RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

appropriate care was delivered on the adult ward. The review team looked at policies and procedures to substantiate observation

practices, single room availability and access to education. In addition the review team were keen to find out the trusts'

approaches on the placement of young people on an adult ward. We were interested in the efforts made to prevent admission and

also to see if the trusts had made attempts to develop services which could provide alternatives to hospital admission.

The review team considered that admission of the young person to an adult ward is an inappropriate environment. However it was

noted that significant safeguards have been developed and implemented in the way young people are managed and

accommodated in this environment.

Criterion 2.4.1 - Prompt response by community CAMHS to those at risk of admission to inpatient facilities and thus

prevent avoidable admissions.

All trusts provided evidence that there is a prompt response by CAMHS. Many of the staff in the Belfast and South Eastern Trusts

found that they were managing young people in the community who would in the past have been admitted to the inpatient facility.

Criterion 2.4.2 - Adult wards have appropriate in-reach support by local CAMHS professionals to assist the management

of young people.

In all trusts a CAMHS Consultant remains the responsible psychiatrist for all young people admitted to an in-patient bed and acts

as the medical liaison person with the nursing staff.

All trusts provided evidence that in-reach support was available. The joint working in the Belfast Trust and Southern Trust was

particular evidence of a good shared care model.

Criterion 2.4.3 - Training opportunities should be facilitated for adult mental health staff in relation to the needs of young

people who they may have to look after.

Such training was evident in the Belfast, Southern and Northern trusts. Western and South Eastern Trusts training arrangements

were not validated. The review team had some concerns that the South Eastern trust was not able to fully answer questions in

relation to training of mental health staff, as adult inpatient units have only recently started taking admissions of young people.


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