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We know moving to a new country to

study is both exciting and frightening.

We are here to help. The Insider

is designed to help international

students discover what they love

about Brisbane. To do this, we

recruited many past and present,

as well as local and international

students and gave them one mission:

Use your knowledge of the city

and its surrounds to help other

international students have a

memorable, fantastic experience!

We were overwhelmed by

responses from people wanting

to help other international

students! Recommendation after

recommendation of how to make the

most out of Brisbane came flowing

back to The Insider Team. After

months of compiling and testing

these listings, The Insider was born.

Throughout the next 100 pages, you

will discover how the locals already

enjoy Brisbane; now it’s your turn.

6 Getting Around



34 Eating Out 50


64 Explore



We did not accept payment for any

of the listings within this guide.

All content has been written and/

or recommended by local and

international students.

The Insider Team


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The Lord Mayor’s


On behalf of the residents of Brisbane, I am delighted to introduce

Brisbane’s first Insider Guide, designed to help international

students explore and enjoy Australia’s new world city.

Brisbane is recognised as a destination of choice by students

from across the globe for its leading education institutions

and welcoming spirit. As well as having numerous study

options available, Brisbane also offers an enviable lifestyle

with an abundance of social and cultural activities for international

students to enjoy – no matter which part of the world

you come from.

Brisbane’s vibrant inner-city precincts and urban villages offer

a wide variety of memorable experiences. From the bustling

energy of outdoor cafes, trendy bars and riverside restaurants

to farmers’ markets, boutique shopping and the city’s thriving

music and entertainment scene, there is something here for

everyone to enjoy.

Study Brisbane

be part of the local student network






Visit us at

and join us at





Venues such as the Brisbane Powerhouse, the Gallery of

Modern Art and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre offer

world-class programs, while our major events calendar has

never been busier.

Many successful Australian artists call Brisbane home including

the likes of Powderfinger, Savage Garden, Pete Murray and

The Veronicas, plus relative newcomers Kate Miller-Heidke,

Butterfingers and the Butterfly Effect. From soloists to orchestras,

jazz to hip-hop, and choirs to rock bands, the reputation

of Brisbane’s music scene is rapidly growing.

Brisbane is conveniently located about an hour’s drive from

the natural splendour of Moreton Bay and Islands, Ipswich,

the Scenic Rim and Country Valleys. We are also a gateway to

the popular beaches of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

and further afield is the world famous Great Barrier Reef.

Proudly initiated by Brisbane Marketing through its Study Brisbane

program, the Brisbane Insider Guide is a free handbook

that will provide you with all the help you need to discover the

unique events and attractions that have made thousands of

international students choose Brisbane to study.

Good luck with your studies and I hope this Insider Guide will

help enrich your stay in our friendly, welcoming and multicultural

New World City.

Campbell Newman

Lord Mayor

Getting Around


Understanding the public

transport system is a confusing

experience. Depending

on where you live in Brisbane,

public transportation may be a

big or a small part of your daily


The good news is that the transport

system in Brisbane is very

simple. There are trains, ferries

and buses, and you can use the

same ticket on all three.


There has been a lot of coverage

in the media over the last

couple of years about international

students choosing cheap

accommodation in the outer

suburbs of some major cities,

which happen to be in some

of the worst areas in terms of

crime. If you have chosen to live

in these areas to save money,

you have to be careful and try to

avoid going home late at night.

The number for emergency

services (police, ambulance

and fire brigade) is 000. There

are also safety devices that can

be bought, such as a personal

alarm. These can be bought

from most major electronics

stores like Dick Smith Electronics


On Foot

Walking from place to place has

both advantages and disadvantages.

It keeps you fit and will

help you gain a natural sense

of direction within the city. You

will come across new places and

things that you never would

have seen on a bus and train. In

addition, it’s cheaper than constantly

paying for public transport

and is much cheaper than

paying for parking, which can

be extremely expensive.

If you want a free map, go to

the Brisbane City Visitors Centre

in Queen Street Mall. If you

6 Getting Around

want to buy a more high quality

and comprehensive map, try

your local post office or petrol




Trains and buses are by far the

most convenient ways to travel

within the central districts.

Before attempting to catch a

train or bus, find yourself a timetable

and station map, or see

the online journey planner at

the Translink website (translink. Timetables are available

online, at information

centres and at large train stations.

If you are looking to get

information via the phone, you

can call the Translink Hotline on

13 12 30.

There are some late night services

provided over the weekend

for those who like to go out and

party, however, as a general

rule, public transport stops at

around midnight.

Some universities have shuttle

buses that take students around

campuses, which will save you a

huge amount of time!


Ticket prices depend on the

zone in which you plan to travel.

The CBD is Zone 1, and the

further out of the city you go,

the higher the zone is. There are

two types of tickets, go cards

and standard paper tickets. Go

card is a prepaid service, which

allows you to pay for credit on

your card you then touch the go

card on the go card reader on

the bus/tram/ferry, and credit

will be taken off your card.

Touch the go card on the reader

when you board public transport,

and again as you leave.

For students in Queensland,

if you have a “QR” symbol on

your student card (only for fulltime

students), you can enjoy

concession prices for transport

within Queensland. When you

purchase the concession go

card you need to show your

student ID card to the person

selling the tickets.

It is very easy to recharge go

cards. You can buy them from

the machines or ticket offices

at bus stops, train stations and

some convenience stores such

as 7-11s and newsagents.

Most of the convenient shops

can only sell and recharge go

cards. However, if the bus

number begins with “P”, that

means ‘prepaid’, so you cannot

purchase any tickets from the

bus driver and must use your

go card.

Remember, in some countries,

being caught without a ticket is

not prosecuted heavily. In Australia,

it is! Getting caught with

no ticket or the wrong ticket

comes with an expensive fine.


Always remember to read the

signs at both the station and

on-board. If you are sitting and

someone standing is elderly or

disabled, it is polite to give them

your seat. In priority seating

sections, this is enforced by law.

Also, it is not a strange practice

in Australia to thank the driver

as you leave the bus.



for online timetables and

journey planners.


Finding a Taxi

Taxis (cabs) can often be found

in their designated ranks. There

are a number of taxi ranks

around Brisbane and standing

at these will help them to notice


If the light on the top of a taxi is

on, this means that this taxi can

be hailed by raising your arms

and waving to it. If it is not on,

it has a passenger inside already

and will not stop for you.


Taxis are not always cheap.

Make sure you watch the meter.

Some late night taxi trips will be

asked to be paid for in advance.

There may also be additional

charges for late night services

and phone bookings. This is not

as common in Brisbane as it is

in other major Australian cities.

Taxi Companies

Put these numbers in your

phone now:

Black and White


13 10 08

Yellow Cabs

13 19 24


Brisbane City Bikes

Brisbane City Council is in the

middle of rolling out a number

of bike stations around the City.

This allows a person to pick up

a bike, ride around the city

and drop off the bike at a different

station. It is perfect for


By the end of 2010, Stage One

should be complete, which will

mean stations operational in

Brisbane City, Fortitude Valley,

New Farm, Newstead, Kangaroo

Point, South Brisbane and

West End.

It will be easy to use. All you

do is pay the tiny amount of

$60.50 per year and you get

access to the bikes!

Keep an eye on the Brisbane

City Council website for updates

on this project including how to

subscribe and which locations

will be active on what date.

Buying a Car

Elyse Lloyd

Have a think about what is the best car for you. Big

engines have the power, but they cost more to run.

Small cars are cheap to run and they’re easier to park,

but older models may struggle to get up to high


It’s best to do some research before you go out

looking. The Trading Post (a newspaper for secondhand

buying and selling) runs a comprehensive

section on cars. Other classifieds are available in other

newspapers too. On the Internet you’ll be able to

compare many cars from car yards in one place, e.g.

on This will give you a good idea

of the average price you’ll pay for the car you want.

Once you’ve been looking for a few weeks, you should

know what kind of car you want and can afford.

Private sellers and dealers have their advantages and

disadvantages. Private sellers are good because they

know the history of the car, and you can sometimes

get great deals. However, don’t expect a refund if the

car breaks down, they have no obligation to do that.

A dealer does offer some guarantee of quality, with

warranties offered with cars, however you can expect

to pay 30% more for a second-hand car from a dealer

compared to a private seller.

Here’s a tip - If you go to car yards, then only look at

the car once before going back to buy. If a salesperson

knows that you are really keen, they may try to get

more money out of you. In Queensland, a car for sale

needs to have a Road Worthy Certificate displayed

clearly, which will ensure the car is safe to drive.

Always test drive the car and remember the RACQ,

Brisbane’s trusted motor authority! You can also get

any car you are interested in checked by an RACQ

approved mechanic to make sure it is in good condition.

Joining the RACQ is also good because they

provide 24-hour roadside assistance in case your car

breaks down. To check out the legal requirements and

to find help when buying a car, visit:

Drive Safely!

8 Getting Around

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane


Leisurely Cycling Around

The City Centre

By Sigrid Parker

Brisbane is a hilly city but the

flatter parts near the CBD and

along the river are great to

cycle around. Below are some

fun cycle loops that are almost

all on dedicated cycle paths.

When the legs get tired you

can put your bike on the ferry

or CityCat and come home on

the river. Bikes can be hired in

the city Botanical Gardens and,

from late 2010, you will also be

able to hire bikes through the

CityCycle bike hire scheme.

Inner city bridge to bridge


Start at the City Botanic

Gardens – head west beside

the river – cross the river at the

new Go Between Bridge into

West End – turn left heading

towards South Bank, past the

Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

– through South Bank, past the

Naval Museum and down to

Kangaroo Point cliffs – under

the Story Bridge then when

the cycle path ends follow the

signs and loop back towards the

bridge, accessing the path over

the bridge from the eastern side

- once on the northern side of

the river turn left and head back

to the city along the boardwalk

– all the way back to the City

Botanic Gardens.

City Botanic Gardens to New

Farm Park along the river:

Head east from the City Botanic

Gardens through the gardens

and along the boardwalk

through the city – cycle beneath

the Story Bridge and hug the

cliffs – continue along the floating

pontoons – follow the signs

to New Farm Park. Break for

coffee at the Powerhouse Café.

City Botanic Gardens to St

Lucia along the river:

West from the City Botanic

Gardens along the river and

on to the cycle path next to

Coronation Drive – past the historic

Regatta pub at Toowong

- follow the signs to St Lucia

and University of Queensland

campus. (You can cut short this

trip by returning on the CityCat

from either the University of

Queensland at St Lucia or the

Regatta stop on Coronation

Drive at Toowong.)

More bikeway maps

are available at the Brisbane

City Council website:

My Bike Shop

643 Samford Rd,


Talking to staff at some bike

shops can be an intimidating

experience, and the staff at My

Bike Shop know that. They deal

with students all the time, and

have even offered a 10% discount

to any student who shows

this listing at their store! Selling

new and second-hand bikes,

expect to be treated exactly the

same if you want to spend $200

or $2000. Selling all your basic

accessories too, My Bike Shop

will look after the student in

need of a bit of expert advice

and a decent deal.

3355 0112 Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm,

Sat 9am-4pm, Sun closed.

Lifecycle Bike Shop

276 Petrie Tce,


Finding the right bike is always

a little difficult, especially in

a foreign city. The reason we

recommend these guys is that

they’re experts through and

through. They have free bike

maintenance classes, life-time

warrantees, and introductory

bike rides for females. You will

find a range of different bikes

here, including road and mountain

bikes. Situated on the city’s

busiest intersection, known as

the Normanby five-ways, just

make sure you’re familiar with

the road rules and are wearing

a helmet when leaving this shop

on your new bike!

3831 2611 Mon-Wed 9am-6pm,

Thu 9am-7pm, Fri 9am-6pm, Sat

9am-4pm, Sun 11am-3pm




A helpful resource to help

you understand the bicycle

laws in Brisbane.

Remember, always

wear a helmet!

Photo: Josh Liba

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane 11

castlemaine st

exeter st






ge st






dowse st


k st







tague rd

caxton st

milton rd

gall st






skinner st

kelvin grove rd




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

hardgrave rd

musgrave rd

hale st

hale st

montague rd

paris st




jane st

vulture st

granville st

petrie tce

roma st

coronation dr

west end

thomas st




college rd

countess st

boundary st


inner city bypass

grey st

peel st

melbourne st

vulture st

brighton rd



roma st


kurilpa bridge

stanley st

stead rd


gregory tce

boundary st

wickham tce

cordelia st

edmondstone st

browning o‘connel


victoria park













russell st

parkland blvd

roma street

train & busway


cultural centre




merivale st



wickham tce

albert st

george st



north quay




qag &

qld museum

leichardt st






melbourne st

south brisbane

train station

brisbane convention &

exhibition centre













glenelg st

ernest st











george st

william st









26 6

turbot st turbot st

ann st

adelaide st



grey st grey st











1 & 2

little stanley st

astor tce

bowen st

wharf st




queen st mall



st pauls tce

boundary st

creek st

edward st

elizabeth st

vulture st



ann st


albert st

brisbane river



south bank


station south bank



adelaide st



gotha st

warren st




queen st

charlotte st

mary st

margaret st


bank 3


st john’s


st stephen’s




eagle st

alice st

gipps st




queen st


university of






ann st







st mall





pacific motorway

river plaza

stanley st





holman st

brisbane river

eagle st




brunswick st


story bridge





main st

mc lachlan st


thornton st

bradfield highway


46 53

mater hill



ivory st


river tce


leopard st

robertson st

bowen tce


main st ipswich

vulture st





james st james st



kent st



terrace st gibbon st

moray st

brisbane river


heal st

barker st

shafston av








annie st

langshaw st

merthyr rd

sydney st

wellington rd

browne st

moray st

potts st

merthyr rd

brunswick st

lower bowen tce

oxlade drv

quarie rd



oxlade drv

sydney st sydney st

lytton rd

elfin st






latrobe st

elfin st

new farm

mowbray tce

lytton rd

vulture st east

stanley st stanley st

new farm par

gresham st

east brisbane

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Route 1

Route 2

Route 3

Route 4

Brisbane Visitor

Information &

Booking Centre


Tours & cruises

Special packages

Cultural & Historical



Springhill Loop

City Loop Buses

City Loop Buses

Theme park tickets

Coach & rail travel

Information & advice

Phone 07 3006 6290

Queen Street Mall (Outside Wintergarden Arcade)

See Self Guided Walking Tours info over page.

Anzac Square Memorial


Brisbane Powerhouse


Brisbane Square


City Hall


Commissariat Stores


Conrad Treasury Brisbane


Customs House


George Street Mansions




Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art B13

King George Square


Maritime Museum


MacArthur Museum


Old Government House


Old Windmill









Parliament House

Queensland Art Gallery /

Gallery of Modern Art (QAG / GoMA)

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

Queensland Museum (Sciencentre)

QUT Art Museum

State Library of Queensland

St Stephen’s Cathedral

St John’s Cathedral

Story Bridge

Dining & Shopping Precincts

Brunswick Street / Chinatown Malls

Eagle Street Pier

James Street

Little Stanley Street

New Farm

Queens Street Mall

The Barracks

Gardens and Parks

Captain Burke Park

City Botanic Gardens

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

New Farm Park

Queens Park

River Mangrove Walk

Roma Street Parklands

South Bank Parklands


Brisbane Transit Centre

Brunswick Street Station (Fortitude Valley)

Central Railway Station

Roma Street Railway Station

South Brisbane



































Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre K6

Suncorp Piazza


Suncorp Stadium


The Arena


The Gabba


The Tivoli

North of A9

The Zoo


Hospitals / Medical

Brisbane Private Hospital


Mater Hospital (public & private)


Princess Alexander Hospital

Off Map

Royal Brisbane Hospital

Off Map

St. Andrews Hospital (private)


Travellers Medical Services (general practice) H8


Base Embassy Brisbane


Brisbane Marriott Hotel


Central Dockside Apartments


Central Hillcrest Apartments


Central Summit Apartments



Conrad Treasury Brisbane


Emporium Hotel

North of A14

Hilton Brisbane


Holiday Inn Brisbane


Hotel George Williams


Hotel Grand Chancellor


Hotel Ibis Brisbane


Inchcolm Quality Hotel


Limes Hotel

North of A11

Mantra South Bank


Mantra Queen Street


Mercure Hotel Brisbane

Metropolitan Motor Inn

M on Mary Hotel

Novotel Brisbane

Oask 212 on Margaret

Oaks Aurora

Oaks Casino Towers

Oaks Charlotte Towers

Oaks Felix

Oaks Festival Towers

Oaks Lexicon

Oaks Rivercity

Park Regis North Quay

Portal Hotel

Quay West Suites Brisbane

Quest River Park Central

Rendezvous Hotel Brisbane

Riverside Hotel South Bank

Royal on the Park Brisbane

Rydges South Bank Brisbane

Sebel Suites Brisbane

Stamford Plaza Brisbane

The Marque

The Point Brisbane

The Sebel &

Citigate King George Square Brisbane

Urban Brisbane


brisbane rive

lamington st



brisbane river

Name Map Name Map Name Map



















































Diagrammatic map - not to scale.




Toogoolawah Railbus










Rosewood Line


Ferny Grove Line


Ipswich Line




























































Northern Busway

(2.8km) 1/2
















North Coast Line

Nambour Line








Corinda- 3

PA Hospital



Caboolture Line




























































Doomben Line










Beenleigh Line


Shorncliffe Line


Airport Line (15.9km)





Eagle Junction-

Myrtletown Railbus





South East Busway
















Cleveland Line




12 Getting Around



Barry Hartono


If this is the beginning of your

shopping experience in Brisbane,

then you couldn’t have

come at a better time. Branded

as Australia’s New World City,

the past ten years has seen

Brisbane attract the demand

for international brands and

products that reflect the diversity

of its people. The following

section will provide you with

a brief overview of the best

places in and around Brisbane

to satisfy all your commercial

needs. So whether it’s keeping

up with the latest fashion, or

flicking through crates of $2

vinyls at the record store, let

The Insider show you where to


Brisbane CBD

If the locals of Brisbane could

choose only one thing that they

loved about their city, it would

be how accessible sights and

landmarks are to get to. Queen

St Mall acts as the beating heart

of Brisbane’s CBD with what

could be described as having

its own retail orbit. Outside

the mall you will notice aptly

themed divisions such as the

Corporate district at Eagle St

pier, where specialty stores and

boutiques run along through to

the streets adjacent the Botanic

Gardens. Next you have the

south end of the district where

Japan meets Korea in Elizabeth

Arcade. Here you will experience

the very latest fashions

from two of the most influential

countries in Asia. All these

sights are walking distance

from Brisbane’s mecca of shopping,

Queen St.

South bank

It’s summer time, all the time

at South Bank where the manmade

lagoon shares the limelight

with its retail offerings.

Boasting art-n-craft markets

on the weekend alongside

great restaurants, find yourself

a bargain at the many trade

14 Shopping

stands as unique as their products.

Considered to be the ‘best

of Brisbane’ you can shop comfortably

knowing the council

rosters a talent pool of Brisbane’s

best street performers,

reflecting the creativity from

the museum and college of art

that is also situated on the riverside.

Brisbane’s largest and

cheapest cinema screen is also

there should you wish to make

a day out of it.



Considered the university town,

Indooroopilly and Toowong

have cradled students from UQ’s

St Lucia campus for decades.

And so it was only natural for

the area to develop its shopping

habits to cater for students and

everything else that is associated

with campus life. There is a

Westfield that supplies the residents

with all their necessities.

The great thing though, apart

from all the mainstream stores

is that Westfield has selected

their specialty stores to attract

the area’s demographic such

as Oxfam HQ and an Ultrasuite

branch (refer to Girly Stores


Fortitude Valley

Known for providing unforgettable

nights, ‘the Valley’

doubles as an unforgettable

shopping experience. If you

are in search of quirky wares, a

vintage outfit or some ultra hip

jeans, then Fortitude Valley is

currently the only area in Brisbane

where you can achieve

all of this. . You will need more

than a weekend to explore this

spirited suburb.


Alternative is the main focus for

the West End bohemian. Alternative

fashion in not just its cut,

but its cost and materials of

production. Yes that is correct,

this is where you can purchase

your hemp shirts! Even their

coffee beans are all legitimately

sourced under the Fair Trade

Act and vegetarian outlets

are plentiful. You can already

gauge what you can expect

from West End, but don’t just

take our word, this magical

gem of Brisbane tucked behind

the glamour of South Bank is

an experience not to be read

about, but lived. See, touch,

hear, and breathe West End.


The quality of food is high in

Australia. Most meats come

from local sources, and almost

all our fruit and vegetables

are grown here rather than

imported. You can buy this

produce in any supermarket, as

well as other specialised stores

and markets.

If you want high quality meat,

we recommend choosing Australian.

The labels will generally

say where it’s from. You can

freeze most red meats for a few

months and most white meats

for a few weeks at least. The

beef is quite good here, and you

can even buy some of our native

animals to try.

There is a delicatessen section

in supermarkets as well, and

they sell meats, cheeses and

other items. The quality is generally

good. Fresh fish is available.

While sandwich meat can

be bought here too, packaged

sandwich meat is also available

in the cold-goods section

(mostly next to the cheeses).


Recommended by Kyle

Zenchyson and Barry Hartono

Gigantic suburban shopping

centres still prosper in Brisbane,

however there is a wholesome

demand for open markets

offering handmade goods and

locally farmed produce. They’re

great places to do the weekly

grocery shopping as well as

spending time getting a feel of

the local community.

The Valley Markets

Brunswick Street Mall,

Fortitude Valley

The Valley Markets are an

essential Brisbane attraction

everyone should see at least

once. A bohemian and multicultural

vibe dominates the

crowded open mall beside Chinatown.

Some of the stalls are

littered with cheap sunglasses

and tacky trinkets, but you can

pick up some interesting local

artwork and jewellery. Besides

the usual Valley buskers, there

are often collaborative live performances

for special events

and celebrations.

Saturday and Sunday 8am–4pm

The Village Markets

Blamey Street

Kelvin Grove Urban Village

There’s a real community feel

around the selection of preloved

clothing, fashion accessories

and fresh produce stalls.

The marketplace transforms

a usually bare site evocative

of dry lectures and other unirelated

activities. Get up a little

earlier on Saturday morning to

kick-start your weekend at the

Village Markets.

Saturday 6am–1pm.

Queen Street Market

266 George Street Reddacliff

Place, top of Queen Street

mall, Brisbane City

On Wednesdays, farmers and

artisan bakers congregate in

the city, attracting students

and city workers alike. Multicoloured

tents are erected in

Reddacliff Place selling staple

foods and tempting treats. Globally

inspired stalls range from a

French patisserie to an African

teahouse. If you’re hankering

for a sizzling bratwurst, the

German sausage tent is popular

anytime of day. Around lunch

it’s just about possible to fill up

on all the enticing samples given

out. It’s also an opportunity to

stock up on local fresh fruit and

vegetables. Cheese, dried fruit

and nuts are also sold.

Wednesday 9am–6pm

South Bank Lifestyle


South Bank Parklands

Brisbane’s only three-day

market is a great place to shop

for gifts and handmade arts

and crafts. Exclusive to the

South Bank markets is the relaxing

holiday-like atmosphere.

There’s often live music and

the slow but flowing pace of

the crowd allows you to fully

appreciate what’s on display.

Food isn’t the focus but if

you’re feeling peckish there are

chocolate-filled bananas and

barbecued corn on the cob. On

the first Sunday of the month

the Young Designer’s Market

on nearby Little Stanley Street

exhibit unique and affordable

works from aspiring fashion


Fri: 5pm–10pm, Sat: 10am–5pm,

Sun: 9am–5pm

Davies Park Market West


Davies Park, end of Jane St,

West End

The West End market is arguably

Brisbane’s largest and

most diverse inner-city market.

Masses of fresh produce, meat

and seafood stalls are assembled

beneath shady trees.

Losing yourself in the snaking

expanse of merchants selling

anything and everything in

such an organic setting rekindles

an innate sense of nostalgia.

There’s also a vast offering

of multicultural fast food like

freshly rolled samosas, crepes

and souvlaki.

Saturday 6am–2pm.


Recommended by Glen Fuller

Avid Reader

193 Boundary St,

West End

‘For Books That Satisfy’ is their

motto, and you can be rest

assured they will live up to it!

Stocking a large range of titles

for all kinds of book worms,

this independently owned shop

has a real community feel to

it as locals swarm to the café

inside. The addition of the café

allows customers to read before

they buy, although you may

find yourself sipping on a latte

and sampling the surprisingly

diverse menu for hours, until

you either buy a book or get

kicked out at closing time. Avid

Reader also plays host to many

events throughout the year. We

highly recommend dropping in

to this one.

3846 3422 Sun: 8.30am-5pm;

Mon-Tues: 8.30am-6pm; Wed-Fri:

8.30am-8.30pm; Sat: 8.30am-6pm


Shop D17 177 Albert St,


Dymocks is a high-quality chain

book store stocking a wide

variety of titles. If what you’re

looking for is relatively mainstream

this is probably your best

place to start. Dymocks also

have a comprehensive range

of guidebooks and manuals for


3007 2800 Mon-Thu: 9am-7pm,

Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun:


16 Shopping

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane


Moving in

and stocking

up your new


We know that when moving

in to your new home, finding

the right furniture, kitchenware

and other basic supplies can

be a real headache. If you are

only here for a short time, your

apartment is probably already

furnished. But this doesn’t

mean that this section is irrelevant,

as who can really say no

to a bargain?

Big Furniture Outlets

We recommend these as the

first stop for furniture hunters,

as they have massive showrooms

full of decent furniture

at relatively cheap prices. The

problem will be getting the

goods back to your house as a

lot of these outlets are located

a little bit out of town, and you

can’t really bring a new bed on

the bus! The majority of the following

places offer some kind

of delivery service, but be sure

to check for extra costs!


Renowned for being the kings

of value-for-money furniture,

but don’t forget that you have

to make it yourself when you

get home! You don’t need an

engineering degree though,

and it is usually pretty fun. Ikea

doesn’t just offer furniture,

but a wide range of household

wares, including things for the

kitchen, living room and bathroom.

If all this shopping has

made you hungry, sit down for

a Swedish meatball breakfast in

the in-house restaurant.


Although a little more expensive

than Ikea, Freedom has

a solid range of good quality

furniture, mostly all pre-assembled,

and usually very high

quality. If you’re looking for a

comfortable sofa or a new bed,

we recommend Freedom.

Department Stores

If you are looking for home

wares and electronics, you

might want to check out the

big department stores in Australia.

The ones that offer some

of the more affordable products

include Target and Big W.

If you’re looking for mid-range

pricing but decent quality,

Harris Scarfe is excellent for a

wide range of products and

always have big sales. For those

that will not sacrifice quality for

price or are simply interested in

the higher end of home wares,

we recommend David Jones

and Myer.

Brisbane Citygate

Homemaker Centre

Located five minutes out of the

CBD, you will find the Homemaker

Centre. This is truly a

one-stop shop for decking out

your new home, with 12 of the

15 stores selling home wares

(three are for food). Everything

is available here including

bedding, indoor and outdoor

furniture, carpets, electronics

and much more.



Second-hand stores

While there are


some things you

need to buy brand

new, there are

loads of items that are worth

buying second hand! Keep

your eye out for second hand

stores and you will save a

fortune! Some of these are

mentioned in this section!

Bargain hunting

Watch out for

the sales, or let


someone else do

it for you. The


au is where bargain hunters

come to tell you where to save

money. They have a massive

network of members who

know when and where the

sales are on, and how you can

take advantage of them.

Factory outlets

Buying direct from

the manufacturer


means the savings

they make by

avoiding a retailer are passed

on to you. These shops are

called factory outlets and

some of them happen to be

located in awesome shopping


Trading Post

There is a newspaper


4. dedicated to

buying and selling

second-hand goods called The

Trading Post. Pick it up from

your local newsagent and you

might just find what you’re

looking for!

student packS


$59 per week







* Images are indicative only. Stock may vary

18 Shopping

The Insider 2010 - International depending Student Guide on availability to Brisbane at time of ordering. 19



L1 863 Bourke Street,


(Corner of Philip St)

Tel. (02) 9310 1666

617-643 Spencer Street,

West Melbourne


Tel. (03) 9328 4455

From this...

To this!



37B Turbo Drive,

(Entry Via 21 Turbo Drive

behind REIQ) Coorparoo

Tel. (07) 3435 0800


1 x 2 Seater Sofa

1 x Coffee table

1 x 4 Seater Dining Setting

1 x Queen Bed Ensemble

(or 2 x Single Ensembles)

1 x 51cm Television

1 x Bedside Table

1 x Desk

1 x Desk Chair


from $59 per week

for 12 month hire

*Incl GST * Delivery extra


1 x 2 Seater Sofa

1 x Coffee table

1 x 4 Seater Dining Setting

1 x Queen Bed Ensemble

(or 2 x Single Ensembles)

1 x 51cm Television

1 x Bedside Table

1 x Desk

1 x Desk Chair

1 x Washing Machine

1 x Fridge

1 x Microwave

from $86 per week

for 12 month hire

*Incl GST * Delivery extra



for full upfront


* Metropolitan delivery is $99 incl GST and

pick up at end of hire is $99 incl GST.

TOP 5.



True History

of the Kelly


Peter Carey

A stunning exploration of the

life of the infamous Australian

criminal/folk-hero Ned Kelly.



When the

War Began

John Marsden

An easy-to-read but hardto-put-down

novel about a

group of friends who find

themselves trying to survive an

unexpected invasion of their

home town.




Tim Winton

An award-winning, brilliant

story of the life of two rural

families who come to live

together in Perth.


The Chant

of Jimmie


Thomas Keneally

An account of an Aboriginal

man who expresses his rage in

a way that will stun the reader

and keep the pages turning.




Phillip Gwynne

A heart wrenching story of an

Aboriginal teenager living in a

country town who is forced to

confront the difficult issues of

racism and family life.

Folio Books

80 Albert St, Brisbane

If you’re the type of bookworm

that never leaves their bookstore,

then you’d want a bookstore

with the expertise and

passion that comes with over

25 years of serving their locale.

Folio Books is one such store

that hovers their focus around

subject specific titles comprising

of art, architecture, philosophy,

graphic design and much more.

Customer orders are their speciality

and what gave them their

service reputation. Folio Books

are able to source most books.

3221 1368 Mon-Thu: 9am-6pm,

Fri: 9am-8pm, Sat: 8:30am-5:30pm, Sun:


music, dvds &


Allans Music

Level Q, Queen Adelaide

Building 90-112 Queen St

Mall, Brisbane

Feel like you’ve left something

behind? Luckily Allans offers

both the sale and rental of a

large range of instruments.

Depending on what institution

you’re from the store may also

offer you a discount. This may

be useful to mention upon

making your purchase. Allans

also offers music lessons and

workshops to the public. This

could be a great way to meet

other musos and keep up your

skills at the same time. To add to

this, Allans has a huge range of

sheet music, instrument accessories

and recording equipment.

For more information

check out the Allans website @

3229 2155 Mon-Thu: 9am-

5.30pm, Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat: 9am-5pm,

Sun: 10.30am-4pm

Camera House

Bowman House, 166

Adelaide St, Brisbane

I bet your friends and family

back home are dying for you to

send some photos. For anything

to do with cameras, the Camera

House can probably help you

out. Whether you’re looking

for a handycam to fit in your

pocket or an SLR that could take

a photo of a kangaroo hopping

from 100 metres away, this

place can sort you out. Camera

House also stocks a wide range

of accessories.

3229 1888 Mon-Sat: 9am-5.30pm

Sun: Closed.

Butter Beats

709 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

Butter Beats has been Brisbane’s

answer to rare grooves

and urban literature since

1998. From graffiti culture to

reggae and funk, Butter Beats

are backed by the passion of

music and street art. They have

their finger on the pulse when

it comes to alternative music

gigs and releases so if being

ultra hip is your scene, then get

well acquainted with the staff

of Butter Beats, they will ensure

your stay in Brisbane is full of

style and substance.

3257 3257 Open Daily:


JB Hifi

43 Adelaide St, Brisbane

Home of some of the best bargains

out there when it comes to

CDs and DVDs, it is easy to walk

into JBs looking for a birthday

present for your Mum and leave

with five CDs and three DVDs

for yourself. To add to this, JBs

can also take care of the majority

of your digital needs, as they

stock cameras, printer inks,

games, consoles, televisions

DVD players and much more.

Check out their website for a

better overview of what they

have to offer and for the location

of the closest store to you @

3003 1333 Mon-Thurs: 9am-7pm,

Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat: 9am-5.30pm, Sun:



1151 Creek Rd, Westfield


Popular with the student movie

lovers, this store has either the

movie or shows you’re looking

for, or could most probably

order it in. Its online store is

very impressive, stocking a large

array of titles that you can order

to your door within days.

3843 6700 Mon-Wed:

9am-5.30pm, Thu: 9am-9pm, Fri:

9am-5.30pm, Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun:


Rocking Horse Records

245 Albert St, Brisbane

As Queensland’s oldest and

largest independently owned

and operated record store since

1975, their 30 years in business

has been made possible by providing

the city with the music

that drives its scene. Collaborating

with many events, you

can pick up most of your tickets

from here as well. Furthermore,

their staff are always on the

latest music to hit the underground,

so you can rely on their

tastes to stay on top of what’s


3229 5360 Mon-Thu: 8.30am-

6pm, Fri: 8.30am-9pm, Sat: 9am-

5.30pm, Sun: 10.20am-5pm


Recommended by

Timothy Jones


161-163 Elizabeth St. lower

level, Brisbane

Welcome to Brisbane’s premier

high-end purveyors of uber

cool. Owned and operated by

two brothers who have spent

their whole lives travelling the

world sourcing quality threads

and wares, they have built

APTMNT store to bring their

world to you. Initially seen as

top-shelf street wear, the boys

have decided to raise the demographic

to those who aren’t

concerned with the price tag.

3210 0073 Mon-Thu: 11am-6pm,

Fri: 11am-9pm, Sat: 11am-5pm, Sun:


Culture Kings

4/79 Elizabeth St, Brisbane

To really gauge the local style

of where Brisbane’s street wear

stands, all you have to do is

check out the Culture Kings.

You’ll be greeted with elements

of skate, hip hop and sport as

the three combine to what is

known as Australia’s street

wear flavour. Fitted caps are

their speciality and have them in

almost all teams across all major

sports, and of course, jerseys

are plentiful.

3211 4838 Mon-Wed:

9am-5.30pm, Thu: 9am-6pm, Fri: 9am to

9pm, Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 9am-5pm

General Pants Co.

192 Albert St, Brisbane

Opening in Brisbane just last

year this store has built quite a

reputation. Boasting some of

the best Aussie brands, including

Sass & Bide and One Teaspoon,

students can also find a

range of premier international


3210 6638 Mon-Wed: 9am-6pm;

Thu: 9am-6pm; Fri: 9am-9pmpm; Sat:

9am-6pm; Sun: 10am-5pm.


35 Adelaide St, Brisbane

For the sneaker freak, Laced

is one of those secret stores

known only by those submerged

in the culture. If this sounds like

you, then you have just found

your sustenance in Brisbane.

Stocking premium underground

labels such as Crooks & Castles,

Undefeated, Kid Robot and

Wesc, Laced is your answer to

Brisbane’s fastest growing subculture.

Also, be sure to check

in regularly as they occasionally

host parties (sometimes with

free beer!).

3012 7888 Mon-Thu: 10am-6pm,

Fri: 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-5pm.

20 Shopping

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane




Do you need Internet

but have no idea how

it all works in Australia?

Maybe we can help you

get started.

If you have wireless technology

on your mobile device, you’ll be

glad to know that there is free

wireless available throughout

the CBD in places such as the

State Library and The Bleeding

Heart Art Gallery. You’ll also

find free wireless at your uni

campus, McDonalds and some

cafés. If you can’t get it for

free, check out what the mobile

phone companies are offering.

Three Mobile and Optus occasionally

have specials on their

wireless broadband plans.

Home Internet

If you end up getting your own

place you’ll need to get online.

Here are some tips about

finding the right ISP (Internet

Service Provider) for you.

Contracts generally vary from

1 month up to 24 months. The

longer you sign up for, the lower

the cost of the initial installation.

Look for contracts that

include a free wireless modem/

router, alternatively you can buy

your own for around $100.

Due to the fact that Australia

hasn’t quite entered the 21st

century, download limits are

very common. ISPs often restrict

the amount you download per

month. The more you pay per

month, the higher your download


Speeds depend on whereabouts

you live and vary between

dialup (56kbps), ADSL (8Mbit

max) and ADSL2+ (24Mbit).

Dialup is the cheapest while the

two ADSL varieties are around

the same cost as each other.

If you’re moving into a new

house you may need to connect

your landline before you can

use the Internet (this is done by

calling Telstra on 13 2200). If

you don’t need a house phone,

consider looking for a service

called Naked ADSL. This allows

you to have the Internet but you

don’t pay the line rental cost

because you don’t have a telephone.

Phoning Home

Are your friends and relatives

wondering why you haven’t

called? We understand it can be

a bit expensive to call home, so

we have a few options for you

to save some cash.

Prepaid Sim Cards

If you already have an unlocked

mobile phone, then getting

a Prepaid SIM card is a great

option for you. It means that

you are not locked into a

contract, and once you have

bought the SIM card, you can

top up your credit whenever

you need to. Prepaid SIM cards

such as Lebara Mobile offer

low-cost rates for international

calls, starting from 0.5c/min.

Plus you can use your Lebara

Prepaid SIM to call anywhere in

Australia, or to send text messages

anywhere in the world.

There are plenty of stores that

sell Prepaid SIM cards and

credit, including petrol stations,

newsagents, convenience

stores and more.


If you have a computer with

the Internet, microphone and

speakers or headphones, Skype

is the ultimate way to call anywhere

in the world. If you

haven’t heard of Skype, it’s a

communication program that

allows text, video and voice

chat. If your friends and relatives

have Skype too, then you

can call them for free for as long

as you want! A great feature of

this program is that you can

actually call landline and mobile

phones all over the world for

ridiculously cheap rates. It uses

Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology,

which runs over the Internet so

it saves you a lot of money!

Phone Cards

Using phone cards to call overseas

is around 80% cheaper

than calling normally from your

home phone, so don’t waste

your money calling from your

home phone without a phone

card! Walk into any newsagency

and selected convenience stores

to find an assortment of different

phone cards. They differ by

offering cheap calls to different

countries. Another benefit of

using phone cards is that there

are no contracts, so you are not

locked into any dodgy (this is

Australian for bad quality and

unreliable) deals.

22 Shopping

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane


Second Hand


If you’re the type of person that

wants something unique, that

no one else has, you are in the

right city. Vintage fashion stores

are scattered all over Brisbane.

These stores are comprised

of people who have gone out

searching for that second-hand,

pre-loved treasure, bought it,

and then have chosen to stock

it in their own store. Sometimes

they restore it to its original, or

an improved, state. Be careful

though, these places can be

quite expensive, but I guess that

is the price you pay for fashion!

Box Vintage

29 Vulture St, West End

Known the city over for having

the best unique collection of

vintage finds, a tight-knit group

of regulars and the most charismatic

shop keeper in Brisbane,

Box Vintage offers styles

from the ‘80s to Scandinavian

inspired winter jumpers, retro

bomber jackets and cowboy

boots, all sourced by the staff

themselves. What’s amazing

is the staff aren’t keeping the

gems for themselves, so get

there quick as it’s first in, best


A Frock Affair

Alternating Venues

Pre-loved fashion market with

a difference. For the fashion

conscious girl of all tastes and

styles, A Frock Affair is your

opportunity to secure gorgeous

pre-loved vintage fashion and

accessories. It’s worth signing

up to their mailing-list to be

notified of when their next

meet is, however, venues are

usually and always held somewhere

in West End, so you

could make a whole day out

of it as you browse the vibrant

inner-city suburb.

La Bella Donna

643 Wynnum Rd


This one is a pre-loved designer

and vintage clothing store

tucked away in the quiet innercity

suburb of Morningside.

Inside La Bella Donna lies racks

of silk, cotton, velour denim

and leather clothing that are as

timeless as the store’s fit-out.

Accessories are their speciality

with all display benches covered

in feathers, bags, necklaces,

hats and beads. Shopping here

is more than just finding a gem,

it’s an experience.

Non For Profit

Here in Australia, some charities

that help the homeless

have shopfronts where people

donate their pre-loved clothes,

records and many other items,

and the shop sells them for a

heavily discounted price to the

public, with all profit going to

the charity. Buying second-hand

clothes may seem like a strange

thing to do in your home

country, but in Australia, it is a

very popular way of finding that

rare treasure. They are usually

run by volunteers (often retired

ladies) who are often the nicest

people you will ever meet.

Don’t confuse these stores with

vintage stores which we have

mentioned previously. They sell

hand-picked (sometimes fixed)

second-hand clothes for a much

higher price. Three of the best

original second-hand op-shops

in Brisbane are:

1. The Salvos (The

Salvation Army)

80 Glenrosa Road

Red Hill

2. St Vincent de Pauls

“Foresters Hall” 16 Latrobe

Terrace, Paddington

3. Hey Hey It’s Yesterday

129 Latrobe Terrace,


24 Shopping

The Outpost

5a Winn Street, Fortitude


The Outpost is probably Brisbane’s

trendiest store. It’s

always on the look out for the

next big thing, long before it

hits Australian shores in mass

production. You can rely on

the Outpost and their wellinformed

and ultra resourceful

staff to keep you in the know

with all things hip, from clothing

to music and books to

wares. It’s worth noting that

this store is extremely hard to

find as it’s tucked in an alley off

the main road. We recommend

you Google it before wandering

aimlessly or you could be

searching for hours.

3666 0306 Mon-Thu: 10am-5pm,

Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat: 11am-4pm, Sun:


Hype Shoes

Corner of Albert & Queen St.

Shoe fan? If you are, this is a

place worth walking into. Stocking

the latest in trendy street

and casual footwear, this shop

has one of the largest selections

of the latest hip street

brands under one roof. To list a

few favourites, they stock Nike,

Onitsuka, Adidas, Lacoste, Converse,

Vans and Creative Recreation.

These are all available

in the most up-to-date styles

and sold for competitive prices.

In the words of Forrest Gump’s

Mum, “There’s an awful lot you

could tell about a person by the

shoes they wear”.

3211 0666 Mon-Thu: 9am-6pm,

Fri: 9am-9am, Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun:



Goodtime Surf & Sail

29 Ipswitch Rd,


There could only really be two

reasons why you’d find yourself

in Queensland; to study, or

to surf. When it comes to the

latter, Goodtime Surf & Sail is

your one stop shop for all things

water sports. Located at the city

fringe of Wooloongabba, these

guys also hand shape their

boards and have been doing

so since 1971. Through their 39

years of experience, you can ask

them about the best surf spots

along the Gold and Sunshine


3391 8588 Mon-Thurs: 9am-7pm,

Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat: 9am-5.30pm, Sun:


Rebel Sports

Shop 1, Queen Adelaide

Building 90-112 Queen St

Mall, Brisbane

If you can kick it, throw it, swing

it or punch it, you can probably

find it here. Sport is a great way

to meet new people and stay in

shape, so, if you’re missing the

sports you used to play at home

or are looking to try something

new, Rebel Sports can probably

help you out with the equipment.

They also stock a large

range of popular sports clothing

and shoes. Popular brands

include Adidas, Nike, Lonsdale,

Asics, Puma and Everlast. Not all

of the fashion is sports related

either. Some of the stocked

apparel is in modern street and

urban styles.

3221 7894 Mon-Thu: 9am-

5.30pm, Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat: 9am-5pm,

Sun: 10am-5pm

Skate Biz

101 Albert St, Brisbane

Queensland really is the recreational

state of Australia, which

is why Skate Biz in the city

covers everything that involves

all things footwork, from rollerblading

to hockey. They stock

all the most reputable brands so

safety and quality isn’t compromised,

with well-known gear

from Oakley, USD, Bauer and

DC. They happen to also own

Australia’s largest online skate

shop at, so it’s

worth checking them out there


3220 0167 Mon-Thu: 9am-6pm,

Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-5pm


193 Albert St, Brisbane

Whether you’re heading for

the snow or the desert make

sure you stop by Kathmandu

for adventure-proof clothing

and accessories. Staff can recommend

what products you

need to make sure you stay safe

and protected when exploring

Australian terrain. Footwear,

clothing, luggage and cooking

equipment is all sold here. If

purchasing as part of a group,

enquire about group or bulk


3210 2777 Mon–Thu:

9am-5:30pm; Fri: 9am-7pm; Sat:

9am-4pm; Sun: 10am-3pm.

26 Shopping

Clothing Size


There’s nothing worse than buying clothes

in a foreign country and realising you got the

sizes wrong because you weren’t used to the size

conversion. Have a look at this table to work out

your size in Australia.

Men’s Shoe Sizes

Women’s Shoe Sizes


4 37 23 4 5

5 38 24 5 6

6 39.5 25 6 7

7 40.5 26 7 8

8 42 27 8 9

9 43 28 9 10

10 44.5 29 10 11

11 46 30 11 12

12 47 31 12 13

Bra Sizes


10AA 70A 32AA 32A 85A

10A 70B 32A 32B 85B

10B 70C 32B 32C 85C

10C 70D 32C 32D 85D

10D 70DD 32D 32DD 85DD

12AA 75A 34AA 34A 90A

12A 75B 34A 34B 90B

12B 75C 34B 34C 90C

12C 75D 34C 34D 90D

12D 75DD 34D 34DD 90DD

12DD 75E 34DD 34E 90E


6 37 23 4 6

7 38 24 5 7

8 39.5 25 6 8

9 40.5 26 7 9

10 42 27 8 10

11 43 28 9 11

12 44.5 29 10 12

13 46 30 11 13

14 47 31 12 14

Dress Sizes


4 30 2 4 32 36

6 32 4 6 34 38

8 34 6 8 36 40

10 36 8 10 38 42

12 38 10 12 40 44

14 40 12 14 42 46

16 42 14 16 44 48

18 44 16 28 49 50

20 46 18 20 48 52

22 48 20 22 50 54

*B = Belgium, E = Spain, F = France, P = Portugal

14AA 80A 36AA 36A 95A

14A 80B 36A 36B 95B

14B 80C 36B 36C 95C

Photo: Estraire

Girly Stores

Recommended by Eloise Parker


171-209 Queen St, Brisbane

Founded in 1983, this French

fashion label adds a dash of

sophistication to the Brisbane

streets. Boasting elegance and

style, Kookai has proven to be

a highly popular addition to

the shopping experience for

the ladies out there. This shop

is very much influenced by

European styles, and is a must

during your next shopping trip.

3210 2188 Mon-Thu: 9am-

5.30pm, Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun:


Bessie Head

Shop 8, Level 1, Broadway,

170 Queen St, Brisbane

If you’re a fan of Australian

and New Zealand designers,

then Bessie Head is the perfect

place to capture the Australian

essence in your clothing style.

Stocking premier Aussie and

NZ labels, as it stands, Bessie

Head is the only store to supply

the best in clean cut styles for

women who are independent,

empowering all those who

shop there to take charge in life.

It really is a unique retail experience.

3221 0355 Mon-Thu: 9am-5pm,

Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-4pm.

Garnsis Boutique

Shop 1 Elizabeth Arcade, 99

Elizabeth St, Brisbane

Withstanding the test of time

in Australia’s unforgiving boutique

industry, Garnsis Boutique

has been in operation for eight

years now with a strong focus

on elegant designs over supple

materials. They stock great

Aussie labels such as Ebony Eve,

Shanti Butterfly and Tainted,

along side well known brands.

8232 8273 Mon-Thu: 9am-

6:30pm; Fri: 9am-9pm; Sat: 9am-5pm;

Sun: 11am-5pm.

The Body Shop

Queen St. Mall, Brisbane

If you want to look, smell and

feel great then check out the

Body Shop’s range of body

products and cosmetics. Rest

assured that these products

have NOT been tested on

animals. Selling skin care, make

up, body butters, fragrances,

hair care, essential oils and a

range of gift hampers to choose

from, the body shop also prides

itself on pursuing an agenda of

environmental justice.

3210 2490 9am-5pm, Fri:

9am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm


354 Brunswick St, Fortitude


For the cool kids, for the super

hip and those who wont settle

for anything less than ‘now’,

Fallow stock the trendiest

labels that reflect what is hot

in Australia’s high-end fashion

scene. Stocking Chronicles of

Never, Claude Maus, Frederick

Gray and many more. They also

happen to stock a decent selection

of mens articles, so you can

bring your boyfriend in for a

total makeover. Located in the

heart of the Valley, this store is

a little bit hidden, but it is worth

the hunt.

3854 0155 Mon-Thu: 10am-6pm,

Fri: 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun:



5 Latrobe Terrace,


Customer service and care are

the foundations of Petrol’s boutique

philosophy. They are not

name or brand driven, rather

making top fashion accessible

to women by ensuring quality

is met by personally sourcing all

their pieces. The boutique experience

is Petrol’s main focus, and

they have designed the store to

provoke feelings of discovery as

you uncover labels unheard of.

Petrol is truly Brisbane’s destination

to pure individualism.

3369 1037 Mon-Wed:

9.30am-5.30pm, Thu: 9.30am-8pm, Fri:

9.30am-5.30pm, Sat: 9.30am-4pm, Sun:


Ultra Suite

665 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

For both men and women, Ultra

Suite, apart from being one of

Brisbane’s most favoured boutiques,

are also in the tailoring

business, providing made-tomeasure

services by appointment.

Their collections comprise

formal, bridal and cocktail

pieces and quite frankly, dominate

this market. You will have

a hard time looking for a better

alternative to make you look the

best you can be for that special

occasion. Save the time, and

come directly to Ultra Suite.

3267 2866 Mon-Thu: 9am-5pm,

Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm

George St

Adelaide St

Burnett La

Albert St

Queen St

30 Shopping


Comics Etc

79-81 Elizabeth St, Brisbane

For over 20 years, that’s right,

20 years, Comics Etc has supplied

south east Queensland

with comics, figures, statues

and other condiments sourced

from geekdom. Every week

you can expect their shelves

updated with the latest titles

from DC, Marvel and the controversial

adult comic brand,

Dark Horse. As comic-book

paraphernalia is expected from

such a store, the clincher here,

folks, would be their huge

range of Star Wars collectibles,

we’re pretty sure there’s a lifesize

mannequin of Chewy.

3229 4446 Mon-Thu: 9am-

5.30pm, Fri: 9am-8pm, Sat: 9am-5pm,

Sun: 10am-4pm

Ellia Lifestyle

Shop 1, 46 James St,

Fortitude Valley

The Ellia brand orbits around all

things beautiful and functional

as they display a wide range of

fashion, gift and homewares

with the intent to decorate. In

addition to sourcing rare collectables

and ornaments, they

also stock well-known labels

such as Zimmerman, Talylah,

Lisa Ho and Fleur Wood just to

name a few.

3852 5325 Mon-Fri: 9.30am-

5.30pm, Sat: 9am-5.30pm, Sun:



702 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

Located at the very heart of Brisbane’s

cultural hub, the Valley,

Mod.Cons offers more than

just cute wares of modern eloquence,

but they also offer you

a retail experience that is both

social and inspiring. They have

sourced everything from quirky

office supplies to bathroom

novelties and hi-tech gadgets to

baby jewellery. Truly something

different worth checking out.

3257 2996 Mon-Thu: 9am-5pm,

Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm


Beer and Wine Specialists

114 Boundary St, West End

On a constant mission to source

high quality beer and wines from a

diverse range of local and international

producers, Nectar’s passion

to bring you the finest drop is felt

by all who enter. If you have no

idea what to look for, and like to

try before you buy, come along

on a Friday night as Nectar holds

regular beer and wine tastings

in-store. Alternatively, if you’re

feeling too lazy to leave the house,

simply give them a call and they will

happily take your order and organise


3846 4655 Mon 12noon-8pm, Tues

12noon-9pm, Wed 12noon-9pm, Thur

12noon-10pm, Fri 11am-11pm, Sat

10am-11pm, Sun 10am-8pm.

Eating Out


Yeting Xiao (Vivian)


Brisbane offers a wide range

of restaurants for the student

with a bit of spare money and

for those who are on a tight

budget. The CBD and nearby

surrounds are where you will

find most of Brisbane’s restaurants,

including stunning riverside

locations like Eagle St Pier

and Brisbane Riverside Centre.

These restaurants are on the

expensive side but if you can

afford it, it is a true Brisbane

dining experience.

For something a little less

expensive but still very cosmopolitan,

the West End and

South Bank is full of modern

and relatively cheap eateries. In

fact, the area is fast becoming a

vibrant eating out district with a

huge range of affordable dining

options for the student budget.

Who says fast food has to be

crap food? The Insider recommends

checking out a couple of

amazing burger places: Grill’d at

167 Grey St and Beastie Burgers

at Shop S06D, Little Stanley

Street. The three main eating

out strips are Little Stanley

Street, Grey Street and the Parklands

at South Bank and they

are worth strolling through to

find your own favourite.

If you are new to Brisbane you

will probably discover that

there is a Chinatown in Fortitude

Valley very quickly. While

it is a popular destination, the

real Chinatown is in Sunnybank

which is about half an hour by

bus from the CBD and hosts a

large Asian population. Delicious

buzzing restaurants such

as the Sunnybank Oriental in

the Sunnybank Complex are a

fantastic addition to a day of

exploring this multicultural hub.

Another fantastic dining area

is Paddington, and in particular

Caxton St, which buzzes in

summer as the outdoor tables

fill up and people turn a meal

into a bit of a night out.

34 Eating Out

To ensure you, the international

student, gets a thorough insight

into the world of eating out in

Brisbane, we have sourced the

help of a huge range of international

students who have

recommended their favourite

restaurants of their origin!

A highly recommended website

with online menus, restaurant

locator and a review database.

An easy-to-navigate guide to

finding your style of eatery in

the city.

A website designed for the

people of Brisbane, it will help

you find the hottest places to

check out in Brisbane.

Budget Eats & Lunch


Sing Sing Chinese and

Vietnamese Restaurant

277 Ipswich Road, Annerley

Recommended by

Chloe Diem Tran

This family-owned restaurant is

a delightful little number that

is cosy, warm and has absolutely

delicious food that is

delivered with great service! I

really love the Pork Spare Ribs

with Steamed Rice, Spring Rolls,

Sugar Cane Prawns and Beef

Salad on the Vietnamese menu

and Deep Fried Duck with Plum

Sauce, Szechuan Lamb and

Seafood Bird’s Nest on the

Chinese menu. Nothing completes

your meal better than

authentic Vietnamese-style

Iced Coffee and Deep Fried Ice-


3391 1100 Open daily 11am-3pm,

5pm-10.30pm Except Tuesdays

5pm-10.30pm only.

Indonesian Tucker

1981 Logan Rd Upper,

Mt Gravatt

Recommended by

Naftalia Adhis

I think this is undeniably the

best Indonesian restaurant here

in Brisbane. It has a true Indonesian

vibe running through

the whole place. The best part

about it is you can get three

kinds of meals and rice for only

$9. Also, the portions are large

so you get value for money!

My favourite dish is Nasi Gulai

Kambing. If an Indonesian

student misses their traditional

food, you will surely feel at

home here. I don’t think you

will be disappointed!

Student recommendation:

Roast duck fillet with pad king


3219 3400 Mon-Fri: 11.30am-

3.30pm, 5pm-11pm; Sat-Sun: 5pm-11pm

Han Woo Ri

Level 1, 70 Mary Street

Recommended by Kelly Chai

Despite being a Korean restaurant,

an interesting array

of Chinese and Japanese

dishes are also offered on the

menu. Diners are spoilt for

choice with its extensive lunchtime

specials, which are reasonably

priced at $9.90. Korean

cuisine is known for their spiciness

so have a go and test your

threshold for hot stuff by ordering

a plate of spicy rice cakes,

which is a typical Korean street


3012 7551 Mon-Fri 11am-

Midnight; Sat-Sun 12noon-3am

Little Singapore

42 Charlotte Street, Brisbane

Recommended by: Kelly Chai

Nominated as one of the Best

Asian and Best Casual Dining

Restaurants in Queensland for

2009, Little Singapore provides

a taste of home away from

home with its diverse menu of

traditional Singaporean hawker

fare. This place is really hustle

and bustle, however it’s what

makes it so lively and fun.

Expect a short queue. You

can’t go wrong with choosing

Hokkien Noodles or Chicken

& Salted Fish Fried Rice which

costs about $11. There are actually

four locations where you

can find a Little Singapore, in

the City, Uptown and two in


Student recommendation:

Red vinegar ribs

3211 1177 Mon-Thur 11am-10pm,

Fri-Sat 11am-10.30pm, Sun 11am-10pm


Address: 421 Brunswick

Street, Fortitude Valley

Recommended by: The Editor

Every now and then that craving

for an absolutely huge and delicious

hamburger hits some of

us. When this time comes, one

word should come to mind -

GRILL’D! Grill’d is a gourmet

hamburger shop which serves

up a creative variety of burgers

The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, located within the

Cultural Centre at South Bank overlooking the Brisbane River, are a must see.

36 Eating Out

Stanley Place South Bank Brisbane | (07) 3840 7303

View of the Australian galleries, framed by Robert Klippel’s sculpture No. 247 Metal construction 1965–68 / Background: selected paintings by Ian Fairweather / Photograph: Ray Fulton

such as the Tuscan Delight, a

chicken burger with roasted

peppers, basil pesto, tasty

cheese, salad and herbed mayo.

They also have the traditional

hamburgers for those who

aren’t game enough to take a

risk with a burger. The Insider

team haven’t tried the veggie

burgers yet, but we’re told they

are damn tasty as well. Grill’d

is also licensed, so you’re given

the option of washing down

your burger with a cold beer.

With the trendy and modern

Aussie pub like atmosphere,

you might even stay for two or


3252 5822 Mon-Tues 10.30am-

10pm, Wed 10.30am-10.30pm, Thur

10.30am-11pm, Fri 10.30am-Midnight;

Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 10am-10pm.

breakfast & coffee

By Kyle Zenchyson

The diversity of food in Brisbane

is expanding rapidly, with a

range of inspirations finding its

place among a host of different


The same can be said for coffee,

with many independent Brisbane-based

roasters producing

their own blends. Cafés are no

longer limited to big franchises

spread throughout the country.

There are a few pockets in

Brisbane to go for coffee and

breakfast that are probably

known more to locals. Luckily

they’re all inner city areas, easily

accessed by public transport

and close to most of Brisbane’s


Au Cirque

618 Brunswick Street,

New Farm

Au Cirque never fails to consistently

produce great coffee

and tasty breakfasts. Seating

spills out on to the footpath

and the kitchen occupies most

of the ground level, but the

hardwood furniture upstairs

creates a more relaxing atmosphere.

Such is the consequence

of a celebrated café, waiting

for a table can be expected

on the weekend. However the

courteous staff delivering your

first coffee of the morning will

pass the time. There are many

combinations of bacon and

egg chowdowns and three-egg

omelettes, but I recommend the

corn cakes. The batter is light

and with ample corn to match

the popping flavour of the fresh

ingredient. Au Cirque is licensed

with an appealing selection of




It may seem obvious, but many

students don’t bother cooking

at home and eat way too

much expensive take away.

Buying cheap ingredients from

fresh food markets or supermarkets

then making up your

own meals can be a great way

to save money, stay healthy

and eat with friends in a comfortable


wines and opened for breakfast

and lunch every day of the


3254 0479 Daily: 7am-3pm.

Lure on Latrobe

24 Latrobe Terrace,


Surrounded by the boutique

and vintage clothing stores of

Paddington, Lure’s potted flora

and trickling water feature on

the front deck creates a tranquil

atmosphere. The service

is casual and the well-used

outdoor furniture adds to the

warm domestic feel. As with

most worthy cafés in Brisbane,

the coffee is served and made

well. The breakfast menu is

pretty straight up with added

specials like savoury mince on

garlic toast. The cakes and tarts

are packed full of homemade

buttery goodness.

3367 2900 Mon-Sat: 7am-3pm,

Sun: 7am-12noon

The Gunshop Café

53 Mollison Street,

West End

For a while now the Gunshop

has been the go-to breakfast

destination in the West End,

or for that matter, greater Brisbane.

There are many breakfast

options available catering

for light, sweet or indulgent

morning diners. These include

avocado and quark on sourdough,

raspberry French toast

with vanilla mascarpone and

vodka cured ocean trout with

poached eggs and hollandaise

sauce. Choosing from the

mouth-watering menu early in

the day will challenge you. The

lunch and dinner menus are

equally delectable and a terrific

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane 39

Wake up and

smell the beans!















Whipped Cream



Flat White

Caffé Latte


Caffé Mocha

Photo: Drewe Clarke


would you

like your


There are several ways to have

your eggs served. If you have

a preference be sure to let the

waiter know.


Pan fired, often with oil.


Boiled in water, with no oil

or salt.


Mixed and beaten in a pan,

usually with some herbs and


range of local and international

wines and boutique beers are

available. It’s also worth mentioning

everything is reportedly

made using ingredients

sourced from local markets

daily. The renowned café with

its atmospheric buzz does have

a downside - it can get a little

too busy on weekend mornings

(no bookings taken), however,

the friendly staff manage the

droves of customers well. The

Gunshop truly operates like a

well-oiled machine.

3844 2241 Breakfast Mon-Sun:

7am-11:30am. Lunch Mon-Sat:

Noon-2:30pm. Dinner Tue-Sat:


Poppy’s Basket Bakery

and Deli

166 Grey Street

South Brisbane

Poppy’s Basket benefits from

an ideal location opposite the

Imax cinemas in South Bank.

Amid the assortment of deli

provisions there is a vast array

of muffins, pastries and bread.

Upon entering, it’s hard not to

browse leisurely before taking a

seat. The breakfast offerings are

pleasing but also inexpensive.

Their satisfying signature omelette

is priced about five dollars

cheaper than the competition.

The coffee is a tad ordinary but

the biscotti is worth a taste. You

can have breakfast, lunch and

afternoon tea at Poppy’s Basket

seven days a week.

3844 0144 Daily 6.30am-6pm.

casual restaurants

The Smoke

(American BBQ)

9/85 Merthyr Rd, New Farm

Recommended by

Matthew Ramsey

With complimentary corn bread

and a side of Southern sass,

The Smoke is the closest thing

to wholesome American cuisine

here in the ‘New America’. Try

the strawberry and spinach

salad and the slow-cooked

pulled pork plate (ask for a bun,

add coleslaw and make a sandwich

as it’s truly meant to be

eaten!). The Kansas City and

Memphis-style ribs are decent

enough, albeit a bit overrated.

However, the $16 cocktails are

worth the price. We recommend

trying the Jack Daniels

Lynchburg Lemonade.

33358 1922 Wed-Sun:


Ceylon Inn (Sri Lankan)

190 Oxford St, Bulimba

Recommended by

Nilakshi Perera

Using spices from the finest

fields of the East and with

the freshest local ingredients,

Ceylon know how to make Sri

Lankan food smell, taste and

look fantastic. My favourite

dish is Devilled Potato, Kaju

(made from cashews, sugar,

cardamom powder and ghee)

and rice. This dish is hot and

spicy and it reminds me of

home. These curries, with

some rice, are actually enough

for two people. Prices are

reasonable too. They have five

branches in Brisbane, located in

Toowoong, Bulimba, Kenmore,

Graceville and Rosalie.

3399 9880 Sun-Thu: 5pm–

9:30pm, Fri-Sat: 5pm–10:30pm

Mecca Bah (Turkish /


19-21/ 1000 Ann St, Fortitude


Recommended by Muhannad

(Moe) Al Kalbani (Oman)

Mecca Bah is one of those

special restaurants where you

do not need to pay a lot to

feel utterly satisfied. The warm

colours of the wallpaper, the

cushioned benches and the

iron chairs makes this place an

authentic, rustic place to spend a

few hours. The food that comes

out of the kitchen is traditional

Turkish and Moroccan food,

which includes mouth-watering

wood oven pizzas and couscous

as a side to many meals. It is the

perfect place to try with your

mates for a very relaxing meal.

Try the Middle Eastern Halva ice

cream and the Turkish Delight

for dessert!

3252 5299 Daily 11am-11pm

The Plough Inn Tavern

Stanley St Plaza, South Bank


Recommended by

Maria McDougall

The Plough Inn has ‘Australia’

written all over it. With its

superb steaks, smoked pork,

cold beers and live music, you

can’t help feel a little true blue.

The menu is straight to the

point and very high quality.

We recommend The Reef n’

Beef, which features a fine

fillet topped with prawns and

calamari in a garlic cream sauce.

Situated in the South Bank Parklands,

it makes for a stunning

place to relax with some mates

on a hot summer afternoon.

3844 7777 Mon-Thu

11am-10.30pm Fri-Sat 10am-Midnight

Sun 10am-11pm

Korean Restaurant Maru

9 Lewina St, Sunnybank

Recommended by Song-Yi


The finest authentic Korean

cuisine in Brisbane! This place

is located in new China Town

in Sunnybank. The dishes here

taste just like home. My favourite

is Soon-Doo-Boo Jji-Gae

(Soft Tofu stew). If you can

handle Korean spiciness and

you’re willing to try Korean

BBQ, you have found the right

place. Traditional and authentic,

this is one little hidden restaurant

you will want to try out

with some friends.

3344 3868 Daily: 11:30am–10pm

El Naranjo (Colombian)

301 Ann St, Brisbane

Recommended by Aleyda Perez

This restaurant offers authentic

Colombian food and dishes

on Sundays for breakfast and

lunch. Caldo con Costilla (Rib

& Vegetable Soup), Arepa de

Huevo (Tortilla with vegetables

and eggs inside) and Calentado

(heated breakfasts) are

just some of the options for

having an authentic Colombian

breakfast. For lunch, you can

choose from the very popular

Bandeja Paisa (beans with meat

and rice), Ajiaco (soup), Sancocho

(soup) to Sobrebarriga

con Papas Chorreadas (special

meats with potatoes). Its menu

also includes Colombian coffee

and other traditional drinks as

well as Colombian desserts and

entrees. This place has a fantastic

reputation and once you

have tried the food, you will

know why.

0425665530 Open Sun 8am-


TOP 5.





Also known as Chicken

Parmigiana, it’s a chicken

schnitzel with a layer of

tomato-based sauce and

grated cheese.


Beer Battered

Fish & Chips

The name says it all, the fish is

deep fried in a batter made of



Beef Burger

(with the lot)

“The Lot” can really mean a

lot! Sometimes comes with

beetroot, egg & bacon.



Comes with sour cream &

sweet chili sauce. Usually

shared with mates but can

quite easily turn into a substitute





Comes with or without

chicken, it’s a great alternative

to some of the more filling pub


42 Eating Out

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane


Australia’s leading provider

of high-level Vocational and

Technical Education.

Government Institute established 1863

Over 31,000 students including 3,000 international

students from over 95 countries

New facilities and centrally located in Brisbane

General English, EAP, IELTS and ISLPR Preparation

Certificate and Diploma programs in Business and IT,

Hospitality, Tourism, Engineering, Creative Industries,

Biotechnology, Community Services and Nursing,

Sport and Fitness

University Pathways

Southbank Institute of Technology

66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane, Qld 4101, Australia

Phone +61 7 3244 5100 Fax +61 7 3244 5588





By Matthew Ramsey*

The mecca of all things marvellous,

West End is arguably the

most happening ‘hood in all

of Brisbane. With its diverse

culture and delectable cuisines,

this inner-city suburb is chocfull

of flavour and freedoms of

expression – the sense of inclusive

community spirit here is

simply unrivalled. From Monday

to Saturday, West End offers

the very best of all worlds, so

let us enjoy a few of our local




Perhaps the most famous

feature of West End is the

Weekend Green Flea Markets in

Davies Park, but there are plenty

of shops to see among fellow

switched-on citizens along

Boundary, Vulture and Montague

Streets (check out Bang-

Doll, Box Vintage, and Reverse

Garbage, to name a few…).

The markets rise at 6am and

rest at 2pm on Saturdays and

always draw a friendly, eclectic

crowd. From fresh fruits and

vegetables to soothing organic

soaps and sundries, as well as

heaps of hand-crafted goods,

keen shoppers are certain to

uncover some unique, affordable

treasures here whilst savouring

a number of tasty treats as

the serenades of local musical

talents waft through the air.

After freshening up with some

homemade lemongrass-mintlavender

soap, try to find the

hamburgers made with love

before they sell out and wash

one down with any number of

freshly-made beverages nearby

– get juiced up on some sugarcane!

Coffee -n-



After checking out the flea

markets it might be time to

experience one of the local

coffee houses, renowned for

a fantastic cup. Alberto’s on

Montague, Ugees on Boundary,

Blackstar off Vulture, or the

Cuban Café on Merivale are the

true coffee centers of the universe

in West End - accept no

other substitutes.

For the peckish, the best Asian

foods outside Sunnybank can

be found on Hardgrave Road

(give Quan Thanh Vietnamese a

go!) or at the flank of the Cole’s

(Siam Siamrarn Thai is not to be

missed!). The Fat Carrot Juice

Bar and Swiss Deli are two

Boundary Street sidewalk cafes

that can easily be mixed-andmatched

since they are adjacent

to each other. For a Mediterranean

flair, try the new Char-

Char Gyros (the charcoaled

lamb is the best!) or the landmark

King Ahiram’s Lebanese

takeaway shops (the desserts

are amazing and cheap!).

West End

After Dark

To sum up in 37 words: The

Shire on Mondays, Inspire on

weekends, The Joynt any night,

and Rumpus Room to begin

and/or end the evening. Who

knows, maybe you’ll end up at

one of West End’s (in)famous

after-hours house parties!

*Special thanks to Bella, Cat

Kid, Jay and Oz for their savvy


CRICOS Provider No. 03020E

+61 7 3244 5100

44 Eating Out

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane




Urban Spoon is a great

little app for the iPhone

that lets you search for

restaurants in your area by

type, location and price. It

also has user reviews and

even a cool feature called

The Scope which displays

the names of restaurants

overlaid on the camera.

Bombay Dhaba

220 Melbourne Street,

West End

Recommended by: Nitin

Stomach yearning for authentic

Indian food? Bombay Dhaba is

the perfect place to start your

3-course, lavish meal with a

meatlover’s mixed platter and

refreshing sugarcane juice.

We highly recommend the

Chef’s special, Butter Chicken

and Bihari Paneer Masala

with Cheese Spinach Naan

and Chicken Biryani. You can

sweeten the tastebuds with

Kulfi and Gulab Jamun. Winner

of Brisbane’s Best Themed

Restaurant of the year in 2009

and with 7 branches across

the city, this restaurant offers

the perfect way to spend your

evening amidst antique ambience

inspired by Dhaba’s Indian

heritage. Enjoy being mesmerised

by melodious instrumental

music. Also, don’t forget to

carry your student cards to grab

the Dhaba’s student loyalty

cards & availability of the range

of daily student freebies.

3846 6662 Mon-Thu:

12Noon-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm; Fri:

12Noon-2:30pm, 5:30pm-11pm; Sat:




These listings are a little more

pricey. However, these might

be nice places to go with your

parents when they visit.


175 Eagle Street, Brisbane

We know the average student

can’t afford luxury restaurants

all the time, however if your

parents come to visit and insist

on taking you out somewhere

nice, we recommend this classy

little number. With polished

floorboards, glass chandeliers

and a breathtaking view of the

Brisbane River, the decor is as

magnificent as the European

inspired dishes. Brad, the headchef,

has worked alongside

some greats like Jamie Oliver

and Marco Pierre White. We

highly recommend the Striploin

of Beef with Herb Polenta,

which comes with spinach,

smoked tomato compote, red

wine and bone marrow sauce.

3229 3175 Mon-Fri 12noon-3pm;

6pm-10pm Sat 6pm-late

Kabuki Japanese


Stamford Plaza (Cnr

Margaret Street)

There is something so awesome

about eating at a Teppanyaki

restaurant. The atmosphere,

the smells, the personality of

the chef and good friends are

all crucial elements to a great

night out. Kabuki has definitely

mastered this experience. Sit

back and relax as your senses

are treated to the sizzling and

grilling of items such as the

Moreton Bay Bugs with mayonnaise

sauce, garlic and soybean,

or even the Tasmanian salmon

cooked with white wine and soy

sauce. It isn’t cheap, so make

sure you go with rich friends.

3221 1999 Mon-Fri: 12Noon-

2:30pm; 6pm-10pm, Sat: 6pm-10pm

Vegetarian &


Fundies Organic

Wholefoods Café

219 Given Terrace,


This top little organic café/fairtrade

market creates the perfect

destination for those wanting

to get out of the house, do

some grocery shopping and

have a tasty breakfast/lunch all

at the same time! This store has

all kinds of vegan, vegetarian,

gluten free, organic, free-range

and fair-trade products. The

whole area oozes health and

wellbeing. It’s a very popular

little area but once you’ve been

inside you will see exactly why.

3367 0293 Mon-Sat 7.30am-4pm;

Sun 7.30am-3pm

Photo: Drewe Clarke

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane 47

TOP 5.




Triple J

107.7 FM

Triple J is Australia’s leading

youth radio station. It has a

great selection of new Australian

music and best of all,

no ads! Check out the Hottest

100 on Australia Day (Jan 26)





Broadcasting in 68 different

languages, SBS is a great way

to keep in touch with what is

happening at home, as well as

staying informed on current





A very alternatively

geared radio station with

a mix of both suprising and

unique programs. Ranging all

the way from dub-reggae to

rock and roll.




Slightly less ads than other

commercial stations, and more

of a focus on new music.




Aimed at the 30-50 age

group, TripleM mostly plays

classic rock and a few ads.

Amiee Angel Bubble Tea


Shop8/57 Corsair Av,


Located in Inala/Darra, Brisbane’s

Little Vietnam, Amiee

Angel is one of the city’s longest-running

and most established

vegetarian/vegan takeaway

joints. With a very casual

and laid back vibe, one cannot

go past the flat rice noodles,

which have a fantastic reputation.

There are plenty of cheap

options between $6-$9 on the

menu, all with a distinctive Vietnamese

style. They sell damn

good Bubble Tea’s, but remember

this place is Vegan, so if you

want real milk you have to ask

for it! Try the rice paper rolls!

3879 2422 Mon-Fri: 9:30am-5pm

Sat: 9:30am-4pm

Mondo Organics

166 Hardgrave Rd, West End

Mondo is the answer to that

daunting question, how do

you get a delicious tasting meal

completely guilt free? Here,

everything is fresh and sourced

from ingredients that have been

grown the natural way. They

pride themselves on serving

up delicious, modern European

dishes that inspire sustainable

living. They even have their own

cooking school for those interested

in learning how to make

organic foods come to life with


3844 1132 Tue-Sat: 6pm-11pm,

Wed-Fri: 12noon-2:30pm, 6pm-11pm.


Pig ‘n’ Whistle

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Centrally located in Queen

Street Mall, Pig ‘n’ Whistle is the

perfect venue to see a late night

game, have midnight munchies

or a catchup coffee with an

old acquaintance. Apart from

the obvious beverages, their

drawcard would have to be the

sticky-date pudding served with

vanilla ice cream that would get

anyone out of bed. When it

comes to the early hours of the

morning in the heart of the city,

there’s no substitute.

3229 9999 Mon-Sun: 9am-late

Cafe 21

Stamford Plaza (Cnr of

Margaret Street)

If you find yourself at the casino

after midnight (it happens to

the best of us) why not check

out Brisbane’s premier 24-hour

cafe. The food isn’t bad and it’s

a nice escape from the unforgiving

gaming floors. Late-night

cravings can come in many flavours,

luckily this place has

got you covered. Great value

if you’ve had a lucky night but

you might want to stick with

the entrees if you’ve been dealt

a bad hand!

3306 8795 Daily: 24 Hours



Schnitzel & Steak Toppings

Australians are notorious for

adding condiments and extra

ingredients to the top of schnitzels

and steaks. Two common

examples of this are the ‘Surf

and Turf’ or ‘Beef and Reef’

option available at many restaurants.

This is basically when

prawns are placed on top of

either a schnitzel or a steak

then covered in a sauce. The

list of these topping options are

endless. Some other popular

examples include Kilpatrick

(worcestershire, barbeque

sauce and bacon), Mexican

(salsa, mozzarella and jalapenos)

and Parmigiana (mozzarella,

bacon and a fresh tomato


Meat Pie & Sausage Rolls

Australian lunch time meals

are sometimes sourced from

the bakery or deli. Many of

these bakery style foods usually

involve some kind of meat or

poultry wrapped in pastry.

Some common examples

include the meat pie, sausage

roll and pastie. We highly recommend

adding tomato sauce

to all of these during consumption.

If you ever get the chance

to try a Ned Kelly pie (eggs,

bacon and tomato in a pie),

grab it!


Since the majority of Australian

cities are coastal, seafood

has always been a popular

choice for meals. Some particularly

nice seafood that we

recommend trying while you

are here include King George

Whiting, Morton Bay Bugs and

Barramundi. Seafood is often

brought out on special occasions.

If you tried some seafood

back at home and didn’t like it,

we advise giving it another shot

here in Australia as it might surprise


Aussie Breakfast

Breakfast in Australia may, in

some situations, be as simple as

a couple of slices of toast or a

bowl of cereal. Many cafés and

restaurants serve a traditional

style Australian breakfast. This

usually includes eggs, bacon,

fried tomatoes, baked beans

and sometimes hash browns.



You’re in Australia, barbecues

happen! The staple BBQ

ingredients: beer, beef sausages,

sliced bread, onion

and tomato sauce. But don’t

be disheartened if you don’t

eat meat and drink beer like

many of the local students do!

Why not try cooking up some

veggie burgers, falafels or tofu

kebabs? Or, if you’re feeling

particularly adventurous, grab

a recipe for stuffed tomato or

zucchini. (Google ‘vegetarian

bbq’ for some great ideas)

It’s a good idea to bring

something to contribute too.

Potato, pasta & green salads

are common side dishes. You

might find yourself in a game

of cricket, don’t panic! Just hit

the ball and run!

Remember the Aussie BBQ

hierarchy! Only one person

should be flipping the meat,

one person should be poking

the sausages and 4-5 men

should be standing around

watching the BBQ with a drink

in their hand, not helping at all.

48 Eating Out

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane




Barry Hartono


An Introduction

By Harry Pratchet

Brisbane is a city coming

out of its shell. Nightlife hot

spots deliver world class entertainment

with style. The river

winds between and around as

good and great nights unfold. If

you’re looking for a cold drink

you never have to wander far in


The nightlife culture has grown

from strength to strength. Most

locals will tell you that having

a local guide is the best way

to find the hidden secrets that

this vibrant city has to offer.

However, as an international

student in a new city, finding

a local friend isn’t always that

easy. We’re here to help!

Unlike in many countries, light

beer in Australia means low

alcohol content, not low fat! So

if you don’t feel like a big night,

stick to light drinks. A popular

one for girls is white moscato

wine. Virgin cocktails (no

alcohol) are also very popular

for the non-drinkers.

Different City, Different


In some countries, driving while

under the influence of alcohol

isn’t harshly prosecuted. NOT

HERE! If you get caught with a

prescribed blood alcohol level

over .05%, you can lose your

licence, get handed a substantial

fine and may even lose your

student visa! It’s not worth it.

Remember, if you are on your

Learners or Provisional plates,

you cannot have any alcohol in

your system. Drinking outside

of either a licensed venue or a

private property is also illegal.

This is a new city for you and

there are new laws you need to

abide by.

The city

The Brisbane nightlife offers a

surprise around each corner.

Boutique bars and cocktail

50 Nightlife

lounges have quiet elegance

and a friendly atmosphere. If

drinking is on the mind there

are three main entertainment

precincts in and around the

CBD. A number of clubs and

bars with open-air decks are

essential locations for good

times with a good crowd. The

Stock Exchange Hotel sets the

standard in Brisbane’s heart on

the corner of royally minded

Edward and Charlotte Streets.

Friday’s Riverside also keeps

things fresh with an open-air

terrace facing the Brisbane

River. Fridays is located at

the end of Eagle Street in the

middle of the business sector,

catering to professionals and

revellers alike. Friday at Friday’s

requires business-ish attire but

is well worth the leather shoes.

The Valley

For some serious fun, Fortitude

Valley, which is only minutes

from the CBD, is Brisbane’s cultural

outlet for electro, techno

and trance music. Nationally

acclaimed nightclubs are scattered

through this entertainment

precinct. The Family Nightclub

on McLachlan Street is

hands down Brisbane’s premier

dance music club. Four levels of

individual design including an

ice sculpted functioning cocktail

bar. The Family was named

nightclub of the year consecutively

and is a must. Cloudland

is the newest addition to Fortitude

Valley. This cocktail lounge

has unmatched elegance,

creativity and open mindedness

in creation of mood and

atmosphere. Ann Street is the

main strip with GPO and Empire

Hotel, along with the Beat and

Monastery Nightclub’s, are only

a stroll between. Club hopping

is common so if the club is

empty another will be full. Late

night entertainment venues

provide Brisbane with a great


South Bank

If you head across the river

toward South Bank and up to

the hills of West End, you will

find Brisbane’s unofficial relaxation

zone. Boundary Street

hosts bars, cafes and live music

venues that welcome weary

feet with bean bags and cocktails.

Lock and Load is a rich

wood toned bar and restaurant

with an outdoor area that has

a serious leafy backyard feel.

Local art adorns the walls and

smiles are plentiful. Lock and

Load is a prime spot to catch the

afternoon sun with a cold beverage.

As the night progresses,

Uber Nightclub and the adjoining

boutique bar, Archive, is

where you can find a healthy,

.young and loud crowd. Up

a bit on Boundary Street, the

Rumpus Room is a must for

every visitor and local. Shag

carpeted walls combined with

cheap beers and arcade games

mix teen dreams with an adult

drinking age. The locals know

how to express themselves in

costume at regular themed



Sundays are widely recognised

as the best days in Brisbane’s

social scene. Starting early with

offers of cheap steaks and beers

the Fox Hotel attracts sunlight

and crowds. The Chalk Hotel

in Woolloongabba also reduces

wallet impact on Sundays with

a relaxed dress code allowing

singlets, shorts and thongs. The

Normanby and Stock Exchange

Hotel’s also offer special Sunday

trading that draws the crowds.


Palace Cinema Barracks

61 Petrie Terrace, Top of

Caxton St

A new addition to Brisbane’s

screening repertoire, The Barracks

is the perfect venue

when you need to impress that

someone special. Fully licensed,

you’ll be able to order premium

beers, fine wine and/or spirits to

take with you into the theatre.

We recommend a chilled bucket

of Asahi! Showcasing the latest

mainstream, art house and

family flicks, the six new theatres

sports flush luxury seating

with plenty of legroom. As you

can tell, this isn’t your ordinary

night at the movies, and with

great views of the river, you

really can’t go past The Barracks

when you’ve got a date, or in

the mood for spoiling yourself.

1300 627 385

South Bank Cineplex

167 Grey Street, South Bank

Formerly known as South Bank

IMAX, Cineplex still has the

original 25 metre IMAX screen

reserved for the latest blockbusters.

In addition, the other

four screens are Megaplex

equivalent in size, which makes

South Bank Cineplex a remarkable

venue in downtown Brisbane.

But that’s hardly the best

bit. South Bank’s Cineplex is all

about students, offering those

with concession cards an everyday

rate of $6.50 and $5.50 on

cheap Tuesdays (prices subject

to change). Also be sure to validate

your parking as they offer

up to five hours free parking for


3846 5188



Now Playing is the perfect

companion for a night at

the movies. This free app

gives you access to reviews

and session times at most

cinemas in Brisbane. It will

even tell you how far you

are away from the closest

cinema. Very handy!

Event Cinemas, City Myer


Level 3, Myer Centre,

Elizabeth Street

Those who live in the heart of

Brisbane city, will most certainly

love Event Cinema’s

Megaplex located on the top

floor of Brisbane’s iconic Myer

Centre. Complete with an

arcade gaming centre, you’ll

never have a dull moment if

you decide to watch a movie

without prior checking the

screening times. Event Cinemas

is also known for featuring the

latest Hollywood films with an

active timetable that allows

you to catch the next screening

almost 30 minutes from the

one you just missed. It’ll be like

catching a bus!

Cocktails & Wine

Cocktail bars and lounges

provide you with a personal

environment, away from loud

music and raving drunkards.

Get to know a new friend or

that special someone a little

more intimately. Cocktail

culture is an art and a science

in this city. This little experience

can however be an expensive

one. Most cocktail bars do have

specials offered daily so be sure

to check these out before you



641 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

Cloudland is Brisbane’s most

elaborate venue, taking design

cues that leave you feeling like

you have just come back from

an intergalactic adventure from

the planet Pandora. Look up

and you will stand in awe of

the retractable glass ceiling.

There are 5000 plants sprawled

over a 14 metre interior wall

that surrounds its patrons,

and the main solid marble bar

held up by 17,000 glass balls.

There’s an array of themed

lounges that make Cloudland

the perfect venue to host your

next party and they have taken

the same amount of effort in

their cocktail list as they have

TOP 5.


1. The



The original Australian underdog

story. A family living near

Melbourne Airport fight eviction.

Many have tried and

failed to capture the essence

of this movie. Straight to the

pool room.




Set during WW1, this film tells

the story of the ANZACs from

the perspective of two young

Australians sent to Turkey.

Worth watching if you’re interested

in Australia’s involvement

in The Great War.


Two Hands


Set in the world of underground

crime in Sydney, Heath

Ledger plays a 19-year-old in

serious trouble with a local



Mad Max


Mel Gibson stars as Max, a

desperate man with nothing

to lose in a post-apocalyptic

vision of Australia. It’s got

guns, gangs and lots of modified



He Died with

a Felafel in

His Hand(2001)

Based on the novel by John

Birmingham, this film follows

the east coast share house

adventures of Danny.

52 Nightlife

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane



By Ryan J Lewis

with the interior design. Bring

your camera, you will want to

remember your first night.

3872 6600 Daily: 6pm-Late


Midori Pash

Pucker up, sucker! A generous shot of Midori in a shallow

pool of vodka and punchy cranberry juice served in a highball

with optional lime wedges. This concoction has been driving

the ladies crazy here in Brisbane. Order to impress.

2. Side Car

Served in an old-school tumbler, twist lemon and rim

glass with sugar, two-parts Remy Martin VSOP and a

splash of Cointreau with lemon juice for tang. Shake and

Strain. Created by Harry MacElhone at his New York bar in

Paris and named after a crazy military officer who used to roll

up to the bar in a motorcycle sidecar… true story.

Citrus Sling


Have a fling with this citrus blend of Licor 43 served tall

with lemon and apple juice, cloudy not clear. Built and

stirred in the glass with an expected vanilla kick that you

get with 43 citrus combinations. A good bartender will serve

this in a Collins glass.


Zen Sour

For this, you need to make sure they use freshly squeezed

lemon juice, shaken with Zen Green Tea Liqueur fused

with egg white. Shaken and strained over an ice-filled tumbler

garnished with cherries. Do not underestimate the cherries,

they do more than decorate.



1/367 Brunswick Street,

Fortitude Valley

A lavish cocktail lounge and restaurant

that boasts a stunning

fit-out that includes an iron

gate imported from Argentina,

fabric from France’s palace of

Versailles and bronze statues

that compliment the crystal

chandeliers, welcoming you

to Brisbane’s premier cocktail

experience. Great for those who

appreciate nostalgia in both

their drinks and décor, sporting

a mixture of 19th century

furniture, antique gold-framed

mirrors and marble bars will

complement your 40yr Dalmore

scotch. Zuri is also conveniently

positioned in the centre of Fortitude

Valley’s clubbing hub,

which makes for the perfect

meeting spot for pre-drinks.

3257 4999 Open Thu-Sun


Jade Buddha

1 Eagle Street, Brisbane

This city has its gems and Jade

Buddha is certainly one of them.

Away from the dizziness of the

5. The perfect mix for any stylish occasion, this is the latest

drink to hit dance floors. 30ml of Cointreau topped with

Valley, choose this venue when

you want to get the most out of

Byblos Bar

pink grapefruit juice and a dash of soda water served in a long a function. On the second level

glass with ice. Geared towards the new nightlife crowd, this

of the venue sits the Shadow

drink screams fun with undertones of sophistication thanks to

the shot of Cointreau.

Lounge where a seductive mix

of cocktails are served over

house grooves, overlooking

the Brisbane River and prime

view of the Story bridge. On a

typical weekend night, you’ll

find a healthy mix of birthday

parties, corporate tables, family

Shop 7.13 Portside Wharf 39

Hercules Street, Hamilton

Byblos is a portside bar/restaurant

for those looking for the

style and elegance of modern

dining. The constantly updated

cocktail menu provides the

perfect beverage to drink while

you look over the port and

absorb the top notch view.

54 Nightlife

functions and singles ready to

mingle, making Jade Buddha

the perfect place for any occasion.

3221 2888 Mon-Thu:

11:30am-Late, Fri-Sat: 11:30am-Late,

Sun: 11:30am-Late


123 Eagle St, Brisbane

Located on the riverside, overlooking

the Story Bridge, Friday’s

is a Brisbane institution

for good party times. Catering

to local professionals, tourists

and travellers as well as the

young at heart, there’s never a

dull moment here. Reasonably

priced cocktails - you’ll be hard

pressed to find another venue

that offers this level of luxury

that’s friendly on the wallet.

With renovations recently completed,

Friday’s has increased

their capacity by further

opening the indoor setting

seamlessly to the outdoor deck,

to allow party-goers more room

to dance!

3832 2122 Mon-Thu: 10am–5pm,

Fri-Sat: 6pm–Late, Sun: Closed.

The Bowery

676 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

As you walk inside via the mysterious

looking exterior doors,

you can immediately sense

the elegance and craftsmanship

that goes into the cocktail

service. Located in the middle of

the wild Valley streets this bar

offers a calm and comfortable

atmosphere to indulge in a fine

quality cocktail. With groovy

music frequently played by

the regular DJs, patrons often

corner off an area to keep the

dancing going while they enjoy

their drinks.

3252 0202 Open: Tue-Sun:


Party Pubs & Student


Downunder Bar

308 Edward St, Brisbane

Possibly the wildest venue in

Brisbane. The minute you walk

in, you’ll be greeted by an array

of international flags. See if

yours is on there! This one is

designed for uni students and

backpackers. This allows the

chance for you to meet people

who actually want to be met!

The Downunder is notorious for

holding the craziest events such

as wet t-shirt competitions,

fancy dress and iron-man challenges.

They truly have quite

the imagination as the list goes

on and on! Cheap jugs and even

cheaper food, as a student, you

should not miss this experience.

3002 5740 Sun: 5pm-Late,

Mon-Tues: 4pm-Late, Wed-Fri:

12noon-Late, Sat: 5pm-Late.


100 Boundary St, West End

Situated in the creative hub of

West End, Uber offers a relaxed

yet sophisticated environment

with a relaxed dress code. So

relaxed in fact, their ‘Whatever

Wednesdays’ are themed to

allow anyone wearing almost

anything to enter. Featuring

great music from some of Brisbane

best DJs, Uber finds it easy

to fill up two rooms for both

kinds of popular dance music;

R&B and Electro. Uber is the

perfect venue for the student

who wants a laid-back atmosphere.

Uber achieves this by

offering a great selection of

cognac, bourbon and tequila,

as well as a decent cocktail list.

We recommend you visit Uber

on a Wednesday to truly get a

feel of what this great venue

has to offer.

3846 6680 Wed-Sat: 7pm-3am

Birdee Num Nums

608 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

Here are a few statistics to show

you how much fun Birdees is:

Voted #2 for having a dance

in Brisbane, #3 for Tourists and

cheap drinks in Brisbane, #4 for

large groups in Brisbane, top10

for big night out and top20

for Sunday sessions. Those are

quite the achievements for a

backpacker/uni bar! Outside

features what is probably Brisbane’s

best beer garden complete

with pool tables and a

pool! Even the tiny smoking

area is somewhat sociable. In

fact, the whole design helps

create a highly social meeting

place. Celebrated by both locals

and tourists, enjoy well-priced

jugs and some impressive cocktails

as you indulge in Brisbane’s

party culture.

3257 3644 Daily: 12noon-Late

The Fox Hotel

Melbourne St, South


First things first, $5 steaks

on Sundays have been their

main promotion for years and

doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere.

Their signature rooftop

bar displays spectacular views

of Brisbane’s skyline with the

ability to book your own exclusive

section. With a capacity





• Only drink on a full

stomach, eat before and

during drinking. If it comes

back up, it’s probably

better that way anyway.

Don’t fight it.

• Dehydration makes your

brain hurt. Drink water or

a sports drink before you

go to sleep to regain some

electrolytes and glucose.

• Drink less, order drinks

with less alcohol in them

or drink alcohol that is

not good to be consumed

with speed, like stouts.

The next


• More water. Water is what

we are made of.

• Deep fried or oil cooked

breakfast. We aren’t sure

scientifically what this

does, but at least you will

have something to occupy

your mind.

• Painkillers. This is a

common quick-fix, but

it simply combats the

after effects of one drug

(alcohol) with another.

While it may help you, it

isn’t good for your liver. A

last resort cure!

• Amino acid tablets. These

are scientifically proven to


• Eat foods that are high

in Vitamin B. It just so

happens that Australia’s

favourite breakfast spread

Vegemite, is surprisingly

effective after a big night.

• While we don’t really

recommend this one,

some people believe the

best hangover cure is to

‘get up and get back on it’.

This means having a drink

in the morning (many Australians

call this event ‘hair

of the dog’). Although

temporarily effective, it

is basically prolonging

the inevitable. Everyone

knows you don’t get a

hangover until you stop


• Get outside and go for

a jog followed by a cold

shower. This might sound

like a terrible idea given

your potentially fragile

state, but it is an effective

way to get alcohol out of

your system.

If all else


These “cures” might be worth

a shot, but probably not. NOTE:

the following cures have only

been tested by The Insider


• Blended radish and lemon

juice shot.

• Mexican food.

• Rubbing your armpits with

citrus fruits - yes you read


• Place fourteen black

pins into the cork of the

last bottle you drank.


There’s no better

cure than simply

knowing your


56 Nightlife

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane


of 360 guests, the rooftop bar

seems to be able to fit a lot

more when Sunday arrives. As

you may or may not know, Brisbane’s

Sundays are the busiest

for pubs and the Fox is definitely

leading the campaign.

3844 2883 Daily: 12noon-2pm,


AlternativE &


Fat Louie’s

1/124 Albert St, Brisbane

Another famous establishment

that has stood the test of

time, Fat Louie’s has seen more

students walk through their

doors than all of Queensland’s

major universities put together.

Located in the heart of the

city, Fat Louie’s boasts a fully

licensed pool hall and private

karaoke rooms. There are a

total of eight rooms, and being

the very first karaoke venue in

Brisbane, they have more experience

than anyone else.

3229 7031 Sun-Thu: 12noon-

Midnight, Fri-Sat: 12noon-3am.


52 Petrie Terrace,


From time to time, students

need to let off some steam from

the heat of study. Casablanca

in Paddington will set your

shoes on fire as Brisbane’s only

Latin and Salsa nightclub. As it

stands, Casablanca is the place

to show off your skills if you’ve

been trained in the seductive

South American art of dancing,

so don’t be shy. They also offer

mid-week live music and late

night karaoke. Casablanca is

also a venue that is as much

a part of Brisbane as the river

itself. If they’ve been around

long enough to entertain the

last generation, they should

know a thing or two about partying.

3369 6969 Tue-Sun: 6pm-Late

Dance Clubs


8 McLachlan St Fortitude


With the ability to hold up to

2000 party people, the Family’s

6 bars spread over 4 levels

explains its ‘superclub’ status.

You haven’t been to Brisbane

until you have danced in the

Family. The culture, as soon as

you enter the door, is that of a

music festival. There’s plenty of

room to run around and play

hide and seek with your friends.

The crowd itself is an eclectic

mix of ravers, scenesters and

shufflers who all party just

as hard as each other to the

sounds of regular international

DJs. The Family was designed

for the experienced clubber and

if you’re a novice, make sure

you’re up for the challenge of a

good night out.

3852 5000 Thu-Sun: 8pm–Late.

The Met

256 Wickham St, Fortitude


For those who like their music

electric and pulsating, The Met

is a state of the art entertainment

complex that presents

their customers with a world

in which to let loose. Comprising

of 3 levels and 5 bars, the

venue is spacious with an open

plan main stage that allows you

to dance on more than 3 levels.

The Met is also considered the

final touchdown for the established

local DJ, meaning only

the best crowd pleasers are

booked to play at The Met!

3257 2557 Thu–Sun: 8pm–Late.


27 Warner St, Fortitude


Brisbane has always lacked presence

in the urban music scene,

but all that has come to an end

as Mystique has officially been

named the biggest R&B-only

nightclub in Australia. Every

weekend, Mystique guarantees

the latest R&B hits from the U.S

and regular stage performers

that do a great job in hyping the

crowd. The term dance music

has been thrown around as of

late. Some say that Mystique is

Brisbane’s only real ‘dance’ club

where everybody likes to bust a

move. If you have two left feet,

it’s quite entertaining to watch.

3852 5556 Fri-Sat: 9pm-5am

The Wickham Hotel

308 Wickham St, Fortitude


Walking past The Wickham,

you could be forgiven for thinking

this is just your everyday

pub. A peek in here on a Friday

night will confirm that this is the

hottest gay-friendly bar in Brisbane.

With drag shows galore

and plenty of fabulous cabaret

on offer, this is the place to relax

on a warm Friday afternoon/


3852 1301 Sun:10am-1am; Mon:

9am-Midnight; Tues-Thu: 9am-3am; Fri:

9am-5am; Sat: 10am-5am

58 Nightlife

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane


Late Night CaFEs

Pancake Manor

18 Charlotte Street, Brisbane

Recommended by Kelly Chai

Who says pancakes are only for

breakfast? At Pancake Manor,

diners can have pancakes at

any time of the day. In addition,

hungry students can also

try their array of delectable

pancakes, gourmet crepes and

burgers. Set menu consisting of

an entrée crepe of your choice

and a single pancake served

with a scoop of ice cream is real

value for money.

3221 6433 24 hours daily

Free Style Tout

50/1000 Ann St, Fortitude


Do you have a sugar craving?

Free Style is such a lovely place

to meet up with a friend for

a great dessert, it’s so hard

to decide what to get as everything

is amazingly delish!

Vanilla Crème Brulee topped

with fairy floss and served with

mixed berries, nut biscotti and

blackberry is just decadent and


3252 0214 Mon: 10am-

10:30pm Tue: 10am–11pm Wed: 10am

–11pm Thu: 10am–11pm Fri: 10am –

11:30pm Sat: 10am–11:30pm Sun


Live Music BARS

The Hi Fi

125 Boundary Street,

West End

Before The Hi Fi was built over

what was known as the Paddo,

Brisbane’s live music scene

was facing almost near extinction.

Thankfully, the original

brand hailing from Melbourne

(the city that specialises in live

entertainment) extended its

reach to Brisbane at just the

right moment and saved the

city from complete boredom.

Built from the ethos of ‘loud

and proud’, the venue sports a

main room on ground level with

a mezzanine section. They’ve

dubbed the main bar ‘vinyl’ and

has been created in partnership

with Jim Beam, the first

brand-integrated bar of its kind

in Brisbane. The venue itself

holds 1200 people and enables

high quality live video and audio

feeds that can be broadcasted

to two projector screens in the

Vinyl bar, so you won’t miss a

thing when it’s your round.


Wed-Sat: 4pm-Late

Irish Murphys

175 George St, Brisbane

Welcome to Brisbane’s trademark

venue for singing out

loud with little to no remorse

of passers by, but this is what

Irish Murphy’s is known for. The

bands here play great sing-along

covers in the heart of the

city, adjacent to the Casino.

It’s a nice and casual atmosphere

here that also happens

to serve great food. One of the

only places to catch regular live

music during the day and night,

and its not all just bands, they

have DJ sets on the weekends

as well. Drinks are reasonably

priced and staff are amongst

the friendliest.

3221 4377 Daily: Until Late

The Normanby Hotel

1 Musgrave Road,

Red Hill.

A Brisbane institution, The

Normanby is renowned by the

local folk as one of the best

nightlife spots in the city. The

Insider team highly recommend

getting a few of your new

friends and settling in for a lazy

Sunday afternoon here. You

won’t be disappointed, as the

hundreds of locals fill the beautifully

designed beer garden

and enjoy the array of drink

specials. On Sunday night, Brisbane’s

most famous pub guitarist/singer

‘Tuffy’ takes the stage

to play a stripped-back set with

an old drum machine backing

him. It is hard to describe what

makes this guy so popular, so

we recommend just seeing him

for yourself.

3831 3353 Daily, 11am-late


648 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

Supporting innovative sounds

and Brisbane’s next generation

of talent, X&Y aims to deliver

the most cutting edge music

to their patrons. Inside you will

find yourself in a cosy theme of

anti-establishment relics that

reflect the venues mission statement.

It’s Brisbane’s latest boutique

live music venue and they

are always on the lookout for

indie bands. On top of all this,

their bar staff are highly trained

at producing quality cocktails

and stock some very interesting

labels on their bar. A must for

anyone who seeks individuality.

3257 1259 Wed-Sun: 8-Late

60 Nightlife

Photo: The Normanby Hotel

Elephant & Wheelbarrow

230 Wickham St, Fortitude


Previously known as The Prince

Consort Hotel, this British

pub is Brisbane’s iconic venue

for history, serving the very

first settlers. A lot has been

improved since then and it

offers the biggest beer garden

in the Valley, dubbed appropriately

‘The Elephant’s Garden’.

Live music is played Tuesdays

and then Thursdays to Sundays,

with karaoke on Wednesday

nights. They also offer cheap

jugs and their famous $3

bangers and mash. A hostel

resides on the top two levels of

the hotel so it’s a great place to

meet other travellers and drinking


(07) 3252 4136 Mon-Sun:

12pm-3:30pm, 5pm-8:30pm; Tue:

12pm-10pm, Wed-Sat: 12pm-4pm,


The Troubadour

3/322 Brunswick St,

Fortitude Valley

One of the most renowned live

music venues in the country,

The Troubadour has set the

standard for intimate live music

in this state. With fantastic

acoustics and a cosy décor, you

can’t help feel like you’re being

treated to an exclusive concert

in one of your friends’ houses.

With World class musicians

playing almost every night, we

highly recommend jumping on

their website (thetroubadour., and browsing the

upcoming gigs. Recently, they

realised people were feeling so

comfortable at the shows that

they got hungry. Management

took note and started selling

Jaffles (tasty meats and other

items pressed between 2 bits

of toast).

3252 2626 Daily 6pm-2am

The Tivoli

52 Costin Street,

Fortitude Valley

The Tivoli has been around for

a long, long time in Brisbane.

We’re talking 1917!! It has been

restored into a classy establishment

with an Art Deco theme

that hosts some of the biggest

touring acts around. Late 2010,

you will see hip-hop kings

Cypress Hill bless the stage,

and this is just an example of

the quality this place can get.

Alcohol is a little pricey and it

will take some good teamwork

between you and your mates to

ensure you don’t lose your spot

when it is time to get drinks.

However, the relaxed atmosphere

of the place will keep

your good vibe going.

3852 1711 Daily 6pm-2am (gigs




With this handy iPhone

app you will never miss

your favourite shows in

Brisbane! Local Concerts

can even recommend

concerts based on the

bands on your ipod. Find it

now on the App Store.

Beer me!

Confused with beer

sizes in this country?

...So are we!

It seems like everywhere you

go in Australia the glasses

have a different name, it’s one

of the most common frustrations

for overseas & interstate


Here’s what we call them in




10 Ounces




20 Ounces


15 Ounces


of the Night

“Are you

having a big


Or sometimes: “are you going

hard tonight?”. These are questions

related to the length and

stamina of your evening. It is

asking if you will be out late. It

may also be asking if you plan

to do this in a fun and perhaps

drunken manner.


If someone drops a glass or falls

over in a bar, locals yell taxi. This

means that it’s probably time to

go home, this is usually just a



round is it?”

Or “the next one is on me!”.

Australians tend to buy drinks

as a group. This could be for

efficiency or simply because

some people don’t like to pay

for their own drinks. So when

someone asks “Whose round is

it?”, this means: who is buying

the next drinks for the group? If

the next one is on you, then get

your wallet out!

“Down the


Simply means: “drink up!”

“Line em up!”

Usually refers to drinking shots

(30ml of spirits) as a group.

“Picking up”

Or: “hooking up”, refers to

finding love out on the town.


Or: hammered, gone, poleaxed,

messy, smashed, tanked, maggoted,

out of it, trashed - all

refer having too much to drink.

Enjoy responsibly!



Or: bolting, jetting, scooting,

heading off, piss bolting, cruising,

buggering off, piking - all

refer to someone leaving at

the end of the night, or during


“What’s your


What kind of drink would you





Bloody oath! - I certainly agree

Cark it - to sleep or expire

Cranky - in a bad mood

Crook - to be unwell or not right

Banana Bender - a person

from QLD

Dag - to be dressed poorly

Dero - to be uncouth

Duffer - idiot

Dunny - toilet

Durry - cigarette (often rolled)

Esky - portable ice box

Fair go - be fair now

Galah - idiot or fool

Gobsmacked - lost for words

Going off - it is going well

Heaps - a large amount

Franger - condom

Hoon - a person who drives fast

Longneck - a 750ml beer bottle

Pash - a kiss with some tongue

Perve - to sexually admire visually

Piece of piss - quite simple

Pig’s arse - highly unlikely

Piker - leaves prior to the climax

Rock up - arrive at a destination

She’ll be right - all will be ok

Slab - a 24 pack of beer

Snag - a sausage

Spewin’ - oh my gosh

Squizz - a small look

Stella - very good

Stoked - to be quite happy with

Stubby - apr. a 350 ml beer

Sunnies - sunglasses

Whinge - to complain

Wuss - to act like a baby

Yobbo - rude male

62 Nightlife

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane




Sigrid Parker

Brisbane is great for exploring.

With around 300 days of

sunshine each year there’s every

reason to be out and about in

this laid-back sub-tropical city.

Part of Brisbane’s charm is that

much of life goes on outdoors.

There’s free open air cinema in

the parks and a great choice of

sports and activities – we even

have a city beach.

When you need a change of

scenery, there’s the surf and

sand of the Gold and Sunshine

Coasts with hundreds of

beaches to choose from. Or if

wilderness and wildlife is what

you are after, the rugged terrain

of the Scenic Rim (hikes, wildlife,

wineries) or the peaks of

the Great Dividing Range on the

NSW border are less than two

hours away.


Dotted around the city’s public

spaces are artworks and sculptures.

Some are obvious (ever

wondered what the ‘Steam’

spheres in Brisbane Square are

made from? 7,000 vegetable

steamers) while others are displayed

high on buildings or

tucked down alleyways. For a

different sort of activity, try bike

polo on Sundays at Musgrave

Park, West End. Just bring your

own wheels (the mallet is provided)

and a sense of fun.

With so much to chose from,

where to start...

Contributors include:

Judith Radicke - Whale

Watching and Getting out of


April Adams - Snorkelling,

Scuba Diving and Skydiving.

64 Explore


Brisbane caters for the curious

and adventurous student with a

range of different options.

Rock Climbing

From a distance it looks as if

swarms of ants are scuttling

up and down the Kangaroo

Point Cliffs. But closer inspection

reveals it’s teams of gutsy

climbers, roped up and getting

vertical at all times of the day

and night. It’s fun, it’s a challenge

and it’s in the centre

of Brisbane. Never climbed

before? No problem, this is an

easy way to give it a go and all

operators cater for beginners.

Love it? Then use the cliffs as

practice for bigger challenges

in the national parks nearby.

For women only climbs contact

RAW (Real Adventure Women).

Kayaking in the City

What better way to explore

Brisbane, the ‘river city’, than

paddling on the less travelled

route at your own pace on the

Brisbane River. As the waterway

loops and turns through

town you get views of the city

through the mangroves and a

completely different perspective.

There are plenty of tours

operating out of South Bank

and all are suitable for novice



Queensland, the Sunshine

State, is known around Australia

for its long sandy beaches

and year-round swells. And

all within striking distance of

Brisbane. Surfing greats from

around the world compete in

international surf tournaments

such as the Quicksilver Pro and

Roxy Pro Gold Coast. Great

spectator sports! For the less

experienced surfers among us,

there are many surf schools on

both the Gold and Sunshine

Coast. Of course, all this activity

deserves a well-earned cold

drink, so retire to a nearby Surf

Life Saving Club (always right

on the beach with great views

along the coast) to debrief.

Whale Watching

Between June and October, if

you are on or near the ocean

there’s a strong chance you

will see some of the 10,000

migrating humpback whales as

they head north for the winter

months to breed and give birth.

The route is close to the coast so

head to a prominent headland

such as Point Lookout on North

Stradbroke Island or Cape Byron

at Byron Bay to see if you can

spot water spumes from their

blowholes. If you want to be

guaranteed a viewing, hop on

a whale watching tour as you

can get up close and personal

to these huge mammals.


You don’t have to travel as far

north as the Great Barrier Reef

to get in some good diving.

Murphy’s Reef, the Gneerings

and Mudjimba Island are coral

reefs just off Point Cartwright

on the Sunshine Coast, 90

minutes north of the city. These

sights, that some say rival parts

of the barrier reef, offer endless

diving opportunities, but you

must dive with a guide. If shipwrecks

are more to your liking,

ex Australian Navy Warship

HMAS Brisbane, also off the

Sunny Coast, is the newest

diveable wreck in Queensland.

Expect to see wobbegongs,

turtles, sting rays, gorgonians,

nudibranchs (colourful sea

slugs), cowries and anemones

and plenty more!

Shark Dives

Sometimes the big blue can feel

intimidating and you’re thinking

an aquarium would be safer...

unless you chose to dive into a

tank full of sharks! At Underwater

World, Mooloolaba, on

the Sunshine Coast you can

dive with fearsome Grey Nurse

Sharks once thought to be

man-eating beasts. At three

metres long with crooked teeth

and beady eyes, these sharks

certainly get the heart racing.

Be assured, they are generally

harmless and are now on the

critically endangered animals’



If diving is out of your depth,

give snorkelling a go. You can

still get amazingly close to wonderful

marine life whilst staying

close to the surface. The warm

and clear waters of Moreton

Bay are host to playful dolphins,

turtles, tropical fish, rays and

even dugongs. Popular shallow

water spots are around North

Stradbroke and around the

Tangalooma wreck on Moreton

Island. If you book a tour you

can usually rent the gear and

get the low-down on the best



No windows, no glass, no

obstructions. Just Brisbane. It’s

not an experience for the fainthearted

and it’s certainly one

you’ll never forget. With around

60 seconds of free fall, you feel

suspended on an enormous

vacuum. Then you’re instantly

pulled up by your parachute

and you’re floating on air. Try

tandem skydiving with certified

instructors at Brisbane Skydiving

Centre just 30 minutes

from the CBD. Or if you’d like a

beach-front drop zone, Tandem

Skydive Gold Coast will have

you land on the sand. Most

importantly, don’t forget to get

a DVD of your experience to

capture your terror (or excitement)!


Sunshine Coast

Apr. 1.5 hours along Bruce


The Sunny Coast is a laid-back

100km stretch of beach an hour

north of the city. Each beach

suburb has its own feel, from

family-friendly Caloundra in the

south, to quirky Cotton Tree

and the relaxing chic of Noosa

in the north. You can catch

the bus from Brisbane or train

to Nambour and connect with

the bus from there to any of

the towns. If you are without

a car, Noosa is very manageable

on foot. There’s the Noosa

National Park, a protected

north-facing beach (making it

balmy in winter too) and the

river all within walking distance.

Brisbane’s Student Ambassador

Judith Radicke says it’s a great


& Mountainbiking

By Sigrid Parker

Brisbane is surrounded by forests and reserves so

it’s easy to get among Australia’s amazing wildlife,

raucous birdlife and towering scribbly gum trees.

There are heaps of walking trails and mountain bike

tracks. The biggest area close to the city is Mt Coottha

just 15 minutes west of the CBD and easily accessible

by bus. There are well-marked walking trails,

such as the JC Slaughter Falls track (no real fitness

required), that takes you up to the summit. It is worth

the effort for the stunning views over the city from

the summit cafe. D’Aguilar National Park (used to

be called Brisbane Forest Park) to the northwest has

kilometres of walking, biking and horse-riding tracks.

Maps and information available from the Queensland

Government on

Brisbane has fun mountain bike trails through these

forests but the tracks tend to be unmarked so contact

a local bike group for the low-down.

To see koalas in their own habitat head to the Brisbane

Koala Bushlands in the southern suburb of Tingalpa

where, fingers crossed, you might be lucky. If you’ve

never been to a rainforest, Lamington National Park is

just one hour away by car on the NSW border. If you

are not into hiking but still want to go bush, there’s

camping and rooms at Binna Burra Mountain Lodge

and Campsite or O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat.

66 Explore

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane


Days to Relax

In Australia we love public holidays. Most of us spend them with

friends and family, relaxing and talking. And having a barbeque, of


Australia Day January 26th

Commemorates the arrival of the first fleet of ships from England and

celebrates the nation we’ve become. There’s an awesome celebration

of music from the past year on Triple J, called the Hottest 100. Relaxing

with friends and listening to music is a must.

Queen’s Birthday June 14th

This isn’t the Queen’s exact birthday, but it’s a great excuse for a day

off and one of the best things about being in the Commonwealth. It’s

probably why Australia isn’t a republic yet! The weather is still mild, so

it’s good to head outside and have fun.

Anzac Day April 25th

This day is a remembrance of all the soldiers who’ve fought and died

for this country. While it’s a serious occasion and there are marches

held all over the country that you can attend, this is also a great day

to be with friends.

Exhibition Day August 11th

Each year the Royal Queensland Show comes to town and the Government

gives everyone within Brisbane a day off to go check it out. If you

are not really into fast rides, farm animals and Fairy Floss you might

prefer to sit at home and relax or catch up on some of that study you

have been neglecting.

Labour Day May 3rd

This day celebrates Labour Unions and the rights for workers that they

have achieved. Of course, most young Aussies don’t know that, but

they know it’s a great day for a barbeque and to go on holiday.

Good Friday & Easter Monday April

22nd - 25th (2011)

People take advantage of the long weekend to go on holiday. If you

are planning on taking a trip at this time of year, then book accommodation

early! It’s also a great time to get together with friends and

have some fun, as the weather is generally mild.

The other major holidays are Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s

Day, which are all from December 25th to January 1st. Many businesses

are shut for the whole period, and others have different opening

hours, so you’ll need to check them as the holidays arrive.

place for a break from studies:

“Visit Noosa Hill for great

views over the area, go shopping,

party the night away and

recover on the beach the following

day. That is what Noosa

is about...”

Australia Zoo

1638 Steve Irwin Way,

Beerwah 1.5 hours along the

Bruce Highway

Crocodile man Steve Irwin, the

inspiration behind Australia

Zoo, shot to international fame

with his crocodile wrestling

antics in the TV series, the Crocodile

Hunter. Since his shocking

death in 2006 (while filming a

new TV series) his 12 year-old

daughter Bindi has become the

new figurehead. There’s a mix

of native Australian animals

(wombats, koalas, dingos, cassowaries

and of course crocs)

plus tigers, elephants and

snakes. Get superbly close to

the animals by being a zoo

keeper for the day - bookings

essential. Crikey! This is a

great day out. From Brisbane

catch the train to Beerwah and

connect with the zoo’s courtesy

coach. Check the Australia Zoo

website for times.

Gold Coast

Apr. 1.4 hours along the

Pacific Motorway

The closest surf beach to Brisbane

is Surfers Paradise (train

and bus or a 70km drive),

heading south. This is just one of

the many beautiful long sandy

beaches of the Gold Coast, an

action-packed mecca for beach

babes from all over Australia.

It’s the place to bask in the sun,

shop and party. Q1, currently

the highest residential tower in

68 Explore




Make sure the roads

you plan to use are OK

to drive on. Sometimes

after rain the roads

can become impassable.


Make sure your vehicle

is in good condition,

get it serviced before



Bring enough food

and at least 2 litres of

water per person per

day (more if you plan

on doing anything



If you plan on walking

difficult or lengthy

tracks in a national

park, make sure you

inform the rangers

in the park office.

Let them know your

intended route and

estimated time of


the world, dominates the tall

skyline and if you travel up the

super-fast lifts (ground to Level

77 in less than 43 seconds) to

QDeck there are stunning 360

degree views over the coast.

The Gold Coast has many

attractions other than beaches.

October sees the Gold Coast

600 V8 Supercar race which

has combined with the 600

Sounds music festival to create

a “rock’n’race” event: supercars

will rev their engines by day and

an international line-up of rock

bands will entertain at night.

Tickets to the motor race will

include entry to the concerts.

Also worth seeing is the Swell

Sculpture Festival each September,

a free exhibition of work

from local and international

sculptors displayed on Currumbin


Theme Parks

Apr. 1.1 hours allong the

Pacific Highway (M1),

Oxenford & Seaworld Drive,

Main Beach

Calling all adrenalin junkies

who like their hearts pumping

and the thrills of being thrown

around and dropped from great

heights... Known simply as ‘the

Worlds’, these hair-raising, eyepopping

theme parks are a great

day out. There are often special

deals if you combine parks and

buy tickets in advance so it’s

well worth doing some research

to get value-for-money. All the

‘Worlds’ are close to each other

about 50km south of Brisbane.

The exit on the M1 is clearly


The only theme park not here

is Sea World which is at Main

Beach on the Gold Coast. Sea

World is a more tranquil experience

focussing on marine life,

with animal shows as well as

some rides.

Byron Bay

Apr. 2.25 hours along the

Pacific Highway

Legendary surf town and backpackers

paradise, Byron is just

two hours away by car in northern

New South Wales. It’s a cool,

relaxed, hippy place famous for

its markets and surfing schools.

The Beach Hotel (pub) in the

centre of town overlooks Main

Beach and is the biggest venue

for live music on the weekends.

The Cape Byron lighthouse

marks Australia’s most easterly

point and the Headland

Reserve is a beautiful place for

walks and stunning views up

and down the coast. Byron has

lots of cheap accommodation

and is well worth a weekend or


Tangalooma Island Resort

Apr. 1.15 from Pinkenba to

Morton Bay

Looking for a rest from all

that study? Tangalooma Island

Resort offers you the chance

to escape Brisbane easily and

relax in a nature-filled paradise

for a few days. With over

eighty activities on offer such

as dolphin feeding, jet skiing,

whale watching and snorkelling,

you will barely find time

to enjoy your rooms located

among natural bushland and

stunning landscaped gardens,

most with views of the water!

This is pure luxury, and so close

to Brisbane!

70 Explore


In some of the listed areas,

camping is allowed. However,

it’s important you go prepared.

If you are a bit of an adventurer

and want to go camping

in Queensland, you’re in luck.

Queensland has some of the

most extraordinary bush walks

and camping spots in Australia.

You can find all the information

you need at this website

However, you must remember

to be careful! The Australian

outback is unforgiving and if

you are not prepared, you can

get into some serious trouble.

Take a look at our outback tips

(on your left) and seek advice

from experts regarding permits,

National Park restrictions, safety

queries etc.

Department of Parks and Forest

Service ph: 1300 130 372

Mountain Designs

109 Albert Street, Brisbane

If you’re in search of some

high quality outdoor gear and

need some great advice before

making a purchase, these guys

and girls really know their stuff.

Mountain Designs stock only

the best quality gear. If you’re

going camping you will need

a tent, sleeping bag, torch and

whole range of other things.

Get your questions answered

and get some great advice. Get

out there!

3221 6756 Mon-Thur:

9am-5.30pm; Fri: 9am-8pm; Sat:

9am-4.30pm; Sun: 10am-4pm


429 South Pine Road

Everton Park

Anaconda is the largest outdoor

supplier around. It’s like a high

quality Ikea of adventure activities.

Stocking items such as

kayaks, bikes, tents, fishing

rods, climbing gear, drink

bottles and clothing, the list is

endless. This place also offers

short term rentals. If you don’t

plan on kayaking or bike riding

everyday you might not have to

give up a lot of money to experience


3355 4455 Mon-Wed

:9am-5.30pm; Thur: 9am-9pm; Fri

:9am-6pm; Sat: 9am-5pm; Sun:


Local Sites

XXXX Ale House and

Brewery Tours

Corner of Black & Paten St,


Ever wondered why there is

a winking man perched on a

building in Milton? The building

is Queensland’s famous

local brewery and the cartoon

character is Mr Fourex, said to

have first appeared in an ad in

1924. The unspoken man has

seen many changes over the

years but you can rely on him

late in the afternoon to wink at

motorists heading home... for

presumably a nice, cold beer.

Still a working brewery, daily

tours give an insight into the

beer making process as well as

people and events of the city.

3361 7597 Mon-Tue + Thur-Fri:

10am-5.30pm; Wed: 10am-8.30pm; Sat:

10am-3.30pm; Sun: 10am-2.30pm

Queensland Museum and


Grey St, South Brisbane

Housed in the art gallery and

theatre complex are these two

popular museums. The Sciencentre

is always busy with

its hands-on activities, magic

mirrors, pulleys and levers, and

amazing facts for young and

old. The Queensland Museum

houses exhibitions on Aboriginal

and Torres Strait Islander cultures,

local history, nature and

prehistoric animals. Bizarrely it

also has the world’s last remaining

German tank from WWI and

a war trophy from the Western

Front in France.

3840 7555 Daily: 9:30am-5:00pm

Queensland Maritime


South Bank (southern end

of Goodwill Bridge), South


From the 1820s when Brisbane

was first settled, the colony

was almost entirely dependent

on shipping for transport and

goods. One of the last remaining

reminders from this period is

South Brisbane’s dry dock, now

home to the Maritime Museum.

Climb aboard the HMAS Diamantina,

a decommissioned

navy frigate, and chat to one of

the fascinating guides. As well

as the floating exhibits, there

are all sorts of ship artefacts,

photographs, early charts and

log books.

3844 4361 Daily: 9:30am-4:30pm

(last entry 3:30pm).

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No. ACT 18800224. NSW 2TA002719. NT 008. QLD TAG262. SA TTA254. TAS TAS031. VIC 31089. WA 9TA 589. SFADV44616.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

708 Jesmond Road, Fig Tree


Here there are over 130 koalas

(some of which you can even

hug!) and mobs of hungry roos

to handfeed only just outside

the CBD. The World’s first and

largest koala sanctuary, Lone

Pine is also home to a huge

selection of Australia’s legendary

wildlife: Tassie devils, sugar

gliders, platypus, dingoes, bats,

echidnas, emus and venomous

snakes to name but a few.

There are birds of prey shows

and useful tips on how to hold

a snake!

3378 1366 Daily: 8:30am-5pm

Story Bridge Adventure


170 Main St, Kangaroo Point

One of only three bridge climbs

in the world, scaling the Story

Bridge is an adventure for

those with a head for heights.

It’s a spectacular way to get

your bearings and, on a clear

day, there are views stretching

from the jagged Glasshouse

Mountains in the north, to the

sandy islands in the Bay and

the border ranges peaks in the

south. The climb takes about

2 ½ hours with a guide taking

time to provide a commentary.

Chose between a daytime, twilight

or night climb.

1300 254 627 Mon-Fri:

8.30am-5.30pm Sat: 9am-5pm*20

minute tours Mon-Sat 11.00am,1.00pm

and 2.00pm

MacArthur Museum – A

Story of Brisbane at War

Level 8, MacArthur

Chambers, 201 Edward


This little known museum tells

two stories: that of General

Douglas MacArthur who, from

his command centre in Brisbane,

planned the American

war in the Pacific during World

War II. And the story of how

Brisbane people lived with the

threat of war and the impact

- and ‘temptations’ - of the

American GIs stationed here in

their thousands.

3211 7052 Tues, Thurs & Sun:

10am - 3pm

CityCat travel on the river

Departs at a number of


For just a couple of dollars, or

a swipe of the GoCard, sit back

and enjoy hopping on and off

the CityCat services that trip up

and down the river between St

Lucia (University of Queensland)

and Teneriffe. The CityCats are

part of Brisbane’s public transport

network, and travel where

cars cannot, making it the best

way to see old suburbs and get

a sense of how the city has

evolved. For more information

on what to look at as you zoom

past, pick up or download a

copy of the Brisbane River Ferry


Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm, Sat: 9am-5pm

South Bank Parklands

Grey St, South Brisbane

It’s a hot summer’s day and you

are desperate for a swim. Stop

right here. South Bank parklands

is a cool destination for

hot bods with its sand-fringed

lagoons, shady spots and cold

ice creams. It’s also a top party

spot on New Year’s Eve and a

great place for viewing the fireworks

at Riverfire, part of the

Brisbane Festival every September.

There are also free movies

in the park, weekend markets,

buskers, cafes, pubs, concerts

and more. The paths along the

river are also excellent for biking

and rollerblading. Keep an eye

on the listings.


Queensland Art Gallery

and Gallery of Modern Art


Queensland Cultural Centre

Melbourne Street, South

Bank, South Brisbane

In late 2006 the Queensland

Art Gallery opened its second

site GOMA just 150m from the

original gallery, transforming

the western end of South Bank

into a wonderful public space.

With its glass frontage and full

river views, GOMA focuses on

art of the 20th and 21st centuries

while the Art Gallery retains

the earlier periods. Exhibitions

are constantly changing. Later

this year GOMA is hosting an

exhibition on one of Australia’s

greatest artists, Hans Heysen,

and from Paris a retrospective

of haute couture fashiondesigner


3840 7303 Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm;

Sat: 9am-5pm; Sun: 9am-5pm

Brisbane Powerhouse

119 Lamington St, New Farm.

The Powerhouse is celebrating

its 10th birthday this year.

Its industrial rawness of bricks,

mortar and graffiti are the

backdrop to a vast program of

visual arts and contemporary

performances. With theatre,

comedy, music, photo exhibitions

and other creative surprises,

this is a happening place.

Sign up to receive their detailed

program. It also has a restaurant,

bar and café right on the


3358 8622 Mon-Sat; 9am-6pm

Institute of Modern Art

420 Brunswick Street,

Fortitude Valley

This was Brisbane’s first gallery

of modern art and remains a

leading contemporary space

for emerging and established

artists. Not only does the IMA

host exhibitions, it also has a

program of events covering

moving image, sound art and

new music. The window displays

at street level are part

of the exhibition space and

change regularly.

3252 5750 Tue-Sat ; 11am - 5pm:

Thu; 11am - 8pm

Metro Arts

Level 2, 109 Edward St,


Once home to a billiard salon

and an oyster shop this heritage-listed

building is nowadays

an artist-run hub showcasing

edgy theatre, contemporary

art and performances from upand-coming

artists. Located in

the city centre it’s easy to pop

in and check what’s on. The

gallery is up two flights of stairs

so don’t be deterred by the

unmarked entrance.

3002 7100 Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Beach Safety Tips





Swim between the flags

At most popular beaches you will see surf lifesavers

who have worked out the safest part of the beach to

swim. They communicate this to you by putting up big

flags on the beach. Swim in between them! This will

ensure you don’t put yourself at risk by swimming in

dangerous areas. Also, if you do struggle in the water,

you have a much better chance of being seen by the

rescuers if you are swimming in the area that they are


Don’t fight the rip or current

If you get pulled out to sea by a rip, do not try and fight

it. It will just make you tired and you will really struggle.

The smartest thing to do is to let yourself get pulled out

to sea, then when the rip dies down, swim to the side

and swim back into shore.

Swim with friends

Make sure you swim while your friends watch you. If

you struggle, they can help you out or find someone

nearby that can help you!

Don’t eat immediately

before you swim

Wait at least half an hour before you go for a swim if

you have just had a meal. You could get cramps and

this could make swimming very difficult.

If you want more information regarding safety on the beaches,

check out:

Also, many popular beaches have surf life saving offices

present, with lifesavers patrolling the beaches at busy times.

74 Explore

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane



North Stradbroke Island

2.2 hours via car and ferry

Just a stone’s throw from

Brisbane, Straddie is one

of three big sand islands in

Moreton Bay that protect

Brisbane from the ravages of

the Pacific Ocean. It takes just

one hour on the ferry to swap

the urban jungle for protected

coves, rugged beaches, 4WD

drives, freshwater lakes and

plenty of wildlife. Between

June and late October, you

are very likely to see whales

migrating up and down the

coast off Point Lookout as well

as the usual dolphins, turtles

and manta rays. The North

Headlands Gorge walk along a

rocky outcrop at Point Lookout

has beautiful coastal views.

There are several campsites and

a hostel, or consider renting a

house if there is a group of you.

By public transport, take the

train to Cleveland to connect

with the ferry. There is a bus

connection on the island for

both Amity and Point Lookout.

You do not need a 4WD as the

roads are sealed.

Moreton Island

1.15 hours via ferry from

Moreton Bay

From Flinders Beach on Straddie

you can almost touch the

southern tip of Moreton. Unlike

Straddie, you need a 4WD to

get around the island so if you

are without wheels hop on one

of the many tours. Moreton, the

second largest sand island in the

world (after Fraser Island further

north), is one big national park

and has heaps to do. From

tobogganing down the world’s

highest sand dune, quad biking,

fishing, snorkelling, open water

diving, whale watching, wildlife

walks, etc. Or you can simply

relax in peace on one of many

sandy beaches! There are day

trips but a weekend camping

in this big national park is really

the way to go. If you want to

hand-feed cute bottlenose

dolphins you will have to book a

tour through Tangalooma Island

Resort or stay overnight at the

resort. If you are travelling to

Moreton during whale season,

there’s a chance of seeing

humpbacks from the ferry!

Southern Bay Islands:

Coochiemudlo, Russell,

Karragarra, Lamb and

Macleay Islands.

1.3 hours via car and ferry

At the southern end of

Moreton Bay are five islands

nestled between Straddie and

the mainland accessible by a

ferry service. These islands are

nothing flash but it’s a lot of fun

(and it’s very cheap) to island

hop for the day.

The ferry to Coochiemudlo

departs from Victoria Point and

takes ten minutes. The island

has a thriving art community

and is small enough that you

can walk around it in an hour,

or hire an aqua bike or kayak

and paddle in the quiet waters

that lap these islands.The ferry

to Russell, Karragarra, Lamb

and Macleay Islands departs

from Weinam Creek, Redland

Bay. On Russell, you can hire a

tinny (small metal dinghy) and

fish in the quiet waterways or

try your luck at spotting turtles

and even dugong. Lamb is just

2km by 1km, and Karragarra is

the smallest and quietest of all

and surrounded by mangroves.

Apart from Coochie, these

islands aren’t really geared for

visitors so pack a picnic and a

sense of adventure!

76 Explore



Kathryn Adams


For a long time Brisbane

has been known as

“Brisvegas” and all for good

reason. This is a city that never

sleeps. Brisbane is lucky to host

some of the very best festivals

and events. You can enjoy some

of the best food, alcohol, music,

culture and sport that Australia

has to offer. From the family

friendly celebrations like Paniyiri

to the alcohol infused festivals

like Future Music Festival, there

is something for everyone. The

regions around Brisbane such

as the Gold Coast, Sunshine

Coast and Ipswich are not to

be forgotten as they play host

to some of the finest cultural


If you love music then Brisbane

is the place to be. No matter

what type of music you are into

Brisbane has a festival or event

to celebrate it.

The following pages are just a

little snap shot of what Brisbane

will showcase in the coming

year. So keep your diary handy

and ears open to make the

most out of what Brisbane has

to offer.

Music Festivals

Big Day Out

Gold Coast

A must for all to experience, the

Big Day Out is one of Australia’s

biggest touring music festivals.

Each year the day-long event

showcases some of the best

local and international talent.

Besides the many performance

stages there are a number of

food and drink stalls to keep

you refreshed in the heat of the

summer sun. Although quite

expensive, it is one event that

Queenslanders over fifteen

years of age look forward to

each year.

Late January 2011

78 Events

Photo: Marcus Österberg

Valley Fiesta

Fortitude Valley

This three-day festival has

become Brisbane’s largest

street party. Valley Fiesta transforms

the streets of the Valley

precinct into a celebration of

fashion, food, art, dance and

of course, music. It is one of

the busiest times of the year

for Brisbane’s premier clubbing

precinct. Make sure you

come and experience the free

outdoor entertainment that is

on offer.

September 2011

Pride Festival

South Brisbane

What started as a gay pride

march through the streets of

Brisbane in 1990, Pride Festival

has quickly become Queensland’s

largest Gay and Lesbian

event. Pride Fair Day is the

highlight of the four-week long

festival. Let your hair down in

the company of friends while

dancing to the trance, indie,

rock and many more beats on

offer. Don’t forget to bring

some spare change when you

browse the numerous stalls.

June 2011



One of Australia’s largest drug

and alcohol free events, Easterfest

brings the youth of South-

East Queensland together.

What was once regarded as

solely a Christian festival has

turned into a three day party

celebrating Easter. Queens Park

and the streets of the garden

city, Toowoomba, are taken

over by stages, tents and music


April 22-24, 2011

Valley Jazz Festival

Fortitude Valley

Join in the fun of this six day

jazz festival in Brisbane’s clubbing

district. The festival takes

over the streets, cafes and

bars of the Valley. There are a

number of free events as well

as a number of ticketed special


Mid 2011


Gold Coast

Escape the peak of the summer

heat and head to the Gold

Coast to take in the surf, sun

and sand at one of the nation’s

premier music festivals. United

by a love of dance and summer,

thousands of over 18-year-old

Techno, Electro, House and

Progressive fans descend on

the Gold Coast to be a part of

Summafieldayze. Be prepared

to dance like you have never

danced before.

January 2011

St Jeromes Laneway


Fortitude Valley

In 2004, a couple of guys in Melbourne

thought that the Melbourne

live music scene needed

a bit of a shake up. They organised

for some great bands to

perform in an alleyway behind

St Jeromes Bar. It proved to be

hugely popular and started a

cult following of this uniquely

intimate festival. The philosophy

of this event - to showcase

a range bands in unique settings.

It has proven to be so

contagious that the festival has

spread to other cities, including

Brisbane! It is truly worth checking

out for the world-class acts

and awesome local bands in an

incredible setting.

Jan 2011


Gold Coast

Parklife is one of Australia’s

most respected outdoor electric

and indie music festivals.

Welcome the summer months

in some of the best parklands

that the Gold Coast has to offer.

This is a must for all people who

enjoy good music.

September 2011

Sunset Sounds

Brisbane CBD

As the name suggests, enjoy

watching the warm sun go

down whilst listening to a

diverse array of music. This

two-day festival in the heart

of Brisbane will keep the quickfeet

dancers and the hip hop

alternative lovers happy. Only

problem is that you will have

to find your way through the

masses of overly sweaty party


December 2010 - January 2011

Cultural Festivals

Woodford Folk Festival

Sunshine Coast Hinterland

What better way to bring in the

New Year than with fellow festival

goers at the internationally

acclaimed six-day, Woodford

Folk Festival. With 22 Venues

and more than 2000 performers

you can be guaranteed

an action packed programme

featuring dances, concerts,

children’s festivals, environmental

programmes, art and

craft workshops, circus performances

and workshops. The

streets of the festival are lined

with stalls, bars and parades.

Most people choose to camp

in the scenic festival grounds

about 70km north of Brisbane.

December 2011 to January 2012


RNA Showgrounds (Brisbane


Join the rest of the world in

celebrating the beer and the

women carrying the beer. Taste

some of the best bratwurst and

sauerkraut that Brisbane has to

offer whilst listening to some

traditional German music. Join

in the celebration of crowning

Miss Oktoberfest and the

Bavarian Strongman. With entry

from as little as $15 you would

be verruckt (crazy) not to go.

October 2010 & 2011

Paniyiri Greek Festival

South Brisbane

Despite being some 15000km

away from Greece, the sights,

sounds and culture from the

country which hosts some of

the World’s best night clubs

in Mykonos and rugged Greek

countryside will be celebrated

during this three-day festival.

The highly anticipated event will

showcase some of the very best

of Greek dance, music, fashion,

food and much more.

May 2011

Brisbane International

Film Festival (BIFF)

Brisbane CBD

This is the place to check out

the latest and best in the

world’s film industry. Everyone

from the documentary lovers

to the children’s film lovers are

catered for in this event. The

event showcases some of the

greatest local and international

films and the processes that surround

film making.

Mid 2011

Brisbane Comedy Festival


A non-stop celebration of

comedy, this festival will leave

you breathless. The festival

plays host to some of Queensland’s

and Australia’s best

comedians. There are outdoor

eating areas, bars and comedy.

What more could you ask for?

This festival is the largest of its

kind. For such great talent the

prices are most reasonable.

Febuary-March 2011

Brisbane Festival

Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Being Australia’s youngest arts

festival, the Artistic Director

definitely has a lot to prove.

One can expect a myriad of

theatre, dance, speeches and

visual art that will be sure to

inspire. Some of these events

cost a few dollars, but the

Queensland Government has

you covered. Free events include

some movies, food tasting and

the annual Riverfire - a stunning

fireworks display at South Bank

that marks the start of the Brisbane

Festival. Grab a blanket

and sit on the river bank! Enjoy!

September 2011


Brisbane Exhibition Ground

Attracting over half a million

visitors every August, Ekka is

Brisbane’s largest event and is

a whole lot of fun. With loads

of rides, showbags, sideshow

games, music, farm animals

and everything in between,

this is the ultimate carnival and

something that every student

should experience. Come and

cheer on the woodchoppers

and rug up while watching the

fireworks displays! Everyone

will be talking about this event,

so head on down and discover

what all the fuss is about.

August 2011

80 Events

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane


Plan A:

Don’t get

burnt! By Elyse Lloyd

Australia is a hot country with a million

great things to do outdoors. Getting

sunburnt is not one of them! Here’s how

to avoid sunburn:






Look at the label for the SPF (Sun

Protection Factor) rating. SPF 30+

is the minimum rating you should

go for. If you possibly can, then

get SPF 40+, or even 60+, which is

supposed to protect from all types

of ultra-violet light (also known as

UV Rays).

Wear a hat

Trying to sleep with burnt shoulders

and neck is not a pleasant experience.

The more of your face and

neck you can cover, the better.

Wear lightcoloured


Make sure to cover your arms and

legs. No one wants to look like a

cricketer, unless they’re actually

playing cricket of course, but the

idea behind this is simple; light

colours reflect the sun’s rays and

the more you cover up, the less skin

is exposed to burning!



Seek shade

The sun is fun, but take regular

breaks in the shade.



Apart from just being way more

comfortable in the sun, it is good

for your eyes to not be exposed to

sun all day long.

Plan B:

you got burnt, now what?




Take a cold


Not too cold, but a quick shower

can really help. Just like any other

burn, sunburn can be treated with

running water.

Aloe Vera Gel

Banana Boat is one company that

produces the gel and it’s available

from pharmacies and some supermarkets.

Apply it as often as you

need to.

Ice packs

Ice packs can be used to cool the

burn as well, after the area has been

cooled by something else. If something

too cold goes straight on to

the burn, the contact could cause

the skin to peel away when you

remove it! Always wrap ice packs in

a towel for the same reason.

Food & wine FESTIVALS

Caxton St. Seafood & Wine


Caxton Street, Brisbane

New York has Times Square,

London has Covent Garden

and Brisbane has the colourful

Caxton Street which plays host

to one of the biggest street

parties. This festival is all about

the very best in music, seafood

and wine. Sip on a wine and

enjoy the sounds from three

large stages. Although quite

popular amongst the younger

crowd, all ages are catered for.

1 May 2011


New Farm Park

Fieritalia is a celebration of

everything Italian including, of

course, pizza and pasta. Despite

the number of cultural activities

offered over the course of the

festival, it is the food that gets

most people talking. There’s

cooking demonstrations, wine

tasting, an apple eating competition

and of course, wood oven


October 2011


Brisbane Suburbs

This festival combines two of

the best aspects of living in

Brisbane, food and music. Grab

your picnic rug, sit down with

friends and enjoy food from

some of the best chefs in Brisbane.

But wait, there’s more,

the festival wouldn’t be complete

without its own fashion

parade. So don’t be afraid to

step out of your comfort zone

with this festival. Dress up, sit

down and enjoy.

First Sunday in August 2011

Tastes of Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Tantalise your tastebuds at

this 17-day fine food and wine

festival showcasing some of

the region’s best foods and

chefs. You will not walk away

empty handed either with

exclusive cooking demonstrations.

There is something quite

fitting about enjoying a nice

seafood platter by the Gold

Coast beaches.

August - September 2011

Sporting events

Bridge to Brisbane

Bridge to Brisbane is one of

Queensland’s largest fun runs.

More than 50,000 people

pound the pavement in an aim

to raise as much money for the

chosen charity and to work off

the extra winter weight. This is

one of the best sporting events

in Brisbane where you are not

confined to a little seat in a

large grandstand.

August 2011

AFL Games and NRL


The Gabba and Suncorp

Stadium respectively

You cannot say that you have

experienced Brisbane if you

have not been to a Rugby

League or Australian Rules

Football (AFL) game. Brisbane

comes alive with sporting

events on the weekends. Hear

the roar of the Brisbane Lions

at the Gabba or hear the gallop

of the Broncos as they take on

their rivals at Suncorp Stadium.

Throughout the year

State of Origin

Suncorp Stadium

This is the pinnacle of the NRL

season for all Queensland and

New South Wales residents. It

has become regarded as the

best grudge match in the NRL

and one of the world’s most

strongly contested sporting

events. In a best-of-three football

series, the mighty maroons

(Queensland team) take on the

cockroaches (New South Wales

team). At least one of the three

matches is played in Brisbane

each year and tickets sell out

almost immediately so make

sure you get in quick.

May-June, 2011


Willowbank Raceway,


This is a three-day event for the

motoring enthusiasts. It is the

time of year when people with

hot rods and high tech imports

can show them off. For those

after the whole experience

there is camping available on

site, but it operates on a first in

first served basis. Willowbank

plays host to a number of large

car shows throughout the year

including Summer and Winter

nationals. You have to get yourself

to the track to work out

what all the fuss is about.

August 2011

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane 83



Music festivals are a great way to check out your

favourite bands and to get to know new bands. There

is nothing better than enjoying a few days with your

friends out of town and listening to great music. Most

sell out quickly, so decide whether to go before the

tickets go on sale. Some sell out within a day, e.g.

Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival. Others sell

within a couple of weeks, e.g. Big Day Out.



Your Tickets!

The most annoying thing you

can forget after hitting the





Don’ Forget

your ID

As most festivals are 18+ it

is important that you have

relevant identification on you

or else that expensive ticket

may not have been worth it..

Only take


Only take what you absolutely

need and keep them

secure so you don’t lose

them. Look at just taking

your ticket, ID, money and




Most festivals are in the heat of

the day so make sure that you

are applying sunscreen every

couple of hours.





clothes and shoes

Although you may feel like making

a fashion statement, remember that

you will have to spend the whole day

in those clothes and in all types of

weather. Particularly don’t forget to

wear sensible and comfortable shoes.

6 Bring Enough Have breaks



Check the tickets to see what

you can take. You’ll probably

have to buy overpriced food

and water. Most festivals have

ATM facilities but expect to

line up.

Hide your


Keep your possessions on yourself

somewhere that you won’t lose them

when you are rocking to your favourite






Have enough water throughout

the day and remember when

you party too hard too early

you won’t get the most out of

your ticket and will most probably

be sent home.

Have regular breaks in the

shade to make sure you don’t

get heat-stroke.

Stay with

your mates

Stay with your mates during

the day and if you lose each

other make sure you have a

meeting point.

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane 85

Useful Info

We know it’s hard to settle in

to a new city. When you first

arrive, everything is new and

every little task is difficult.

We’re here to help!

Past and present international

and local students have helped

us assemble this section for

you, the student in need of a

helping hand. Here you will find

help with problems like finding

a job, finding a car, study help

and more.

If you would like to get more

involved in extra curricular activities

and meet some people, we

recommend heading to your

student office or student union

at your institution. It is their job

to make sure your experience

there is enjoyable and memorable.


You know study is important,

that’s why you’re paying so

much to be here! So we thought

we would give you a bit of help

with handling all the stress.

Make a schedule

It is important to allocate your

time. It will immediately calm

you down and you will feel

more in control of your workload.


Only study when you are

relaxed, alert and ready to

work. Last minute study is not

really effective.


Review your lecture notes.

Many students don’t bother

doing this but you will thank us

when exam time comes.


86 Useful Info


Don’t be shy asking for help

from other students, including

local students. The teachers

understand that you may not be

as good at English as the local

students, so talk to them about

your study problems and they

will help you!

Location, location,


Choose a good place to study!

As comfortable as it may be

pumping the speakers and

having the TV on while you

study, it isn’t a good idea. You

will get a lot more work done in

a shorter amount of time if you

work privately, in a quiet area.

Banking in Australia

Opening a bank account

Unless you plan to store your

money in your mattress, you

might want to get yourself

an Australian bank account.

Dealing with the banks is rarely

a straightforward process, so

we’ve put together some tips

for you.

Choosing a bank

There are a number of banks

to choose from in Australia,

and we recommend doing your

research online before choosing

a bank. NAB, Commonwealth

Bank and Westpac have quite

comprehensive international

student sections on their websites.

When comparing the banks,

make sure you take note of the

fees on the account. Fees and

charges are all too common

with Australian bank accounts,

so it is wise to understand what

you will be charged for and


Once you’ve selected one, it’s

time to visit the bank. Some

banks require you make an

appointment, but if you avoid

the lunch time rush you should

be able to get it done on the


What to bring:



(If you have one)



Proof of


A bill that has been

sent to your house is

usually good enough.


(Also known as cashpoint,

cash machine or ‘hole-inthe-wall’)

Always try to use the ATM that

belongs to your bank as there

will likely be no charge. If you

can’t get to your bank’s ATM,

use one from another bank (this

charge is usually about $2 per

transaction). Avoid using the

smaller machines you find in

bars, clubs and petrol stations.

Some of these will make you

pay a lot for the convenience.

Credit cards

Before getting a credit card,

take a look at ‘debit’ cards.

These enable you to use VISA

or Mastercard services (like

online shopping), but it uses

the money in your account, not

credit. If you decide you need

a credit card make sure you do

your research and ask about



Eftpos is a way to use your

bank card to buy products and

services without using cash. All

you need to do is swipe your

bank card and enter your PIN.

You might be asked if you want

“cash out”- this is just a convenient

way to withdraw money

from your account without

going to an ATM.

Transferring money


If you’re heading home and

you’ve still got money in your

account, you obviously haven’t

been making the most of your

time! Check out the rest of

this guidebook for helpful tips

about where to spend your

money. If you must take it with

you, head into your local bank

branch with the details of your

overseas account. They may ask


Bank account name and

account number

The overseas bank

‘sort’ code

International Bank

Account Number

(IBAN) (Europe only)

SWIFT code of the overseas


You may need to contact your

overseas bank, but usually the

above information can be found

on their website.

Transferring money to


Need a top up from a relative

back home? Here’s the information

you’ll need to give them:

Australian bank account


Australian bank account

number and BSB

Address of the bank

your account is with

Australian bank SWIFT


Currency conversion

Travelex outlets are basically

a one stop shop for currency

conversion. These outlets can

be found in a number of locations.

These include airports,

major travel agents and tourist

areas. Most banks also offer

conversion facilities.

Web links

Department of Immigration

Australian Tax Office

Workplace Authority

Online Job Sites

Looking for Work

By Florence Wong

Working while studying has many great benefits,

not only in terms of earning a bit more spending

money, but is a great way to make new friends

outside university and gain work experience and

skills in Australia.

As an international student, the first thing to check

is whether you have working rights before starting

your search for a job. Usually, you will be permitted

to work for 20 hours during term time, and unlimited

hours when your course is not in session (such

as over semester breaks, or, if you are a postgraduate

research student, after you have handed in your

thesis). However, you should check your documentation

to make sure.

Additionally, before you start looking for work,

you will also need to apply for a Tax File Number, a

straightforward process through the Australian Tax


Once you’ve got that out of the way, prepare a good

resume and start looking!

Good sources of work include job notice boards

at your university, or through online job sites (see

left). Local newspapers are also a good source for

casual and part-time jobs in the area where you live

(particularly important if you need to rely on public


Many larger organisations, such as supermarkets or

department stores recruit through their websites, so

it’s also worth going there to have a look. Smaller

shops and cafes will sometimes post vacancies on

their windows, so keep your eye out when you’re

wandering around. If there’s a particular place that

you’d like to work, don’t be afraid to walk in and talk

to the manager or hand over your resume. Even if

they don’t have an opening then, they can keep you

in mind when they are looking to hire.

88 Useful Info

Catch the train

Make the plane

Traffic Signal


One of 900 painted boxes

around the city, these eclectic

brightly-painted boxes

may look like works of art but

they do have a real purpose:

to control the traffic lights

at intersections and roundabouts.

Some years ago,

vandals had been enjoying the

tagging these boxes so much

the Brisbane City Council

decided to take matters in

hand and encouraged local

residents to decorate these

boxes themselves. It seems

the vandals were deterred and

now the commute to work is

much more entertaining!

Get to Brisbane

Airport in only

20 minutes

Catch the train. Make the plane.

90 Useful Info

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane





Learning, living and the Law.

By Matthew Ramsey - Student Ambassador

Coal, iron ore, and livestock

exports – these are the top

three commodities here in the

Commonwealth of Australia.

While two of these are finite

natural resources, international

students represent a goldmine

of opportunity… and possible

exploit. Collectively contributing

over 17 billion dollars annually

and ever-growing, these

overseas youth are undoubtedly

invaluable assets to the national

economy; as such, students

fully deserve a “fair-go” (the

Aussie term for equal opportunity)

within the realms of learning,

living and the law.

Please note that while this

article primarily focuses on

education, international students

should also be aware

of their rights with regards to

accommodation, work, as well

as crime/safety whilst living in

Australia. Overseas students are

encouraged to contact the government’s

International Student

Hotline for anonymous assistance

with their concerns - 1300

363 079. Here in Brisbane, the

International Student Ambassadors

are always keen to help too


Enjoy all the wonders and

opportunities that this great

city, state and country has to

offer, but definitely do not hesitate

to seek help if you experience

problems during your


As a visitor from overseas,

this is truly a great time to be

studying in Australia, as many

educational reforms are currently

underway in the realm

of international student affairs

and equality. Student-customer

service is still a relatively new

concept in higher education,

so it is essential to know and

understand your rights as a fullfee

paying student or scholarship


In addition to your institution’s

internal policies and student

charters, the Educational

Services for Overseas Student

(ESOS), Consumer Protections

(Fair Trade) and Anti-Discrimination

Acts – as well as the Office

of the Ombudsman - are the key

legal protections that international

students have to ensure

the integrity, value and equality

of their education here in Australia.

Access and familiarity

with these internal and external

governing documents should

be an essential part of your

orientation to the Australian

higher educational system, so

do not hesitate to ask your uni

or college directly for assistance

in understanding the rules and

your rights – rather than simply

relying on your educational/

recruiting agent. Additionally,

the local Student Union and/or

student services offices should

be available to provide appropriate

support and advocacy in

times of need.

If you do encounter a problem

during your studies, then there

should be a formal grievance

resolution process within your

institution, although depending

on the circumstances, it

may be more appropriate to

directly contact the Office of

the Ombudsman, ESOS, the

hotline, and other related free

local legal services in order to

settle a dispute. Simply speaking,

the more persistent you are,

the more questions you ask, the

more documentation you have,

and the more people you make

aware of your particular situation,

the more likely you will be

able to achieve a satisfactory

result. Do not hesitate to seek

advice from others – whether

that be fellow classmates

(domestic and overseas alike)

or faculty/staff employees, both

in your course/program and

the college/uni itself, as well as

external authorities. Depending

on your program of study,

there may even be city, state or

national groups that would be

keen to help as well.

Even though Australian society

does tend to have a reputation

that accepts the status-quo

and discourages whistleblowing

therein, the concept of a

“fair-go” is still fundamental

to the Aussie philosophy of life,

and overseas students should

always (diplomatically) stand up

for their rights to an equitable

education, regardless of prevailing

attitudes or intimidations.

As full-fee paying students who

dominate the local economy, do

not settle for anything less than

what is best for you… but don’t

expect to pass just because you

pay a premium dollar for your


92 Useful Info

The Insider 2010 - International Student Guide to Brisbane



a House

Finding a place to live in Brisbane can be

a long and scary process. You want to

find somewhere quickly but you don’t

want to choose a place that is going

to cause you problems. Most problems

arise between international students

and their landlords because the students

have not paid enough attention to the

contract they have entered into. Some

landlords will try and take advantage of

you! You must be careful and know what

your rights are.

Here are a few tips that will help you stay

out of trouble:

Read the fine print

Make sure you know if you have

entered under a fixed term or a periodic

tenancy. If you sign an agreement, you

should receive a copy straight away.

Make sure you keep this in a safe place

so you can refer to it if a problem arises.

Bond, house bond.

A bond payment is usually

requested by landlords. If you are renting

for $350 or less a week, the bond cannot

be more than one month’s rent.

Rent in advance

A landlord can ask for 2 weeks rent in

advance at the start of your tenancy, but

no more.

Do your own inspection

Make sure you write down any preexisting

problems when you first receive your

inspection sheet. This will help when you

have to dispute any repairs with the landlord

at the end of your stay.

Water usage

Make sure you agree with your landlord

about water use. How much are you

responsible for? You need to know this.

End of days

Pay attention to the details regarding the

ending of your tenancy agreement. If

you leave without giving notice, you can

get in real trouble!


As there are a lot of essential service

providers out there (i.e. gas, electricity,

telephone, Internet...), choosing the right

one can be hard. Check out the website It lets you

compare providers to get the best deal.

Remember, it’s not essential to have a

home phone, simply having a mobile

phone may be adequate.

For more information or if you run

into trouble with your landlord, call the

Tenants Branch on 1300 366 311.

To keep up to date with the latest news

on real estate, be sure to read the real

estate section of the newspaper.

There is lots of information out there

about the living spaces that are available

in Brisbane. Have a look at the pin up

boards on campus and in other popular

student places. You may be able to rent

with other students to minimise costs, so

keep your ear to the ground as there may

be others in the same situation as you.


94 Useful Info

Medical Advice

By Dr Maggie Phillips

General Practitioner

Diet and Nutrition

Your diet can change dramatically

when you arrive in a new

country. Familiar foods are not

so easy to find and you may be

living away from home for the

first time. The big mistake many

students make is to cave in and

eat often at familiar fast food

outlets or food courts. This will

result in obesity, constipation

and tears. (You may think you

are saving time by grabbing a

take away the night before an

exam, but the medical deferrals

for gastro tell us otherwise).

Simple cooking is not rocket

science. The various markets

have a wide array of meat, fish,

fruit and vegetables. A healthy

stir fry of lean meat and colourful

veggies takes ten minutes

to prepare. EAT A HEALTHY

BREAKFAST... you DO have

time. If not, you have twice the

chance of getting fat. Are you

unable to cope with muesli,

nuts and grains? Then at least

get fibre supplement capsules

from the supermarket.


Away from home, new rules,

new experiences, new friends...

sex happens. Don’t let it be a

disaster. It is a common myth

that you’d have to be unlucky

to get pregnant from one off

unprotected sex. It’s easy. Our

public hospitals are being inundated

with requests for pregnancy

terminations by international

students. There really

isn’t any excuse to not get educated

about avoiding unwanted

pregnancy. Termination is by

no means instant, as may be

the case in some countries.

Condoms will protect against

unwanted pregnancy as well

as serious sexually transmitted

infections. They are easy to

buy at the supermarket. If you

didn’t use one you can ask the

chemist to help you with emergency

contraception (Postinor

1) within 72 hours. For a full discussion

about long term choices

in contraception go to the Family

Planing website and

to be informed about sexually

transmitted infections go to

Be Active

People who are moderately

fit have more energy than

couch potatoes. They achieve

more in their day, sleep better

and can focus and study more

effectively. There is an enormous

amount of evidence that

exercise prevents many chronic

diseases such as heart disease,

high blood pressure and diabetes.

In the short term, it simply

makes you feel better about

yourself and, paradoxically, less

tired. You do not need to join

an expensive gym to be moderately

fit. Take the stairs, walk

more and take up a social sport

with friends.

Mental Health

It is really easy to become

bewildered in a strange country

away from friends and family

and trying to study in your

second language. On top of this

you may be having problems

with your accommodation or

finances. Give yourself a break.

Don’t let it overwhelm you. Take

small steps and pay attention to

the physical health aspects discussed

above. Try to make new

local as well as international

friends. Speak to others in your

tutorial groups, or maybe get a

part time job. Join a club if you

have any special interests. Have

a mental break from study. If

none of this is working for you

and you feel yourself sliding into

a sea of hopelessness...TELL


Local Sport

By: Sigrid Parker & The


A-League Soccer

Team: Brisbane Roar

Where do they play?

Suncorp Stadium, 40 Castlemaine

St Milton

How do I get there?

Patrons catch regular timetable

services. In addition,

special shuttle bus services

from the City, Carindale, Eight

Mile Plains/Mt Gravatt (Garden

City), Chermside and The Gap

run direct to the stadium.

Special shuttle services will run

at regular intervals for 2 hours

before kick-off.

Where do I get tickets?

Tickets are available at the gate

or through Ticketek. Tickets are

also often available at the door

but it is a good idea to make

sure that a game is not sold out


When do they play?

Games take place on Friday

nights, Saturday afternoons and

nights, and Sunday afternoons.

The season runs from August

until February, with finals in

February and March.

Instant Fan

Brisbane Roar are one of the

8 A-League teams that exist

in Australia. Since its formation

in 2005 Brisbane Roar has

been a high level performer in

the tournament. Brisbane now

has several players from abroad

including origins such as Brazil

and The Netherlands.


Team: Brisbane Lions

Where do they play?

The Gabba, 411 Vulture St


How do I get there?

Take advantage of the FREE

public transport included with

your Lions match-day ticket.

Patrons can catch regular timetable

services from the CBD.

In addition, special shuttle bus

services run from the South

Bank, South Brisbane and Roma

Street Stations directly to the

stadium on the day of a game.

Where do I get tickets?

Tickets are available through

Ticketmaster by calling 1300

136 122 or by visiting ticketmas- There is a Ticketmaster

outlet located inside the

Lions Shop at Gabba Gate 2.

Tickets are also available at the

gates on match-days, although

it’s a good idea to prepurchase

your ticket in case the game is

sold out.

When do they play?

Games can be played Thursday,

Friday, Saturday or Sunday

nights and sometimes Saturday

or Sunday during the day.

Instant fan

The Brisbane Lions Australian

Football Club was formed in

1996 when the AFL approved

a merger between the Brisbane

Bears and Fitzroy Football

Clubs. It was the first union of

two clubs in VFL/AFL history. A

hat-trick of Lions premierships

from 2001-2003 was a major

breakthrough for the code’s

promotion in Queensland while

Senior Coach Michael Voss and

Captain Jonathan Brown continue

to lead the Club’s roaring


State of Origin

Even if you don’t follow

sport, there’s one big event in

Queensland that you have to

tune into. The rugby league

State of Origin is a contest that

stops two states in its tracks,

a must-watch highlight on the

sporting calendar and essential

viewing to anyone wanting to

blend in with us locals.

Over three Wednesday nights

from late May, sporting arch

rivals Queensland and New

South Wales face each other

in a traditional clash (and often

bash) that some commentators

say is the best quality league

you’ll see played anywhere in

the World. It pitches team-mate

on team-mate as players return

to the state where they played

their first A-grade game of

footy regardless of where they

were born or their current club.

In the unlikely event you miss

the pre-match hype you’ll know

it’s on when one morning you

wake to a city festooned in the

colour of our team: maroon

(pronounced mar-own). Many

office workers slip on maroon

jerseys, the whacky model

shaggy maroon wigs... and

New South Wales fans keep a

discreet profile. The passion is

such that even the two premiers

put a wager on the result with

the victorious state entitled

to fly its flag under the losing

state’s main bridge – either

the Sydney Harbour Bridge

or Brisbane’s Storey Bridge.

Here are some starting points to

get a hook on the game.

The lingo

Us = Queensland, the Mighty

Maroons. Nickname: cane toads.

Them = New South Wales, the

Blues. Nickname: cockroaches.

Who’s the best?

Well Queensland, of course.

Over the 30-year history of the

game the two sides have been

evenly matched, more or less.

But Queensland has just set a

new record taking the prized

trophy home for five consecutive

years. 2010 was a complete

maroon-wash whitewash with

Queensland winning the series


The players

The 2010 team, captained by

the legendary Darren Lockyer,

is said to be one of the best

teams ever. Star players of 2010

include fullback Billy Slater and

halfback Jonathon Thurston.

Others on the Who’s Who of

Origin list include calm, cool

and collected Mal Maninga

who played his first game in

1982 and who coached the

team to its recent success.

And ‘The King’, aka Wally

Lewis, immortalised in bronze

outside Suncorp Stadium who

captained Queensland for 29

games through the ‘80s and is

now a sports commentator.

Thank You!

This publication is only made

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who chose to participate

within it. Thank you for

your support. The Insider team

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else who contributed in any

way, shape or form.

Who are we?

James Martin


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Co-Editor &

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Graphic Designer

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If you think your business

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