Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

9.0 Patient Equipment



Cleanliness and state of repair of general patient equipment.

Patient Equipment 4C 5A 6A 7B

Patient equipment 81 76 88 86

Wards 6A and 7B achieved compliance for this standard; Wards 4C

and 5A were partially compliant, issues were identified in all wards


Common themes were noted. Trigger tape to denote equipment had

been cleaned and was ready to use was not in use in Wards 5A and

4C, it was sporadically used in Ward 7B. In Ward 7B disposable

tourniquets were not in use, in Ward 6A used disposable tourniquets

had been left on sharps trays, these were discarded immediately by a

senior staff nurse. With the exception of Ward 7B, staff questioned

were unaware of the symbol for single use equipment.

Greater attention to detail when cleaning patient equipment such as the

underside of commodes, walking aids, IV stands, suction machines,

drugs’ and resuscitation trolleys and re-usable blood pressure cuffs

was required in Wards 4C and 7B. Staff in Ward 4C should ensure

stock is regularly rotated and adhesive tape and plasters removed from

all equipment; in Ward 7B there was no filter on the portable suction

machine. In both wards patient washbowls were not stored inverted to

aid the drying process.

The low partially compliant score in Ward 5A is indicative of patient

equipment which required cleaning, was in poor repair or stored out of

packaging. Items such as Magills forceps, ambu bags and masks out

of packaging did not have traceability labels to denote expiry date and

lot number; some IV bags were also stored out of original packaging.

Detailed cleaning of stored equipment such as IV stands, IV pumps

and observation monitors and in use drugs’, notes’ and dressing

trolleys was required. Some equipment had minor damage such as

chipped framework, the undercarriage of a commode was rusted, the

plastic protective coating on some urinal holders or catheter stands

was missing in places exposing the metal underneath and the casing of

a glucose monitor was held together with adhesive tape (Picture 5).

Inspectors noted two bedpans which had been processed by the

washer disinfector had faecal stains present. Staff should ensure

effective cleaning processes are in place.


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