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1:1 Learning with Apple - RM.com

“The joy I have seen in the

faces of students of all ages

when learning with the iPad

is immeasurable… try a pilot

programme and see for yourself.”

Prof. Steve Molyneux, independent consultant

Available for

download now

RM Trilby

Training App

Providing you free access

to bitesize training video’s

on Apple in the classroom.

A complete Apple training

catalogue available

through RM Education

in partnership with Trilby.

Why buy Apple from RM?

• As an Apple Solutions Expert for Education,

we can give you the very best price

RM understands education – we’ve been

working in schools for nearly 40 years

• We can provide a full, end-to-end solution

starting with an infrastructure assessment

right through to technical support

programmes tailored to your needs

• You can try out Apple equipment at RM’s

REAL Centre

• We can offer finance options to help you

manage your cashflow

• Dedicated account management

• Free attendance at Apple Workshops



1:1 Learning

with Apple

With a little help from RM

an Apple Solutions Expert for Education

or call

08450 700300

We love Apple

Making a difference with

solutions that just work

Many schools are choosing

Apple devices to implement

their 1:1 deployment.

Key benefits:

Higher student achievement

Notable grade improvements

Increased student


24 hour access to technology

Transform teaching

& learning

Access to information, anytime,


Increased school efficiency

Regular device refresh

As an Apple Solutions Expert for Education, RM is well equipped to support you with

advice on your Apple deployment. From Apple hardware choices or your Apple Training

plan through; to your installation and on-going support requirements, we have the

experience to help you get it right, first time.

If you think Apple might be for you we’d be delighted to show you how it could work in

your school. If you’d prefer to try before you buy why not visit the Apple classroom at

RM’s REAL Centre and try it out for yourself? Visit www.rm.com/Apple to find out more.

If you’re considering a 1:1 iPad

deployment, these are the things

you need to consider:

Your school’s vision for change

How is iPad going to change how you deliver teaching and learning?

Teacher and Parent Engagement

How will you secure their support and buy-in?

Networking and infrastructure

Is yours up to the job? We can help you assess.

E-safety policies

Are these robust enough to ensure safety and security throughout the 1:1


Apple Professional Training and Development Plan

How are you going to keep up with the latest developments to ensure you

get maximum return on your investment?

Payment options

Have you explored the various ways of funding your 1:1 deployment?

Let RM help you find the answers!

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