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Dr. Xavier Simón operating the Glomax ® instrument at the

desalination facility in El Prat, Spain.

Applied Life Sciences. Life science research is key to developing tools for the applied

sciences including industrial and environmental monitoring, veterinary sciences,

agriculture and others. From DNA isolation to luminescent ATP detection, the tools

that scientists use in the basic research laboratory can also be found in the applied

science setting. For instance, Wizard ® DNA Purification Kits have been used to extract

DNA from beef stored under a variety of conditions to determine the best storage

conditions to prevent spoilage. The BacTiter-Glo Microbial Cell Viability Assay has

been used to look at biofilm formation during water treatment and to investigate the

use of nonthermal plasmas for disinfecting multidrug-resistant microbes.

Basic Research. Life science researchers use Promega products to uncover fundamental

principles of biology. Promega continues to offer improved technologies for routine DNA and RNA isolation,

analysis and amplification as well as tools for cell and protein biology. One area of basic research that is now finding

application in clinical research is epigenetics, the study of DNA modifications. Several of our products are furthering our

understanding epigenetics, including the HDAC-Glo I/II and SIRT-Glo Assays and the Wizard ® DNA Clean-Up System.

Promega Products in the World: Case Studies

Wizard ® DNA Purification Kits

Determining Sea Water Biodegradability with BacTiter-Glo Assay. Biochemical oxygen

demand (BOD) is useful for determining water biodegradability, and the application of BOD

allows researchers to analyze the efficiency of a water treatment process. BOD protocols are

well established for freshwater and wastewater, but not for seawater and saltwater.

The Promega BacTiter-Glo Microbial Cell Viability Assay was used to develop

a BOD protocol for Mediterranean seawater using raw seawater collected from

the Mediterranean Sea at the desalination plant at El Prat de Llobregat (Spain).


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