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Governor’s Message

Hello to the Mighty, Mighty Florida District!

My name is Lauren McAllister, and I am extremely honored to have been

elected to serve as your District Governor for the 2014-2015 Key Club year. I have

served you for the past two years as a Lieutenant Governor and as District Secretary,

and I hope to continue to improve the organization that we all love so dearly.

This is an extremely important year for our District and for the Kiwanis Family.

Not only will we join our Kiwanis Family counterparts in Indianapolis for International

Convention at the end of this year, but it is also the last year of The Eliminate

Project. The Eliminate Project is a 5 year initiative to save the lives of mothers and babies

in less developed nations that do not have the access to medical care we do in the

United States which prevents our family members from contracting maternal and neonatal

tetanus (MNT). This being said, we are fortunate enough to be with our Kiwanis

Family as a part of Key Club during a period of great joy as we approach our goal.

Please continue to fundraise and spread awareness. Every cent raised for this project is

contributing to the protection of a life.

I look forward to seeing the monumental achievement our District will reach as

we dedicate our lives to bettering our homes, schools, and communities. Through

SNAP, The Eliminate Project, and all of the amazing projects we as Key Clubbers participate

in, WE will provide a better future for the world. Gandhi once said, “The best

way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others,” and I couldn’t agree with

that any more than I already do.

Yours in Service and Friendship,


Meet Your District Board

District Governor

District Secretary

District Treasurer

Lauren McAllister

Alexandra Sanchez

Nick Azcarate

Wharton High School


Osceola High School


Pembroke Pines Charter High



District Editor

District Webmaster

Executive Assistant

Katt Crowdis

Matthew Bonachea

Kubra Khan


Gulf Breeze High School


Somerset Academy


Tampa Bay Technical High




Lieutenant Governors

Division Name Division Name

1 Morgan Denny 16 James Lowe

2A Matthew Lancaster 17 Ian MacDonald

2B Brayton Miles 18 Linda Martin

3 Zac Schroepfer 19A Junior Pierre Louis

4 Taylor Paddock 19B Emily Vance

5 Borica Chhem 20A Stephan Jaksch

6 Geeta Minocha 20B Palak Shah

7 William Woulard 21 Samantha Maher

8 Jasmine Myers 22 Chase Canales





Gina Bae

10A Justin Raman 23B Aaron Forde

10B Michael Greenwald 24A Katherine Sims

10C Estefania Baez 24B Katherine Castaner

11 Abby Wells 25A Eileen Rivery

12 Gabby Stead 25B Noah Shahaf

13 Charli Baden 25C Sara Kvaska

14A Conner Aspray 26A Ruben Martinez

14B Shane Meagher 26B Jose Leoncio

14C Bailey Gray 26C Griffin Baker-Royo

15A Illena Patlan 26D Dominique Small


Alyssa Cloud


The Florida District celebrated 76 years of service at the wonderful

2014 District Education and Leadership Conference from April

24 th — 27 th ! 1,700 superheroes answered the call to service and participated

in workshops, elected the new Executive District Board leaders,

showcased their talents, and much more. Congratulations Shane

Meyers and Kathryn McAllister for receiving endorsement for International

Trustee, and Tyler McNanna for receiving endorsement for International

Vice President! During the opening session, 2004-2005 Florida

District Lieutenant Governor Robbie Stokes brought new meaning to

the definition of a servant leader, and showed that by just doing a simple

action, like talking to a stranger, Key Clubbers can change the lives

of those around them. On Friday night, students were able to watch a

truly mesmerizing performance by the famous hypnotist John Young.

A huge shout out to the 2013-2014 DCON chair Devon Mims

and his committee for planning such an amazing and unforgettable


Every memory from this past conference will be cherished, and as

a new chapter of the Florida District unfolds, new possibilities are upon

the horizon. Please make sure to join us at the 77th Annual District

Educational and Leadership Conference from April 9-12 for more unforgettable

experiences and memories that will last a lifetime!

Digital Club Poster

1 st Saint Brenden

2 nd Manatee

3 rd Olympia

Non-digital Club Poster

1 st Pembroke Pines Charter

2 nd Jensen Beach

3 rd North Fort Myers

Club Project Display Board

1 st Gulf Breeze

2 nd Jesuit

3 rd University

Traditional Club Scrapbook

1 st Hialeah

2 nd Tampa Bay Technical

3 rd Mater Academy Charter

Non-traditional Club Scrapbook

1 st Saint Brendan

2 nd Hialeah Gardens

3 rd West Broward


1 st Lorina Morton (Timber


2 nd Brendan Legel (South


3 rd Kara Powell (Barbara


For a complete list of winners, click the summary link on the

Awards and Contests page at wwww.floridakeyclub.org

Club Video




Pine Ridge

Bradenton Christian


Club T-shirt






Barbara Goleman

Major Emphasis

1 st Jesuit

2 nd Mater Academy Charter

3 rd Palatka


1 st Kayla Williams and

Veronique Shaftel

(Lawton Chiles)

2 nd Sarah Austin Pompano


3 rd Bleed Blue (St. Peters


Kiwanis Family Relations




Gulf Breeze

South Plantation

Lake Placid


Each year, District Governor candidates strive to choose a Governor’s Project that will

inspire, touch, and motivate Key Clubbers. This year the Governor’s Project is SNAP which

stands for Special Needs Awareness Programs. Not only will this project bring Key Clubbers

to devote time to serve alongside Aktion Clubbers, but it will enable them to truly brighten

someone’s day and impact a life. One of the highlights of this project is that it is easily implemented.

Clubs can work with national and international Special Needs organizations like Special

Olympics, Horses for Handicaps, Buddy Baseball, Tennis for Fun, and Easter Seals. However,

it gets even simpler than that. Clubs can participate in SNAP by reaching out to their

school’s ESE Programs to help with activities or preparing for the next day’s lessons. The simplest

of things are what make a difference, so take the time and make a difference in the life

of a Special Needs individual!

Caps for Love

Division: 20A

Club: Suncoast High School

Key Clubbers collected bottle caps for an organization called Caps of Love. By recycling these

bottle caps, Caps for Love is able to provide service dogs and wheelchairs to disabled children.

TOP Soccer

Division: 17

Club: Southeast High School



TOP Soccer is a program where Key Clubbers are able to teach and play soccer with special

needs children. To find the nearest TOP Soccer program nearest you, please check out their


Miracle League

Division: 17

Club: Manatee High School

By being involved in Miracle League, Manatee High School

Key Clubbers were able to become “buddies” to special

needs children, and teach them about baseball.

Aktion Club Meetings

Division: 1

Park Clean Up

Club: Gulf Breeze High School

By simply attending local Aktion club meetings, students are

able to participate in SNAP. Gulf Breeze Key Club attends an

Aktion Club meeting each month and leads a service project

or icebreaker.

The Eliminate Project

With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International

and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and

neonatal tetanus. Neonatal tetanus kills one baby every nine

minutes—nearly 60,000 newborn children every year. A significant

number of women also die because of maternal tetanus.

The end of this one disease means the beginning of better

health for so many families.

Teacher Pie Auction

Dodge to Eliminate

Division: 3

Club: Lawton Chiles High School

By hosting a dodgeball tournament , Lawton Chiles Key

Club was able to fundraise for The Eliminate Project. Students

created teams of 6-8 people, and paid $10 each to play.

Along with this, many Key Club members helped in facilitating

the event by assisting with admissions, concessions, and


Dodge to Eliminate



Dance Marathon

Division: 14A

Club: King High School

By hosting a Dance Marathon with lots of

food, games, and music, this Key Club was

able to socialize and raise money for The

Eliminate Project.

Teacher Pie Auction

Division: 16

Club: Jensen Beach High School

For this fundraiser, students had the opportunity

to bid on pies that they could throw at

their teachers.

Children’s Miracle Network

Children’s Miracle Network Hospital

is a nonprofit organization that raises money

to benefit kids and increases the awareness

of its member hospitals.

Toy Drive

Division: 17

Club: Manatee High School

To support the Children’s Miracle Network,

a toy drive was hosted. Key Clubbers simply

placed boxes around the school in order to

collect the toys.

March of Dimes

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve

the health of babies by preventing birth

defects, premature births, and infant mortality.

Spirit Night

Division: 26B

Club: Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

By partnering with a local frozen yogurt shop

and sharing the profits, Carrollton Key Club

raised money for March of Dimes.

Bowling for Babies

Division: 24B

Club: Cooper City High School

Through holding a bowling event, Cooper City

Key Club was able to donate thousands of dollars

to March of Dimes. Each contestant was

charged $10 to enter into the bowling contest.


Division: 17

Club Fundraisers

Club: Bradon River High School

Hosting a luau in the summer is great way to

fundraise for the upcoming year. Brandon

River Key Club’s luau included games, food,

music, and a movie.

Garage Sale

Division: 25A

Club: Hialeah Gardens Senior High School

By planning a garage sale, this Key Club was

able to fundraise money for their club.

Pancake Breakfast

Division: 24B

Club: Pinebrook Pines High School

Pinebrook Pines Key Club hosted a pancake

breakfast and invited teachers, friends, Kiwanians

and others in the community to enjoy a

delicious meal.

Community Service

Cookies for Cancer

Division: 23A

Club: Coral Glades High School

This Key Club received donated cookies from

Walmart and sold them during school to raise

money for cancer research.

Mother-Daughter Day

Division: 15B

Club: Avon Park High School

Through hosting a Mother-Daughter Day

event for underprivileged families, Key Clubbers

were able to increase the bond between

families, and also educate them on important


Park Clean Up

Division: 20A & 20B

Club: Suncoast High School & Seminole

Ridge High School

Two Key Clubs came together to make a

greater difference restoring the environment at

Pine Jogs Environmental Education Center by

removing invasive plants, tending garden beds,

and planting trees.

Movie Night

Division: 2A

Club: Holms County High School

Community members brought a can of food as

the admission ticket to watch a movie.

Dictionary Project

Division: 1

Club: Gulf Breeze High School

Through the Dictionary Project, Gulf Breeze

Key Club delivered 729 dictionaries third graders

in twelve schools. This project allowed the

kids to improve their vocabulary and prepare

for their first year of FCAT.

For More Information

For more information about the featured projects,

please contact myself or the LTG of the

club’s division. Also, if your club has a great

project that you wish to be shown, please let

me know!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to attend DCMs?

Divisional Council Meetings are essential to attend! They are a great opportunity

to get updates about what is going on in the Division and District and to learn

important information about what you should be doing in your club. Additionally,

by collaborating and talking to other clubs, your Key Club can get some ideas

about service projects or fundraisers.

What should we do over the summer even if we are not able to

meet because people are on vacation or are busy?

Over the summer no matter what, your club should be planning for the next

school year. Even if your club officers are not able to meet together, you can still

setup a conference call.

What should I do if I have a faulty officer on the club board with


Use the 3 strikes and you’re out rule! If a board member is not doing his or her

job, let them know that there will be consequences. Make sure to establish clear

officer requirements. Requirements for officers can include, but are not limited

to, a minimum number of monthly service hours, a report of tasks completed, or

a minimum number of attended projects. If you must remove a board member,

be sure to do so in a diplomatic manner and the following the procedure spelled

out in your club bylaws.


Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to serve as your 2014-2015 District Edi

tor! If you ever have any questions, comments, or con

cerns regarding The Sunshine Source or about public re

lations please feel free to let me know. As District Editor, I

will make sure that you are well informed about the ac

tivities going on in the Florida District and about the re

sources available to clubs.

If your club is interested in being featured in The Sun

shine Source, please contact me. In each issue, I will be

featuring service projects from throughout the District

so if your club has planned an exception al project,

please let me know. I hope everyone has a great sum

mer, and if you ever need anything, just contact me!

Yours in service and friendship,

Katt Crowdis




Objects of Key Club International

To develop initiative and leadership.

To provide experience in living and working together.

To serve the school and community.

To cooperate with the school principal.

To prepare for useful citizenship.

To accept and promote the following ideals:

To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather

than to the material values of life.

To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all

human relationships.

To promote the adoption and application of higher

standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and social


To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent,

aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.

To provide a practical means to form enduring

friendships, to render unselfish service and to build better


To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound

public opinion and high idealism which makes possible

the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and

good will.

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