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Download Full Report » PDF - Promega

Planet aware


Sustainability is not a novel idea but something that has

been practiced and perfected in nature for many years.

Nature uses resources with maximum efficiency and only

produces useful wastes. At Promega, we are constantly

working to infuse the biological and ecological principles

found in nature into our business to help us operate in ways

that are better for the environment and future generations.

Our current society faces unprecedented environmental

challenges, and we are addressing these issues with the

same commitment we put into developing innovative

products to help improve global health and wellness.

All Promega locations worldwide are committed to operating

sustainably by investing in improving resource

efficiency, limiting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing

waste, and leaving a positive impact. We look beyond our

buildings to enact the principles of environmental

sustainability and support efforts with

similar consciousness by funding

reforestation efforts, supporting

renewable energy, restoring native

prairies, purchasing carbon offsets, and

supporting environmental organizations.

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Promega Corporate Responsibility Report 2012


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