Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

Inspectors were disappointed to note that in this ward the sharps box

on the emergency trolley was not labeled, signed or secure and the

temporary closure was open.

Common themes were observed in the other three wards. Temporary

closure mechanisms were not all in place on the sharps boxes when

not in use, sharps boxes on the emergency or drugs trolleys were not

secure or empty and sharps trays were stained in Wards 4C and 5A.

Inspectors in Wards 5A and 7B

observed items such as IV tubing and

syringe plungers, protruding from

sharps boxes (Picture 4). In Ward 7B

the sharps box on the resuscitation

trolley was not dated, or signed and

sharps were not disposed of at the

point of care as there were no

compatible sharps boxes for the IV

trays in use.

Picture 4: Protruding plunger in sharps box

8.3 Additional Issue Ward 7B

On entering the treatment room during the inspection the inspector

observed that IV/IM medication had been drawn up and left sitting in

trays, this is unsafe practice and was addressed immediately by the

nurse and brought to the attention of the ward manager. It is

concerning that this issue was also identified on the re-audit of a

different ward last year; this may be a training issue for the trust.


10. The trust should monitor the implementation of its policies

and procedures in respect of the management of waste and

sharps to ensure that safe and appropriate practice is in


11. The trust should ensure that waste bins and equipment used

in the management of waste are available, kept clean and

replaced as appropriate.

12. The trust and individual staff have a collective responsibility

to ensure that staff knowledge is kept up to date regarding

the safe and the correct handling and disposal of waste and

sharps is adhered to.


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