Presentation - eXtension

Presentation - eXtension

Just in Time Parenting

eXtension Meeting

Louisville, KY

October 10, 2006

The Just in Time Approach

Based on a print delivery system that has

been successfully used in a number of

different states (7 different products)

Helps parents develop realistic

expectations and strategies for promoting

development and coping with stress

Relies on “just in time delivery” (email

notification), not just access when needed

Evaluations Show

More helpful than any other source of


Promotes positive parenting, especially

among parents who are at higher risk for

maltreating children

Information is shared with others

eXtension Implementation

Email notification for current issues

Written in easy-to

to-understand language

with photos of children and parents

Mechanism for sharing electronic or print


Incorporate multimedia components

(streaming video, podcasts)

Online evaluation

Evaluation Domains

How information is received and used

Satisfaction with content and delivery


Impact on Knowledge, Attitudes

Impact on Practices

Outcomes for children (future goal)

How program is being implemented

Show and Tell

Prototype pages

Example of streaming video

(Parenting 24/7)

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