RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...


RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

information. It was agreed that the affiliate in each trust would seek consent

from the young people and parents and return the names of the young people

and parents willing to participate, forwarding on the relevant information to the


The format for the two questionnaires directly reflect the themes identified by

RQIA. The young people's questionnaire contained 28 questions and the

parent’s questionnaire contained 14 questions. All the responses were

recorded and clarified by the advocate to reflect accuracy.

Initially it was envisaged that the young people would participate in a group

work session, but when making the arrangements most of the young people

expressed a concern in relation to discussing their CAMHS experience in front

of other young people. Each of the advocates employed different strategies

by which to engage young people. This is outlined in the table 5.

Sixty one young people participated in the initial consultation, and to gain the

views of young people who had experienced transfer to adult services,

advocates undertook three additional interviews with young people from the

Belfast, Western and Northern trusts.

HSC Trusts Group Individual Small group (2)

Belfast 9 8 -

Northern - 6 6

South Eastern - 8 -

Southern - 12 -

Western - 12 -

Table 5: Breakdown of method by which young people engaged

The Belfast Trust held one group consultation in Beechcroft, an adolescent

unit, where the young people resided together. The Northern Trust held three

small group consultations each attended by two young people.

The interview approach was flexible to enable young people to share details

about their experience. Interviews with young people lasted from 15 minutes

to one hour and mainly took place in their own home.

The consultation with parents had 41 responses from a possible 82 parents

who were identified. It was anticipated eight parents would participate from

each trust area, and a breakdown of responses by trust area is highlighted in

table 6.

HSC Trusts Participating parents

Belfast 5

Northern 8

South Eastern 9

Southern 11

Western 4

Table 6: Participating Parents by HSC trust


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