Message on Climate - Galileo Movement

Message on Climate - Galileo Movement


Data from Willis Eschenbach, 13.4.2010; temperature data from the US

Historical Climate Network : published in WUWT web blog.

MORE Temperature, Graphs and

Statistics for the USA

Homer says ‘Oh my God, look at that temperature

rise’ from 1890 to 2010; this is not as scary

as some would tell you. Note that the

graph is from the USA, and Y axis is degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature CHANGE is about 1

degree F or 0.5 o C over 120 years.

The exaggerated rise in the linear trend (red line)

happens because the time line (X axis) is highly

compressed, and vertical scale extended.

Despite the trend, the amount of change in 120

years is only 0.5 o C, so small that we would not feel

it, let alone blame anthropogenic CO2 emissions for


But can the data be presented in a way that relates

better to our own experiences of month to

month of living through the 4 seasons, repeated for

120 years of record keeping ?

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