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Community touch

BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute.

In partnership with many other community organizations,

the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTC

Institute) provides educational opportunities that support

scientific understanding, contributing to the continued

success of the biotechnology industry. Focusing on the

life sciences, programs are designed for a wide range

of learners – from upper elementary school students to

scientists in academia and industry, as well as the general

public. Engaged participation is emphasized and many

activities are laboratory-based.

Since 2005, the BTC Institute has been assisting the development

of Promega-Hannam BTCI (PH-BTCI) at Hannam

University in Daejeon, South Korea. Modifying programs

to accommodate the Korean school system, PH-BTCI


shares the BTC Institute’s mission and

offered several well-attended programs

in 2012. These included a one-day

2012 Science Leadership Camp for

over 1,100 participants (parents and

students) and summer and winter vacation offerings of

a Science Research Class for elementary and middle

school students. PH-BTCI also provided activities for

public programs associated with the Korea Basic Science

Institute and the National Science Museum. Promega

donates all lab supplies requested from the company

catalog to PH-BTCI and also offers a 50% discount on

instrument purchase.

More than 1,100 parents and students attended a one-day science leadership

camp sponsored by the Promeag-Hannam BTCI in South Korea.

“The BTCI helps bridge the mission of science through education.”

—William A. Linton, CEO Promega Corporation

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Promega Corporate Responsibility Report 2012


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