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34461 PUK 18 newsletter - Promega

Promega in the UK

A breakthrough in on-site stocking

Issue 18

August 2005

• Intelligent Freezers

• P450-Glo Screening


• 96-Well, Protein

Purification System

• Get the PureYield

advantage for


Have you ever been in the middle of an experiment

only to find that someone else has used the last of a

critical reagent?

Would you like to be sure that it won’t happen again?

Promega Express ® Intelligent on-site stocking

systems know when an item is removed and will

automatically re-order, so you will

never run out again.

How does it work?

The Promega Express

Intelligent freezer is

equipped with Radio Frequency

Identification (RFID) scanning

technology that allows it to check its own contents

and identify what has been removed. It then uses a

standard network connection to send us an email

with the product details and we send you a

replacement item – it’s that simple.


• Competitive pricing and no delivery charges

means you receive the best value products

• Automatic re-ordering means reduced

administration or paperwork

• Controlled access with unique pass keys

personalised for invoicing and budget codes

• Stock in the freezer is owned by Promega,

you only pay for the items you use

• Stock list customised to your personal


• Secure invoicing system to fit with your

purchasing systems

• Compact size means the freezer will fit

virtually anywhere

Don’t just take our word for it

Promega Express provides a more efficient service

to end users and reduces the workload for the

accounts team, a win win situation’.

Alan A Brownlee,

Dept. of Medicine, University of Cambridge

‘The new freezer has been a big hit with our research

staff, 24/7 accessibility and guaranteed stock levels

has been a real bonus and the purchasing

department has seen a dramatic decrease in paper

work which is always welcome’.

Paul Reeves,

Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre

Tell me more...!

Simply fill in the faxback request on the back of this newsletter or go to

www.promega.com/promegaexpress and we’ll send you a brochure

with more information.


Genomics •Proteomics •Cell Analysis

NEW P450-Glo Screening Systems - Escape the Limits

of Fluorescence

The P450-Glo Screening systems

provide a complete set of reagents for

performing luminescent cytochrome

P450 assays. Three systems are

currently available and each comprises

a membrane preparation containing

recombinant human cytochrome P450

enzyme, a luminogenic cytochrome

P450 substrate appropriate for the

enzyme, an NADPH regeneration

system, reaction buffer, luciferin

detection reagent and luciferin-free

water. The assays are ideal for testing

the effects of drugs and new chemical

entities on cytochrome P450

enzyme activity.


• Simple ‘add, mix, measure’


• Z values greater than 0.8

• Scalable to 384-well format

• Luminescent response, no

interference from fluorescent


More information

Please fill in the faxback request

on the back of this newsletter and

we’ll send you a brochure with

more information.

Ordering Information Size Cat #

P450-Glo CYP1A2 Screening System 1000 assays V9770

P450-Glo CYP2C9 Screening System 1000 assays V9790

P450-Glo CYP3A4 Screening System 1000 assays V9800

Go Luminescent.

And get rid of what bugs

you about your P450 assay.

NEW HisLink 96 Protein Purification System

Now you can purify expressed polyhistidine-tagged proteins directly from

E.coli in deep-well, 96-well plates.

Bacterial cells expressing polyhistidine-tagged proteins are lysed directly

in culture. After adding HisLink resin directly to the lysate,

polyhistidine–tagged proteins bind in a matter of minutes.

Manual or Automated

The protocol is amenable to both manual and automated high

throughput applications.


• Simple: Add lysis buffer directly to cells

• Quick: No long incubation required

• Binding capacity: 1mg polyhistidine-tagged protein

per well

Figure 1. Flow diagram showing the purification of

polyhistidine-tagged proteins from overnight cultures in

a few simple steps.

Ordering Information Size Cat # Price

HisLink 96 Protein Purification System 1 x 96 reactions V3680 £199

5 x 96 reactions V3681 £699


Genomics •Proteomics •Cell Analysis

Get the PureYield advantage for MidiPreps

Since we launched our PureYield

Plasmid MidiPrep system, more and

more people have been telling us how

it has improved their research and

freed up their precious time. We

wanted to share their secret with you,

but don’t take our word for it, here are

the responses we received when we

asked 300 scientists in the UK what

they thought after testing PureYield.

Speed of purification – 97% of

testers said the results were better

than their current system.

Plasmid Purity – 86% of testers said

the results were as good or better than

their current system.

Plasmid Yield – 77% of testers said

the results were as good or better than

their current system.

Volume of culture processed – 95%

of testers said the results were as

good or better than their current

system. Overall, more than 80% of

testers said they were very pleased

with the results and over 75% said

they would be changing to PureYield

for their future MidiPrep requirements.

Ordering Information Size Cat # Price

PureYield Plasmid Midiprep System 25 preps A2492 £110

100 preps A2495 £390

Figure 2. Comparison of time required per midiprep using

different systems.

Don’t waste your time with

anything else! Fill out the faxback

form on the back page for more

information about PureYield.

Promega Restriction Enzymes still offer unbeaten value

2005 Restriction Enzyme Prices

We lowered the prices of the most

popular restriction enzymes at the

beginning of the year. Compare our

prices on the chart opposite and see

that Promega Restriction Enzymes still

offer the best value for money.

Now on top of our competitive pricing,

we offer you some fantastic rewards

when you choose Promega restriction

enzymes. Simply collect barcodes from

packs of Promega Restriction Enzymes

for one of the following rewards:

5 barcodes:

Stylish Promega


10 barcodes:

Useful Promega


Figure 3. Prices are calculated per 1000 units from published 2005 list price information using the

nearest available packsize equivalent as of July 2005.

20 barcodes:

The latest iPod


More information

For further information on this

promotion please click on



Genomics •Proteomics •Cell Analysis

Service Update…

Promega is pleased to announce the latest

improvements in the service we provide to you.

Before Noon Delivery – We don’t just promise to

get our product to you the next day; we deliver

before noon so you can receive the product in the

best possible condition allowing you to get on with

your research.*

Bank Holiday Shipping – We can

now ship products so that they

arrive on the first day after a bank

holiday instead of having to wait

an extra day for delivery.*

Delivery Notification – If you

need to know when your order

has been delivered, we can now

provide notification of delivery on

request. Simply ask for a delivery

notification when you place your

order and we’ll email you

confirming delivery details.

*Restrictions apply.

Technical Seminars

Promega technical scientists would be happy to

give a technical seminar at your institute. Choose

a topic from the list below or talk to us about a

custom seminar.

• Cell Based Assays

• Reporter Gene Technology

• Cellular Imaging Beyond GFP

• In Vitro Protein Expression and

Protein Purification

• RNAi

• Real-Time Amplification

• RNA purification, protection

and amplification

For more information or to

arrange a seminar at your

institute, simply contact us

on 0800 559900 or e-mail:


Visit www.promega.com/uk/specials to find out more about how to claim.










I would like a FREE subscription to eNews, Promega’s e-mail newsletter,

which is the fastest and most up-to-date source of information on

NEW PRODUCTS and SPECIAL OFFERS. eNews is sent every 2 months.

Please send me information on the

following products/items:

Promega Express

Intelligent freezers


NEW P450-Glo Screening

Systems (BR140)

HisLink 96

Protein Purification System


PureYield MidiPrep System


Restriction Enzymes


My email address is


You can update your details by completing and faxing the form above to

us on 0800 980 3966.

Alternatively email your new details to ukmarketing@promega.com or

go to www.promega.com/uk/update/ and complete the online form.

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