet

customer-specific requirements


XpresReview Package Exchange for

design through manufacturing


Teamcenter Express Manufacturing

•CAM Express integration

•Resource manager

•Part planner

Expanded ERP integrations

Automated data translation

Latest Teamcenter platform delivers

many new features

Many more customer focused


Siemens PLM Software packs Teamcenter Express Version 2 with enhanced capabilities for creating,

sharing and managing design and manufacturing information.Version 2 includes major enhancements

that support the Teamcenter Express position as the clear leader in delivering a preconfigured cPDM

solution that can be rapidly deployed and has a low total cost of ownership. By reducing errors,

rework and communi-cation delays, our customers enjoy better time-to-market for new products and

increased profitability.

XpresReview Package Exchange for integrated design reviews

Using the new XpresReview Package Exchange capability in Teamcenter Express, designers can

efficiently conduct design reviews with other workgroups, suppliers and customers. Based on

Siemens’ established XpresReview and packaged collaboration file (PCF) technologies, the new

handling capabilities include import, export, mailing, viewing and markup of PCF files to facilitate

simple but powerful design review collaboration.The XpresReview tool integrated into Teamcenter

Express and freely downloadable by other users, can be used by both internal and external users to

review and mark up the contents of the PCF file.

PCF Files

PCF files are portable, intelligent containers that package

2D and 3D CAD files and any other document types.

PCF is the established design review format for NX ® and

Solid Edge ® software CAD users. PCF containers can be

emailed to external users who may not use

Teamcenter Express but who are involved

in the review and approval of design data.

When creating the PCF file the originator

can determine what functions will be enabled

in the XpresReview tool, for example only

enabling viewing or enabling additional

markup and cross-sectioning capabilities.

fact sheet

Velocity Series

XpresReview tool

Using the XpresReview tool, external recipients can view and

interrogate documents within the PCF file, then repackage the

documents to return or forward. For Solid Edge and NX part,

assembly and drawing file formats XpresReview supports

additional measurement, cross-sectioning and markup

capabilities. Modified PCF files can be imported back into

Teamcenter Express to enable any changes made to be examined by the Teamcenter Express user and

incorporated into the current design revision.

Teamcenter Express Manufacturing for management of manufacturing data and processes

The new Teamcenter Express Manufacturing capability adds support for the management of NX CAM,

CAM Express and Solid Edge manufacturing solutions data and processes. Direct integration between

Teamcenter Express and CAM Express enables NC programmers to manage NC programs and post

processor files associated with part design data more efficiently. Extensions to the precon-figured cPDM

environment include new datasets, forms, reports and manufacturing user roles that support CAM Express

manufacturing data management and process automation.Teamcenter Express Manufacturing enables

manufacturing planners to manage NC machining data including shop documentation and output files,

view and report on this data and send data to shop floor machines.Teamcenter Express Manufacturing

also enables tooling engineers to create and maintain libraries of cutting tools and fixtures.

With this new functionality

Teamcenter Express users

will have best-in-class tools

to integrate their design and

manufacturing processes

based on a common database

and common workflow

processes. Benefits of working

on this common platform

include less errors and

rework and faster time-to-market.

Expanded ERP integrations

New Teamcenter Express SAP integration

The new Teamcenter Express SAP option is a preconfigured version

of Siemens’ proven Teamcenter Engineering gateway for SAP

software and enables managed transfer of product data from

Teamcenter Express to SAP.This option enables users to transfer

accurate part and BOM data from Teamcenter Express to SAP in a managed and consistent way,

eliminating the possibility of errors in this data transfer.The data transfer is triggered by the

preconfigured standard workflow processes and feedback is given to the Teamcenter Express user on

the success or failure of the transaction in SAP. Functionality includes creation, update and display of

SAP material masters, documents and BOM records, support for the use of SAP ECNs with these

transactions, mapping of attributes between Teamcenter Express and SAP and preconfigured forms to

manage the data that will be transferred.

fact sheet

Velocity Series

Expanded Microsoft Dynamics ERP integrations

Siemens has teamed with QBD Systems to deliver preconfigured

integrations between Teamcenter Express and Microsoft

Dynamics ERP solutions. In addition to the current integrations

for Microsoft Dynamics GP 8.x and 9.x, and AX 3.0,Teamcenter

Express Version 2 adds support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0

and AX 4.0.

Automated file translation

Users frequently need to convert a file to a different format at a

particular point in its lifecycle; for example creating a PDF

version of a 2D drawing on release of the drawing.Teamcenter

Express Version 2 introduces a generic framework for translation

of 2D, 3D and document file types.The

translation can be triggered on demand, on a

workflow event or in batch mode. Specific

translations include:

• Solid Edge Draft to PDF, DXF and TIFF

• NX Draft to CGM, HPGL and TIFF

• All the 3D CAD formats supported by

Teamcenter Express to JT

• Microsoft Office documents to PDF

New Teamcenter 2005 platform

Teamcenter Express Version 2 is now built on the latest Teamcenter platform,Teamcenter 2005 SR1. By

moving to this platform Teamcenter Express users have immediate access to over 60 functionality

enhancements including a new 4-tier architecture and new file management system that improves

performance over a WAN. Some examples of these enhancements include hierarchical and nested listof-values

capability, improved ability to assign users to all the steps of a workflow and automatic

assignment of items to projects.

Customer requested enhancements

Teamcenter Express has also added many new features in

response to requests from the customer base.These include

additions to the preconfigured cPDM environment delivered by

Teamcenter Express, for example new and updated reports,

searches, forms and several new functions in the product

structure editor module to aid creation, editing and reporting

on BOMs.


Teamcenter Express Version 2 builds on Version 1 by adding an integrated design review capability, new

functionality for the management of manufacturing data and processes and additional ERP integration

capabilities. Small and mid-sized manufacturing organizations are encouraged to evaluate Teamcenter

Express Version 2 right away.


Siemens PLM Software

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