SolGold Investor Presentation - Proactive Investors

SolGold Investor Presentation - Proactive Investors

Corporate Presentation

December 2012



These presentation slides (the “Slides”) have been issued by SolGold plc (the “Company”) in relation to an update on activities by the Company.

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Executive summary

1. Building a gold-copper discovery company. Delivering growth through


2. Strong team with discovery track record

3. Cascabel gold-copper porphyry project in Ecuador. Outstanding

project targeting a giant discovery. Drilling in 2013

4. Rannes gold-silver project, Queensland - Resource definition stage,

550,000 ounces gold equivalent* in Indicated and Inferred resources

5. Exposure to high quality gold-copper projects in the Solomon Islands

* gold equivalent formula outlined on slide 20

Page 3

Board and Management

Experienced Team with Discovery Track Record and Delivery of Shareholder Growth

Malcolm Norris – MD and CEO

Experience with WMC Resources for 23 years, in a range

of commodities and global coverage

Lead the team which discovered the giant Tujuh Bukit

copper-gold porphyry deposit for ASX listed Intrepid Mines


Bruce Rohrlach – Chief Geologist

Bruce is an experienced explorationist having spent 24

years working in Australia, Philippines, PNG, Indonesia and

South America.

Completed a PhD on the giant Tampakan copper-gold

porphyry and high sulphidation deposit in the Philippines.

A key member of the team responsible for the discovery

of the giant Tujuh Bukit gold-copper porphyry deposit for

ASX listed Intrepid Mines Ltd.

Damien Lulofs – Exploration Manager

Damien is an experienced explorationist having spent 18

years as a geochemist for a variety of junior explorers to

global resource companies before joining Intrepid Mines in

2008 as a key member of the exploration team.

Wendy Collins – Business Support Manager

Wendy has business management experience through retail

and property management, and in the resources sector with

Intrepid Mines.

Experience across TSX and ASX listed companies with

involvement in various project, public relations, investor

relations, and business activities in Indonesia, Fiji, Argentina,

Australia, Ecuador, and Canada.

Complimentary and Diverse Board

Nicholas Mather – Executive Director

Nick has over 27 years technical and corporate experience and

is also MD of DGR Global (ASX:DGR) and Chairman of Armour

Energy (ASX:AJQ). Nick was co-founder of Arrow Energy which

was acquired in 2010 by Shell for approx $3.5bn.

• Cameron Wenck – Chairman

• Brian Moller – Non-executive Director

• John Bovard – Non-executive Director

• Robert Weinberg – Non-executive Director

Page 4

SolGold Portfolio

Gold-Copper Discovery Company



Areas of interest for new opportunity search

Solomon Islands

Page 5

Cascabel Project, Ecuador

Within the highly endowed South American Andes copper-gold porphyry belt

Page 6


SolGold can earn up to 85%, through an earn-in JV with Cornerstone Capital

Resources (TSXV:CGP)


• Earn 65% by spending US$7.8 million over 4 years;

• Placements in Cornerstone totaling CAD$850,000;

• Option to earn an additional 20% by funding additional exploration and feasibility

studies capped at US$20 million over 1.5 years;

SolGold to issue 2% of the ordinary common shares of SolGold to Cornerstone upon

completion of a BFS

• Tenement transfer occurs after SolGold earns a 65% interest

• Strong JV relationship with Cornerstone developed over many years and

through other JVs. Cornerstone is a project generator and has access to

proprietary databases

SolGold funds and directs exploration program

Page 7


Good access, 3 hour drive from Quito on bitumen road; 750m to 2100m asl; 75km inland


Good support

from communities

in the area

of current exploration

Page 8


Outcropping gold-copper porphyry in main regional porphyry belt

Quebrada Moran B vein stockwork

Quebrada Alpala porphyry stockwork

• Copper and gold in

magnetite rich veins

and zones.

• Integration of


radiometrics, soil

sampling and alteration

mapping will deliver

drill targets.

Quartz calcite veins with chalcopyrite,

pyrite and bornite

Diorite with quartz, magnetite and

chalcopyrite veinlets

Page 9


Open ended high grade channel samples

Page 10


Model Development and Target Definition Indicates Potential World Class Project

– North-South schematic section through southern geological target zones


Page 11


Soil sampling to date – coincident gold-copper-molybdenum anomalies over

several hundred meters








Page 12


Emerging target areas – detailed heli-magnetics

Page 13


Emerging target areas – magnetics, geology, soil geochemistry




Page 14


Emerging target areas – data integration still to be undertaken

Target T1 – strong multi-dataset target;

geology and magnetics driven; Q. Alpala

and Moran; up to 4.86g/t Au and 1.3% Cu




Target T2 – strong magnetics target; further

exploration required; soil geochem

coverage will be extended but area partly


Target T3 – strong multi-dataset target; soil

geochemistry driven – coincident Au-Cu-

Mo; outcropping porphyry; covers Q.

America and Tandayama



Target T4 – conceptual target; data

processing required

Target T5 – multi-dataset target; coincident

Au-Cu-Mo; prominent mag feature

All targets within 5km diameter, structurally

modified, intrusive complex

Page 15


Comparable potential scale to the 1.9 billion tonne Tujuh Bukit gold-copper

project in Indonesia held by Intrepid Mines (19 billion pounds of copper, 28

million ounces of gold)

Page 16

Gold (Silver) Projects, Australia

Page 17


• Clustered epithermal gold-silver deposits in belt ~ 25km long

• Current Indicated and Inferred resources of 296,700 ozs Au and

10,139,000 ozs Ag – 550,000 ozs of gold equivalent* at 0.9g/t gold


• Ounces start at surface and exploration has only tested the top

~240m at two prospects - more discoveries to be made

• High grade intersections being followed up

* gold equivalent formula outlined on slide 20

Page 18


2 million ounce gold equivalent* target from district

Many untested prospects; image is gold in soils

Prospect Status Contained Gold (ozs) Contained Silver (ozs)

Crunchie Ind + Inf 87,000 7,577,000

Kauffmans Ind + Inf 153,900 2,078,000

Other Inf 55,700 455,000

TOTAL 296,700 10,139,000

550,000 ozs gold equiv. at 40:1

34% Indicated, 66% Inferred

* Gold equivalent is based on

gold and silver grades only,

calculated on the basis of

average historical metal

prices, at a ratio of 40:1. Gold

equivalent (AuEq) 40 = Au g/t

+ (Ag g/t times 0.025). No

metallurgical test work has

been carried out and so

recoveries of 100% are

assumed in establishing the

gold equivalent formula

Page 19


2012 drilling is outside of the May 2012 resource block model, and targeting

higher grade zones

Kauffmans, and Adjacent Prospects

Higher grade intercepts being delivered –

KAU 139; up to 2m @ 3.84g/t gold / 3.71g/t


KAU 147; up to 2m @ 6.75g/t gold / 27.3g/t


Higher grade assays also from surface


Up to 1m @ 6.12g/t

Expansion of Kauffmans system to SE

Page 20


Kauffmans long section development underway. Target definition in progress.

KAU 139: 2m @

3.84g/t gold

KAU 147: 38m @

1.1g/t gold, incl.

2m @ 6.75g/t gold

Page 21

Gold Copper, Solomon Islands

Fauro Project

SolGold 100%

- seeking JV


Guadalcanal JV; planned divestment of

project by Newmont (74%) and SolGold (26%)

Page 22

Targets and News Flow


Soil sampling

Heli-magnetic survey and analysis

Geological mapping

Target definition and drill planning

Preparation for drilling - water, EIA, stakeholders

Permitting for drilling

Presidential Election


Oct-12 Nov-12 Dec-12 Jan-13 Feb-13 Mar-13 Apr-13 May-13 Jun-13 Jul-13 Aug-13 Sep-13 Oct-13 Nov-13 Dec-13

subject to permitting


Geological mapping

Soil sampling

Target definition and drill planning



w et season

Resource Estimate

Cascabel News Flow

September 2012 - update of exploration results

November 2012 - heli-magnetic survey completed and soil sampling to date

• November 2012 - exploration and permitting update

• December 2012 - drill targets defined

• Drilling as soon as possible, but is subject to permits being issued


• Drilling results in January 2013

• Resource review March 2013

Page 23

Key Points


A gold-copper discovery company

Delivering growth and shareholder return through discovery


A team that has previously discovered large mineral deposits

A board with a strong track record


An outstanding gold-copper porphyry opportunity in Ecuador

Resource base at the Rannes gold-silver project


Significant exposure to additional opportunities in the main

gold-copper belts of the world

Page 24

Appendix - About Ecuador






Presidential Election:

260,000km2 (about the same size as the United Kingdom)

~14 million



Presidential (Legislative, Executive, Judicial)

Presidential elections in February 2013 (may delay some government

functions in the lead up to the election)

Main opposition candidate is anti-mining, although the incumbent, Rafael

Correa is expected to win with a strong majority

2008: Mining Mandate enforced, while new Mining Act drafted

2009: New Mining Act and regulations approved, with heightened

environmental and economic conditions

2010: Mining companies resume exploration; exploration concessions validated

2011: Kinross signs non binding development agreement for the 15Moz

Fruta del Norte deposit

2012: Kinross seeks to renegotiate Fruta del Norte agreement

EcuaCorriente signs first large scale mining contract for the Mirador open pit

copper porphyry development

Codelco, Southern Peru Copper (Groupo Mexico) active; others looking

Early stage endorsement

Pres. Correa actively promoting the mining potential

Significant opportunity

Page 25

Malcolm Norris Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Office: Studio 4, 304 Montague Street, West End QLD 4101

Mobile: +61 417 956 402


Nominated Advisor:

RFC Ambrian Ltd

UK Broker:

SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP

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