PRESTON MANOR SIXTH FORM - Preston Manor High School

PRESTON MANOR SIXTH FORM - Preston Manor High School


“Making school memorable by striving for excellence”


As a specialist Science and

Mathematics college, we aim to

make these subjects accessible

and exciting, by introducing

students, teachers and our

partners in the community,

to cutting-edge Science,

encouraging students to take up

scientific careers and training

research scientists as teachers.

We have the highest ambitions and expectations in all aspects of school

life and strive to nurture these qualities in every student. Our young

people are treated as individuals and we are strongly committed to

equality of opportunity. We want all children to fulfil their potential

both academically and socially so that they leave us with the widest

range of choices open to them in a changing society.


A message from the Head

Once compulsory education is finished, choosing

where to study can be an exciting and confusing

decision, as well as one that will have a

significant influence on the rest of your life.

By deciding to study at Preston Manor you will

be recognising our reputation for academic

excellence in an environment that values the

individual and learning in its widest sense.

Throughout the school we aim to develop

young people who fulfil their potential. We

want students to leave us well prepared for life

in a changing society, with the widest range

of options open to them. We keep our sixth

form offer under constant review so that our

committed and professional staff can deliver a

curriculum that is broad, current and relevant.

This is enriched with a range of other activities

and detailed guidance, ensuring personal as

well as academic development.

Specialist Science College and Leading Edge

status provide additional opportunities for

all students including those in the sixth form.

We also host a state-of the-art City Learning

Centre which has some unique facilities,

resources and staff expertise. Whether you

are an existing Preston Manor student or

currently studying elsewhere, I hope you can

see the many benefits of joining our highachieving


A Message from the Directors of VI Form

We are proud of our VI Form and know that we

offer the best possible opportunities for the

academic and personal development of the

many learners who join us each year to embark

upon a programme of further education. Preston

Manor Sixth Form has a long running tradition

of being one of the best performing School Sixth

Forms in the UK: we have been ranked in the top

10% nationally for our Contextual Value Added

(CVA). In addition to our outstanding results, the

Sixth Form has been deemed ‘Outstanding’ in our

last two Ofsted inspections:

Excellent teaching ‘The quality of teaching and

learning is outstanding ….Students report that

‘teachers are excellent!’ Students’ attitudes to

work are very good and often exceptional’.

Excellent student support ‘Students’ contribution to

the school and other schools is extensive through

mentoring programmes. They are highly motivated

and develop good independent learning and critical

thinking skills that prepare them well for higher

education and progression to employment’.

Excellent student progression and Higher Education

opportunities ‘Opportunities for enrichment are

excellent and large proportions of students

participate in these and fund-raising activities’.

Excellent leadership and management ‘Leadership

and management of the sixth form are excellent.’

The Sixth Form has a highly skilled, supportive and dedicated team of two

Directors of VI Form, 19 Academic Tutors and a VI Form Administration

Officer. Our expertise and effective team work mean that we are able to

meet the needs of our diverse Sixth Form students. We hope that you will

find the information outlined in this prospectus useful and informative. We

look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Our Science specialism has enabled us to modernise laboratories,


Preston Manor offers courses for all abilities.

Before the start of the course all students

are advised about their choice and subject

combinations to ensure that they match their

Career and Higher Education ambitions.

Advanced Level Courses

The VI Form offers a wide choice of subjects.

Full details can be found in the courses booklet.

A Levels (AS and A2)

A Levels are examined throughout the course.

After successful completion of Year 12, students

receive AS qualifications and will be able to

study their subjects further at A2 in Year 13.

The standard course for students in Year 12 is

four AS subjects.

In Year 13 all students are expected to continue

three subjects.

This provides them with the necessary

requirements for entrance to all universities

courses including Oxford and Cambridge.

Vocational Subjects

(AS, A2 and Double Awards)

A Levels in vocational subjects provide students

with the opportunity to achieve academic

success and apply their knowledge in a

practical way. Courses are mainly assessed by

coursework and an exciting and valuable aspect

is their links to industry.

These courses study various aspects of a

vocational subject. After successfully completing

Year 12 students receive two AS qualifications.

Students with higher than the minimum entry

requirements will be expected to combine this

course with one or two other AS subjects.

One Year Course

Btec Travel and Tourism First Diploma

On this one-year course, 6 units are completed

over the year, in addition to GCSE Maths,

English and Science (where students have not

already achieved a C grade in these subjects).

At the end of the course students with the

required grades can continue their studies to

Advanced Level or enter work based training.

We firmly believe in educating the whole young person. Our weekly PSHE and

individual tutorial programme includes a focus on student well-being, citizenship

and contemporary issues and debate. Each student has a one to one meeting with their

Academic Tutor every term as part of our pupil monitoring. We also have a designated

Sixth Form Counsellor who is available for consultations on a self referral or staff

referral basis. Other opportunities for social and emotional development include:


Certificate of Personal Effectiveness

(ASDAN CoPE Award, Level 2)

This one year course is taught alongside

the Btec Travel and Tourism First Diploma.

The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness

(CoPE) provides a qualification outcome for

PSHE, Citizenship and work related learning.

It arises out of the well known ASDAN Bronze

/Silver, Gold and Universities Awards (and

in the FE sector the FE level 1 and FE level 2

awards). The certificate has been calibrated

by DFES as an equivalent to a Grade ‘B’ GCSE

at level 2 achievement.

Further details about the VI Form’s one year

course are included in the Courses booklet.


Every year Preston Manor students attain

outstanding results; we have consistently been

ranked in the top 10% for Contextual Value

Added (CVA). Success is our major priority and

we use a variety of strategies to ensure all our

students achieve it.


Our teachers are enthusiastic, well qualified

and experienced in all aspects of the Post-16

curriculum. All subjects have proven success

rates with many students attaining the highest


Teachers use a wide variety of classroom

techniques from discussion and role-plays to

written tasks and experiments. In addition, most

courses organise trips and in recent years these

have included study tours to Brussels, field trips

and attendance at the Theatre.

Our recently refurbished state-or-the-art

laboratories enable the best access to the

facilities necessary to conduct a wide range

of experiments using the latest equipment

and ideas.

Partnership with Parents and Guardians

We want to develop a working relationship

with students and their parents or guardians.

In the Autumn and Spring Terms, parents are

invited with their children to a Parents’ Evening

and Target Setting Day to collect a Record of

Achievement detailing progress and to hold

consultations with subject teachers. We welcome

contact from parents at other times throughout

the year.

• Year 12 Peer Mentoring Programme

• Brook House Residential Home Christmas Party

• Envision Volunteers

• Leavers’ Prom Committee

School Council

• Year 13 prefects

• End of year trip

Each subject area also offers extra-curricular activities such as day trips, residentials and revision work-shops to further support teaching and learning.

Monitoring and Rewards

Our excellent exam results go

hand in hand with our student

monitoring procedures. We have high

expectations of attendance, work and

behaviour and where students may

be experiencing difficulties in these

areas, the Sixth Form team work

collaboratively with students and

their families to put the necessary

interventions into place, thereby

ensuring that students quickly

get back on track in achieving

their potential.

We know that rewards are important

to our post-16 learners in helping to

keep them motivated. In each of our

end of term assemblies, prizes and

certificates are awarded for:

• Effort, achievement or improvement

within individual subjects

• Best attendance

• Best form group attendance

Highest number of merits

• Jack Petchey Award

Code of Conduct

In the VI Form students have greater responsibility for

learning and tutors assist them to make productive use

of independent study time. To help students develop

a responsible attitude to school life there is a Code of

Conduct, which sets out clear standards of behaviour and

expectations for their studies. During induction students are

made aware of the Code and its sanctions.

Learning Resource Centre and Study Facilities

Our Learning Resource Centre provides an attractive and

stimulating study area, equipped with a range of up-todate

technological and audio-visual aids. These used

in conjunction with the growing collection of books and

newspapers and other independent study resources, make

the Centre an exciting place to work. VI Form students can

access the Centre throughout the day. It is open after School

Monday-Thursday and is staffed by a professional librarian.

City Learning Centre

Preston Manor High School hosts a City learning Centre

for Brent. This provides purpose-built accommodation

for the local community to develop skills in multimedia

technology. Students in the VI Form have access to a range

of activities and have already developed skills in the field

of Music Technology and have helped manage and run

Blaze Radio Station.


Information Technology

We are fully networked, with all computer

stations linked to the Internet. Every student is

issued with his or her own personal entry code.

VI Form students have open access to Computer

Centre facilities and these are staffed at lunch

times and after school. Classrooms throughout

the School are well equipped with Information


Preparation for Higher Education

We want students to continue to achieve success

long after they leave the VI Form. From the

very start when applications are received, our

staff are dedicated to helping students make

informed choices about their futures.

Almost 100% of our Advanced Level students

go on to study at university. Providing excellent

preparation for university is a priority at

Preston Manor and all students on two year

courses are closely guided into making

successful applications. This includes visits to

Higher Education Conferences, Open Days,

‘Taster Days’ and an in-house Higher Education

Day. Students on one year vocational courses

usually continue in the VI Form or College. A list

of last year’s destinations can be found in the

back sleeve.

Oxford, Cambridge

and Russell Group Universities

High achieving students are identified early

on and are given every opportunity to make

successful applications to highly competitive

universities and courses, including Medicine,

Dentistry and Law. We offer a personalised

mentoring programme, which includes

opportunities to attend residential courses,

individual help with all aspects of their

applications and intensive university

interview practice sessions.

Enhancement Opportunities

We believe it is vital that our students

are intellectually stretched to gain the

skills to cope with the demands of a

rapidly changing society and workplace.

In addition to their study programmes

students are encouraged to participate in

intellectual and cultural activities. Students

are offered the opportunity to attend

master classes in a range of subjects,

including Journalism, Medical Ethics and

Economics. There are opportunities to take

part in residential courses, taster days,

workshops and seminars.

“Making school memorable by striving for excellence”

Summer Schools

and Saturday Schools

Our established links with Universities

provide opportunities for students to attend

Summer Schools on topics that support A

Level studies and their Higher Education

ambitions. Over the last year students have

participated in Summer Schools at the

Universities of London, Oxford, Cambridge,

Nottingham, LSE and Warwick. Each year

A2 students are admitted to the LSE Choice

Programme for support with their studies

and Higher Education applications.


Preston Manor has been awarded the

Charter Mark for the quality of its Careers

Education and Guidance.

Students follow careers modules in PSHE

to provide them with the necessary skills

and knowledge to make clear decisions.

The School has a well-resourced Connexions

Room open to VI Formers during lunch times

and independent study periods. Access to

career databases is available at

computer workstations.

Students can book appointments with the

School’s Connexions Personal Adviser. All

students studying the Btec and GCSE Programme

do two weeks of work experience and students

on other courses receive help organising

voluntary work placements.

School Life

Our school community provides many exciting

opportunities for students to widen their

experiences, develop leadership skills, take

on responsibilities and have fun! We value

VI Formers’ opinions and encourage them to

express their views and ideas.


Students are expected to attend Assembly once

a week. Through the year, Assemblies raise vital

issues for students to consider as part of their

development. Follow-up discussions take place

in PSHE lessons. Students have the opportunity

to raise their own issues and will in their Tutor

groups plan and deliver an Assembly.


VI Form Representatives

and School Council

Each Tutor Group elects two representatives

who attend regular meetings with the VI

Form Management. The form reps discuss the

organisation of the VI Form, issues affecting

students and ideas for making continued

improvements. Student perspectives have

contributed to changes made to security and VI

Form facilities. In addition the VI Form is part

of the wider School Community. Our student

representatives take part in whole School

Council meetings discussing issues which affect

all year groups.


The prefect system continues a 65-year

tradition at Preston Manor. Prefects play a

valuable role in helping younger students with

their work and by acting as role models. Those

appointed help in the Learning Resource Centre,

the Computer Centre, Dining area, Connexions

Room, Learning Support and at Reception. The

Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies are

elected to be ambassadors for the School and

represent it at important occasions and events.


and the Reading Scheme

A number of students mentor lower year

students. At the start of Year 12, Mentors

are trained to develop the skills necessary

to hold regular meetings with students

requiring support with their schooling.

Year 12 students are selected to assist the

lower years with their reading once a week.

Students have found the help they provide to

a child’s development particularly rewarding

and it has developed both their social and

communication skills.

Learning and Language Support

Learning Support will continue to be offered

both to students who have Statements of

Special Educational Needs and others who

require it. We provide individual and small

group support as well as classroom support.

Language Support may be offered to

students who are learning English as an

additional language.

“Making school memorable by striving for excellence”

Extra Curricular Opportunities

VI Form Clubs and debates

Staff are happy to support ideas for

clubs and societies. Details of the current

extra curricular programme can be found

in the back sleeve. All students develop

their debating skills in PSHE and lessons.

Debating is both fun and stimulating. The

VI Form Debating Club is a popular student

run society.

Drama and Music

Preston Manor has a strong community

atmosphere and we pride ourselves in

the contribution VI Formers make to all

events. Our students have organised drama

productions, cultural celebrations and

events to mark historical anniversaries.

Many of these events have received

widespread commendation. The

camaraderie and professionalism of our

students is exceptional.

Envision Volunteers

and Citizenship

The VI Form is linked to the Envision

Volunteers. Students are encouraged to

participate in a wide range of voluntary

community activities.


The School has been awarded the

England’s Sports Mark in recognition

of its outstanding provision of Physical

Education. Students are encouraged

to continue and further develop their

sporting interests. On Wednesday

afternoons physical activities are offered

as an optional activity. VI Form teams

regularly reach the final of the County

Football and Cricket Tournaments and

students help organise teams for lower

year groups.


An application form is contained in the back sleeve of this prospectus. Please

complete it carefully after reading the Option Blocks and the Admissions Policy.

This back sleeve includes:

Course Options Booklet

Examination Results


Extra Curricular Activity Programme

Admissions Policy

Application Form

Acknowledgement Card


Carlton Avenue East, Wembley HA9 8NA

Head: Mr Matthew Lantos

Telephone: 020 8385 4040 Fax: 020 8908 2607 Email:

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