OneEurope 1/93 East-West Magazine HOW TO BUILD THE ...

OneEurope 1/93 East-West Magazine HOW TO BUILD THE ...

its 2 million inhabitants, 7 universities and 15 colleges, it's a true megalopolis.

No question that there is also a real active AEGEE antenna, which was established not before

October 1990. This Antenna has today about 275 members and is one of the best organized in

Central Europe (Maybe even the very best). Only one year after the original presentation of

AEGEE, which was organised from the EWWG, there was a real excellent Agora in the main

building of the university of economics. We still like to remember this great event. Not very much

more remains to say, maybe just that there are three brand new contacts in Hungary:

Szombathley, Szeged and Baja, in which a Summer University is going to be organized this year.

Thanks to Andrea, Zsuzsa, Otto and .... for sending us their faxes.

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By Andrea Feld

Debrecen is situated in the eastern part of Hungary. With a population of 214.000 , Debrecen is

the second biggest town of the country. There are quite a lot of tourists attracted by the "Puszta"

and the thermal baths in Debrecen.

In the town we find the university of Agricultural Sciences, a College of Music, an academy of arts,

the polytechnical institute and the Medecine College.

The history of AEGEE Debrecen started in 1991. The antenna was established with the help of

AEGEE Budapest. In October 1991 we successfully organized an EAST-WEST Academy. Just

before the AGORA in Prague our "Wild East Weekend" took place.

At the moment AEGEE Debrecen is formed by a small but very enthusiastic group of people

which do their best to succeed. We have no real working groups only contact persons with the

working groups at the European level: TEMPUS, East-West and Environmental WGs. We try to

increase the number of members in the future and to establish Working Groups.


by AEGEE Pecs

Pécs is one of the most beautiful towns of Hungary. Lying at the foot of Mecsek mountains, with a

2000 year-old history and a Mediterranean climate. From the historical relics some ancient

Turkish minarets and baths which were built during the 150 year Turkish occupation catch the

visitor's eye. The mountains and a nearby lake invite for taking a rest or doing sports. The area of

Pécs is famous for its vine which is worth to know in some cases !.

At the JANKS PANNONIKS University you can study at different faculties such as economics, law,

Art and other sciences. There are also a Medical University and a Technical College. The list of

universities suggests you a vivid students' nightlife, too.

Well though we are of a real students's entertaining centre, students can pick from numerous

programs according to their preferences. And of course, there is the challenging choice of


AEGEE Pécs was founded in 1991. So far, we have organized two Summer Universities/ a

Russian language course and a course dealing with astronomy. Both were very successful and

instructive for us. We also organized a colourful programme for our antennae-members, such as

a week-end at Lake Balaton and one in Pécs. At the same time we encourage our members to

participate in international events.

Last year we managed to get a private office for AEGEE of which we are very proud. We have

around 60 members from which unfortunately only 8-12 are active.

Our biggest problems are usually how to involve others in cooperation and of course money. Now,

we are busy looking for sponsors for our next Summer University. We organize it together with

AEGEE Veszprém on the subject "The East European Changes after the Second World War"

between August, 2nd. - 15th. DON'T MISS IT !

Also we started to pick up connections with the EWWG and theTempus WG.

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