PSRT Stands Out from the Crowd - Queensland Police Service

PSRT Stands Out from the Crowd - Queensland Police Service

By Louise Allen, Media and Public Affairs Branch

The Public Safety Response Team (PSRT)

is responsible for supporting police

operations involving demonstrations,

crowd control, court security, VIP

protection and waterborne operations.

PSRT officers demonstrate protective formations, one of the crowd management techniques they employ.

Sergeant Owen Law, PSRT said officers

had to remain vigilant and alert at all

times when policing large crowds.

The community has an expectation that

police will deal with people who are

responsible for unruly behaviour, and

PSRT officers are particularly skilled in

this area.

Apart from protests, PSRT officers also

attend major events such as the Indy

grand prix, the Gympie Music Muster, New

Year's Eve celebrations, the Whitsunday

Fun Races and Brisbane’s Riverfire.

Sergeant Law said PSRT officers attended

jobs throughout the state to assist general

duties police.

"While we are based in Brisbane, PSRT

officers travel extensively. Officers have

attended both rural and urban locations

from the Gulf of Carpentaria to the South

Australian and Northern Territory borders.

"We provide tactical advice and assist in

the planning of major operations that may

attract large crowds.

"People have the right to feel safe

whether they are attending a protest or a

festival. Our job is simply to keep the

peace," he said.

"We are specially equipped to respond in

the interest of public safety to instances

of confrontation, violence and other duties

PoliceBulletin 298 /9

which exceed normal police responses.

"For these reasons the members undergo

a high level of training in order to provide

them with the skills and knowledge they

need to effectively carry out the required


PSRT officers operate in a team

environment while performing high-risk

duties. They are trained to operate in

arrest, shield and close personal

protection teams.

Given the wide variety of jobs PSRT

officers attend, Sergeant Law said it was

imperative for the unit to be multi-skilled.

"We have trained divers, search and

rescue coordinators, explosive searchers,

planning, and disaster management

officers as well as officers with waterborne


"Members of PSRT also provide some

instruction by way of specialist courses to

general duties police and other members

of the Specialist Services Branch.

"The incidents we respond to usually

attract a significant amount of public

interest so it is important we act with

expertise and the utmost

professionalism," Sergeant Law said.

PSRT officers are trained to operate in arrest,

shield and close personal protection teams.

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