Download KR-277 Brochure (PDF)

Download KR-277 Brochure (PDF)


Exquisite piano sound,

natural keyboard touch,

advanced accompaniment and

other powerful features.


A high quality digital piano that

lets you benefit from the greatest

technological advances to date.

Over the years Roland has gained a reputation as the global

leader in practically every aspect of digital piano technology.

Our many impressive innovations have been refined and

packaged in the KR-277 in a way that truly redefines "high

cost-performance". It's got stereo piano tones of the highest quality anywhere. An amazingly responsive keyboard.

And a full range of accompaniment and other features. The KR-277 provides the means to satisfy even the most

demanding piano enthusiasts, while assuring serious music students they have the best possible instrument to let

them achieve their personal best.

Uncompromising expressive freedom

The KR-277's stereo sampled piano sounds are the

result of meticulous digital analysis of the world's best

sounding concert grands. Together with Roland's

breakthrough Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard,

you're assured of the same playing experience as an

acoustic piano. This instrument accurately conveys

every subtle nuance of your performance.

You can select from some of the purest piano

tones available, including an acoustic grand piano sound with

truly realistic sound spaciousness, depth and localization. The

keyboard's dynamic weight, "touch variation" design has a

heavier touch in the lower range and lighter touch in the

upper just like an acoustic piano. It feels like hammers are

striking real piano strings!

Great sounds from the best Roland sources

The KR-277 features a collection of the most popular

instrument sounds that Roland has ever made. On-board are a

full palette 447 tones in all, with all types of stringed, wind

and synth instruments, including a variety of complete drum

kits. These conform to the latest GM2/GS format to ensure

compatibility with commercially available song files.

There's also the popular "Jazz Voice" that creates a

unique vocal ensemble as you play the keyboard. A maximum

64 notes of polyphony means that even the most complex of

piano passages will be reproduced exactly as you play them,

even long sustaining notes.

Easy to operate and fun to play

With the KR-277's ergonomic controls and easy-view display

with back light, you can quickly and easily select any

sound or function you want. When you select a tone, or

a Music Style, or any other function, it is clearly

displayed on the screen. And that's not all. One Touch

Program buttons let you instantly

switch from accompaniment mode

to piano mode without the need

for stepping through a variety of

menus. The screen is wide enough

to display song lyrics of SMF

music files for those impromptu

karaoke singing sessions! Just follow the bouncing ball or keep

time to a dog, cat or human count metronome.

A host of highly advanced ensemble functions

Sounding polished and professional is easy with the KR-277.

Automatic accompaniment, with numerous

musical styles to choose from, lets you

activate an entire backup band at the press of

a button. A Style Orchestrator function lets

you change the "feel" and other aspects of the

accompaniment throughout the song as you

perform. What's more, you'll like the way

you can mute one of the SMF song files

playback parts so you can play it yourself along with the rest of

the backing. This gives you greatly expanded practicing


A cabinet design that's an integral part of the sound

The KR-277's cabinet design and construction are as important

to the overall sound quality as that of an acoustic piano. As

such, the speakers are mounted in such a way as to work in

combination with natural vibrations and a special port to

deliver an expansive, spatial stereo sound regardless of the

listener's position.

And besides being a magnificent musical instrument in its

own right, the KR-277 is also a beautiful piece of furniture of

the highest quality design and construction not only outside,

but inside as well. The satin mahogany finish will not only stay

beautiful for years and years, but enhance any room decor.



Keyboard: 88 keys (Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard) Max. Polyphony: 64 Voices Sound Source: Conforms to GM2/GS Tones: 8 groups, 447 variations (incl. 12 drum sets, 1 SFX set)

Temperament: 7 types, selectable tonic Stretched Tuning: 2 types Effects: Reverb, Chorus, and 32 other types (incl. Sympathetic Resonance, and Rotary) Arranger: Music Styles: 11 groups,

124 styles x 2 types (Style Orchestrator) incl. 24 Pianist Styles, Music Style Disk (30 styles) Programmable Music Styles: Style Converter Melody Intelligence: 18 types Metronome: Beat (12

time signatures), Volume (10 levels), Metronome Pattern (11 patterns), Sounds (4 types) Composer: Tracks (5/16 tracks), Note Storage (Approx. 30,000 notes) Disk Drive: 3.5" FDD

(2DD/2HD) Display: Custom LCD, Bouncing Ball Lyric: Display, MIDI Out Pedals: Damper, Soft, Sostenuto Other Functions: Panel Lock Connectors: Output (L/Mono, R), Input

(L/Mono, R), Headphone x 2 (stereo), MIDI In /Out, Computer connector, Pedal connector (8-pin DIN type) Rated Power Output: 30 W x 2 Speakers: 20 cm x 2 Cabinet Finish: Satin

Mahogany Dimensions (incl. stand): 1,449 (W) x 524 (D) x 883 (H) mm, 57-1/16 (W) x 20-11/16 (D) x 34-13/16 (H) inches Weight (incl. stand): 62.5kg / 137 lbs., 13 oz. Accessories: Owner's

Manual, Power Cord, Music Style Disk

All specifications and appearence are subject to change.

Visit us online at

Roland Corporation U.S.

5100 S. Eastern Avenue, P.O.Box 910921

Los Angeles, CA 90091-0921

TEL: 323-890-3700 FAX: 323-890-3701

Printed in Japan Jun.'00 RAM-3269 B-4 ASIA

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