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+ (1 - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Polymer Diode Structures: LEDs and PDs

Basic diode characteristics:



A: Dark response

B: Light response

J (mA/cm 2 )




V (V)

(i): Quadrant of interest for OLEDs (Dark)

(ii): Quadrant of interest for Solar Cells (Light)

(iii): Quadrant of interest for photodetectors (Light)



• Polymer light emitting diodes under study for displays and lighting

• Polymer photodiodes under study for:

Solar energy conversion

Photodetection: UV detectors; Fast detectors for data links; Optical scanners/imaging

Direct competition with Si devices: Similar QE (~ 50%), responsivity (~ 0.3 A/W) and

limit of detection (~ 10 -13 - 10 -14 W) but slower rise time (µs vs ns). Spectral selectivity

without requirement for colour filters.

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