RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

Quality Improvement Network for Multi-Agency CAMHS (QINMAC)

service standards 2nd Edition

The QINMAC service standards published in 2008 focus on standards for the

activities of specialist CAMHS in the community. The service standards

represent only one part of the QINMAC audit cycle which aims to improve the

overall quality of the service provision through an iterative review process.

The standards are represented under nine headings these include:

• referral and access

• environment and facilities

• information consent and confidentiality

• care and intervention

• rights safeguards and child protection

• transitions

• enabling front line staff

• multiagency working

• commissioning

1.5 CAMHS Tiered Model used in Formulating the Assessment


Tier 4

Highly specialised services, inpatient, • 4 outreach, day hospital.

Specialist Multi-disciplinary child and adolescent teams.

Tier 3

Specialised services for specific severe, • 3 complex or persistent disorders.

Specialist child and adolescent teams.

Tier 2

Targeted services, CAMHS specialists • 2 working in a uni-disciplinary way.

Specialist individual professionals relating to workers in primary care.

Tier 1

Universal services, non specialist, primary health care.

Primary Healthcare - GP's, Health Visitors, Sure Start, School Nurses.

Diagram 1 shows The 4 Tier Model for CAMHS

The review team was exposed to a range of specialist services in each of the

4 trusts, however as outlined above the nature of these services spanned

tiers 2, 3 & 4 and specialist services varied within and between each trust.

A lack of uniformity across all trusts in the tiers prevents an accurate

comparison on a trust by trust basis due to the significant differentials

between practitioner roles and service configuration.


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