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Jan 2011

RAK Ceramics

Celebrating 20 Years of Quality & Excellence : 1991 – 2011


January 2011


RAK Ceramics


Abdulla Mahmood


RAK Ceramics

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Women University KSA 3rd Largest Project

Awards & Recognition

NATA Accreditation

Superbrands 2010

Exhibition & Events

06 - 08

Project Iraq 2010

Event Sponsorship


UAE Logos Event - Guinness World Records Event

New Product Range

12 - 17

Interlocking Tiles

Nanopix Slim

Top Class

CSR Activities

Pakistan Flood Relief

UAE Clean-up Campaign

Educational Sponsorship

2nd Pan IIM Alumni Gulf Summit

Sports Sponsorship

Morocco T

Media Tour

Annual Party 2010



18 - 20




Dear Partners,

Happy and Prosperous 2011.

2010 has been a challenging year for the global

economy but I am proud to say that RAK Ceramics

has been successful in overcoming the slowdown by

focusing on new markets and segments that allowed

RAK Ceramics to continue its winning march in 2010


year for RAK Ceramics that augurs well for 2011.

Launching new technology-driven products in various

markets has helped RAK Ceramics position itself in

key global markets and we continued to bag major

projects that include supply of tiles to Princess Noura

Bint Abdul Rahman University in Saudi Arabia, which

is the world’s largest women’s university.

RAK Ceramics further consolidated its international

presence by participating in Cersaie Fair 2010 in Italy

by launching its latest exquisite tile collection that

found overwhelming response. In addition RAK

Ceramics made a huge impact in Project Iraq exhibition

beside with maintaining its presence as market

leader in Big 5 exhibition in Dubai.

RAK Ceramics were heaped with laurels and awards

such as SuperBrand 2010 and Innovation Award for

Hong Kong, which is a testimony of being the leading

innovator in ceramic industry enhancing our brand

reputation globally.

RAK Ceramics made giant strides in its CSR

(Corporate Social Responsibility) related activities as

RAK Ceramics was awarded the NATA (National Association

of Testing Authorities) accreditation from

and Standards (WELS) scheme. Further RAK Ceramics

was awarded with the Environmental Perfor-


and Water. We have participated in a number of

CSR activities such as Pakistan Relief Fund Campaign,

Clean Beach Campaign and sponsorships to Dubai

Ceramics’ commitment to the society and environmental


This year we shall be kick-starting our participation in

major exhibitions by having our exclusive stand space

in major European trade fairs such as Bau, Munich;

Cevisama, Valencia and ISH, Frankfurt. During these

exhibitions we will be launching our 2011 collections of

new tile designs that should set the momentum for

the entire year.

2011 will undoubtedly be a landmark year as RAK

Ceramics will be celebrating its 20th year anniversary

production in June 1991. It is indeed a historic moment

to see RAK Ceramics grow from manufacturing 5000

sq.m. per day to 360,000 sq.m. per day that led to it

becoming the world’s no.1 ceramic manufacturer with

annual output of 115 million sq.m.


will break new grounds with new product developments,

innovative technology, expansion plans and

the much-awaited IPO launch in India, which should

make 2011 an exciting year for all us.

Yours Sincerely,



Milestones - World’s Largest Women University

Bin Laden Group, contractor Arabtec

Saudi Arabia and project engineer Dar

Al Handasa – Shair & Partners in this


A spokesperson from Saudi Bin Laden

Group said, "RAK Ceramics brings a

wealth of tiling expertise and experi-

the level of sophistication and quality

required by this unprecedented


Awards & Recognition



16th October 2010



20th July 2010

RAK Ceramics has supplied 85 per cent

of the tile requirements of Saudi

Arabia-based Princess Noura Bint

Abdul Rahman University, the world’s

largest women’s university, being built

with an estimated value of USD 11.5

billion (SAR 43.127 billion). RAK Ceramics

has been contracted to deliver

230,000 square metres of porcelain


Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman

University is poised to be the world's

largest centre of higher learning for

Arab women as it will accommodate

over 26,000 students and will feature

13 colleges, including those for medicine,

dentistry, nursing, naturopathy,

IT, languages, instant translation and


Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman

University has been developed to

establish new benchmarks in the

academic sector, so it is imperative

that we only work with the industry's

best suppliers such as RAK Ceramics."

RAK Ceramics supplied 85 percent of the tile requirements

of Saudi Arabia-based Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman

University, the world’s largest women’s university.


Dr. Khater Massaad, CEO RAK Ceramics receives the NATA Accreditation Award

During the month of October 2010, RAK Ceramics was

to the ‘RAK Ceramics Sanitaryware Testing Laboratory’ by

National Association of Testing Authorities - Australia

(NATA). The accreditation is granted for the laboratory’s

compliance with the NATA accreditation requirements

that include ISO/IEC 17025 and further demonstrates the

technical competences of ‘RAK Ceramics Sanitaryware

in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Supplier’s Award

17th September 2010

Mr. Abdullah Massaad, Deputy CEO RAK Ceramics receives the Super Brand Trophy

RAK Ceramics has been conferred with UAE's Super

Brands title in 2010, a distinction it has earned for the

second consecutive year. The award ceremony was held

on 20th of July in Dubai. RAK Ceramics was presented

the UAE Superbrand award by the Superbrand Council,

the world's largest independent brand arbiter, during

the Superbrand Tribute event.


from Ministry of

Environment and Water

30th December 2010

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011


Dr. Khater Massaad, CEO, RAK Ceramics

said: "This groundbreaking university

project underlines the huge strides

being made by Saudi Arabia in enhancing

the academic sector. RAK Ceramics

shares a common vision with Princess

Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University in

terms of the quality we strive to

achieve, and in line with this we will be

supplying specially developed porce-

that will complement the University's

stature as a centre of academic excellence

for Arab women.

Moreover, this new undertaking also

manifests the reputation of RAK

Ceramics as the premier provider of

tile solutions to many of the world's

most prestigious development


The entire university project will

include an administration building, a

central library, conference centers,

buildings for 15 academic faculties,

several laboratories, a 700-bed hospital

equipped with state-of-the-art

mosques, a kindergarten school, and

exclusive amusement centers for

families and students. RAK Ceramics is

working with main contractor Saudi

ustomers in terms of product quality

and quantity.

Ceramic World Review likewise

validate the success of our strategy to

target and strengthen our presence in

high-growth markets around the

world, cementing RAK Ceramics

status as a premier global brand and

the number one choice for all types of

ceramic tiling requirements” says Dr.


Mr. Michel Habib, Senior Sales Manger, RAK Ceramics receives the award

RAK Ceramics won the ‘Innovation Award’ for RAKSLIM,

for its new brand of 4.5-mm thick tile at the annual


chain of retail stores in Honk Kong.

Mr. Dory Angel, HSE and Manager RAK Logistics receives the certificate

RAK Ceramics is been recently awarded with the Environ-

, in recognition of its

standards and regulations. The EPC is awarded based on the

review of the environmental permit obtained; health, safety

and environment (HSE); the implementation of cleaner

production, monitoring and control of gaseous emissions

and particulate matters; management of chemical

substances, and integrated management of solid,

non-hazardous and hazardous wastes; treatment and reuse

of domestic and industrial wastewaters; and noise, odour

hazard, and nuisance control.

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011


Exhibition & Events - Cersaie Exhibition Italy

Exhibition & Events - Cersaie Exhibition Italy

Cersaie Exhibition


28th September to 2nd October, 2010.

The latest collection of new tile designs that includes Top

Class, Dolomite, Interlocking, Nanopix Slim and Rajasthan

along with latest bathware designs such as Credenza and

Opulance were showcased over a spacious 400 sq. m.


RAK Ceramics launched 18 new products and designs

before global audience at CERSAIE Fair 2010 in Italy.

The response to the latest products range was more than overwhelming as there was huge turnout at the RAK Ceramics stand.

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011




Exhibition & Events - Cersaie Exhibition Italy & Project Iraq

Project Iraq 2010

27 - 30 September 2010

Big5 Exhibition


22- 25 November 2010

RAK Ceramics showcased its premium range of products

at Project Iraq 2010, the dedicated trade event for the

latest technologies and products in the building construction

industry held in Iraq.

RAK Ceramics participated at the Big 5 International Building

& Construction Show with an impressive display of

cutting-edge products such as its Nanopix Slim and exquisite

tiles using latest digital printing technology.

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011


Event Sponsorship - GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Event

UAE Logos Event

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

Luxury Internal and External Emulsions

Weather Resists & Low voc Emulsions

Heritage Finishes (Traditional, Antique, Classic)

Acrylic Elegant Textures Interior Emulsions

Antibacterial & Anticarbonation Paints

Wood, Industrial & Floor Coatings

Epoxy & Polyurethane Coatings

Hospitals & Marine Paints

Road Marking Paints.


RAK Paints


New Product Range - Rajasthan

New Product Range - Interlocking Tiles


Inspired by the historical and cultural heritage of the Indian

of Porcelain tiles that utilizes the latest Creta-Print technology

to give the desired distinctive look.

combinations can be created to give a personalized look for

look of any room.



Interlocking tile creates the extraordinary impact of beauty

for both exterior and interior decoration of your home. The

distinctive amalgamated look created by the tightly locked

the latest digital printing technology to face-lift your home

setting with a perfect aesthetic feel of quality and style.

60 x 60 cm 30 x 50 cm

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

Rajasthan Ivory

60 x 60 cm

Rajasthan Light Beige

60 x 60 cm

Rajasthan Dark Beige

60 x 60 cm

Rajasthan Anthracite

60 x 60 cm


The tile is almost resistance to water damage due to a low

water absorption rate of 0.4%.

The tile required minimum maintenance and can adapt to

nearly any indoor and outdoor surfaces.

ing technology giving the product a unique selling pattern

surrounding place.

Light Beige

DSR (Interlocking)

30 x 50 cm

Dark Grey

DSR (Interlocking)

30 x 50 cm


DSR (Interlocking)

30 x 50 cm

Light Grey

DSR (Interlocking)

30 x 50 cm


Interlocking tile creates this extraordinary impact of

beauty for both exterior and interior decoration of your


The distinctive amalgamated look created by the tightly

The tile utilizes the latest digital printing Technology to

face-lift your home settings with a perfect aesthetic feel

of quality and style.

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011


Rajasthan Mosaic

Decor Beige

60 x 60 cm

Rajasthan Mosaic

Decor Anthracite

60 x 60 cm


DSR (Interlocking)

30 x50 cm



New Product Range - Nanopix Slim

New Product Range - Dolomite

Nanopix Slim

Nanopix Slim tile is a new brand of six-millimeter illi

meter thick


joining ngt

the group of other products manufactured actured using the

down almost half of the weight of conventional tiling, ing,


Dolomite tile reveals the superior richness of earth minerals

and ceramics wall tiles complement each other to provide

30 x 60 cm

30 x 100 cm

Wall Tiles

20 x 50 cm

20 x 50 cm

30 x 60 cm

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

Crema Royale Beige (P)

60 x 60 cm

Crema Royale Beige Decor

Crema Royale Beige (M)

60 x 60 cm

Crema Royale Beige Flower Decor

Floor Tiles

30 x 60 cm

Dolomite Brown Dolomite Black

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

Crema Royale Beige Cap Border

Crema Royale Beige Line Border


Crema Royale Beige Line Decor

Dolomite Beige Dolomite Brown Dolomite Black



New Product Range - Top Class

New Product Range - Top Class

Top Class Fabrica

Top Class Fabrica gathers inspiration from

both contemporary and classic fabrics

that add an elegant touch to bathroom

and bedrooms by leaving a remarkable

impression on the walls.

Fabrica Violet Fabrica White Fabrica Beige

Fabrica Silver

Fabrica Beige Border

Fabrica Brown Border


Top Class is exquisite ceramic and porcelain tile collection of

amalgamation of several sub-products developed using the

new digital printing technology to create animal skin

designs along with stone leaf and cloth designs that feature

a classy touch. Top class is a fabulous collection inspired by


to your living space.

Top Class

Leaf White

60 x 60

Top Class

Leaf Orange

60 x 60

Top Class

Leaf Grey

60 x 60

Top Class

Leaf Brown

60 x 60

Top Class Leaf

Top Class Leaf captures the essence of

spring leaves providing a warm touch to

the surrounding and with its rich colors it

provides an earthy touch while designing

your house.

30 x 60 cm

Top Class Scales

Top Class Scales is a fabulous collection that brings the wild

natural beauty by replicating the exotic pattern of reptile


RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

Scales Violet

Scales White Scales Beige

Scales Brown Border

Scales Beige Border

Top Class

Scales White

60 x 60

Top Class

Scales Gray

60 x 60

Top Class

Scales Beige

60 x 60

Top Class

Scales Black

60 x 60

Top Class Ray

Top Class Ray has beautifully designed

sharp string lines print on its surface

giving it a unique look that adds vibrancy

to a lively interior surrounding.

Ray White

Ray Violet Ray Beige Ray Ivory

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011


Scales Ivory

Scales White Border

Ray White Decor

Ray Violet Decor

Ray Beige Decor

Ray Ivory Decor



Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities - Sponsorships


Alumni Gulf Summit

30th October 2010

Handball Match

18th July 2010


Flood Relief

1st September 2010

RAK Ceramics raised fund for Pakistan Floods Relief, where

all the employees contributed in helping the displaced

people to overcome the natural calamity within our region

of operation. The total amount for the relief was given to

ARY TV, who in turn utilized in providing food for 400

addition, clothes, blankets, non-perishable and fresh relief

items were sent across to Pakistan.

RAK Ceramics participated as Gold Sponsor of the 2nd Pan

IIM Alumni Gulf Summit, a Dubai based event that gathered

over 250 prominent corporate leaders and entrepreneurs

from India and the Middle East. It was organized

under the theme "New Global Economic Paradigm – Spotlight

on India.

RAK Ceramics sponsored a handball match between SG

Flensburg-Handewitt, European Handball Champion

team sponsored by RAK Ceramics Germany and UAE

Youth Handball team in Dubai.




12th December 2010

Dubai Scholar Parent

Forum Sponsorship

4th November 2010

Morocco Team


25th November 2010

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011


RAK Ceramics participated in the ninth edition

of the Clean up UAE campaign, a clean-up drive

organised by the Emirates Environmental

Group (EEG) that was simultaneously

Around 50 RAK Ceramics employees and senior

managers volunteered to clean up a section of

the Ras Al Khaimah beach during the activity,

which was organised as part of a global

campaign against environmental degradation

and climate change.

RAK Ceramics sponsored gifts for the event that adds

value to the educational and parental forum.

RAK Ceramics sponsored Maghreb Association Sportive

de Fès "M.A.S” team during the 53rd edition of Morocco

Throne Cup. The Finals held on 25th November 2010 in

Moroccan capital Rabat and Maghreb Association Sportive

de Fès was the runner-up.



RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Media Tour

Dubai Autism Center &

Dubai Rehabilitation

Center Sponsorship

2nd December 2010

UAE Logos 2010 and as part of its sponsorship went to

Dubai Autism Center and Dubai Rehabilitation Center

to coincide with UAE National Day Celebration.



12th December 2010

Media Tour

20th July, 2010


from leading Pan Arab Publications to

spend two to three days in Ras Al Khaimah

and were introduced to the business interests


by Dr. Khater Massaad followed by

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

Examination Board in Occupational Safety and

Health) UK based was awarded to RAK Ceramics

HSE Department under RAK Ceramics spon-


Health and Safety is a globally recognised

people in the UK and worldwide.

It is designed to help non-specialists carry out

their organisational duties or functions more

and safety.

Overall the media trip was highly successful in Showcasing RAK

Ceramics success story on a global platform.

RAK Magazine | Jan 2011

The course syllabus is based on the Employ-



RAK Social Ceramics’ Activities Annual - Education Party Sponsorship

- 29th December 2010

Those who have set up business

with RAKIA know it.

For others

here's proof.

Strategic location, low business set-up & operations

cost, quick and hassle-free approvals of licenses,

permits & visas, high quality of life yet significantly low

cost of living - At RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA),

we offer this and much more. No wonder we have

been recognized as the ‘Most Attractive FDI

Destination in the Middle East’by Financial Times.Talk

to us and experience the difference we bring to

business and life.

RAKIA - Free Zone & Non-Free Zone

One stop shop for all types of Free Zone and Non-Free Zone licenses

- Industrial, Commercial, Trading, Consulting & Media

Single window clearance for all permits & consents

Low cost of setting up and operations

Modern infrastructure, utilities and telecommunication facilities

100% ownership & tax exemptions

100% repatriation of capital & profits

Only 45 minutes from Dubai

Well-connected to sea ports and airports


RAK Magazine | Jan 2011






Contact us: T: +971 7 206 86 66 Email: info@rakinvestmentauthority.com Web: www.rak-ia.com

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