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Planet aware

these areas, emissions from electricity were reduced by 10% as indexed to

revenue in the last year. Energy is a primary focus at corporate headquarters in

Madison, Wisconsin, where over 90% of total global electricity is consumed.

In 2012 cooling demand was 28% greater at our corporate headquarters from

one of the warmest years on record, but we held electricity usage to 1% growth

over 2011 (Figure 4).

In 2012 we placed significant focus on increasing employee awareness of energy

consumption at all global locations. An energy campaign was completed in

August that resulted in a 6% reduction in energy consumption during the months

of August and September at our headquarters, despite a warmer than usual

summer. Energy efficiency projects that contributed to this reduction include:

• In December 2012, we completed a transition from metal halide to more efficient

T8 fluorescent lighting in the Agora parking garage. Over 129 units were replaced

with an estimated savings of over 100,000 kWh each year. That is equivalent to

saving 46 tons of CO 2

, the amount sequestered from six acres of reforested land.

Transition to T8 fluorescent lighting in the Agora parking garage should save the

equivalendt of 46 tons of CO 2


Kilowat Hours Used per Million in Revenue

Global Electricity Electricity Usage Usage



65 62


Decline in

Electricity Usage

62 56


2012 2014 GOAL

Figure 4. Electricity usage indexed to

revenue in relation to our 2014 Goal.


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