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Download Full Report » PDF - Promega

Planet aware

Promega Corporate Responsibility Report 2012

Promega Helix. To further reduce emissions from distribution,

Promega offers a state-of-the-art, on-site inventory

management system called Helix. Helix “Smart” capabilities

provide real-time product monitoring and manage Helix inventory

based on product usage to provide consolidated bulk

replenishment shipments. This allows more products to be

sent with less shipping and materials. The automated Helix

inventory management system not only ensures uninterrupted

supplies, but consolidates shipments to ensure uninterrupted

workflow for our customers

while having less impact on

our planet.

Carbon offsets are also used to compensate for emissions

that are unavoidable by supporting projects like

reforestation or renewable energy projects in developing

countries. Promega continues a campaign started in

2010 of purchasing carbon credits to offset the greenhouse

gas emissions from energy use of all Helix

units. In addition, emissions from initial unit shipment

and product distribution through this channel

are also offset.

In 2012, Helix offset

over 640 tons of

emissions worldwide


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