One2One – Amur Minerals Investor Presentation - Proactive Investors

One2One – Amur Minerals Investor Presentation - Proactive Investors

Qualification Statement

The information contained in this confidential document (“Presentation”) has been prepared by Amur Minerals Corporation (the "Company"). It has not been fully

verified and is subject to material updating, revision and further amendment. This Presentation does not constitute or form part of, and should not be construed as, an

offer for sale or subscription of, or solicitation of any offer to purchase or subscribe for, any shares in the Company nor should it form the basis of, or be relied on in

connection with any contract or commitment whatsoever.

This Presentation has not been approved by any of the Company’s professional advisers, nor by any

authorised person pursuant to Section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and therefore it is being delivered for information purposes only to a very

limited number of persons and companies who are persons who have professional experience in matters relating to investments and who fall within the category of

person set out in Article 19 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (the "Order") or are high net worth companies within the

meaning set out in Article 49 of the Order or are otherwise permitted to receive it. Any other person who receives this Presentation should not rely or act upon it. By

accepting this Presentation, the recipient represents and warrants that they are a person who falls within the above description of persons entitled to receive the

Presentation. This Presentation is not to be disclosed to any other person or used for any other purpose.

While the information contained herein has been prepared in good faith none of the Company nor any of its shareholders, directors, officers, agents, employees or

professional advisers give, have given or have authority to give, any representations or warranties (express or implied) as to, or in relation to, the accuracy, reliability

or completeness of the information in this Presentation, or any revision thereof, or of any other written or oral information made or to be made available to any

interested party or its advisers (all such information being referred to as "Information") and liability therefore is expressly disclaimed.

Accordingly, neither the

Company nor any of its shareholders, directors, officers, agents, employees or advisers take any responsibility for, or will accept any liability whether direct or indirect,

express or implied, contractual, tortious, statutory or otherwise, in respect of the accuracy or completeness of the Information or for any of the opinions contained

herein or for any errors, omissions or misstatements or for any loss, howsoever arising, from the use of this Presentation.

Neither the issue of this Presentation nor any part of its contents is to be taken as any form of commitment on the part of the Company to proceed with any

transaction and the right is reserved to terminate any discussions or negotiations with any prospective investors. In no circumstances will the Company be responsible

for any costs, losses or expenses incurred in connection with any appraisal or investigation of the Company. In furnishing this Presentation, the Company does not

undertake or agree to any obligation to provide the recipient with access to any additional information or to update this Presentation or to correct any inaccuracies in,

or omissions from, this Presentation which may become apparent.

Certain forward looking statements may be contained in the presentation which include, without limitation, expectations regarding metal prices, estimates of

production, operating expenditure, capital expenditure and projections regarding the completion of capital projects and pre feasibility studies as well as the financial

position of the company. Although Amur believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, no assurance can be given that

such expectations will prove to be accurate. Accordingly, results could differ from those projected as a result of, among other factors, changes in economic and market

conditions, changes in the regulatory environment and other business and operational risks.

Neither this Presentation nor any copy of it may be (a) taken or transmitted into Australia, Canada, Japan, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa or the United States of

America, their territories or possessions; (b) distributed to any U.S. person (as defined in Regulation S under the United States Securities Act of 1933 (as amended)) or

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offer for sale or solicitation or invitation to buy or subscribe any securities or in the context where its distribution may be construed as such offer, solicitation or

invitation, in any such case except in compliance with any applicable exemption. The distribution of this document in or to persons subject to other jurisdictions may

be restricted by law and persons into whose possession this document comes should inform themselves about, and observe, any such restrictions.

Any failure to

comply with these restrictions may constitute a violation of the laws of the relevant jurisdiction.

Corporate Mission Statement

Amur Minerals Corporation’s

mission is to continue evaluation, expansion,

and development of its large bulk mineable

Kun-Manie nickel and copper sulphide

discovery located in the Russian Far East.

Group and Asset Overview

Founded November 2003

Admitted to AIM in March 2006

100% ownership of the Kun-Manie nickel and copper

sulphide deposit

Funded with no debt

Nine years of highly successful exploration

Year on year expansion in scale and quality of asset

Positive pre feasibility study

Mining licence application submitted

Strong regional and local support

Experienced management

Group Structure

BVI Domicile - LSE Listed

100% Ownership

Russian Activity Centres


Far East District


Project Site


Licence Activities

Amur Minerals Corporation

British Virgin Islands

Irosta Trading LTD


ZAO Kun-Manie

Amur Oblast Khabarovsk Moscow

AMC Trading Statistics

Share Structure (As at 27 February 2013)

Ordinary Shares Outstanding:

353.2 million

Options (Average exercise price: 16.1p) 11.3 million

Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding: 364.5 million

Last 6 Month Period

Trading Activity – 27/2/2013

Day's Close (p) 7.99

52 Week High (p) 9.50

52 Week Low (p) 4.16

Market Capitalisation 28.22m GBP

20-Day Close M.A. (p) 7.93

50-Day Close M.A. (p) 7.50

65-Day Volume M.A. 2,435,683

Corporate Shareholding


(1 February 2013)



Related Parties (Directors) 1,827,878

Substantial Shareholders (Greater than 3%):

Nomura PB Nominees Ltd 48,447,937

TD Direct Investing Nominees 44,972,863

Barclayshare Nominees Ltd 30,814,411

Investor Nominees Ltd 22,835,550

HSDL Nominees Ltd 22,584,422

L R Nominees Ltd 18,034,806

HSBC Global Custody Nominee (UK) 17,886,744

Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) 11,715,257

Remaining Shareholders 134,035,311

Total Shares Outstanding 353,155,179



Ordinary Shares


Allocated Share


Robin Young - CEO 1,587,160 3,600,000

Robert Schafer -Board Chairman 146,969 2,400,000

Brian Savage - Non Executive Director 93,749 1,600,000

TOTAL 1,827,878 7,600,000

Kun-Manie – Located in the Far East

Far East



Amur Oblast Setting and Infrastructure

Rail to

Elgan Coal






700 km from China

Hydroelectric power

Year round port facilities

Elgan Coal Rail Complete

Petropavlovsk Subsidiary

2012 Accomplishments

More than 7,000 Drilled Metres

Doubled Mineralised Length at Maly Kurumkon

Identified New Deposit at Gorny

Drilled Anomaly Immediately South of Ikenskoe

Overall Drilling Has Defined Higher Grades

New Geochemical Anomalies Defined

Ata and Ataga Identified Along Kurumkon Trend to the East

Additional Two Targets Identified in the Northeast Area of the Licence

Metallurgical Test Work

Confirms Better Recoveries in all Metals

Potential to Improve Overall Concentrate Grades and Reduction of MgO

Licence Considerations

Exploration Licence Extended through 31 December 2014

Mining Licence Application Remains Under Review (New Regulations)

The Project Has Been Included Within the Far East Development Programme

Kurumkon Trend – Prime Host Target

Reserve Area

Reserve Calculation

No Resource

Chorny Ispelene










Ata &


Kurumkon Trend Western Targets

Chorney Ispelene

Faulted Extension of Maly Kurumkon

High Grade Geochemical Anomaly

Maly Kurumkon

Drilled JORC Compatible Reserve

Open Down Dip and To West


Extension of Maly Kurumkon

Doubling Length of Mineralisation By 2012 Drilling

Open to East and Down Dip

Reserves To Be Calculated


Nearly One Kilometre Long Drilled Area Defined By 2012 Drilling

Extension of Maly Kurumkon and Flangovy

Open Down Dip and Along Strike

Area Between Flangovy and Gorny – Intervening Area

Geochemistry and Geophysics

Potential Of Linking Mineralisation For a Total Length of 6 Kilometres

Kurumkon Trend Central Targets


Drilled JORC Compatible Reserve


Widely Spaced Drilling Available

Narrow, Steeply Dipping Zone

Open Down Dip and Along Strike

Kurumkon Trend Eastern Targets


Drilled JORC Compatible Reserve

Open Down Dip and Along Strike to the East


Widely Spaced Drilling Available From 2012 Programme

Potential Higher Grade Target

Extension South of Ikenskoe

Open to East and Down Dip

Results To Be Announced When Final Pt and Pd Assays Available


High Intensity Geochemical and Geophysical Anomalies

Trenches Exposing Large Thicknesses of Nickel Mineral

Primary Drill Target of 2 to 3 Kilometres Length

Potential of Targets Linking Up - Target 5 Kilometres Long

Ata and Ataga

Geochemical Anomolies Covering Previously Untested Ground

Extends the Kurumkon Trend approximately 3 to 4 Kilometres

2013 Plans

Exploration Programme

Mobilise Materials and Supplies To Support 6,000 m of Drilling Targeting

the Mining Licence Application Area

Continue Reconnaissance Work Throughout the Exploration Licence Area


Complete Estimation of Resources and Reserves

Continue to Update Capital and Operating Cost Estimates to 2013 Dollars

Conduct Additional Metallurgical Test Work

Assess Alternative Power Sources and Road Designs

Continue Environmental Site Work

Update Economic Models Using Newly Acquired Results From the Above

Continue Pursuit of the Mining Licence

Licences – Status and Procedures

Exploration Licence – Extended Through 31 December 2014

Extension Granted From Moscow

Amurnedra Authorised to Grant Extension Late 2012

Mining Licence – Completely Based on Russian Reserves

Reports From Department of Defense, Anti-Monopoly Board and State Security


Ministry of Economics Removed From Process With Rosnedra to Undertake

Concentrate Valuation Work

Rosnedra to Complete Work and Issue Approval to President’s Commission

on Strategic Deposits

Authorisation From President’s Commission To Grant Licence

Rosnedra and Ministry of Natural Resources to Approve Issuance of Mining


Mining Licence to be Finalised by Amurnedra

Far East Development Programme

Completely Independent of Licence Process

Funding Assistance Could be Available To the Project

Final Approval From Federal Level

Seeking Western Investors - AMC is Already There



Doubled Length of Maly Kurumkon

New Deposit at Gorny

Drill Results South of Ikenskoe (To Be Announced)

Metallurgical Improvements in Recovery, Concentrate

Grade, and Reduced Penalties

Exploration Licence Extension

Received Clarification Of Mining Licence Delays

2013 Exploration Programme Targeting Previously Undrilled

Kubuk Anomalies

Plans Being Implemented to Update Engineering Designs

Based on Newly Acquired Data and Information





View From Vodorazdelny Toward Ikenskoe and Sobolevsky


Nomad and Joint Broker

Joint Broker

Public Relations

Amur Minerals Corp. RBC Capital Markets Merchant Securities Tavistock Communications

Robin Young Martin Eales Lindsay Mair Jos Simson

Jessica Fontaine

+44 (0) 7981 126 818 +44 (0) 20 7653 4000 +44 (0) 20 7628 2200 +44 (0) 20 7920 3150

Appendix – JORC Resource


Tonnage Ni Ni Cu Cu $7.58 $3.55

(Mt) (%) (t) (%) (t) Ni Per Lb Cu Per Lb


Measured 3.7 0.61 22,700 0.16 5,800

Indicated 26.8 0.42 111,300 0.12 32,700

Sub-total 30.5 0.44 134,000 0.13 38,500

Inferred 5.9 0.49 28,700 0.13 7,500

Total Ikenskoe 36.4 0.45 162,700 0.13 46,000 $2,718,118,264 $359,913,200

Maly Kurumkon

Indicated 15 0.49 73,700 0.13 19,900

Inferred 11.2 0.56 62,800 0.16 17,800

Total Maly Kurumkon 26.2 0.52 136,500 0.14 37,700 $2,280,412,680 $294,972,340


Indicated 5.9 0.71 41,800 0.2 11,800 $698,324,176 $92,325,560

Total Resource

Total Measured 3.7 0.61 22,700 0.16 5,800

Total Indicated 47.7 0.48 226,800 0.13 64,400

Total Inferred 17.1 0.54 91,500 0.15 25,300

Grand Total 68.5 0.5 341,000 0.14 95,500 $ 5,696,855,120 $ 747,211,100

Caution: The value reported in the right two columns above is the USD value based

on the nickel and copper prices as at 27 February 2013. These are indicative values of

metal contained in the ground and are not to be used in consideration of investment

as they are not representative of actual results that could be derived during


Appendix – Market Comparison

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