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Planet aware

Packaging. Promega faces unique challenges in packing our products. Many products

are temperature regulated and require shipment using dry ice and foam coolers. Despite

these challenges, we are committed to searching for innovative ways to reduce packaging,

use environmentally friendly materials, and design for recycling or reuse. Environmental

sustainability, product protection, and quality are all key priorities for our packaging.

Over 25 years ago we were one of the first companies to fund a program for customers

to return polystyrene foam coolers for reuse. This program has since been adopted by

many other companies as a way to divert waste from the landfill. In the last two years

we also have moved to unbleached shipping boxes, started using sustainably harvested

materials in shipping boxes, and used biodegradable and recyclable air pouches to offer

product protection with the least environmental impact.

Capturing environmental metrics for all product and shipment packaging is a challenge on

which we are beginning to make progress. Using a newly implemented ERP system, we

have greater capabilities for capturing packaging weights and material types to help us

better understand the environmental impacts of our packaging. This focus will continue

over the next few years to help us understand and prioritize packaging opportunities for

material reduction.

Shipping boxes now use unbleached

corregate and more recycled content.

Promega Corporate Responsibility Report 2012 41

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