Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

tablets were decanted into an unlabelled foil dish, in Ward 6A out of

date cleaning chemicals were in the unlocked equipment store waiting

collection. Trigger spray bottles of air freshener were hanging in

shower rooms in Wards 5A and 6A.

In Wards 4C, 5A and 6A, some mop buckets were dirty in the crevices,

not all were stored inverted. Mops buckets in Wards 5A and one

bucket in Ward 6A were observed stored in the domestic store filled

with solution. In Ward 5A some contained used mop heads, in both

wards some mop heads were soaking in the solution and therefore not

laundered after use.

Picture 6: Cloths and mops left soaking

in solution

In Ward 5A, a red hand held

bucket filled with solution and

a cloth had been left in the

domestic store and not

discarded after use (Picture

6). Mop handles were stored

propped against the wall as

holders were not available.

Dirty, wooden floor brushes,

which cannot be effectively

cleaned were observed, and

the brushes were not colour

coded in line with NPSA


Dustpans were dirty in Wards 5A, 6A and 7B, brushes in Ward 7B also

required cleaning. Cleaning equipment such as burnishers, high

dusters, vacuums were dirty or had minor damage in Ward 5A, floor

polishing pads were dirty in Ward 4C, and the polisher was dusty. Dirty

or damaged equipment was observed in Ward 7B, the flex of the

burnisher and the vacuum hose was damaged, the castors and base of

the burnisher were dusty.


16. The trust should ensure that hand washing sinks and

consumables are available, clean, working and in a good

state of repair.

17. The trust should ensure that all cleaning products are stored

in a locked cupboard, in line with COSHH regulations.

18. Further attention to detail is required to ensure that

equipment used for the general cleaning purposes of a ward

are clean, used and stored appropriately and are fit for



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