RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

1.2.7 CAMHS Clinical

psychology (Community

development) service should

be developed regionally via

CAMHS network.

1.2.8 The development of

infant mental health and early

intervention services should

be pursued as a preventative

strategy throughout NI.

1.2.9 Investigate the need for

a specific crisis service for

adolescent and young people

at risk of suicide.

Term of Reference 1 Theme 2 Access to CAMHS

Assessment Criterion HSC Board Level of achievement

alcohol and substance

misuse should be

incorporated together in a coordinated

multi-agency and

specific strategy for the long


for children and young people.

The HSC Board and Primary Health Agency has a drug and

alcohol co-ordination team which have funded a range of

initiatives aimed at addressing the specific needs of young people

with alcohol and substance misuse.

DHSSPS has a new strategic direction strategy, the range, scope

and profile of the substance misuse service for young people is

being reviewed, with the aim of developing clearer more coordinated

and integrated care pathways between services.

Clinical Psychology is one of the core disciplines within CAMHS.

Currently there are 19 psychologists representing 11 per cent of

the workforce. This was evident throughout the trust areas.

Additional psychologists are working at Tier 4 and some at Tier 2,

the latter working with non CAMHS teams, outside of the

traditional CAMHS framework.

The PHA and HSC Board suggest that this will be addressed via

the Bamford implementation subgroup to support the development

of coherent services. Training in infant mental health approaches

is currently underway.

The HSC Board commissioned a regional 24/7 helpline designed

to support young people at risk of self harm. Evaluation of this

service has not been provided.

£1m has been invested into establishing crisis intervention


Substantially achieved

Not achieved

Partially achieved


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