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Masterclass: Professional Studio Photography - Rocky Nook

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New Book by Rocky Nook Author Dennis Savini, The Masterclass:

Professional Studio Photography, Reveals the Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

to Successful Studio Photography

Santa Barbara, CA—November 20, 2012—Rocky Nook, Santa Barbara’s leading

publisher of books on the techniques and aesthetics of digital photography, announces its

new release Masterclass: Professional Studio Photography by Dennis Savini. The book

provides a comprehensive workshop on studio photography for professionals and

aspiring professionals, and reveals the tips, tricks, and secrets the author has discovered

throughout his career. The book covers an array of photographic subjects, including still

life, industry, technology, food, jewelry, portrait photography, and more.

Included in this large-format, hardcover book are the concepts of studio planning, lighting,

perspective, and camera and lens choices, followed by workshops that entail 50 full-page

photographic masterpieces, each with a detailed description of how the image was

created. The author walks the reader through each step leading to each magnificent

studio shot as he describes and illustrates the camera and equipment specs, diagrams of

studio setups and lighting arrangements, and post-processing techniques.

Masterclass: Professional Studio Photography

by Dennis Savini

Published by Rocky Nook

978-1937538071, 240 pages, $59.95 US

Hardcover 11.3” x 8.9” x 0.8”

To order visit or call 1-800-889-8969

About the Author

Dennis Savini is a professional photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. He has trained

apprentices and taught workshops for professionals both in Switzerland and abroad for

over thirty years. Dennis is also a partner and course instructor at cap-fotoschule, a

photography school in Zurich, where he trains future professional photographers.

About Rocky Nook

Rocky Nook, Inc., is affiliated with dpunkt.verlag, the leading publisher of technology

books based in Heidelberg, Germany. Since its inception in 2006, Rocky Nook has

cornered the market on technological advances in the digital photography workflow. Their

mission is to demystify cutting-edge developments in digital photography and its modern

developments, such as imaging and computer technology, and to provide outstanding

image quality and practical instruction to both amateur and professional photographers

that will enhance creativity, efficiency, and skill. For more information contact

Rocky Nook’s publications are distributed worldwide by O’Reilly Media.


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