Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

8.0 Waste and Sharps



Waste: Effectiveness of arrangements for handling, segregation,

storage and disposal of waste on ward/department

Sharps: Availability, use and storage of sharps containers on


Waste and sharps 4C 5A 6A 7B

Handling, segregation,

storage, waste

88 86 89 86

Availability, use,

storage of sharps

79 76 94 79

8.1 Waste

The inspection evidenced that all wards were compliant for the

handling, segregation and storage of waste standard. Some issues

however were identified that require attention.

With the exception of Ward 4C damage was noted to waste bins and at

least one waste bin in all wards inspected required cleaning.

To encourage good hand hygiene practices in all wards inspected, it is

essential that household waste bins are available at all hand washing

sinks and the placement does not affect patient privacy and dignity.

In Bay B Ward 4C the waste bins were located under privacy curtains.

In all wards waste was not disposed of into the correct waste stream

and in line with trust policy. The magpie box in Ward 7B designated for

aerosols, broken crockery and glass contained a dirty dust pan.

There was pharmacy waste in the magpie boxes of Wards 4C, 5A and

6A, in Ward 5A pharmacy waste had also been disposed into a yellow

lidded burn bin and in Ward 6A into a large sharps box. Ward 4C did

not have a black lidded burn bin.

Incorrect disposal of household waste into the clinical waste stream

was noted in Wards 5A and 6A. A sharps box in Ward 5A also

contained household waste, in Ward 4C a sharps box contained used

dressings. Inspectors observed in Ward 7B a clinical waste bag

incorrectly placed in a black lidded household waste bin.

8.2 Sharps

The inspection evidenced that only Ward 6A achieved compliance on

the safe handling, segregation, storage and disposal of sharps

standard. The ward shares the emergency trolley with Ward 6B.


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