Photo album German-Brazilian excursion, Campos da Cima da ...

Photo album German-Brazilian excursion, Campos da Cima da ...

Figure 1: A still preserved portion of grazed grasslands, interspersed with solitary Araucaria trees, forest patches along

creeks. Near State Park Tainhas, 5.9.2012, photo by J.Kollmann.

Figure 2: The excursion group, consisting of German guest scientists and UFGRS undergraduate and postgraduate

students, receives information on geology and vegetation of the area by Prof. G.Overbeck. 5.9.2012, photo by V.Pillar.

Figure 3: Grass biomass has dried out during the winter and is highly flammable in this condition. Burning grasslands

were observed throughout the area. 5.9.2012, J.-M. Hermann

Figure 4: In the recent decade, extensive cattle grazing could no longer compete economically with cultivation of exotic

trees, mostly Pinus elliotii var. elliotti. Legal prohibition of pasture burning has further lessened attraction of cattle

farming. 5.9.2012, V.Pillar

Figure 5: Another recent arrival in the region is cultivation of arable crops: potatoes, cabbages, maize. This freshly tilled

new field is in the buffer zone of the National Park Aparados da Serra. 6.9.2012, J.Kollmann

Figure 6: While some native grassland species can re-establish spontaneously following logging of pine plantations….

Figure 7: …the consequences of arable land use are less clear. Grassland species are partly seeded and partly establish

spontaneously in this former broccoli field. Both species groups include non-native species: C3 grasses and arable weeds

from Europe. Both photos near National Park Aparados da Serra, 6.9.2012, photo by J.Kollmann.

Figure 8: Unexpected challenges on the road….5.9.2012, photo by V.Pillar.

Figure 9: …and in State Park Tainhas. Grazing has been mostly excluded from this Park for several years – when fire

spread from the surrounding pastures, even joint efforts could not stop it from spreading over large areas of the Park.

5.9.2012, photo by J.Kollmann.

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