RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

Term of Reference 1 Theme 2 Access to CAMHS

Assessment Criterion HSC Board Level of achievement

1.2.3 A regional forensic

CAMH service should be

developed in NI.

No progress has been made on developing dedicated CAMHS

forensic service which continues to be provided through ECR

arrangements. This is not likely to change during 2010-2011.

Not achieved

1.2.4 Specialist child and

adolescent outpatient

services for eating disorders

should be developed in NI.

1.2.5 Mental health services

should be provided to children

with physical and sensory


The Bamford Implementation Group will review arrangement for

the provision of forensic CAMHS.

Dedicated CAMHS eating disorder teams are now commissioned

and established in all trust areas.

Evidence of comprehensive and effective teams were provided by

each of the trusts which are to be commended by achieving this

service in a relatively short space of time.

The HSC Board, through the Belfast Trust, commissions on a

regional basis a dedicated service for children and young people

with hearing impairments. The scope and range of this service is

under review.

Fully achieved

1.2.6 Prevention and

treatment strategies for

The HSC Board did not provide any information to suggest that

availability of services for children with a disability was monitored

by them or they were aware of the how many children and young

people with a disability required and were able to access the

CAMH services commissioned by them.

Trusts indicated that they treat all children and young people

regardless of background or disability.

The HSC Board outlined that two of the four CAMH services have

a dedicated treatment service for alcohol and substance misuse

Partially achieved

Partially achieved


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