2011 March - Golf Fusion


2011 March - Golf Fusion

March 2011

Serving Our Family Members Since 1973

MCC’s Annual Meeting

Will Be Held At The Campolindo High School

Performing Arts Center On

Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 6:00 – 8:30 P.M.

The meeting will feature the

annual report, an update on the new

clubhouse construction, and results

of the Board of Directors election.

Event parking will be available in the lot off

of Campolindo Drive.

Campolindo Performing Arts Center

Moraga Country Club Staff

Frank Melón, General Manager/COO


Kathe Foster, Asst. General Manager


George Schiller, Controller


Stuart Mahler, Public Safety Director


Jason Woodworth, Director of Golf


Mark Orwig, Head Tennis Professional


Sean Mason, Aquatics Director


Mike McDermott, Director of



Luis Ballesteros, Golf Course



Tony Palelei, Community

Landscape Manager


Jon Plotnick, Landscape Manager


Brett Hurst, Executive Chef/Food

& Beverage Manager


Ian Cook, Membership/Banquet



J.T. Lada, Accounting Services



Board Of Directors

Don Maddison, President

Tom Engberg, Vice President

Ron Palmer, Treasurer

Rick Nedell, Secretary

Ron Mayes, Leslie Mortimer,

Mat Rei, Tara Rochlin, Wes Spewak,

Frank Sullivan, Trudy Tuan


MCC Telephone Numbers

(All numbers are in the 925 area code.)

Office 376.2200

Event Reservations 376.2200

Home Maintenance 376.2200

Landscaping 376.2200

Golf Shop 376.2253

Tennis Lounge 376.1314

Pool Office 631.1915

Restaurant 631.1917

Community Patrol Cell 250.7616

Community Patrol Office 631.1914

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New Clubhouse Updates, Access

Committee Meetings, Make Tee

Times, Read The Latest Newsletter,

And More...

It’s your Club Online! Log on today:

MCC Website: www.moragacc.com

(Call 376.2200 for assistance, if needed.)


Manager’s Report

On February 23rd a significant milestone was reached on

the clubhouse project; the building pad concrete was poured.

The 267 yards of concrete was poured on the 23rd and with

the previous concrete footing pours, nearly 500 yards of

concrete have been used to date. We anticipate that the pool

dig out will begin in late April or early May with completion

by the end of 2011. The turn building is nearing completion

and our goal is to open the turn building restrooms in late March.

Our Board elections take place in March, please do cast

your ballots, we need to establish quorum for election results

to be counted on time.

Please join me in recognizing and thanking Wes Spewak

and Trudy Tuan our retiring Board members for their past

service to the membership.

Spring is around the corner and we are looking forward

to the warmer weather and more great club activities for our


President’s Message

Congratulations to our Golf Course Superintendent, Luis

Ballesteros, and his crew on the re-opening of Hole No. 11—

the new green and associated bunkers are a joy to behold.

Luis--as usual--a job well done.


We had a great January weather-wise, and despite a rainy

February, the new clubhouse construction continues to be

very close to being on schedule. Hopefully the worst of our

winter weather is behind us and we will see the new clubhouse

structure start to take shape in the not too distant future.


At the time of writing (mid-February) my thoughts are

turning to building an ark. Yes it seems to have been raining

forever—the sunny days of January are a distant memory. On

a more serious note, today I was driving into the Club in the

middle of the day and the rain was really coming down. My

windshield wipers were going full tilt and of course I had my

lights on—the law requires you to have your lights on if your

windshield wipers are on. I was dismayed to see so many cars

being driven in the Club that did not have their lights on, despite

their windshield wipers working hard. Then it occurred to

me--the people that were driving around without their lights

on must have been visitors to the Club!


March 13, 2011 sees the beginning of Daylight Savings—

clocks should spring forward. With the additional hour of

daylight in the evening, and hopefully better weather, we will

expect to see an increase in the number of non-golfing members

walking the golf course. Please remember (a) that walking on

the cart path is only permitted when the golf course is closed,

and (b) in accordance with a Contra Costa County Ordinance,

and Moraga Country Club’s Rules and Regulations, all dogs

must be on leash.


Thanks for listening. Don Maddison

Frank Melón

General Manager/COO

Don Maddison


I have written on the subject of interior design for the

clubhouse in prior columns but the matter comes up often

around the club so I have decided to address it once again.

Specifically, people wonder why they did not have a

chance to provide input or at least want to know who has

and is providing that input.

First a review. Preliminary interior designs were developed

last summer and fall, at the direction of our architect, The

Dahlin Group, by a subspecialist on that team, Cathy

Carter, of Cathy Carter Design. Initial schemes were

broadly developed to mirror the quality and design themes

of the building exterior. Next, the initial schemes were

presented to a sub-committee of the House Committee

formed for the specific purpose of providing member input

to the design. The committee is known as the Interior Design

Committee or IDC and its members represent a large cross

section of our members in terms of age and interests.

The IDC met on several occasions and came up with a

list of proposed changes that were presented to our Clubhouse

Steering Committee (CSC) in September. All of the changes

were accepted and will be implemented. Thereafter,

additional interior changes were recommended by the CSC

in order to hold the project within its budget.

Regarding member involvement in the process, beyond

that of the IDC, it is true that we did not hold a meeting of

the general membership to seek interior design input.

While it was certainly not our intention to shut anyone out

(all committee meetings are noticed and open to the

Clubhouse Update

“public”) our thinking was that a general meeting would

have been much too cumbersome and a consensus very

difficult, if impossible, to achieve. Interior design is largely

a matter of individual taste. For everyone who loves a

particular color or style there is another who likes a different

color or style. Neither is “wrong” but you can imagine that

the process to get to agreement in a club of 900 members would

be endless. Instead we chose to let seasoned professionals

do their good work, then seek input from a representative

group of members, the IDC.

We appreciate the trust that many of you have placed in

us to get this done well and with your desires and interests

in mind. We hope you will continue to vest that trust in us.

We are quite confident that ALL will be very happy with

the finished product.

As always, please feel free to contact me or any other

member of the Committee if you have any questions.

Tom Engberg, Chair

Clubhouse Steering Committee Members

(All numbers are in the 925 area code)

Tom Engberg 330.7998 tom@thomasscottproperties.com

Rich Bartlett 253.2880 rebart@aol.com

Don Maddison 377.5596 don.maddison@leighfisher.com

Rick Nedell 388.0163 rnedell@comcast.net

Ron Palmer 376.2270 r.a.palmer@comcast.net

Matt Rei 631.1500 matt@ksrinc.net

Allen Sayles 376.7270 allen@jasarch.com

2011 Board Election

We are pleased to announce the candidates who have agreed to run for positions on the

Board of Directors for the 2011 Election.

There are three Owner Member positions that will be vacant in 2011. The four candidates are Ruth Burke, John Greenblatt,

Rick Nedell (Incumbent) and John “Dan” Rego.

There is one Golf Position and that will be vacant in 2011 and the Golf Associate nominee is Ron Mayes (Incumbent) to fill

the position.

Members do not have to be nominated in order to run for a seat on the Board. Under the current voting rules, candidates

must be in good standing as defined in Bylaws 5.01 and have not been declared of unsound mind by a final order or court

or been convicted of a felony. For those who have missed the press deadline, members may still vote for you by placing

your name on the ballot in the “write in” space. Ballots have been mailed out on February 25, 2011. The voting period will

be from February 26, 2011, until 5:00 p.m. on March 29, 2011. Ballots will be opened and tabulated at an open meeting on

March 29, 2011.


Board of Directors Candidate Summaries

Ruth Burke

Owner Member Candidate

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: This is an incredibly exciting time for MCC. My goal is to

encourage and motivate “younger” members to get involved with shaping the future of

our club.

The most important actions the Board of Directors should undertake with respect to

the future of Moraga Country Club are:

Ruth Burke

1. Finance-Build reserves and manage budget to minimize further dues increases.

I believe there is a correlation between the home values and the monthly HOA dues.

2. Food/Beverage-Update the menu and food quality. Improve the food/beverage

service poolside.

3. Community Building-Increase awareness and understanding of the various needs and

opinions of the diverse membership.

John Greenblatt

Owner Member Candidate

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: My goals will be to continue the work the Board does to make

our community safe and friendly place to live. I also believe the Board has a responsibility

to look to the future and be active in planning for events or changes as we see them arising.

The most important actions the Board of Directors should undertake with respect to

the future of Moraga Country Club are:

1. Long term acquisition of the back nine holes.

2. Identify the challenges that will face us as the demographics of our residents changes

and begin the work necessary to keep all our residents, old and new, happy living here.

3. Continue improvements in making our community a safe and friendly place to live.

John Greenblatt

Ron Mayes

Ron Mayes, incumbent

Golf Associate Candidate

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: My goals as a director are to be as creative as possible to

make the transition to the new clubhouse as best as it can possibly be; to continue to

gradually improve the golf course; and to ensure that our operations are run as efficiently

as possible.

The most important actions the Board of Directors should undertake with respect to

the future of Moraga Country Club are:

1. Ensure that the transition to the new clubhouse is the best it can possibly be.

2. Continue to improve the golf course.

3. Develop a plan for the implementation of the recommendations of the long range

planning committee.


Rick Nedell, incumbent

Owner Member Candidate

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: For the last five years I have worked on replacing our clubhouse

as my primary goal. Although that goal is well on its way to fruition there is still work to be

done. During the remainder of the construction time I will focus on assuring that we stay

within our budget & that any issues are resolved efficiently & cost effectively. After what will

be more than a year of construction I’m very much looking forward to kicking my feet up next

to the fireplace & quaffing a brew with other members.

Going forward I’d like to see us revisit the painting & siding issues that we addressed in our

report of 2007 to assess if the recommendations are beginning to have the desired effect— that

is to reduce our annual expenditures for these items. I’d also like to continue our outreach to

the younger members so that they will be more involved in the governance of our club.

Rick Nedell

The most important actions the Board of Directors should undertake with respect to

the future of Moraga Country Club are:

1. Reducing our annual cost for painting & siding.

2. Rebuilding the reserves.

3. Continuing to work with the Town of Moraga to secure the future of the “back nine”

golf holes.

John “Dan” Rego

Owner Member Candidate

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: To continue the quality of life offered by our community.

Be more available to members needs and ideas.

The most important actions the Board of Directors should undertake with respect to

the future of Moraga Country Club are:

1. Smooth transition to new facilities.

2. Increase use of restaurant facilities.

3. Maintain landscape upgrade slope areas.

John “Dan” Rego


Food & Beverage / Social

This winter has been beleaguered by frost delays, but warmer days should be right around

the corner. Enjoy the upcoming weather reprieve and spend a relaxing afternoon sipping a

fresh Margarita or Hazelnut Latte outdoors on our patio area. Welcome in the picturesque view

of the driving range and hillside while enjoying a scrumptious bite to eat. Relax and let the

Camp Moraga staff cater to you.

Last month Camp Moraga unveiled a new menu offering fresh and healthier alternatives.

These items have been well received and have quickly become member favorites.

“I loved the heart healthy Beet & Couscous Salad. A great addition to the new menu.”- Jan Palmer

Baby Beet, Feta & Israeli Couscous $6.95

Organic Baby Beets and Spinach Tossed with Basil Couscous, Feta Cheese and Balsamic-Citrus Dressing

Camp Moraga is a casual and comfortable environment but it is always a work in progress.

Your opinions and feedback are vital to our development. Please send us an email or fill out a

comment card to let us know how we are doing.

Save the Date!

Children’s Easter Festival • Sunday, April 23

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. • Tennis Lawn Area

$15.00 ++ per Child • Under 2 Complementary

To make reservations call 925-376-2200 or email frontdesk@moragacc.com

More Details to follow.

Brett Hurst

Executive Chef/Food & Beverage Manager


Welcome New Members!

Golf Associates:

The Daugherty Family

— Travis, Elizabeth,

Jack and Timothy

Travis and Liz have lived in

Moraga since 2004 and Orinda

prior to that. Travis is a Private

Client Manager at Bank of

America/US Trust and Liz works

as a Marketing Manager for Wells

Fargo. Their son Jack (8) is in 3rd

grade at Los Perales and their son

Timothy (5) attends pre-school at

Growing Tree. Between their

various activities mostly around

the kids active lifestyles, they hope

to play more golf and continue to

enjoy the summers barbequing

with friends at the pool. They can’t

wait for the new clubhouse to be


Volunteer Needed



The Architectural Committee is looking for

another Owner Member to fill a vacancy on

the committee. The Committee’s primary

responsibility is to maintain a consistent

approach to the architectural character and

visual/aesthetics of the residential and

recreational facilities and the development

and oversight of the standards of exterior

maintenance of homes and common structures.

Additionally, physical additions to homes,

changes in landscaping and other exterior

features such as decks, spas, etc., selection of

exterior paint color schemes, replacement of

roofs, garage doors, and decks, and changes

to paving, sidewalks and driveways are

included in this committee's purview.

All Owner Members are eligible to serve

on this committee. To be considered please

complete a Volunteer Service form available

at the front desk or on the website under

Governance, Standing Committee, then

Architectural Committee. Please drop it off at

the front desk or mail it in to 1600 St. Andrews

Drive, Moraga, CA 94556.

Employee of the Month:

Lela “Lee” Griffith

Lee Griffith started playing tennis at the age of 12 on a

Los Angeles public court. When she was 13 she won the Jr.

City Championship and was given free membership in the

Los Angeles Tennis Club in exchange for working with and

for the Tennis Pros. During High School and 4 years at UCLA

she coached tennis, continued her tennis career, doubled for

stars playing tennis in movies, first woman to play tennis on

TV, wrote articles on tennis instruction, and was voted by

Tennis Pros. as having the ideal tennis serve and played in

the film “Tennis World” demonstrating her serve.

After winning 37 Championships, Lee became ill with

Polio. She spent a fifth year at UCLA in and studying Physical

Therapy. She graduated with honors and was hired by Hayward

High School to set up a Corrective Physical Education Program.

She put on a TV show on Corrective Physical Education on

Channel 4.

On the courts at Hayward High, she met her husband to be

who was the tennis champion of Hayward. They married and

moved to Orinda where Lee returned to full time teaching of

science and math. After teaching 22 years, Lee retired and decided to go back to tennis. She visited all

the tennis clubs in the area, and when she walked into Moraga Country Club, the warmth and friendly

feeling she felt, convinced her that she wanted to make MCC her choice. She joined MCC in 1987, and in

1989 Mark Orwig, the head professional, asked her to work with the Friday ladies. These are the "gals"

who want to learn tennis and who are returning to tennis after an absence. Lee also works in the Tennis

Lounge on Mondays as well as filling in when needed.

Lee's husband of 46 years passed away in 1998, however she has a wonderful son, daughter-in-law

and three grandchildren who live in Fresno. Her grandson Billy was # 2 in tennis in Nor Cal last year

for 14 and under.

Lee thanks Mark Orwig for the opportunity to work with the wonderful staff and people of MCC.

Her greatest pleasure is seeing the girls begin to enjoy tennis and improve to the point where it gives

them the satisfaction and companionship so essential for a full life.

We thank you, Lee, for being a wonderful part of our MCC staff!! We’re lucky you are part of our team!

Swim News

Lela “Lee” Griffith

Tennis Instructor for “Lee’s Gals”

It’s that time of year! We are gearing up for another fantastic swim season with the MCC Waves, and

it all starts with registration on March 1st! Registration is done online - simply go to www.mccwaves.com

and click on the “registration” link to get started. In just a few short minutes, you’re on your way to a fantastic

summer of fun, sun, and great swimming.

Spring clinics will begin at the MAC in March on Mon/Wed with a 3-week session in each March and

April. Clinics cost $15/clinic.

Spring clinic dates/times:

Session 1 - March 7/9, 14/16, 21/23th

Session 2 - April 11/13, 18/20, 25/27nd

4:00 – 4:30 p.m. 6 & Unders (must be able to complete a lap of free with side breathing)

4:30 – 5:00 p.m. 7 year-olds

5:00 – 5:30 p.m. 8 year-olds

5:30 – 6:00p.m. 9 year-olds

6:00 – 6:30 p.m. 10 and Ups

Thanks to all who helped make our Sports Basement shopping party a success. For more information and

the latest updates, please visit our team website at www.mccwaves.com. Go Waves!


March 2011

Golf, Tennis, Swimming,


1 2

8-10a Niners’ Meeting and Play Day

9:30a-12p Ladies’ B3 Spring Match

5-6p Water Aerobics (MAC)

6-8:30p Meet the Candidates Night

(Camp Moraga)

8:30-11a MWGA Trophy Day

7-9p CSC/IDC Meeting (MAC)

7:15-8:45p Tennis Committee Meeting

(Tennis Lounge)

6 7 8 9

1-4p USTA Team Tennis

9:30a-12p USTA Team Tennis

4-6:30p Swim Team Clinics

8-10a Niners’ Play Day

9:30a-12p Ladies’ B1 Spring Match

5-6p Water Aerobics Class

8-11a MWGA Medal Play

9:30a-12p Ladies’ B2 Spring Match

3-4p Public Safety & Compliance Meeting


4-6:30p Swim Team Clinics

13 14 15 16

11a-1p USTA Mixed 8.0 Match

9:30a-12p Ladies’ B3 Spring Match

4-6:30p Swim Team Clinics

8-10a Niners’ Play Day

5-6p Water Aerobics Class

5-6:30p ARC Meeting (MAC)

7-10p Evening Party Bridge (MAC)

8:30-10:30a MWGA St. Pattys Tournament

9:30a-12p Ladies’ A1 Spring Match

12:30-2p Men’s Tennis Exchange

4-6:30p Swim Team Clinics

20 21 22 23

9:30a-12p Sr. Ball A1 Match

4-6:30p Swim Team Clinics

8-10a Niners’ Play Day

9:30a-12p Ladies’ B1 Spring Match

3-5p Clubhouse Steering Committee Meeting


5-6p Water Aerobics Class (MAC)

7-10p Evening Duplicate Bridge (MAC)

8-11a MWGA Medal Play

4-6:30p Swim Team Clinics

5-7p Budget & Finance Committee

Meeting (1100 Moraga Way)

5:30-7p Golf Committee Meeting (MAC)

27 28 29 30

1-3p USTA Mixed 7.0A Match

All Day Greens Aerification

9:30a-12p Ladies B2 Ball Match

All Day Tees and approach aerification

Back 9

8-10a Niner’s Play Day

9:30a-12p Ladies’ Ball B1 Match

4-9p Board of Directors Special Meeting

(Camp Moraga)

5-6p Water Aerobics Class (MAC)

All Day Tees and approach aerification

Front 9

8-11a MWGA Medal Play

9:30a-12p Ladies’ Sr. A1 Ball Match

6-8p MCC Annual Meeting (Campolindo

Performing Arts Theatre)

6:30a-9p USTA Mixed 6.0 Match

New Moon

First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter


Meetings & Social Events

March 2011

Events of Note

Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17


3 4


9:30a-12p Ladies’ B3 Spring Match

5-6p Water Aerobics Class

11a-1p USTA Mixed 7.0A Match

1-3p USTA Mixed 7.0B Match

April 2011

Events of Note

Kids Easter Festival

April 23

10 11 12

9:30a-12p Ladies’ A1 Spring Match

5-6p Water Aerobics Class

5:30-6:30p MGA Board Meeting

(Camp Moraga)

17 Saint Patrick’s Day 18 19

All Day Saint Patrick’s Day

8:30-10:30a SMGA March Madness

5-6p Water Aerobics Class

1-3p USTA Mixed 6.0 Match

3-5p Mixed Doubles Mixer

24 25 26

9:30a-12p Ladies’ A2 Ball Match

3:30-6p Board of Director Meeting


5-6p Water Aerobics Class (MAC)

9a-12p Ladies’ Spring Fling

11a-6p Event #1 the Directors Cup

5-8p MGA Season Kickoff Party

(Camp Moraga)

7:30-11:30a Event #1 the Directors Cup

1-2p USTA Mixed Doubles 7.0B Match


February 2011 april 2011

9:30a-12p Ladies’ B3 Spring Match

3-4p Landscape Committee Meeting

Camp Moraga)

5-6p Water Aerobics Class (MAC)

View The Most Up-To-Date Calendar

Log On To Your Club Online: Moragacc.com


Tennis News

HAPPY MARCH! Being right next door to all the construction work going on I can finally report things

have quieted down and it is finally looking like big things are happening.

Events For March

March 6 USTA Team Tennis Event

(Sunday) This event is a precursor to the opening season for the Adult and Super Senior USTA 2011.

You must be a 3.0 level or higher. This will be a competitive but fun team event. Feel free to

sign-up with a partner at your rated level, or we will pick a partner for you. Light snacks

will follow play. Cost is $12. per player.

March 20


Mixed Doubles Mixer

A fun Mixed Doubles Mixer will be held on Sunday, March 20th from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. This

will be strictly a gathering of good friends and fun tennis. Plan on playing a couple of hours

of tennis then sharing in a glass of wine and yummy appetizers. Cost will be $12 per player.

All USTA Adult and Super Senior schedules will be posted mid March.

Our new Adult League teams and captains are as follows:

3.0 Ladies Captains: Bernardita Fong/Belinda Kimura

3.5 Ladies 1 Captains: Tracy Perlee/Elaine Holt

3.5 Ladies 2 Captains: Karen Baymiller/Kim Hunter

4.0 Ladies Captains: Pam Bishop/ Lili Smith

3.5 Men 1 Captains: TBD

3.5 Men 2 Captains: TBD

4.0 Men Captains: John Faulkner/Andrew Oliver

4.5 Men Captains: Mark Bohuslav/Charlie Fischer

USTA Scoreboard

Ladies’ Sr. 3.0 Captain: Mindy Becker 1 - 6

Ladies’ Sr. 3.5 Captain: Kelley Yanes (playoffs) 7 - 3

Men’s Sr. 3.5 Captain: Tim Wedlake 5 - 4

Mixed Doubles 6.0 Captain: Bernardita Fong 1 - 0

Mixed Doubles 7.0A Captains: Ann Marie McGee/Peter Singelstad 2 - 2

Mixed Doubles 7.0B Captains: Craig And Rica Chudler 2 - 0

Mixed Doubles 8.0 Captain: Sean Absher 0 - 4


Ladies coming together for a fun Valentine Event

Ladies’ News

On Thursday, February 3rd, we had a fun gathering of our Ladies for a “Valentine Tennis and Luncheon

Mixer.“ We had approximately 40 ladies come out and share in fun tennis with Mark and Barbara and a

great variety of yummy food for lunch. Once again many thanks to Jennifer Oyoung and Helena Singelstad

for planning this fun gathering.

Ladies’ Scoreboard

A2 B.A.L.L. Captains: Cori Bertucio/Helena Singelstad 5 - 0

B1 B.A.L.L. Captains: Barbara Jordan/Mayada Innenberg 8 - 1

A1 Sr. B.A.L.L. Captain: Yvette Lardge 3 - 2

B1 Sr. B.A.L.L. Captains: Helen Sullivan/Kathy Shieman 3 – 1 - 1

Ladies B.A.L.L. Singles Captains: Kim Hunter 3 - 3

A1 Spring Captains: Lili Smith/Kristin Rosenbaum 1 – 0

B1 Spring Captains: Ann Marie McGee/Jennifer Glass 3 – 0

B2 Spring Captains: Vee Hoff/Karin Hein 1 - 1

B3 Spring Captains: Shari Jones/Katy Keough 1 - 2

Golf News


Last month the Senior newsletter had our schedule for the

upcoming season. I know that many of you can not wait for the

2nd Annual Kickoff of our “March Madness” event. It is very

“Low Key” as are all of our events. We have a lot of laughs and

any anxiety caused by these competitions is truly self-induced

and need to be discussed with your shrink. Anyway, for the

March 17th kickoff, we assemble into groups and receive some

useful tips from our accomplished professional staff. Areas

touched on include chipping, sand play, putting, driving and

quips to drive your opponent crazy. A special request has been

made for some pointers on correct scorecard addition or why

striking the ball 7 times cannot translate to a 5 on your scorecard.

After honing our math and golf skills, we will compete in a 9

hole scramble, then we will have a few whips in the bar along

with some finger food and an opportunity to mingle with your

fellow Seniors. Tough to beat that!

We now have 116 members in our senior group thanks to Yank

Eppinger’s efforts as our membership chairman. We want to welcome

John Gentry

New Chairman for the Tournament Committee

new members Dennis Iwata, Ed “Long Dong” Leong, Barry Levine, and Chuck “You don’t have to be a

weatherman to know which way the wind blows” Prewitt. They received unanimous approval from our

selection committee whose standards are very high. One has to be over 50 years of age and able to breathe

on your own. Congratulations guys! And let us not forget the return of former

two-time winner of the challenge Tom Vadnais-Welcome Back.

No sooner has Hole 11 opened to rave reviews we have controversy on

our hands. There is a dispute as to which senior made the first par on the

hole and the bragging rights that go with that accomplishment. Yank was

so nicknamed by his illustrious father. During WWII, Papa Eppinger was

editor of the weekly European and Pacific Rim Newspaper “Yank”. When

Frederick was born in April of 1944, his proud father immediately started

calling him “Yank”. Papa later became editor of the SF Examiner and thus

the Quirky Yank’s Limousine Background. Anyway, Yank makes claim to

that accomplishment because he hit prodigious first and second shots on

that long 305 yard hole and he was still short. He chipped to kick away

distance and thus his claim to a senior par and the first. But Alas, Paul “Mrs.

Butterworth” Boero sunk his 2 putt for a real “Man’s” Par and sequentially

he should have been first to be “in”- Another Senior Cat Fight.

You can all feel that it will be another “Best Season Ever” and the more

events that you miss the fewer memories that you will have. See you all on

St. Paddy’s Day.

Phil Eyring and John Hsia

First to play Hole #11 after

the green was redesigned


Golf News

From the Golf Shop

January and February were great months for golf. We had a stretch of unbelievable weather and unlimited

sunshine for 5 to 6 weeks. It almost feels as if spring is right around the corner. With the thought of good

weather please keep in mind the upcoming tournament schedule and block out your calendar.

February was also a “special” month for the Golf Shop and Moraga CC as we donated quite a bit of

merchandise to “Support Our Troops”. Bernie Smit, a long time Moraga member and Moraga Bull, devoted

a lot of time and effort into making this a huge success. As you can see below we had a lot of support from

our club. Thanks again for your time and effort Bernie.

MGA News

The 2011 MGA Tournament Season will begin with the Directors Cup on Friday afternoon March 25th

and Saturday morning March 26th. The format is a 2 Man Team “eclectic”. Winners of this tourney will

also qualify to play in the 2012 NCGA Two Man competition. For those who are not familiar with the

eclectic format - here’s how it works. It is a best ball format in which the 2nd day of competition allows

the team to better their score from day one. Lowest net score for both days WIN! There is no entry fee and

lots of opportunity to earn St. Andrews Cup points and pro shop credits. Last year’s winners were Paul

Boero & Steve Splendorio. Sign ups will be available shortly so find a partner and start practicing.

Upcoming in April are two tournaments –

The Masters played on Saturday April 16th. This Invitational Tournament is open to the top 75 point earners

from the 2010 MGA Tournaments. A good reason to participate in as many 2011 MGA Tournaments as

you can! Last year’s Champion was Dan Sanguinetti.

On Saturday April 23rd. the MGA will host the 4 Man Team event. The format provides for the 2 best

balls of the 4 men. It is also an NCGA qualifier. If you don’t already have a 4 man team, it’s time to find

guys ready to dethrone last years winners, Jerry Isaacs, Tony Barbagallo, Herb Gindy & Del Kolbe.

You can find the 2011 MGA Tournament Schedule on the MCC website –

http://www.golffusion.com/moragacc/login. Log in and look for the Golf drop down table.

Tip of the Month: Should You Keep Your Head Still?

This month, let’s get away from the swing and back to playing the game. Next time you go out, try taking

one extra club into every green. Most golfers consistently under club themselves trying to hit the exact

yardage. When hitting into a green we need to calculate for error and not perfection. Golfers usually have

only a general idea of how far they hit a ball with each club, and due to ego, will always take out less club

than they need. Hit one more club than you think you need and make a smooth swing. If you happen to

hit it solid, you might go over the green, but more often than not, you won’t hit the sweet spot, and your

ball will get closer to the green or you will hit more greens by taking that extra club.

Last, practice your chipping and putting and start enjoying the art of getting the ball up and down. Most

golfers waste opportunities after their approach shot into the green and therefore shoot much higher

scores than they should. Logically, you should spend over half of your practice from 40 yards and in if



The Golf Staff

MCC Niners’ News

Niners Sweeps Winners



1st: Marilyn Melton Tie

2nd: Kathy Ranstrom

3rd: Nadine Coburn


1st: Rosemary Baffi Tie

2nd: Sharon Scott

3rd: Sheri Lenz



Kathy Ranstrom

MWGA’S Annual

Ladies Invitational

will be May 18th

Get your partner lined up to play

“Survivor Camp Moraga.” Entry forms to

be available at the March 16th general meeting

Seven MWGA Members Attend

Regional WGANC Meeting



1st Liz Renner

2nd Juanita Gilbertson

3rd Gloria Nedell


1st Mary Miller

2nd Joanne Frudden

3rd Sheri Lenz Tie

Phyllis Ward



Juanita Gilbertson

The Niners are off to a strong start and welcome new

members Phyllis Ward, Bunny Berdick and Margaret

Bang. Any interested new members please contact

Joanne Frudden at 376-0690. The Niners play on

Tuesday mornings February thru November. The first

Tuesday of the month we meet at Camp Moraga at

8:00 a.m. promptly for a meeting.

All Niners that wish to participate in Eclectic please

write a check for $8.00 to MCC Niners and leave in the

Niners box at Camp Moraga or mail it to Alice Foard.

2011 got off to the official

start with the annual

WGANC (Woman’s Golf

Association of Northern

California) regional meeting

held at Mira Vista Country

Club for members from the

East and North Bay area.

WGANC is comprised of

members from Women’s 18

Hole Golf Associations

from over 100 private and

semi private golf clubs in

Northern California. It

provides many valuable

member services including

the opportunity with the Open Day Program for members

to play courses throughout Northern California for a small

fee which includes golf, cart, breakfast and lunch along with

meeting ladies representing many clubs. Additionally,

WGANC strives to maintain uniformity with slope rating,

interpretation of the Rules of Golf, the Golf Handicap system

and the Junior Girls Golf support program. WGAMC holds

many amateur golf tournaments including the Match Play

Team Challenge to be held this year in Marin. WGANC

works in conjunction with USGA supporting amateur

tournaments. Upcoming in 2013 is the USGA Senior

Woman’s Amateur golf tournament to be held in California

at Corde Valle and the 2012 Curtis Cup between amateurs

from the U. S., Great Britain and Ireland which will be

played in Scotland. Dr. Patricia Cornett from Mill Valley has

been named Captain of the U.S. Curtis Cup Team. Our club

was represented at this meeting by Pat Copeland, Captain,

Pat Brown, Co Captain, Fran Gentry, Rules, Helen Sullivan,

Handicap, Maura Mendoza, Tournament, Joyce Shao,

Tournament and Membership, Linda Ostman, Open Day.


Stuart O. Mahler

Public Safety Director

Public Safety


Have you ever wondered what the qualifications of your Community Patrol Officers

are? MCC employs a professional third party contractor to perform our community patrol

duties. Double Eagle Private Security, Inc. (DEPS) officers have received and maintain the

qualifications per State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

In addition to the required training and certification through BSIS, DEPS personnel have

extensive law enforcement backgrounds and / or military experience. DEPS officers are

screened for their experience, training and professionalism before being hired. Background

investigations are performed on each officer. Officers are provided with advanced training

by DEPS above and beyond what is required by BSIS. Officers are experienced and skilled

in the art of dealing with difficult and challenging people situations, trained and certified

in; skills of communication, report writing, verbal techniques in averting unnecessary

physical confrontation, use of intermediate and non-lethal defensive weapons, and customer

service skills.

Police officers and community patrol officers at times may be confronted with potentially

dangerous situations while in the course of protecting the citizenry or clients. In dealing

with confrontational situations police and community patrol personnel are placed in a

position to react to situations; thus be on defense versus offense. Every situation is different

and could include chemical agents, electronic control devices, baton, and firearms. Double

Eagle Private Security Officers, while on duty; carry a chemical agent, electronic control

device, and a service pistol.

State of California Penal Code, court case decisions, Bureau of Security and Investigative

Services, and Double Eagle Private Security policy and training; provide for the use of a

firearm in defense of a persons life or from grave bodily injury or to that of the police officer

or security officer.

A resident that a Double Eagle Private Security Officer assisted stated; “the security guy

from Double Eagle was enthusiastic, smart, and articulate--just the kind of guys we want

on patrol.” Assistant Manager Kathe Foster shares, “since beginning work here more than

20 years ago, these are by far the most professional guards we have ever employed. They

are obviously held to a higher standard and therefore take their jobs more seriously. I feel

safer and better protected with these guards on staff.” This is the caliber of officers we want

to provide service to our membership and we hope this too will be your impression if and

when you have contact with Double Eagle Private Security personnel.

Stuart O. Mahler


January 18th results (8 players)

First Place: Winnie Jasper & Jerry Chamberlain

2 tie – Louis Lebherz & David Geary

2 tie – Barbara Hanson & Conrad Robertson

Next session is Tuesday, March 15th, at 7:00 p.m. in the

Moraga Aquatics Center. Fee is $1 per player. Newcomers are

very welcome, try it! If you want to play, phone the country

club office at 376-2200, or e-mail David Geary @

dsgeary@comcast.net, and give your partners name. Entry

deadline is noon March 14th at noon. Please try to sign up

sooner, this game is having trouble getting enough players! We

may be stopping the Party Bridge unless we get better turnouts.


January 25th results (12 players)

First Place: Barbara Hanson & Conrad Robertson

Second Place: Sandy Ruliffson & Dwight Pedersen

Third Place: Andrea & Dan Green

Next session is Tuesday, March 22nd, at 7:00 p.m. in the

Moraga Aquatics Center. Fee is $1 per player. If you have not

tried duplicate before, give it a try. We work quite hard at

making it easy to play duplicate! If you want to play, phone

the country club office at 376-2200, or e-mail David Geary @

dsgeary@comcast.net, and provide the name of your partner.

Entry deadline is noon March 21st at noon.


Jon Plotnick

Landscape Account

Manager / ValleyCrest


Landscape Update


• Lawns will be mowed on a weekly basis as spring growth begins

• Fertilizer are scheduled to be applied in February and are scheduled again in April

Shrub and Groundcover

• The pruning and detailing of shrubs and groundcover are routinely done based on a

schedule provided below. The crews also apply post emergent to control weed growth

and growth regulators to reduce excessive growth.


2/28-3/6 935-951 Augusta Dr., St. Andrews 1736-1748 (even #’s only) & 1926-1938

(even #’s only) 1741-1755 Spyglass Ln. & 800-832 Country Club

3/7-3/13 903-931 Augusta Dr. (odd #’s only), 1-15 Doral , 1725-1753 St. Andrews

(odd #’s only), 15-30 Tamarisk , 784-798 Country Club Dr.

3/14-3/20 501-505 Augusta Dr., 867-899 Augusta Dr. (odd #’s only) &

900-912 Augusta Dr. (even #’s only), 2-8 Gleneagle, 20-31 Broadmoor,

1701-1707 St. Andrews & 726-780 Country Club Dr.

3/21-3/27 101-119 Cypress Point (odd #’s only ), 102-115 Greenbriar, 2-111 La Quinta,

112-120 Merion & 1710-1724 St Andrews Dr. (even #’s only)

3/28-4/3 2-12 Carnoustie, 112-122 La Quinta, 20-31 Indian Wells, 2-8 Wingfoot,

120-145 Greenbriar & 121-141 Cypress Point (odd #’s only)


• It is that time of year to check irrigation components for efficiency to help conserve on

water usage during the warmer weather. If you notice irrigation running excessively

please report it at the front office.

Work Order Request

• Request will be scheduled in a efficient matter or based on their urgency.

- Jon Plotnick, ValleyCrest Maintenance

Luis Ballesteros

Golf Course


Turf Talk

General Course Condition

The golf course received several inches of rain this past month and is performing

strong. The recurring rains we have experienced have made it tough to get on the course

during a few days on the last month. Please bear with us as we evaluate the course each

day and determinate weather restrictive measures needed to be put in effect for your

safety and to protect the golf course from long term damage.

Repairing ball marks!!!!!!!!

Staff reports that members are not fixing ball marks – especially after tournaments.

Men, women and even children are capable of making a ball mark even if they do not hit

the ball far or high.

Unprepared ball marks take two to three weeks to properly heal, leaving behind unsightly,

uneven putting surface. On the other hand, a repaired ball mark takes only half of

the time to heal. We need your help!

Golf Course Aerification Schedule

• Greens aerification March 28, 2011

• Tees and approaches aerification back 9 March 29, 2011

• Tees and approaches aerification front 9 March 30, 2011

• Fairway/Rough aerification and sand top dressing starting April 4th and to complete

about April 29, 2011

Please remember to stay on the cart path during the wet weather and think safety!!

Luis Ballesteros

The Golf Course Maintenance Department


Moraga Country Club

1600 St. Andrews Drive

Moraga, CA 94556




U.S. Postage


Moraga, CA

Permit #7

Welcome New Staff!

Aquatics Director: Sean Mason

Please join us in welcoming Sean Mason who has been hired as our new Aquatics

Director. Sean is highly qualified and very enthusiastic about joining the MCC staff.

He was with us last year as one of the Head Swim Team Coaches, focusing on the 9

and Up’s. He was successful in coaching our young swimmers and is incredibly well

liked by members and staff as well. His new position puts him in charge of all aquatics

activities now taking place at the MAC, and eventually he will run our aquatics

department at the new facility.

Sean’s background includes several years of experience as a swim coach,

responsible for the creation and implementation of training programs, incentives

and motivation. He has coached at Orinda Country Club, Moraga Tennis and Swim

Club and most recently Sean was Aquatics Director at Claremont Country Club. We

are very fortunate to have him on board! Please make sure to give him a friendly

welcome when you see him over at the MAC.

Moraga Country Club: Hours of Operation



Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Sunday:

8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Breakfast: 8:00 – 10:30 a.m.

*on Sunday: All day

Lunch: 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Bar closes at 6:00 p.m.



Monday – Sunday:

6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

(Times subject to change)



Mondays 7:00 – 9:00 a.m.

(Pool Closed)


Closed for the season



Lights Out By 9:00 p.m.:

Courts 3, 4, 9 & 10

Lights Out By 10:00 p.m.:

Courts 1, 2, 5 – 8, 11 & 12


Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.



Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Sunday: 6:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Sunday: 7:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

(weather and sunlight permitting)


Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Sunday: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

(Flag removal starts at 4:45 p.m.)

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