Investor Presentation - Proactive Investors

Investor Presentation - Proactive Investors

Investor Presentation

March 2012

Successful Exploration &

Discovery Company Underpinned

by Future Gold Production


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March 2012



AIM-quoted Exploration and Development company focussed on gold and base

metals in East Africa and West Africa, underpinned by a strong exploration portfolio

and two mine development projects in Turkey

Discovered to date:

2.26 Moz Au

7 Moz Ag

186 kt Cu

Major JV and equity partners include: AngloGold Ashanti, Antofagasta, Centamin,

Centerra, Teck, Thani Ashanti

JV investment to date of $13.7 M (with a further min of US$16.2 M [+/- US$20 M]

subject to earn-in)

Positive cash flow possible by mid/late-2013


Risk Management Strategy

Clear focus on discovering and exploiting mineral wealth

Multiple plays increase odds of success

Continuous monitoring and reviewing of investment strategies

JV partners ensure risk is shared and/or eliminated

Value created with minimal cash exposure

Growing reputation enables negotiation of increasingly better partnerships and potential


Production agreements with local companies realise value from smaller projects



Creating Value


Total Stratex

spend (£)

Cost-effective discovery

Total partner

spend (£)

Total Au (oz)

Stratex retained

Au (oz)

Öksüt 509,424 2,063,273 1,047,872 523,936 (50%)

314,361 (30%)

Muratdere 631,628 - 204,300* 204,300 (100%)

61,290 (30%)

Altıntepe 850,854 333,333 593,100** 593,100 (100%)

266,895 (45%)

Stratex cost per

retained oz (£)







TOTAL 1 st earn-in 1,321,336 1.50

2 nd earn-in 642,546 3.10

** Resource at Altıntepe includes 3.18 Moz Ag (not included)

** Resource at Muratdere includes 186 kt Cu, 3.9 Moz Ag and 6,390 t Mo (not included)


Our Interests

+ Two exploration


+ Six exploration and

two development


+ Eight exploration




* Portfolio in important West African

region recently acquired via Silvrex Ltd

+ 49.5% passive

holding in new

industrial minerals



East Africa Operations



- Afar Project,

incl Megenta

Under-explored with major gold and

base metal potential

Mining-friendly regime in Ethiopia –

Corporate tax 30%; royalties 5-8%; tax

free importation; transparent code

exploration thro’ to mining;

government 5% free-carried interest

Growing mining interest – BHP Billiton,

Centamin, Nyota Minerals, Allana

Potash, MidRoc, Tigray Resources,

Ethiopian Potash Corp

Stratex first-mover advantage in

discovering new gold province in Afar

Depression of Ethiopia


30 km


100%-owned licence - 299 sq km over four extensive areas of low -sulphidation mineralisation

>30 km veining identified including five substantial vein systems outcropping at Black Water Zone –

Stanley, Nesbitt, Oasis, Theodore and Baker

5,000 m drill programme currently underway

Black Water Zone – aerial photograph







38.3 g/t Au

60.4 g/t Au


34.6 g/t Au

Potential blind extensions under wadi gravels

250 m



Black Water drilling to date

250 m

2,552 m of 5,000 m programme drilled to date over 14

holes. Best results include:


18.7 g/t Au

Hole Length (m) Au (g/t)

BW-DD-001 0.70 0.48

BW-DD-002 2.41 0.29

BW-DD-003 4.65 0.51

including 1.45 0.67

BW-DD-009 0.95 0.81



34.8 g/t Au


Veins thicken significantly to the north, e.g. 5.35 m

vein in BW-DD-8 at 99.75 m depth – awaiting results

6.1m @ 1.0 g/t Au

‘Blind’ quartz vein zone identified at 84 m under

gravels in BW-DD-16 – over 2,000 m of blind veins

interpreted for Black Water alone

7.8 & 5.0 g/t Au

60.1 g/t Au

Future drilling to test high grade outcrops on other

structures, including Baker, Oasis and Stanley


38.3 g/t Au

1.2m @ 5.7 g/t Au


Afar Project

First 11 licences acquired in Afar district, incl.


Thani Ashanti earning-in to initial 51% through

US$3 M exploration funding over 2 years

3,000 m drill programme has confirmed Megenta

as part of new 3 km gold system –

MG-DD-12 – 3.25 m @ 4.49 g/t Au incl. 0.70

m @ 19.5 g/t

MG–DD-10 - 43.20m @ 0.67 g/t Au incl. 2.9

m @ 3.56 g/t Au

MG-DD- 09 - 44.30 m @ 0.54 g/t Au incl. 2.1

m @ 1.67 g/t Au

Follow-up drilling programme anticipated in 2012

Banded quartz vein in drill core


Deseado Massif Comparison

Cerro Vanguardia

>6.0 M oz Au

Source: Mariana Resources

Cerro Negro*

3.1 M oz Au

Expanded to 5.1 M oz Au

Distance Megenta to Blackrock

Manatial Espejo

1.2 M oz Au equiv.

Mina Martha

22 M oz Ag equiv.

San Jose

1.99 M oz Au equiv.

Las Calandrias

Cerro Moro

2.4 M oz Au equiv.

(131,000 m drilled+)

Cap Oeste

Geological Setting:

Rifting – same as Afar

Bimodal rhyolites & basalts - Afar

Rhyolite domes – defined in Afar

** Goldcorp acquired Cerro Negro for C$3.6 Billion = c.$1,000/oz **


Additional East African Assets

Ethiopia & Djibouti



Prospective for gold

and base metal




Potential for

bonanza gold


0 250 km

0 250 km

After Corti, 2009

Further drill-advanced project in Arabian Nubian Shield - Shehagne

Five further early-stage exploration projects


West Africa

200 km

West Africa Licences

Dalafin licence covers 636 sq km in prospective Birimian Kédougou-Kenieba gold belt

Four early-stage exploration licences over 1,985 sq km in Mauritania

Nine million-plus oz deposits discovered to date in Kédougou-Kenieba gold belt


Turkish Operations

6 early and mid-stage exploration

prospects – drilling programmes

anticipated at 4 projects in 2012

2 resource development projects with

first gold pour anticipated 2013







New copper exploration initiative with

Antofagasta Minerals


+1Moz Gold Discovery– Öksüt, Turkey

High-sulphidation gold discovery in central

Turkey, currently being funded by a Canadian

major JV partner Centerra B.V:

50% vested interest for US$3 M

Opted to earn additional 20% for a further

US$3 M

Stratex interest of 50% free carried for

next US$3 M expenditure over next 2


758,144 oz Au

Total resource 1,047,872 oz gold, incl.

probable heap-leachable resource of 0.56 Moz

oxide gold + 0.40 Moz sulphide gold

Scope for further resource upgrade with drilling

programme planned by Centerra in Q2 2012

289,729 oz Au

(Cross-section of Ortaçam North Zone in Appendix)

* rock-chip sampling result prior to drilling


Turkish Development Assets

NTF – HEP dam


Development Assets:

Inlice Project:

Stratex 45% interest, JV with NTF 55%, $2 M to take to feasibility

study (completed)

JORC Reserve: 59.6 Koz Au: Resource 69 Koz Au (oxide) plus

164 Koz Au (sulphide)

Production targeted 2013 – provisionally 15,000-20,000 oz per


Altintepe Project:

Stratex 100%, with Bahar Mining completing feasibility for 55%

and carrying all pre–production costs

In-house JORC Resource: 491 Koz Au (oxide + transition), 101 Koz

Au (sulphide), 2.37 Moz Ag (oxide), 813 Koz Ag (sulphide)

Production provisionally targeted for 2013 – 30,000 oz per annum -

subject to feasibility


Additional Turkish Assets

Muratdere porphyry copper-gold-molybdenum project, 250 km west of Ankara –

186,000 t Cu + 204,296 oz Au + 3.9 Moz Ag + 6,390 t Mo + 17.6 t Re identified

Turkish investor DD for $1.7 M for 51%; + $0.5M & complete feasibility for 70%

Due-diligence to be completed April 2012

Hasançelebi gold project, 500 km SE of Ankara –

Teck funding exploration to US$2 M for 51% interest

Review of 2011 exploration data on-going

Altunhisar gold project, 260 km SE of Ankara –

Centerra funding exploration to US$1.5 M for 51% interest

Drilling anticipated 2012

Antofagasta strategic alliance to explore for copper deposits –

Antofagasta funding initial US$1 million for 16 month target-generation and exploration


Target prioritisation and possible licence acquisitions in 2012


Valuation Drivers 2012


Öksüt - on-going drilling to increase resource base, funded by Centerra (US$3 M to earn 70%)

Altıntepe – accelerated development (partner on site and funding to production)

Inlice – complete EIS, financing, development, production mid-2013 (45% Stratex)

Muratdere - post-due-diligence, partner to pay US$1.7 M (51 %) & complete feasibility (70 %)


On-going drilling to identify bonanza zones at Blackrock

Thani Ashanti funding second-phase exploration & drill programme at Megenta to test system at depth

(US$3 M to earn 51%)

Identification and acquisition of new mineralised systems in Afar

West Africa

Focused exploration for discovery in Senegal & Mauritania



Focused exploration and development business

Experienced management team

Clear strategy to minimise risk and extract maximum potential


Multiple plays

Major JV partners

Local production agreements

First-mover advantage in Afar (Ethiopia/Djibouti)

Tangible success

Two gold-development projects in Turkey

Significant +1M oz Öksüt gold discovery in Turkey

New gold district discovery in Afar – incl. Blackrock

Acquisition of West African portfolio


Corporate Data

Share Data AIM-Listed (STI)

19 th March 2012

Shares in issue

Fully diluted shares

Share price

363.15 M

384.19 M

8.38 p

52 High 10.63 p

52 Low 6.63 p

Market cap.

Cash Position

(as at end Feb)

£29.39 M

£1.70 M

Key Shareholders




GRAHAM N J 6.22 %





Nomad – Grant Thornton

Broker – Northland Capital

Co-broker – Fox-Davies Capital





Christopher Hall

Non- Executive


Christopher Hall has over 39 years of wide ranging experience in the mining sector. He is currently the in-house mining

adviser to Grant Thornton LLP, principally assisting the Capital Markets team with clients listed on London Stock Exchange

and the AIM market. Christopher joined Stratex in February 2008 as Non-Executive Director.

Bob Foster

Chief Executive Officer

Thirty-seven years of experience as a professional economic geologist in exploration, mining, and applied academic posts

and has particular expertise in the genesis and exploration of gold deposits, having worked in Europe, Central Asia, North

and South America and throughout Africa.

Perry Ashwood

Chief Financial Officer

Perry qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1971, training with Spain Brothers & Co. and KPMG. During his 40-year

professional career he has worked in senior management with British Oxygen Ltd, Rank Xerox Ltd, and Intermec

International Inc. before becoming an independent consultant in 2000.

David J. Hall

Executive Director

(East Africa)

David has 30 years of experience in the exploration sector and has worked on and assessed exploration projects and

mines in over 50 countries including Turkey, where he worked for four and half years. He also worked as Consultant

Geologist for Minorco South America, where he subsequently became Exploration Manager for AngloGold in 1999.

John Cole-Baker

Executive Director

(West Africa)

Bahri Yildiz

General Manager, Turkey

With over 40 years of experience, John has been involved in infrastructure and mining development projects, at various

levels up to Project Director, as well as restructuring projects in Africa, Europe, the Former Soviet Union, the Middle East,

and the Indian sub-continent. Since the 1990’s he has also been Director of a number of consultancy companies and is

currently an advisor to UNCTAD.

A Turkish national with a career spanning 30 years dedicated to mineral exploration and mining geology throughout Turkey.

Bahri commenced his career in1980 with the government's General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration. More

recently he was Exploration Manager Turkey for Dardanel Madencilik, the Turkish subsidiary of major Canadian mining

company Inco Ltd before joining Stratex in 2005.

Franco Maranzana

General Manager,


A professional economic geologist for over 50 years, Franco has worked in over 100 countries for governments,

international organizations, multinationals and as a consultant, mainly in mineral exploration, country potential assessment,

negotiations and also on natural risks and themes of international cooperation.


Key Events




IPO £1.87 M @ 5 p; (Teck founder)

Inlice discovered

£1.175 M @ 7.5 p; institutional placing

£7 M @ 9 p; institutional placing

Altintepe acquisition

Öksüt gold discovery



Centerra JV on Öksüt

Expansion into Ethiopia & first epithermal gold discovery in Afar rift valley

£1.3 M @ 3.5 p; institutional placing

JV with gold-major Thani Ashanti on ‘Afar Project’


Blackrock discovery - camp established and drilling starts

AngloGold in for £3 M @ 7.72 p at company-level – at premium


Öksüt resource exceeds 1 Moz



Nesbitt structure

Oasis structure

Theodore structure

1 2 3 4 5

Individual veins over 50 m.



Deeper in system than Megenta

Critical boiling zone textures

Silica-replaced bladed calcite

5,000 metres drill programme

currently underway


Low-sulphidation systems - hitting the shoots

Extorre’s Cerro Moro Project - Zoe Discovery: projected long section




Shehagne - Centamin JV


Channel chip sampling has identified large, low grade gold

target – potentially bulk-mineable

84 metres grading 1.04 g/t Au including 28 m grading 1.86 g/t Au

104 metres grading 0.77 g/t Au including 11 m grading 4.39 g/t Au

Pre-drilling projection:

SEA vested at 60% following £350,000 expenditure


Öksüt, Turkey– Statistics

* rock-chip sampling result prior to drilling


Öksüt – Ortaçam North

Best intersection to date: ODD-55: 268.00 m @ 2.34 g/t Au

Open to North, East and at depth


Near-Term Production in Turkey

NTF – HEP dam


Inlice Project

JORC reserve 59,600 oz Au @ 2.36 g/t N/A

JORC resource

69,324 oz Au @ 2.29 g/t in oxide;

164,000 oz Au @ 1.78 g/t in


Altıntepe Project

491,426 oz Au (oxide + transition);

101,695 oz Au (sulphide);

2.37 M oz Ag (oxide);

812,819 oz Ag (sulphide)

Stripping ratio 0.76t waste to 1t ore N/A

Cash operating


NPV (10)

After-tax IRR



US$ 412

US$ 6.3 M (@ US$1,100 oz Au);

US$ 14.6 M (@ US$1,400 oz Au);

37% @ US$1,100 oz Au;

48% @ US$1,200/oz Au




2013 2013

Stratex interest 45% 100% (45%)

JV partner,


NTF - US$ 2M feasibility study


EIS approval awaited

Bahar Mining completing feasibility

for 55% and carrying all preproduction



Rift Resources

Stratex 49.5% passive holding in new industrial minerals company

Stratex licence in highly prospective potash area sold to

Rift Resources plc, as non-core business

£250k raised to explore the licence and add to portfolio



Christopher Hall

Non-Executive Chairman

Stratex International plc

180 Piccadilly



Tel: +44 (0)23 8065 1649

Fax: +44 (0)23 8062 0022

Bob Foster


Perry Ashwood

CFO and Company Secretary

David Hall

Executive Director (East Africa)

John Cole-Baker

Executive Director (West Africa)

Claire Bay

Corporate Geologist


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