MERIT Vol 1 Ed 1.indd - All Saints Academy

MERIT Vol 1 Ed 1.indd - All Saints Academy




All SaintsAcademy Volume 1 Edition 1



All SaintsAcademy is a college

preparatory school, PreK3 through

twelfth grade, affiliated with the

Episcopal Church. Its mission is

to nurture the development of each

student: academically, spiritually,

socially, emotionally, and physically

in preparation for a successful and

productive life in a complex world.




Tony Jordan

Associate Head of School

Head of Lower School

Carolyn Baldwin

Head of Upper School

Latta Baucom

Assistant Head of School for

Operations and Athletics

David Kormann

Director of Admission

Director of College Advising

Gail Bonnichsen

Director of Development

Kristin Tripoli

Business Manager

CeCe Woolverton

THANK YOU 2009-10


Board Chair

Loretta Sanders

Vice Chair

Blake Paul


Cindy Henry


Jack Varasse

Chairman Emeritus

Mark Bostick


Cindy Alexander

Carol Barnett

John Craig

John Fitzwater

David Grossman

Steven Hewett

Anne Kerr

Ana Lipson

Marva Louisville

Will Pou III

Robert Sale

Father Tom Seitz

Conley Thornhill

Clay Watkins

Phil Wegman

Steve Wright


Message from the Headmaster

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Student Perspectives

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Peter Pan

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Swing Into the Swamp

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ABOUT THE COVER - The Class of 2010 commemorates their high school

career with a celebratory cap toss following the Commencement Ceremony on

May 15, 2010 at Florida Southern College’s Branscomb Auditorium.

MERIT is produced by the Development Department three times a year.

The Annual Report information is reported annually by the Business Office.

Comments and suggestions are welcome and can be emailed to Dawn Banning,

Director of Publications at

Boundless Success

Tony Jordan, Headmaster

We are proud to present the inaugural issue of

Merit: 2009-2010 Annual Report Edition where we

recognize the friends and families that so generously

support our school. As the only PreK3-12

independent, college preparatory school in Polk

County, we have a distinct mission and offer

the area a unique educational experience. The

gifts acknowledged on these pages represent an

investment and passion in helping ASA continue its

“boundless...” opportunities.

The success of our exceptional faculty, hard working

students, and vigorous curriculum is evidenced by

our fourteenth consecutive year of 100% college

acceptance and the more than 1.8 million dollars

in scholarships awarded to the Class of 2010. At

All SaintsAcademy, academic excellence doesn’t

end with the college acceptance, but continues in

the life of our alumni as the strong foundation

upon which their future success is built. Our

academic program, providing our students with an

exceptional foundation in the traditional “3 R’s” -

“reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic”, goes deeper to

include the new 21st Century “R’s” of responsibility,

respect, and resiliency.

On any given day, a walk through our beautiful

campus illustrates the vibrant and fun learning

community that is All SaintsAcademy. The

Hollis Family Media and Research Center and the

Middle School Gateway boast of students engaging

in Drama practice, inspecting 3D visualizations, or

working hard in the David Jenkins Production Lab.

A visit to the Fine Arts building shows students

unwinding with visual arts to the beautiful sound of

their peers in the String and Orchestra program. In

the Louise Hizer Early Childhood Center, you find

our youngest scholars engaged in hands on learning

while students in the Anne MacGregor Jenkins

Lower School are hard at work exploring Mandarin

Chinese and the Stock Market. And as always, The

Barnett Sports Complex is teeming with the energy

of lacrosse, baseball, tennis practice or the excitement

of any given athletic game already in progress.

We are unapologetically proud of our students and

faculty that share so much of their time and talent

to make these experiences possible and successful. I

continue to be awed by the range of achievement and

dedication exhibited at ASA. Driving through the

gates each morning you can feel the excitement about

what the day will bring. Seeing the experiences that

ASA provides and the relationships that it shapes,

our students clearly receive the necessary tools to

become successful leaders as adults.

As we faced challenging economic conditions

this past year, I would like to thank our families,

friends, faculty, and Trustees for their steadfast

dedication to our mission and commitment to

maintaining All SaintsAcademy as the premier

educational experience in Central Florida. We are

so proud of the Class of 2010 and look forward to

hearing of their continued “boundless...” success.


Another Exciting

Year at All Saints

Cindy Alexander, Advancement Committee Chair

It’s been an exciting year at All SaintsAcademy!

Once again, the generosity of our ASA

community has been overwhelming as our families

came together throughout the year in support of

our school.

The year started out with an energetic and

successful Halo Fund, which was previously named

the Annual Enrichment Fund. The committee,

under the leadership of Judy MacDougall,

Financial Report

Fiscal Accountability from the Business Office


Tuition 78.4%

Auxiliary and Fees 6.5%

Contributions and Gifts 14.9%

Interest and Dividends 0.2%

worked tirelessly to ensure every ASA family was

invited to participate in the Halo Fund. This

year, the school was offered a unique challenge

by an anonymous friend of the school aimed

to increase our parent participation in the Halo

Fund. Judy and her team spent countless hours to

communicate how the school needed to work

together to earn the exciting bonus gift. Their

efforts paid off with our highest rate of parent

participation to date, earning a bonus of $66,000!

These funds go toward enhancing the “boundless...”

educational experience each child receives at All

SaintsAcademy. Without your dedication and

support, these benefits wouldn’t be possible.

In November, the biannual Swing Into the Swamp

auction once again brought together our school

family with community friends in a night of good

spirited rivalry! Co-chairs Debbie Misch and

Brittany Sale, along with an army of volunteers,

created a night of great food, good music, and

fantastic auction items. This signature event has

a history of being a can’t-miss event, and this year

was no exception. The volunteers put their time

and talents into making the auction yet another

successful event that will be well remembered.

The Admission team continues attracting the

best and brightest students in Central Florida

as they promote the benefits of an independent,

college preparatory education. The significance

of a “boundless...” ASA education was once again

demonstrated in this years college admission

list. For the fourteenth consecutive year, the

graduating class celebrated 100% college acceptance

and was awarded a staggering $1.8 million in

scholarships. This accomplishment further

illustrates the strength of the curriculum and

dedication of the faculty.

I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to

each of you for supporting All SaintsAcademy

as a parent, volunteer and advocate during the

2009-2010 school year. Your donations and efforts

blend together to create a truly unique experience

for each ASA student. Our children benefit

from the rich gifts of an unparalleled education,

devoted faculty, and “boundless...” opportunities.

With Warmest Regards,

Cindy Alexander

Advancement Committee Chair


Personnel 65.8%

Instructional Programs

and Materials 7.2%

Student Activities 1.7%

General Operations 6.1%

Maintenance and Repairs 7.9%

Improvements 2%

Financial Aid 9.5%

3 4

Push the Limits

Katie Drum (2011)

Being an All SaintsAcademy student since

I was in pre-school has instilled certain values and

provided me with the opportunities to strengthen

them. One of these ideals, and in my opinion, one

of the most important, is the standard of setting

high goals and pushing myself as hard as I can to

achieve them. Luckily, ASA offers the Lyceum

Merit Studies Program, which has allowed me

to experience more challenging classes that push

students, like myself, that extra mile.

All Lyceum students are encouraged and expected

to work their hardest and push themselves to reach

their full potential by taking classes with more

demanding curricula. To be considered Lyceum

Merit Studies Scholars, we not only have to take a

certain number of Lyceum classes and keep at least

a 3.5 GPA, but also complete and present a field

experience based paper and project. Nearing the

end of my experience with the Lyceum program,

I’ve come to realize that this combination of

requirements is what makes the opportunity so

valuable and influential.

I began the Lyceum program in the eighth grade

because I wanted to challenge myself, and I felt

that it would help me set and achieve higher

goals. Since then, I’ve taken almost entirely

Lyceum and AP classes, all of which have

encouraged me to work as hard as possible to

achieve the most I can. These classes, although

difficult at times, have taught me that I can

accomplish more than I ever thought I could.

In addition to benefitting from the more

ambitious classes, I’ve also been greatly impacted

by the paper and project portion of the Lyceum

program. Students are expected to have some sort of

internship or job before their senior year. If students

are unsure of what to choose, the teachers always

seem happy to help us find the right fit. We then

have to write a paper and give a presentation about

our experience, what we learned from it, and how

it influenced our future career paths.

I’ve been a lifeguard and taught swim lessons for

the past two years, so I’ve been able to use this

job as my subject and work with my teachers to

realize the different life lessons I’ve learned an how

having this job has influenced my options for my

future career. The Lyceum program helped me

realize that even if I don’t necessarily want to

pursue a career in education, everyone is a teacher

and a mentor in some way.

Through all of the hard work, demanding classes,

extra assignments, and summer projects, I have

to say that the Lyceum Merit Studies program

Alum to Trustee

Will Pou III (2000)

Having the opportunity to serve All Saints’ as a

member of the Board of Trustees is an eye-opening

experience. When I started at ASA, the school had

just moved to the Hampton Campus, and there were

roughly 60 students attending in grades 8 - 11.

I truly feel like I had a hand in building the school.

Vivid memories fondly fill my mind of helping

unpack new desks and carry them into classrooms,

being the very first person who walked into the

newly completed Saterbo Science Building after

the Certificate of Occupancy was granted, and

helping build the network for the first computer lab

on campus.

Looking back, I realize the value of my education

at ASA is greatly attributed to the unique

experiences I had, due in large part to the small

class sizes and focused attention from the faculty.

It taught me responsibility and helped me excel

through college and into my current career at

Badcock & more.

As a Trustee, my fond relationship with the

school has continued through serving alongside

individuals with knowledge and expertise that is

almost overwhelming. I am honored to be the

first alumnus to serve on ASA’s Board of Trustees

has continually stretched my learning limits.

However, I can also honestly say that it is this

same program that has encouraged me to

always try my best and helped me reach my full

potential. I will always be extremely grateful to

and thankful to have the opportunity to collaborate

with such talented people.

If I could pass along one piece of advice to today’s

students, it would be this: Carpe Diem. Enjoy

every moment of your experience at All Saints

Academy. Take part in as many extra-curricular and

co-curricular activities as you can, explore your

interests and passions, and take advantage of

the incredible gift of an All Saints’ education.

As future members of the Alumni Association, I

look forward to hearing your unique ASA story.

the Lyceum Merit Studies program and all of the

teachers that have helped me realize that anything

is possible.

5 6

I Teach...I Learn

Karen Zacka, PreK4 Teacher

All SaintsAcademy is more than a place I come

to work every weekday. When I drive onto the

beautiful campus, it feels like I’m coming home.

For the past five years, my daughters and I have

been part of the ASA family. When I started

working here as a PreK4 teacher, my youngest

daughter also began her educational journey in

kindergarten. Now, my oldest daughter is a senior

and preparing for her final year at ASA. I have

had the privilege of experiencing the positive

influences and feeling the nurturing atmosphere

that is All SaintsAcademy from start to finish!

And what an amazing ride it has been!

When a new family walks though the doors, there

is an immediate feeling of warmth and welcoming

as the teachers and children greet them and invite

them into our rooms. I love when we have visitors!

Since ASA is like my home away from home, I

feel a sense of pride as we show off our inviting

spaces, happy children, and experienced teachers.

We are a close-knit family, working together to

begin the educational process that lays the

A Year Well Spent

Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association finished another wonderful

year, filled with exciting opportunities to engage

students and parents alike while enriching the

education for every child at All SaintsAcademy.

From helping in the classroom to coordinating events

and activities, our parents came together time and

again to volunteer their time and talent.

The Parents’ Association participated in a variety of

projects throughout the 2009-10 school year. The

following is just a snapshot of their tireless efforts:

• Providing teacher and classroom support in all

levels of the school

• Hosting the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Breakfast

and Luncheon

• Coordinating fun and special events including

the Fall Festival, Grandparents’ Day for Lower

foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

I am awed by the sense of wonder and excitement

as I teach these open-minded, young preschoolers,

and introduce them to things they have never seen

before. Nothing compares to the look on their

faces as they create a volcano and watch it explode;

examine a seed as it grows; observe a caterpillar

become a butterfly; learn to read to each other;

feel the resistance between the poles of a magnet;

make simple machines with fifth graders; and take

learning outside the classroom on field trips.

How truly blessed I am to be one of the first

and Upper School students, International Day,

and the Princess Ball - a new addition this year

• Serving as chaperones for field trips throughout

the year

• Hosting Honor Society receptions

• Fundraising through the Sally Foster Gift Wrap

sale and Box Tops for Education

• Welcoming new parents to All SaintsAcademy

Thank you to the 2009-10 Parents’ Association

Officers for your leadership and energy throughout

the year!


Brittany Sale

Kim Stokes

influences on these children. It is a great feeling

to watch the learning process and get to know the

unique needs of each individual child and their

family. As a teacher, it is more than my job to just

teach. I learn each day from the students in my

classroom. If a child is not learning, then it is my

responsibility to change the way I teach to match

their needs. In the end, it is my hope that as they

continue on their journey they always remember

The Golden Rule, embrace learning, and never want

to leave my home at ASA to go back to their own

home at the end of the day!

7 8


Amy Page


Pam Kitterman

Swimming with Spirit

Aaron Henricks (2012)

My first experience with All SaintsAcademy

was in the water. Three days before my first day of

middle school, I attended my first high school swim

practice. I was eleven years old, scared of out my mind,

and nervous about having to practice with people

much older than me. Within minutes however, it

seemed as though my teenage fear was gone thanks

to the friendly, helpful, and welcoming swimmers.

Five years have gone by, and I’ve watched myself and

the team grow in size, maturity, and ability. This

past season, I went to the state finals in the 50 yard

freestyle. That would never have been possible for me

without All SaintsAcademy’s athletic department

and my fantastic coach, Stacy Shroyer.

The All Saints’ swimming program is, in my

opinion, one of the best athletic programs the

county has to offer. The swim team has a certain

casual personality; no cuts are made on the team,

and practices are usually loads of fun. As someone

who appreciates a well-balanced life, I do not

believe in the overbearing athletic activity that can

be found at many other schools. At the same time

however, there is a certain determination and drive to

win. The swim team is one of the few teams at All

Saints’ that competes with and often beats many of

the large public schools in the area such as George

Jenkins, Lakeland, and Lake Wales. This year, the

boys team placed third in the county and second

in our district. We had nineteen swimmers qualify

for and attend the regional swim meet. The best

part of the swim team though is the team’s spirit of

friendship and closeness. Swim meets are great

occasions to support your teammates. It is the

balance of a serious competition and a fun loving

environment that makes swimming at ASA rewarding

and enjoyable. I am always proud to say what team

I swim for.

Although biased toward the swim team, everyday I

see the fruits of the All Saints’ athletic department.

After school, it seems like everyone has a practice

to go to or a game to win. My classmates and I

have benefited from an active athletic program, and

I believe we will use the lessons we have learned

through sports for the rest of our lives.

ASA Volunteers: Their West Side Story

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Features A Special Performance

All SaintsAcademy is fortunate to have a vibrant

and energetic community of volunteers. Each year,

we like to take time to show our appreciation to the

many individuals who make some of the truly special

aspects of the ASA experience possible, whether

volunteering in a classroom, chaperoning a field trip,

serving as a guest speaker, or setting up for events.

This year’s “Tony’s” were held at the Lake Wales Arts

Center as we brought a “West Side Story” to the East

side of the county!

Guests enjoyed the opportunity to stroll through

the art gallery prior to entering the main floor

where a delicious themed lunch was served. As a

special treat, students of Paul Hughes, Director of

Performing Arts, visiting from the Stockholm Vocal

Academy, performed several musical numbers from

The Fantasticks before closing with a medley from

West Side Story. Headmaster Tony Jordan entertained

the guests while thanking the many groups and

individuals who selflessly give their time and talents

to enrich All SaintsAcademy. We were honored

to have Patti Bostick on hand to present the Patti

Bostick Volunteer of the Year Award to this year’s

recipient, Gina Wegman. All of our guests enjoyed

the opportunity to catch up with one another while

relaxing in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake

Wales Arts Center.

Special thanks to Cindy and JD Alexander for

providing the venue and to April and Petter Madsen

with PM International Suppliers, LLC for donating

a wonderful gift for each of our volunteers!

9 10

Helping: One of

the Best Feelings

Alyssa Blythe (2017)

I was so surprised when Mickey Mouse and the

Disney VoluntEars came into Mrs. Paris’s classroom

to present me with the Disney Dreamer & Doer

Award! I’ve always liked to help people and do things

for others, especially other kids and the elderly. I

never thought I would get an award for it!

I have been a Girl Scout for six years. I like when

we get to work with some of the younger Girl Scouts

and Brownie Scouts. It’s fun to help teach them

something new. Th is year, I helped choreograph a

dance for 50 girls. We spent three months teaching

the dance and practicing as a team. We performed

our routine for the council-wide Talent Show and

received the Bronze Award. Another favorite

project with my troop was a Lakeland Beautifi cation

I Love All Saints

Kasey Ray (2018)

I really like going to All SaintsAcademy. I

started coming to school at ASA when I was in

kindergarten. I’ve made a lot of friends here and

have fun playing football and games with them

during recess.

One of my favorite classes this year was science. I

had the best science teacher I’ve ever had! She

made the class a lot of fun because instead of

reading worksheets, we were always in the lab doing

experiments. My favorite experiment was when

we put water on wax paper and moved it around to

learn about molecules. We could also bring in water

samples from diff erent places and look at it under

the microscopes to see what we could fi nd.

Another thing I love about ASA is the fun and

interesting fi eld trips we take. Th is year, the fourth

grade class got to take a trip to St. Augustine for

the day. We visited the Castillo de San Marcos and

the Spanish Military Hospital Museum. We spent

some time sightseeing and even went to the Ponce de

project at Oak Hill Cemetery, where we planted

new greenery and cleaned up the grounds.

I have a very nice neighbor who lives by herself.

She is like another grandmother to me, and I like

to go next door to spend time with her. Th is year at

Christmas, her family was coming to visit. I wanted

to do something special for her, so I decided to

put on a Christmas Violin Concert two nights

before Christmas Day. I learned to play the violin

from Mrs. Th ielen and have played for two years

with the ASA Strings Program. It was a lot of fun

Leon Fountain of Youth! We were there all day and

had a lot of fun.

All SaintsAcademy has great teachers, and I’m

really happy I go to school here!

to select the music, make a program, and set out

cookies on trays as refreshments for the concert.

Sometimes it’s hard to balance my activities with

school work, but it’s worth it. I think I want to be

a veterinarian when I grow up so that I can keep

helping others who need it. It’s one of the best

feelings in the world!

11 12

Peter Pan:

A Flying Success

All School Production at the Polk Theatre

This year, the Performing Arts Department took

on a new endeavor: a production that includes

students from Lower, Middle, and Upper School

all sharing one stage! Paul Hughes, Mark Thielen,

and Jeannine Wright exceeded every expectation

with the full school production of Peter Pan. And

what better place to watch the pixie dust fly than

at the historic Polk Theatre in Lakeland!

Rehearsals for the play began immediately following

Winter Break in preparation of opening night on

Friday, April 23. The students expertly balanced

their vigorous academic commitments with a

challenging rehearsal schedule. Their dedicated

efforts were richly rewarded by the amazement and

delight of the crowd as they watched the magic

unfold night after night.

The audience was whisked away to Neverland

- the whimsical home of pirates, Indians, and a

group of boys who never want to grow up. While

the actors and dancers kept the crowd entertained

as they transformed into character, the string

students provided the musical backdrop that helped

set the mood and bring the production to life.

Special thanks to the more than one hundred

students and faculty who tirelessly poured

themselves into this play along with all the

parents and volunteers who helped make this

dream a reality. The production was a success

because of your hard work and enthusiasm. Thank

you all for a truly incredible all school performance

- one that will never be forgotten!

Finding Balance

Xavier Leyva (2010)

The following is an excerpt from Xavier Leyva’s address

during the Commencement Ceremony:

Everyone knows that balance is an important

physical attribute. It is constantly stressed by

coaches in almost every sport and physical facet in

life. I also believe, however, that balance is an

important quality in one’s mindset and lifestyle.

As many of you know, I have always been a strong

believer in hard work. I sincerely believe that any goal

or dream can be accomplished, and any far reaching

goal can be reached with enough hard work and

dedication. I believe this because I’ve seen it come

true before my own eyes. I am lucky enough to say

that I have witnessed the American dream fulfilled

through my lifetime through my wonderful family.

After coming from small towns in a third world

country like Mexico, they worked tirelessly fifteen

hours a day for over a decade without a single break.

It’s because of this hard work that we are now able to

enjoy a certain sense of economic security.

Throughout my short life, I have also found that

overworking and overstressing is not the happiest

or healthiest of lifestyles. The extreme of only

focusing on work is not one that I can fully support.

I fiercely believe that it is important to take the time

to enjoy life to its fullest extent. After all, as far as

immediate logic tells us, we only have one life to

enjoy. Living to work is not enough. It also becomes

necessary to work to live.

...Do not misinterpret my message. I am not calling

for everyone to abandon their ambitions and simply

attempt to only have fun. This would be the other

extreme of the spectrum, which I also disagree with.

I am calling for balance between these two lifestyles.

I have learned that it is possible to take the time to

enjoy the pleasures of life while still working hard to

achieve set goals. With enough dedication, one can

strive for the highest peaks and still enjoy the other

luxuries in life. It is for this reason that I constantly

advocate the philosophy of “work hard” and “play

hard”. Those that know me well enough will tell

you that I ardently follow this lifestyle, and I promise

that this mindset can produce desired results.

Today, my classmates and I take a final step in

our careers. As we move forward, I urge all of my

classmates and everyone in this room to remember

the essential balance. I ask that you strive to do

your best work and to do your best at enjoying your

play time. I plead that months or years from now,

if by some chance you remember Xavier Leyva, do

not remember the academics, the Mexican heritage,

or even the crazy spiky hair that I fashioned for so

many years. Instead, please remember the essential

balance that I insist on: to work hard and play hard.

Thank you.

13 14

Congratulations Class of 2010

On May 15, forty seniors tossed their caps outside

Florida Southern College’s Branscomb Auditorium

in celebration of the end of their high school

careers and the beginning of a new chapter in their

lives. Students, family, and friends all listened

to Congressman Adam Putnam share a message

on the importance of

Th e Class of 2010 was

awarded more than $1.8

million in scholarships,

and is All Saints’ 14th

consecutive graduating

class with 100 percent

college acceptance.

always remembering

home no matter

where life takes you.

Th e graduates now

look forward with

anticipation to the

new chapters ahead

of them. Having been well prepared with a

foundational education and boundless opportunities

while at All SaintsAcademy, one thing is certain:

their future will be full of success. Congratulations

to the Class of 2010, and best wishes in all your

endeavors! You have left us with a lasting impression,

and will always be welcomed home with pride.

Th e following colleges and universities extended

letters of acceptance to the Class of 2010:

Agnes Scott College

Arizona State University

Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale

Auburn University

Berry University

Boston College

Boston University

Brigham Young University

Centre College

Clemson University

College of Charleston

Eckerd College

Elon University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Emory University

Flagler College

Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Institute of Technology

Florida International University

Florida Southern College

Florida State University

Furman University

George Washington University

Georgetown University

High Point University

Jacksonville University

Lander University

Le Cordon Bleu

Louisiana State University

Lynn University

New College of Florida

Northeastern University

Oglethorpe University

Polk State College

Rollins College

Saint Leo University

Santa Fe College

Savannah College of Art and Design

Smith College

Southern Methodist University

Stanford University

Stetson University

Temple University

Towson University

University of Central Florida

University of Colorado

University of Delaware

University of Florida

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of Missouri

University of North Florida

University of Pennsylvania

University of South Florida

University of Tampa

University of West Florida

Valencia Community College

Vanderbilt University

Wake Forest University

Washington University in St. Louis

Western Carolina University

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

A Few Things

I’ve Learned

Joe Strednak, Chemistry Teacher

Before coming to All Saints’ last year, I considered

that moving from New York City to rural Polk

County might be a larger leap than I could handle.

I had certainly moved many times before, often

yearly, as part of a career where I served as an interim

teacher in various schools for almost a decade. But

could a move to a school located in Central Florida

be a good fit after nearly twenty years spent in

New York, Boston, and other big northern cities?

That answer was tied up in a lesson that I quickly

relearned: people make the place. All Saints’ is a

community of people with a number of qualities

increasingly rare in today’s world.

Good leadership. High expectations. Community service.

A strong honor code.

One of my first thoughts regarding the students at

ASA was how a name like All Saints’ seemed to

set one up for failure. How could anyone possibly

live up to the expectations of those upon which the

highest honor of the Episcopal Church had been

bestowed? However, as I got to know the All

Saints’ community, I came to understand how it

simultaneously fosters the personal growth of its

students while also allowing them to express their

true character.

A few things I’ve learned in my first year at ASA:

Small can do big things. Though small in number,

the student body managed to rack up a number

of academic honors and athletic achievements,

including, but not limited to, a National Merit

Scholar, one of the top three Academic Teams

in the state as well as the fourteenth consecutive

year with 100 percent college acceptance. Baseball,

softball, and tennis brought home district

championships with a number of athletes going on

to Regional and State Finals.

Success is contagious. Watching my colleagues’

excellent teaching, particularly during one

professional development day, only made me want

to do an even better job. I saw the same dynamic

among the students as well. Awareness of other’s

strengths, like tides, can raise all boats.

Obstacles can become strengths. In one case, a

self-proclaimed “math failure” developed into a strong

problem solver. I couldn’t write the problems down

fast enough for her.

Late is not never. The shortest progress report I

Positive Energy

Alexandra Canto (2016)

All SaintsAcademy is an amazing school. You

walk onto the campus and feel the positive energy of

the school community. Everyone is extremely nice,

and we have a good time.

ASA’s academics are magnificent. I love my classes

and my teachers. The teachers connect with you.

They help give you the best education possible

and challenge the students. They expose you to

experiences that are unbelievable. For example,

as a sixth grader, I dissected cow eyes and starfish.

You have the option of learning Spanish, French,

Chinese, Latin, and other foreign languages.

There are many sports offered. They range from

sports using a racket to a club or from a jersey to

a swim suit. All Saints’ has it all. Even a middle

school student can participate in varsity sports. On

the team, you feel like family, and we all support

each other. ASA has plenty of extraordinary

opportunities. You can participate in productions

like the phenomenal Peter Pan, which was held at the

Polk Theatre. I especially love the dance department.

You can participate in dance ensemble, which is an

extracurricular activity where dancers perform and

go to competitions together. Mrs. Wright does a

magnificent job motivating all of the dancers and

making dance fun. She has made dance my passion.

wrote this year was also one of the most powerfully

ingrained in my memory. “Finally” was all it said.

Transformation is a much better goal than

perfection. I was able to witness this continually

throughout the year at All Saints’.

I’ve also been involved in Book Club, Art Club,

and Recycle Club. I really like Book Club because

whenever we have our discussions, Mrs. Guy always

brings the book to life. Recycling is fun, too. I like

how we get to go around the whole campus and

round up all the bins to put in the big recycle cans.

All SaintsAcademy has inspired me in many ways.

I love it and think it’s a tremendous school!

Finally, I had to remember that the Saints were real

people who led very real lives. Many overcame great

personal trials on their way to leading exemplary

lives, not unlike the people that make up the

ASA family, of which I am honored to belong.

17 18

School Spirit and

All Saints’ Pride

Athletic Booster Club

Let’s hear it for the ASA Athletic Booster

Club! From volunteering at every athletic event

throughout the year, to spending countless hours in

a concession stand, to selling spirit wear promoting

school pride - the members of the Booster Club

work to increase interest in school sports and

support the coaches and student athletes. Th e

following lists a small sample of the many ways the

Athletic Booster Club provided outstanding support

during the 2009-2010 academic year:

• Coordinated the Kick-Off Barbeque prior to the

fi rst home football game

• Provided chairs and a lighted scoring table for

the Jack M. Berry Gymnasium

• Purchased new equipment for the Wellness

Center and newly established lacrosse program

• Provided fi eld and court maintenance for

basketball, baseball, golf, swimming, football,

and soccer

Th ank you to the 2009-2010 Athletic Booster

Club leadership for your enthusiastic support of

ASA Athletics!

President Vice President

Donna Henricks Judy MacDougall

Treasurer Secretary

Trenen Bush Jana Giddings

Brotherly Love Practically every day has helped them hone their

skills both as individual players and as teammates.

• Sold Spirit Wear throughout the year to promote

school pride


Ellen Salm


Susan Craig

of Competition

However, they are learning lessons that are

applicable both on and off the fi eld. Harrison,

• Coordinated a new “Winter Event” including

Spirit Wear

Kathy Cable


Sara Test

Andrew, and William say their coach is teaching

a box lunch during a basketball tournament

Tami Moats

Harrison Paul (2017)

them the importance of respect: to their coach,

William Paul (2019)

teachers, and parents. Th e lessons they learn on the

Andrew Paul (2021)

fi eld translate well into lessons about responsibility

to themselves and to others, respecting those around

All SaintsAcademy has one of the only lacrosse

programs in the county, and is the only school

them, and applying their specifi c talents to achieve a

greater goal. While they are improving their skills Swamp Success!

as they bid on a variety of silent and live auction

items with all the proceeds benefi ting All Saints

off ering elementary students the chance to play on as lacrosse players, they are also building their

Academy! Th e separate “Kids Korner” auction held

a school sponsored team. What this means for the character as young men, which will serve them

Swing Into the Swamp

in the Parent Conversation Corner at the Anne

Paul brothers is the unique opportunity to compete throughout their educational careers and beyond.

MacGregor Jenkins Lower School was a welcomed

as both siblings and teammates on the athletic

Whether your game was football, shopping, new addition that got everyone excited prior to the

fi eld. Harrison (5th grade), William (3rd grade), Each day at practice, their coach begins with the

dancing, or just having fun, everyone who joined main event.

and Andrew (1st grade) will promptly tell you that same message, “Everybody starts out as average.

us at this year’s Swing Into the Swamp had an

while it’s fun to ground balls and shoot during the You GROW to become a great lacrosse player,

amazing time. On November 13, 2009, ASA invaded Special thanks to co-chairs Debbie Misch and

game, their favorite part of lacrosse is defi nitely student, and person.” It’s a message that the Paul

Lone Palm Golf Club in Lakeland for our exciting, Brittany Sale along with their entire committee of

scoring goals, and of course, playing a sport with brothers have taken to heart and practice, whether on

biannual auction showdown. Guests enjoyed an volunteers for helping us raise more than $150,000

their brothers.

the fi eld, in the classroom, or at home.

evening of dinner, dancing, and friendly rivalry to enhance the “boundless...” ASA experience!

19 20


ASA Alums Keep

in Touch with

Their Alma Mater

Alumni Association Update

Exciting growth and new developments continue

to take place with the All SaintsAcademy Alumni

Association! This engaged group of ASA graduates

enjoys every opportunity to reconnect with each

other as well as with their beloved alma mater.

The advisory committee, led by co-chairs Sarah

and Wesley Barnett, met periodically throughout

the 2009-2010 year to plan exciting activities

and events to keep alums involved. This year

welcomed a friendly rivalry and competition

with the addition of the Alumni and Faculty

basketball game that brought the school community

together in celebration of Homecoming Week.

Not to be outdone, the traditional Holiday Social

and an informal summer gathering allowed all in

attendance to share past memories and present

news with the peers they grew up with.

Each year, the Alumni Association takes pride

in welcoming the newest group of graduates

into its fold. This year we welcomed the Class of

2010 with a fun ice cream social preceded by the

annual Alumni Talk. This session, free from

administration or teachers, allowed the students to

talk on a peer level with the alumni, and ask the

important questions about what to expect at college

and general post ASA curiosities.

If you are the parent of an ASA alum or know of

some exciting news regarding one of our alumni,

please let us know! We want to stay in touch with

those who helped make All Saints’ such a unique

place to learn. To share news, update contact

information, receive the Alumni Newsletter, or

simply keep in touch with all the exciting things

happening with the ASA Alumni Association,

please email We

look forward to hearing from you!

The Halo Fund

Annual Giving - All for One and One for All

The 2000-2010 school year brought about a new

name for the Annual Fund. The former Annual

Enrichment Fund was aptly named the Halo Fund

to more accurately represent the generosity shown

by every supporter of the school as they help

provide the tools and resources necessary to

create an unparalleled education experience for

every student.

This year an anonymous friend offered All Saints

Academy a unique challenge: if parent participation

reached 60% or higher, the school would receive

a bonus of $1,000 for each percentage point

earned. The ASA community enthusiastically

accepted the challenge and reached the highest

participation across all constituent groups with

100% Board of Trustee participation, 92% faculty

and staff participation, and 66% parent participation.

This resulted in more than $398,000 which

goes directly toward helping fulfill the ASA

mission to nurture the development of each student

“academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally,

and physically in preparation for a successful and

productive life in a complex world.”

Special thanks go to the team of volunteers who

wrote notes, signed letters, and made phone calls

to promote the importance of the Halo Fund and

encourage parents to participate by making a gift.

Thank you again for your continued support and

confidence in All SaintsAcademy!


Judy MacDougall

2009-2010 Halo Fund Chair


Head of School

Tony Jordan

Campaign Chair

Judy MacDougall

Board Chair

Loretta Sanders

Alumni Chair

Will Pou III (‘00)

Alumni Parent Chairs

Donna and George Lyle

Grandparent Chairs

Ginger and Atlee Davis

Upper School Leadership

Cindy Alexander

Jane Phillips

Ellen Salm

Middle School Leadership

Kathy Baker

Donna Henricks

Kim Karr

Tracy Scheck

Carol Sears

Jeni Thornhill

Lower School Leadership

Sara Hallett

Dana Forni

Cindy Henry

Anne-Marie Leedy

Elizabeth Paul

Frances Rosa

Teresa Weeks


All SaintsAcademy thanks the following individuals

and organizations for their generous support of the

Halo Fund.


Aurora Management Partners, Inc.

Badcock Furniture & more

The Barranco Clinic

Ben Hill Griffin, Inc.

Center for Retina and Macular Disease

Dr. and Mrs. David Misch

Drs. Aggy and Mike Tolentino

Central Florida Pain Management

Drs. Ana and Eric Lipson

Central Florida Roofing LLC

Citizens Bank & Trust

Colon & McNelis, P.A.

Comcar Industries, Inc.

DK Contracting, Inc.

Dunson Harvesting

Extreme Graphics

First Help Urgent Care Clinic

Dr. and Mrs. Tommy Louisville

Furr & Wegman Architects, P.A.

Harbsmeier DeZayas, LLP

Implant and Comprehensive Dentistry

Loyola Foundation

Peterson & Myers, P.A.

PM International Suppliers, LLC

Polk State College Foundation

Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.

Radiology & Imaging Specialists

Sale Insurance

Sessums & Sessums, P.A.

Stokes Groves, Inc.

The Terrace Hotel

Thornhill Group/UBS

Timothy Ellis, D.M.D, M.S., P.A

Tom Reid Motion & Stills

Tucker Construction & Engineering, Inc.

Urology Associates of Central Florida

Valenti Campbell Trohn Tamayo & Aranda

Watkins Associated Industries, Inc.

Wright Financial Concepts, LLC

Steven R. Wright, CPA, PFS


Aurora Management Partners, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Barney Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bostick

Center for Retina & Macular Disease

Dr. and Mrs. David Misch

Drs. Aggy and Mike Tolentino

Central Florida Pain Management

Drs. Ana and Eric Lipson

Comcar Industries, Inc.

Community Foundation of Greater Lkld.

Ben Hill Griffin, Inc.

Loyola Foundation

PM International Suppliers, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Petter Madsen

Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.

Watkins Christian Foundation

One donor wishes to remain anonymous


Anesthesia Associates

Dr. Eva Salamon and Dr. Jerry Drum

Dr. and Mrs. John Canto

Colon & McNelis, P.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Gil Colon

Mr. and Mrs. Atlee Davis

Harbsmeier DeZayas, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Harbsmeier

Radiology & Imaging Specialists

Drs. Donna and Bret Henricks

Central Florida Roofing, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Katros

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Owen

Dr. and Mrs. Joffre Rivera

Sale Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sale

Dr. and Mrs. James Sanders

Sessums & Sessums, P.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sessums

Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Weeks

Watkins Associated Industries


Citizens Bank & Trust

Badcock Furniture & more

Dunson Harvesting

Mr. and Mrs. Les Dunson, Jr.

Timothy Ellis, D.M.D., M.S., P.A.

Dr. and Mrs. Tim Ellis

Extreme Graphics

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Hewett

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Jordan

DK Contracting, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kitterman

First Help Urgent Care Clinic

Dr. and Mrs. Tommy Louisville

The Barranco Clinic

Dr. and Mrs. George Lyle

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Brooker, II

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Paul

Peterson & Myers, P.A.

Polk State College Foundation

Tucker Construction & Engineering, Inc.

Urology Associates of Central Florida

Dr. John Shelgren

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stephens

Stokes Groves

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stokes

Tom Reid Motion & Stills

Valenti Campbell Trohn Tamayo & Aranda

Mr. and Mrs. Trohn

UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Conley Thornhill

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Varasse

Furr & Wegman Architects

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wegman

Mr. Lester Wishnatzki

Wright Financial Concepts, LLC

Steven R. Wright, CPA, PPS

One donor wishes to remain anonymous


Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Alexander

Ms. Elizabeth Dedrick

Mr. Ken Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hill

SunnyRidge Farm

The Mixon Family

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Pou III

Drs. Tracy and Ronald Prati

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Skipper

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Walas

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Williams

23 24



Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Portlock

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Canlon

Dr. and Mrs. Mahesh Allam

Dr. and Mrs. Robin Baker

Mrs. Jill Riggeal

Drs. Michaele and John Caravello

Dr. and Mrs. Juan Baez-Gonzalez

Mr. and Mrs. Gray Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Carlson

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Brooker, II

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Beck

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Rosa

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lee Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Campbell

Dr. and Mrs. Rick Simeon

Ms. Elizabeth Chedester

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Denton

Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Sullivan

Ms. Sandy Claman

Mr. and Mrs. Les Dunson, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Cassidy

Dr. and Mrs. Jim Threlkel

Mr. and Mrs. Hood Craddock

Mr. Nick Emanuel

Dr. Franciso Chebly and

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crumley

Mr. Jay Finnegan

Dr. Odette Mercado-Chebly

Ms. Patricia M. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Daferede

Mr. and Mrs. Tip Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. John Craig, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Danis

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goff

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Eliasen

One donor wishes to remain anonymous

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daugherty

Drs. Anne and Roy Kerr

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans

Ms. Karen Deese

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Margeson

Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzwater

Mr. Don Dial

Dr. and Mrs. Sukumar Mathan

Munson, Vining & Midyette

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Giddings


Mr. and Mrs. Mike DiAngelo

Mr. Luis Diaz and Ms. Glenda Nieto

Drs. Dawn and Gerard Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muscott

Dr. and Mrs. Ugo Nzeako

Mr. George D. O’Neill, Jr.

Kyra Infotech, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Salm

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Seitz, Jr.

Dr. Cathy Farrell and Dr. David Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Test

Drs. Flora and Felipe Tolentino

Ms. Kristin Tripoli

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilson

Rev. and Mrs. Rick Gomer

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Hallett

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hollis

Mr. Steve Horowitz and Dr. Kecia Howell

Mr. Kirk and Dr. Marva Klapprott

Dr. and Mrs. C. Jake Lambert

Dr. Eric Lindenblad

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Marlowe

Dr. and Mrs. Jose Martinez-Salas

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Martorana

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. David Orcutt

Dr. Oscar Oropeza and Dr. Maria Solorzano

Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Abellan

Dr. and Mrs. John Amann

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Andersen

Ms. Lesley Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Antonik

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ardito

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Arrington

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arrington

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Arrington

Mrs. Christiann Ausmus

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Baker

Mr. John Bamford

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Banning

Ms. Lisa Dillman

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dockery

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Donton-Poe

Mr. and Mrs. Helge Duemmel

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dugger

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dunbar

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dusek

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ellis

Ms. Jennifer Emanuel

Ms. Barbara Embree

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Esposito

Dr. David Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Falz

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barclay

Ms. Kimberly Farrell

Drs. Ana Maria and Mircea Basaraba

Mr. and Ms. Peter Farrow

Mr. and Mrs. Latta Baucom

Dr. and Mrs. Marc Feldman

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Blythe

Ms. Carol C. Felker

Mr. Nigel Boardman

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Flynn

Mrs. Justine Bohannon

Mrs. Marcia Fonseca

Mr. and Mrs. David Brice

Dr. and Mrs. Kent W. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brown

Ms. Jackie Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fulwood

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gandy

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Budd

Mr. and Mrs. Tate Garner

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Buynak

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gary

Mr. and Mrs. David Cable

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gavron

25 26

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick George

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Martin

Ms. Carolyn Prahl

Ms. Lara Giliam

Mr. Paul Hughes

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Price

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Githens

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Humphrey

Mrs. Lynda Mattson

Mr. and Mrs. David Quijano

Ms. Felipa Gonzalez

Mr. Jim Hurst

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Maxwell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rabjohns

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Greatens

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hurst

Ms. Veronica McClelland

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Rafool

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Jody Hutton

Mr. and Mrs. Scott McGinnis

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rawles

Dr. and Mrs. David Grossman

Mrs. Kristin Ilic

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meeks

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ray

Mr. Bruce Guth

Ms. Kelly Ingram-Dial

Mr. and Mrs. Regis Mellon

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Guy

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mengel

Ms. Melissa Renning

Mr. and Mrs. John Haefner

Mrs. John James

Mr. and Mrs. Raul Mestril

Mr. and Mrs. William Rex

Mr. Bob Hagemann

Ms. Heather Jefferson

Mr. and Mrs. David Methot

Mr. Tim Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hamic

Dr. and Mrs. Hank Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Milholin

Ms. Danielle Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Harmon

Ms. Elvia Jimenez

Mr. and Mrs. William Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harper

Ms. Kay Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mills

Ms. Karyn Rubel

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Johnson

Mr. Robert Mishael

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Russell

Mrs. Louella Harris

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Karr

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Moats

Mr. and Mrs. Frantz Saint Germain

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Keaton

Ms. Barbara Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Santiago

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jay Hart

Mr. and Mrs. James Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Muehlberger

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Satterfield

Mr. and Mrs. David Henricks

Ms. Sheena Kendrick

Ms. Cathy Music

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Scarborough

Herndon Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Kezele

Dr. George Muthalakuzhy and

Mr. and Mrs. John Scheck

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hill

Mr. and Mrs. John King

Ms. Shereena George

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Himes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkner

Dr. and Mrs. Loren Nations

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Hoagland

Ms. Katrina Knotts

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Nealy

Mr. and Ms. Mark Hofstad

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Knowles

Ms. Vivian Newton

Dr. Carolyn Holton

Mr. and Mrs. David Kormann

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Nichols

Ms. Vera Hoppe

Ms. Amy Lashkajani

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nolen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Ingram Leedy

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Norman

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Orcutt

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lilly

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Ortiz

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lindsey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Osbon

Mrs. Ratnamani Lingamallu

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Padgett, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Locke

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Palo

Mr. Carl Locke, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paris

Ms. Rebecca Loper

Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Pate

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Lopez

Mr. and Mrs. Piyush Patel

Rev. and Mrs. John Loudon

Dr. and Mrs. Pranay Patel

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Lucena

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Paul

Mr. Grant Lyons

Mr. Christopher A. Pearce

Mr. and Mrs. Dave MacDougall

Mr. and Mrs. AJ Perera

Mr. Grady Irvin and Mrs. Laura Maddox

Mrs. Barbara Perkins

Dr. and Mrs. Francis Maguire

Dr. Robert Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Rishi Maharaj

Ms. Anne Pipping

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Maratea

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pitsikoulis

27 28

Mr. Gordon Scherer

Ms. Kacee Smith

Mr. Steve Watson

Drs. Ana and Eric Lipson

Ms. Alexis Schmidt

Ms. Laurie Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Weber

Rev. and Mrs. John Loudon

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Searfoss

Ms. Marlaina Stahlman

Mr. and Mrs. Jason West

Ms. Cathy Music

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sears

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Starcher

Mr. Gerald Wheeler and

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paris

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sheekey

Dr. and Mrs. Doran Stark

Mrs. Alexandra Laverde

Polk Education Foundation

Ms. Leah Shelgren

Mrs. Barbara Stevens

Ms. Anna Whitman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pitsikoulis

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Sherman

Dr. Lex Stevens

Mr. Walter Wiernik

Mr. Rich Saterbo

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shields

Mr. and Mrs. David Stewart

Mr. Bill Wiggins

Semco Construction, Inc.

Ms. Betty Shinn

Mrs. June Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Wiley

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert Shirey

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stonick

Mr. and Mrs. Jock Willers

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sinclair

Mr. and Mrs. David Simon

Mr. Joseph Strednak

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams

Ms. Carolyn Szymczyk

Ms. Tara Simpson

Dr. Holly Strickland

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williams

Ms. Karin Teston

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sinclair

Mrs. Cathy Strollo

Dr. and Mrs. Tony Wong

Miss Kacie Thayer

Dr. and Mrs. Clay Sizemore

Mr. and Mrs. Deron Stults

Ms. CeCe Woolverton

Ms. Kristin Tripoli

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Slachta

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sussingham

Ms. Linda Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slattery

Mr. Brett Swango

Mr. and Mrs. James Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Don Ver Hey

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith

Ms. Carolyn Szymczyk

Mr. Andy Wyman

Ms. Sheila Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tedder, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Yarbrough

Ward's Heating & Air

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Tetting

Mr. and Mrs. Yingxue Yu

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weeder

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Thayer

Ms. Karen Zacka

Ms. Patricia M. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thielen

Ms. CeCe Woolverton

Mr. Erik Thompson and

Mr. and Mrs. James Wright

Ms. Brigitte Langenecker

Ms. Karen Zacka

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Thornton


Three donors wish to remain anonymous

Mr. and Mrs. James Tilghman

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Adams

Mr. and Mrs. George Tolson

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Tomkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Torres

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Trohn

Mr. and Mrs. Barney Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bostick

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Brooker, II

Desiree Callen-O’Neill

Every effort has been made to recognize our donors

correctly. If your information is incorrect, please contact

Kristin Tripoli at

Dr. and Mrs. James Truitt

Curly Tails BBQ

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tsipouras-Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Danis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tuohy

Ms. Valerie Duke

Mr. and Mrs. David Tyler, III

Florida Food Tankers, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gavron

Ms. Susan Uiterwyk

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Veerman

Mr. Paul Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Don Ver Hey

Jen-Ken Kilns

Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Vilches

Mrs. Kristin Ilic

Ms. Sheila Walker

Mr. and Mrs. John King

Mr. Ryan Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkner

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Knowles

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Watson

Mr. and Mrs. David Kormann

29 30

5001 State Road 540 W • Winter Haven, FL 33880

Address Service Requested

Non-Profi t Org.

U.S. Postage


Lakeland, FL

Permit No. 1219

Thanks for a Fantastic 2009-2010!

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