Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

educe the potential risk for the transmission of infection, they were not

always implemented or adhered to.

Ward 5A was minimally compliant for the majority of criteria within this

standard with an overall minimally compliant score. A concentrated

effort is required by staff in all wards to improve cleaning practice.

In the main reception area, walls and flooring were stained, the edges

of the stairs and ceiling air vents had a build up of dust, external

windows were smeared, public telephones were dirty and had paper

labels attached to the wall mounted frame. Dust was also noted on the

plants, the wooden panelling housing the plants and on the window sill

and in the radiator cover of the public toilet. Similar issues were noted

in the public toilet of Ward 4C where the vinyl flooring was grubby, the

air vent was dusty and the door was stained.

In the corridors leading to Wards 4C, 5A and 7B green algae was

present on some window panels and cobwebs were observed in the

lobby outside Wards 6A and 5A. Greater attention to detail when

cleaning window sills, external windows, stained flooring, corners and

edges of flooring was required in the lobby of Ward 6A. Similarly, in

Ward 5A, the lift doors and ceiling tiles were stained, sticky hand marks

were noted on windows and sticky adhesive residue on the public


In all wards inspected greater attention to detail was required when

cleaning, to ensure dust, debris and stains are removed from all high

and low horizontal surfaces, such as skirting, radiators, walls and

flooring. The interior and exterior of high density shelving, windows,

lights and vents, all fixtures and fittings, including sanitary, dirty utility

and disposal areas required attention. Inspectors observed that

adhesive tape was used to attach labels or posters to surfaces which in

some instances had left a sticky residue, impeding the cleaning


Lime scale was observed on taps. Particular care is required to ensure

that lime scale is removed from taps and fittings as recent evidence

has shown that lime scale may harbour biofilms and the build-up of

lime scale can interfere with good cleaning and disinfection by masking

and protecting pathogens.

In Wards 6A and 7B shower chairs were stained, in Ward 5A, the

inside and outside of the toilet bowl, the underneath of the toilet seat

and the toilet brush and holder required cleaning.

Wards 4C, 5A and 6A require further work to ensure that the inside/

outside of the drugs’ fridges and door touch points throughout the

wards are clean. In Wards 4C, 5A and 7B temperature recordings

were inconsistent and record sheets did not all provide evidence for


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